"Roar-"is responsible for guarding the peak black bear essence at both ends of the foundation period, and immediately stared at Xiao Xiao with a bloody mouth.

This can frighten Xiao Xiao Xiao, a daring little girl, and exclaim several times in a row. If it weren’t for the big brother, I’m afraid they would have fallen down.
"Ahem that someone be calm be calm have something to say don’t scare somebody else’s little girl" Zhai Ling also don’t know if I this tube, but I still sit on the eye dew yoshimitsu is growling one or two shouted.
Not far away
"Brother that there is nothing wrong with the human brain? Can people understand what he says? " Someone in the grass laughed, but I thought it was too inappropriate to laugh now, so I suppressed it.
"Tube so much? Younger must not have an accident or we will all be finished. "
"What? It’s not like we let her run away. "
"Because her grandfather is a great elder."
In the grass, the four of them didn’t know whether it was to protect Xiao Xiao’s front and looked at Zhai Ling slightly in amazement.
If Zhai Ling wasn’t the captive of the monster beast at the peak of the three-headed construction period, maybe he really had something to say.
When all the people were jittery and indecisive, the two heads were grinning and growling, and the black bear essence decisively turned around with a face of injustice and roared toward Zhai Ling as gently as possible
In this way, Zhai Ling was still shaken by this "gentleness", but he didn’t learn animal language, except that he knew what the two goods were jabbering about. Zhai Ling had already laughed.
After his ears were clean, Zhai Ling opened his eyes and looked at the two black bears who showed koo’s eyes. He spoke Chinese carefully and was always on the alert.
Even others don’t know why these three black bears will suddenly be so friendly to him. Is this too friendly?
Zhai Ling slightly swept not far away, but secretly nervously, everyone’s heart was funny, but also bitter. I don’t know what I experienced today. It’s too fantastic for him.
Then Zhai Ling could change the subject. He seemed to feel that the three black bears could understand the wording of his words and said, "Aren’t you taking me somewhere?"? It’s important to do business. Shall we hurry? "
"Moo … Cleisthenes-"The two black bear spirits as guards looked at each other and then at the black bear spirits on Zhai Ling’s ass.
"Moo" Zhai Ling ass that black bear essence almost didn’t consider is nodded and shouted.
I heard the boss agree that two black bears showed Zhai Ling a bloody smile, and then continued to be a guard. Yu Xiaoxiao’s group didn’t look at it.
Four people … No, four heads … Well, this small group of them continued to catch up with the road.
The group of brothers and sisters around Xiaoxiao are blindsided.
Do they really know each other?
But before what, do you have to look like you have to be killed?
I really don’t understand!
"The younger generation thanked the older generation for saving his life." The master elder brother heard a group of younger brothers and sisters talking about this before he came to his senses and quickly took a few steps forward and said.
"Don’t ha ha goodbye goodbye-"Zhailing looked back and revealed a pair of ugly smile than crying and raised his left arm as if he didn’t give up.
"…" This makes master elder brother flow cloud some consternation.
For a moment, it seemed that he suddenly turned white and whispered to the sky, "The predecessors are the predecessors … they are all too abstruse."
After that, he turned to look at his classmate’s younger brother and younger sister with a startled face and said lightly, "Let’s go and don’t disturb the elder’s mood."
Zhai Ling will definitely spray him in the face if he hears the wind and cloud at the moment.
Little ye, I’m asking you to call someone … Call someone-come and save me-
Zhai Ling seems to be sitting calmly on the shoulders of the worst black bear, but in fact, his heart has already turned.
It’s not that he didn’t want to find a chance to escape. He took the opportunity to escape seven times before encountering a turbulent situation, but every time he just ran a few steps, he was hugged by the most powerful black bear and pressed his shoulder.
Hiding in Maha?
Zhai Ling didn’t think about it, but he gave up.
This monster beast with this level of black bear essence is also an inhuman way to cultivate advanced practitioners and have their own feelings and ideas. Although it may not be as complicated as worldly desires’s, it is really possible for some people to suddenly become spiritually cultivated one day. Zhai Ling sincerely doesn’t want to be exposed before them.
Moreover, this is not a life-threatening moment. With these three tall Zhailing, you can bet that if he hides in the Maha, these three will definitely be silly and stay where they are … I am anxious for Zhai Ling.
Zhai Ling’s strength After hiding in Maha, he ran by himself.
This embarrassing scene Zhai Ling has some cramps when he thinks about his mouth.
half an hour later
As running all the way Zhai Ling was brought into the … Pansi Cave …
Pansidong? !
But why are there a group of black bear spirits living here?
Zhai Ling stared at the three Chinese characters at the entrance of the abode of fairies and immortals. When he looked at the tower of heaven, he once read a story written by the founder of a south building. One of them was the story of Yu Zunbao and Zixiaxian.
"What little ye I suddenly thought of the south tower? No way … I will be so lucky? " Zhai Ling corners of the mouth a smoke.
With the loud roar of the black bear essence in Zhai Ling Block, nearly 100 black bear essence, big and small, old and weak, will stumble when they are born, have gathered in the valley in front of the Pansi Cave.
Zhai Ling sat tall and looked at the dense black bears carefully and somehow got nervous.

When it seems like water, you can’t hold it, you can’t catch it, you can slip through your fingers and fly through the window lattice, and the night is gone forever.

Perhaps for a long time, everyone has developed the habit of deciding the direction in Yanglingtian, or infected by the inexplicable self-confidence of that handsome cheek. Talking about Yanglingtian and everyone acquiesced in the end
Although I don’t know what Yanglingtian is going to do, Simon is very happy
I don’t know that Yanglingtian, who has always been interested in money, suddenly became interested in marble and took out several precious materials from the bag in Tianlai Valley to let Master Simon play his talent-selling these precious materials is not the point.
The key point is that the marble from the sale is still in the charge of his master Simon, and his chest is bulging at once. When he walks, it becomes like a day away from the dynasty and Yanglingtian, and others go to the Taishi mansion together-his hands stand tall with round bellies, and his eyes are like a gap in the sky, and he looks around and looks at the faces of those who are playing with birds and jade, and the faces of the ladies are still full of disdain. Chapter 44 provokes Taiyi (middle)
Simon played his own talent wantonly, and the rare materials in the colorful bag were played by him with the greatest effect. The only thing that made Master Simon regret was that most of the materials in the bag of the protoss king were too rare, and almost heaven and man dared to take them today, so it was the worst material in the bag.
But that’s the worst thing in the bag. Maybe it’s nothing to Dayan Holy Land 10 thousand years ago, but now it’s hard to find a million dollars. Suddenly, Master Simon’s fame in major businesses is also rising.
His scenery is "rampant" and the whole Dayan Holy Land is boiling up at the same time.
First of all, the descendants of God gave up the blood pride announcement, and the reason why Tianhou inherited the brothers and sisters was actually because of a man who had just arrived in Dayan Holy Land-Yanglingtian.
Then the two families of ghosts and gods announced at the same time that the two families were about to seal the two domains of ghosts and gods and re-form the descendants of the two families before they reappeared.
And this was actually because Yanglingtian found the sacred objects of the two ethnic groups with the seal of the protoss king who disappeared ten thousand years ago.
Looking at the black and white clouds of the two ethnic groups gathering constantly, I really want the majestic crown to cover the two places, and finally slowly hang a thick curtain of dust, which will isolate the two ethnic groups from the outside world for an ancient miracle, and everyone guesses again.
However, due to the seal between the ghosts and gods, everything seems to have been finalized and there is no redundant speculation value. Therefore, everyone’s speculation has shifted to the person who caused this change-Yangling Tianshen.
SHEN WOO level fighters can rev ancient protoss king seal?
The vast majority of people in Dayan Holy Land scoff at this-the seal technique of the two families of gods and demons can be said that the universal seal and the Fuofuda technique all originated from the seal of the descendants of the gods 10,000 years ago. Today, people are afraid that Wu Da Di Zun is also expected to print and sigh. There may be a purple emperor who has eternal life in the whole ordinary human race-Xuanyuanhuang may have a way.
But if a SHEN WOO first-class fighter can open the seal, it is doubtful. Even if all the heads of Dayan holy people are broken, no one will believe it
Unless this is the Yanglingtian, you are a descendant of the King of God, and you have long known that there are rev methods or rev objects. Of course, this idea is ridiculous and disrespectful, and everyone has swallowed it.
Suddenly, people full of doubts speculated whether this Yanglingtian was connected with the two families of ghosts and gods.
Less than 20 years old, he didn’t accept the power repair, but he was already in the late stage of SHEN WOO’s first class. At the same time, he was able to open the seal of the protoss king. Some people with rich associations can’t help but think of an old saying-saying that the descendants of the gods and demons declined ten thousand years ago. At that time, the elders of the royal family of the two ethnic groups once made the two ethnic groups taboo-praying for the gods to exchange the essence of the aura to give birth to a pair of golden couple.
It is said that this pair of golden couple was born according to the aura of heaven, and all kinds of things need to be nurtured in the aura before arrival. When people are born, they are accompanied by all kinds of rosy clouds, and when they grow up, they are doomed to become gods and demons. It is said that when the kings of the two ethnic groups were born, they just passed ten thousand years.
But all this comes from speculation and can stop at speculation.
Every day, Yangling’s martial arts experience has been dug out one by one. Everything is real and natural, except that the cultivation speed is higher than that of ordinary people, and it is indifferent and slightly different from ordinary people. If it is true, how can the two ethnic groups experience the ups and downs of the world without protection by their future kings?
With thick doubts, all eyes of Dayan Holy Land are focused on Yanglingtian, a line of people and so on.
Of course, all the guesses and notes are attributed to the decline of Taiyi Sect in the big doors, but they don’t know too many secrets at all. They learn that they are still anxious to find the traces of Yanglingtian and others, and that Yanglingtian is also a known person who still walks the busy streets naturally and casually.
"It’s been three months since Lingtian. Have you finished your preparation?" Look at the expression of natural Yang Ling Tian Yang Zhuo dust finally unbearable worry gently said
"It’s ready." Yanglingtian smiled and stretched out his hand to help. The old man looked up at the sky. "After today, we can go back to our new home in Dayan Holy Land."
"New home?" Wei Bo, the first class, suddenly finished one leng and couldn’t understand what the other party said.
At the same time, Yanglingtian has helped Yang Zhuo’s dust to enter the three-storey building where the whole expensive rosewood was painted red.
It’s just a door. The scene is very different from the imagined scene
Although the whole building outside the door is three stories high, it is unique and carefully carved, and even the building materials show the prosperity of this building.
As a matter of common sense, the building should be crowded with people.
It’s a pity that the door situation surprised everyone. The lobby on the first floor was not as lively as expected. Several scribes looked like young people walking back and forth. There was a large stage with many decorated mahogany round-backed chairs, but there was no coffee table.
"How many men have come to the evening party?"
Only when they entered the door, the clear voice had turned to look. A slender and elegant young man in a blue gown had slowly walked over, holding his right hand on his chest and making a slight bow to the people with great courtesy.
"Yes," Yang Lingtian nodded and turned to look at the spacious hall. "I heard that this is your biggest event in ten years. How can there be no one now?"
"Hehe ~ ~ ~ I don’t know something about the public." Listening to Yang Lingtian’s "layman" words, the young voice is not as kind and soft as it was at first, but he still made a slight bow with great courtesy. "There is still a period when the party will come to the back of all the guests or rest in Yazhong on the second floor. However, it is only when the party is held that someone will come to the right place. I wonder if there are some public invitations?"
"Invitation letter?" Yanglingtian slightly one leng immediately eyebrows a wrinkly gently "you want to have an invitation letter to come here? Lesson I heard that it seems that this is not the case. Chapter 45 Provoking Taiyi ()

Now, if you drink, you don’t have the spirit to disperse alcohol, and you will get drunk.

This can’t be done
He slowly put the cup in his hand back to the table for dinner.
"Don’t you want to drink?" Lao Li don’t understand
"My stomach is a little uncomfortable. Forget it." Gu Qingshan said.
When he was eating, the four of them packed their personal equipment.
Protection, hands, pike, pistol, walkie-talkie, infrared telescope, ammunition, etc. were all prepared by them.
"This villa is very big. You can find a room to rest by yourself-each of our rooms has a name on it. You don’t have to pick those rooms with names," the woman told her.
"Good white" Gu Qingshan Road
At that time, several people packed their things and walked towards the top floor of the villa.
"Never mind if you hear a monster scream" Lao Li’s last avenue.
Gu Qingshan moved in his heart and asked, "When is the danger?"
"Around eleven o’clock" the woman replied.
They’re gone
Gu Qingshan looked at the wall clock.
It’s very early to seven o’clock.
The two girls opposite him are still eating.
"Put the plates here and we’ll clean them up," a girl said when she noticed his eyes.
"thank you"
Gu Qingshan got up and left.
He turned around in the villa.
This villa is the largest residential building in the whole town. It is said that the owner flew to the capital as soon as the disaster broke out.
After all, it is the center of the whole country, and there must be the most ways to deal with it.
As a result, as the disaster continued, people found that the safest place was desert.
The fewer people, the safer the place.
Gu Qingshan remembered every room as he walked.
He turned around but didn’t see any room to his liking.
He sighed and went back to the restaurant to sit down and think it over.
"Haven’t you found a good room yet?" A girl asked with a smile.
"No" Gu Qingshan Road
Another girl said, "That … Gu Qingshan, can you go to the basement with us to get something? I am always a little scared alone. "
"What is there to be afraid of, but what are we going to get?" Gu Qingshan laughed
"Some ingredients-they will take turns to eat at night to replenish their strength," the girl said.
"Then go" Gu Qingshan Road
"Thank you"
The two girls showed joy
Three people came to the living room of the villa, and two girls lifted the thick carpet and hit the ground door with keys, walking towards the surface.
"The floor of the Tibetan living room is really unique," praised Gu Qingshan.
"But the original owner here is a big shot, with many livestock farms and crops and a mine," said the girl.
"How did you find this place?"
"The blond man is the big shot."
"He didn’t go to the capital with his father?"
"He thinks that the situation in the capital is not to give his life to the unknown, so it is better to master everything you have and defend it, and then make a decision like action."
"He is a clever man," praised Gu Qingshan.

"hmm?" Deep and remote days ghost accident way

-What is this situation? Why did they fight by themselves?
The evil spirits wait for a while watched this scene.
"What do adults do now?" An evil spirit asked quietly.
The ghost in the sky fell silent, and there was a strange emotion in my heart that could not be suppressed gradually.
The dragon king of this sin prison drinks with you for a while, takes a lamp to install his head for a while, and then casually swings a life charm.
Now he had a fight with his companions around him.
You ask me, I don’t know what to do now! ! !
You day ghost to pick up a mood suddenly produced an idea in my heart.
The life symbol is the root of the ghost saint.
This man has mastered the charm of life. Maybe he has something to do with the ghost Lord.
The ghost in the sky looked across the street.
Seeing that the Dragon King of the Guild Prison is attacking another assassin and the map manager.
Maybe …
What can he not let these two know?
The ghost in the sky thought of this and ordered, "Let’s wait and see."
"Yes, my Lord"
The evil spirits just stood still and silently watched the three men fight.
Seeing them, you come and I drink and play happily.
Count interest in the past
Dozens of breath in the past
Suddenly it came in waves of dragons.
A dragon fell from the sky.
"I feel that someone is fighting with our leader. Is this to provoke our dragon?" The dragon looked at the crowd humming said
Chapter three hundred and sixty-five They cheat ghosts
When the dragon speaks, the ghost is ready to fight.
Dozens of evil spirits on their side don’t have to panic if they are a dragon-
One second, I saw another dragon, and I looked at everyone with my eyes coming out.
It looked around Zhoukou murmured
"What happened here? What is full of poverty and murder and all kinds of death omens? It’s going to take you from far away to come here and fight a ah yi ~ "
It began to sing.
When the evil spirits stay,
-This dragon is stupid?
Suddenly another dragon fell from the sky.
"Knowing that he is our eldest brother, he still dares to bully him here. It was a dragon who looked down on us." The dragon said with anger.
See one dragon after another fall to squat down in the jungle and look at Gu Qingshan.
One, two, three … Twenty-nine dragons!
This is an overwhelming force!

At this time, Liu Yue’s heart is still not white. "What a little hands and feet are really slow. Just now, they are flirting here. It seems that this is not the first time. Hey, I don’t know what that girl looks like. I want to see it clearly." Unconsciously, Liu Yue actually took Collins as his own child.

Collins waited for a moment, but he couldn’t wait until he wanted to see people scratching their heads. Liu Yue was so funny that he forgot that he had not been much better at the beginning. After a while, he listened to a silvery smile outside the window. Collins was so happy that he quickly poked his head out and looked around, but he was stunned.
"Good!" Suddenly, Collins was hanging upside down at the window, and the man almost bumped into him.
Liu Yue looked intently at it, but it was a girl in a tight red dress. She looked quite petite and felt a little smaller than ordinary girls, but her figure ratio was very good. She simply tied a ponytail with blonde hair, which looked a bit playful, although not stunning, but the youthful girlish atmosphere always made people enchanted.
I can see that this girl still has a little effort, but what makes Liu Yue a little strange is that most of the guests tonight are noble giants or representatives of major temples, and he doesn’t know anyone who wants to train his daughter into a thief, so this girl’s identity is somewhat interesting.
Collins was surprised at first and then rushed to take the girl into the room to meet the little lover. The two of them had their own whispers, and Liu Yue didn’t want to eavesdrop, but he didn’t want to leave like this because of the girl’s body. He felt a little familiar.
Liu Yue jumped out of the window and found a place that was not easy to be found, and sat down to sort out a thought.
First of all, what happened tonight can’t be an accident. Obviously, it’s the result of some forces’ behind-the-scenes manipulation. Rooney’s strength is not very strong after being enchanted, but the forces behind him are not underestimated. The earth is still a fantasy technology, but it is not incredible in a high-magic world like Flange. There are many ways to achieve this effect.
For example, sacrifice is the best and fastest methodology, and neither gods nor demons will express their dissatisfaction with this method. The only difference is that gods prefer devout believers, while demons have nothing to pay attention to. They don’t care whether you are willing or forced, and some of them are particularly evil. They will also ask believers to torture these sacrifices and aggravate their fear and pain. The purpose of doing this is to make their souls burn to the extreme. According to them, this will make their souls more delicious.
There is also why they do this or what benefits it has for them. On the surface, Rooney has been subordinate to Lovelli’s family for many years. They must be very passive. They believe that this incident will make a fuss about it early in the morning and it will be a big blow to Lovelli’s family.
Could it be Ling Lijie? Liu Yue thought of this "old friend" unexpectedly, but it seems to be too serious. Do they think that it is not easy to deal with the mage’s guild by knocking over Lovelli’s house in one fell swoop? Besides, summoning demons is not a common thing for wizards, but it is nothing new. Of course, a level like Rooney is not something that ordinary wizards can do.
However, Roger’s performance is too outstanding, that is, it is impossible for his father to end the battle so quickly. Even a child prodigy can’t be so miserable and humane. Although I haven’t figured out what is going on, Liu Yueke can be sure that Roger has some kind of power dormant in his body and it is very powerful, which can make Liu Yue feel a little palpitation.
All kinds of mysteries are entangled in Liu Yue’s mind. He must be alert to these things. Only people who can see the truth clearly can be born in this dangerous world and always be led by the nose. Sooner or later, something will happen.
Actually, it’s not that he hasn’t considered throwing everything away and taking Szelesi Ya and Jacques with him. People like him don’t have to be afraid of not being born anywhere. Wealth or power are all available to him. But for Collins, he finally has a part to give up. Although he hasn’t been together for a long time, he has already regarded Collins as his own student in his heart. Can the teacher ignore the students’ problems?
It wasn’t long before Collins, the girl, came to the courtyard and happened to go to Liu Yue’s side to listen to Collins. "You should go home quickly. I have to help my father clean up the mess after so many things happened tonight. My father will be angry if he doesn’t go back just now."
The girl seemed to be reluctant to jump into his arms and whisper to him for a while, only then did she step back and leave Collins where she had been watching the girl disappear.
"well, Collins, my dear student, when are you going to arrive?" Liu Yue coughed and laughed together. "I didn’t eavesdrop beforehand. You came to me by yourself."
Collins was shocked by Liu Yue and turned red again. I don’t know what to do there.
Liu Yue noticed a bruise on his neck and naturally knew that "young people are normal, but pay attention to their health." Then he left without letting him explain.
Collins blushed for a long time before he reacted and shouted at his back, "Why take care of yourself? I didn’t do anything?"
He naturally won’t know that he can’t see the angle at this time. Liu Yue’s gloomy face seems to indicate some bad things.
Chapter 26 temptation
The night when Liu Yue walked alone in the long street was doomed to be restless. All forces must make a new measure of the strength of Li Dian, and the position of weismann’s family is even more suspicious. It is conceivable that those "big shots" may not be able to sleep now.
In fact, Liu Yue tasted otherwise. He has never been a person who is good at intrigue. The only thing he can rely on in the face of complicated situations is his strong strength, but Roger’s performance today has sounded the alarm for him.
He is not familiar with Roger, but he is sure that when he first met him, he was definitely not as strong as he is now. If seeing Roger once was a genius, this time Roger could miraculously form a ten-year-old wonder. What is the concept?
You know, it’s only been less than a month. Can Li Dian master some unknown technology that can make people strong in a short time?
Liu Yue immediately denied his own speculation. After all, although Flange is a magical world, it is also subject to some rules. Strange people may not be rare thousands of years ago, but now it is different. If you casually create a chaos, of course, if Los Angeles hands it personally, there is nothing impossible. But what is the problem now?
"What person?" Liu yue suddenly stopped and said
"Applauded …" In the dark, there came a crisp moonlight, and a graceful figure appeared in front of Liu Yue.
"Are you …" Liu Yue looked at this unknown woman suspiciously. Those girls with high noses and deep eyes are different from the eastern ones. Her face is closer to the orientals, and her long blue hair and casual shawl add a little wildness to her. She is quite tall and half a head shorter than Liu Yue. Even the earth is extremely big and proud. With her pace, a belt made of ichthyosaur skin gently vibrates, and the waist is more slender and cold. The moonlight seems to be like a dream spirit. If it is not the six snake whips in her hand that really spoil the atmosphere, it should be a perfect encounter.
Yes, except for Britney Israel, the famous tyrant of Truth Gate, the martial arts master of Umberlee Church, I am afraid that no normal woman is willing to walk all day with this weapon. Of course, those Zall women in the dark area cannot be measured by normal people’s eyes.
"Good evening, Lucifer. I’m Britney Israel. The moonlight is so charming tonight. Can you take a walk with me?"
"It’s my honor to be invited by an attractive woman like you." Liu Yue bowed slightly and Britney took her arm. They were like a pair of friends reunited after a long separation and didn’t see any disharmony at all.
"Mr. Lucifer is not a native, is he?" Two people walk for a while Britney seems to inadvertently asked.
Liu Yue smiled and said, "Yes, my hometown is very far away from here."
The two chatted ramblingly for a while, and Britney realized that the other party was not as easy to deal with as she thought. After half a day, she got a lot of information, but this guy was always vague at the crucial moment. Fortunately, she still had a killer in her hand.

After all the people were gone, Shen Menglu sat alone in Jingyue Xuan sulking, and the days were too disturbing. She finally calmed down and became restless again.

Yan Ruyi and Mo Yu quietly stay behind Shen Menglu. I don’t know what to say to comfort Shenyang. It is a bad debt. It seems that Shen Menglu is the best to leave Shenyang as soon as possible.
"Miss, what are you going to do with these?" See Shen Menglu is staring blankly at those boxes. Mo Yu finally broke the silence.
"Let’s have a look!" It is also urgent to find out who is the giver of Shen Menglu’s testily waved hand.
"Yes, Miss" Yan Ruyi and Mo Yu beat the boxes one by one before they got the order.
In front of the six boxes of gold and silver jewelry, silks and satins, delicacies and delicacies, Shen Menglu dragged her cheeks and looked at them coldly.
The seventh box was beaten. Shen Menglu finally had a reaction. She looked at the things in the box before walking quickly, and the porcelain bottles were full of light medicine.
"Miss, these are …?" Yan ruyi was surprised
Shen Menglu picked up a porcelain bottle, poured out a small pill and sniffed it. Then she smiled brightly. The escort said yes, she knew the identity of the giver when she saw the contents in the box.
Who is the giver? Shen Menglu already has the answer in his heart, but he still has some disbelief.
Why did Yan Men send such a big gift? Judging from the weight of this gift, we can see how rich Yan Men is. It is no wonder that Yan Qingluo has no mercy on expensive smoothies.
The last box, Shen Menglu, stopped Mo Yu’s box from moving, and personally put his hand in the box a few steps ago. Shen Menglu’s heart jumped up without rhyme or reason, and she had a hunch that there was another dry Kun in this box.
Hiding in the box, Yan Qingluo waited for a long time, but he couldn’t wait for Shen Menglu to box up, and he was slowly worried.
Yan Qingluo came to give Shen Menglu a surprise. Who knew that Shen Menglu actually wanted to return the goods and accidentally heard Shen Fu’s privacy?
It sounds like her dream sister’s life is much harder than hers. Yan Qingluo is deeply touched. What Shen Fu and Mu Wangfu Yan Qingluo all feel terrible. They are far less worried. If Shen Menglu marries them, she promises that she will laugh and live happily all day!
It’s a pity that her brother is too weak. Yan Qingluo pouted sullenly. It’s the first time that she regretted that her mother didn’t make her a man, otherwise she would have made every effort to marry her dream sister home as a wife!
But anyway, since we can’t let Shen Menglu marry into their Yan family and lead a worried life, she should try her best to let Shen Menglu lead a rich and prosperous life. Shen Menglu is always rich when he has money. In this way, Shen Menglu will not be afraid of being bullied after marrying into Muwangfu in the future! Anyone who dares to bully her, we will kill them with silver!
In spite of the opposition of her father and brother, Suo Yan Qingluo took a part of the dowry left to her by her mother as a wedding present for Shen Menglu.
In that box of precious pills, Yan Qingluo forced the elders to contribute to Shen Menglu’s self-defense. She inquired about what poisons the royal life is full of crisis, which is a common practice. With that box of Dan medicine, Shen Menglu’s hundred poisons will not invade and come back to life!
Of course, in addition to those life-saving pills and penicillin refined by her second brother Yan Yiyi, Yan Qingyi came to attend Shen Menglu’s wedding with her, but Yan Yiyi refused.
Yan Qingluo really can’t understand what her second brother thinks. It’s hard to refine penicillin. Naturally, she has to hand it over to Shen Menglu to show her precious talents.
To say that her second brother has no idea about Shen Menglu, Yan Qingluo is absolutely unbelievable! There are three precious rejuvenation pills in that box of pills, which Yan Yiyi secretly put in! Yan Yiyi also didn’t know that Yan Qingluo was a Grinch. She knew everything in the box like the back of her hand.
Grab it if you like! This is Yan Qingluo’s motto. Pretending to be a gentleman in the face of Yan Yiyi, Yan Qingluo shook his head.
Yan Qingluo heard Shen Menglu’s footsteps approaching the box. She posed and waited for the box to be hit for a moment to give Shen Menglu a big surprise! But after listening to the song for a long time, I found that I was sad outside.
Huh? Did she daydream for a moment that her sister had left? ?
Yan Qingluo waited for a while and there was still no one to rest. Yan Qingluo finally lost his temper. Damn it! She’s been in the box for half a day, and if she doesn’t go out, she’ll be bored to death.
Anyway, let’s go out first!
Yan Qingluo made up her mind to lift the box. She just leaned out of her head and was scared and sat down directly back in the box.
"Wow ~" The sudden call scared Yan Qingluo into a flexible life and was scared silly.
Seeing that Yan Qingluo Shen Menglu was stunned, she gave a silvery smile happily. Sure enough, she didn’t expect that there was a mystery in this first box!
When Shen Menglu saw the Dan medicine in the box, he guessed that the giver was Yan Qingluo, who else but that little girl would be so careless to send such a gift!
The escort who sent the escort repeatedly said that after reading the gift, she would know who the gift giver was. In the first six boxes, there should be gifts. By the seventh box, the identity of the gift giver would be obvious. Then who else would be in the first box except this little girl?
Shen Menglu guessed that naughty Yan Qingluo probably hid in the box and waited to give her a surprise or a little scare. Yan Qingluo must have scared her a little at the moment of waiting for the box! This made Shen Menglu funny and played a trick on people.
So Shen Menglu just passively took the initiative to deliberately press the resistance and made it away from the illusion, waiting for Yan Qingluo to sink and take the initiative to hit the box and then change her to scare Yan Qingluo.
Seeing the success of his evil drama, Yan Qingluo was frightened by Shen Menglu’s long-lost childlike innocence and laughed hysterically.
"Dream … dream … dream sister … you … you didn’t go?" Yan Qingluo just looked at Shen Menglu, who was holding his belly and laughing, and stammered questions.
This kind of laughter Shen Menglu is Yan Qingluo. I have never seen Shen Menglu before, and I always look like a faint person who refuses people thousands of miles away. There is quite an out-of-touch fireworks temperament, but in front of me, I laugh like a child. Shen Menglu has a lot of affinity, and people can’t help but be infected by her.

The middle-aged woman couldn’t help frowning away a pair of beautiful eyebrows slightly. We can’t say it so full. Don’t we still think that Wansheng Dan was stolen after the two of us guarded it?

Ma ‘am, you don’t know that all the younger brothers in the Tang Clan are down’s poison sutras. Actually, otherwise, it is impossible for them to steal the root of down’s poison sutras.
Ah, come on, that’s the way it is. If you don’t tell me, my generation will think that Down’s Poison Classic is an entity secret book.
The Tang Clan is not very profound and powerful in martial arts, but it is only the seventh order. Even the ninth order martial arts are very fresh. The Down’s Poison Sutra is really an entity. I’m afraid it has already been stolen.
Well, that’s right. It’s difficult for us in the Tang Clan to practice martial arts when we have been studying poison all our lives. This time, Jun ‘er can capture Situ Hao alive and get the ancient secrets from him, which may have a cross-generational significance for us in the Tang Clan. After all, Situ Hao has reached the ninth-order martial arts level with a set of ancient remnants for several years. The ancient remnants must be a set of quick martial arts secret methods, which is simply the most perfect secret method for us in the Tang Clan. Maybe from now on, Tang Clan’s younger brother will not advance and become a road martial arts.
Alas, Situhao is famous for being difficult. Now I’m worried about Jun ‘er, said Tang Wanshan with a long sigh.
It’s not bad that a loving mother loses more children. After hearing Tang Wanshan’s words, the middle-aged woman’s face is more radiant than a bright smile. Wanshan Jun is extremely intelligent, and you have sent more than ten powerful brothers to accompany him. I’m sure he will finish it smoothly. Then you will be ready to give him the Tang Clan Poison Classic as a candidate for becoming a householder.
Mom knows that the fool deserves it. Your husband doesn’t do it. You have to solve Situhao’s problem. Listening to the middle-aged woman, she is angry than dark scold a way.
I’m not the only one in charge of the house. As you know, although I’m the house owner now, I’m also worried that if several uncles want them to join hands to let me stand, I’ll have to stand. This is also a kind of supervision for the house owner. If you want your son to be a house owner, you have to pass several uncles first. If this fails, everything will be in vain.
I don’t care, you must find a way to make your son the master.
Let’s talk about it when he comes back. It is also an outstanding achievement for him to capture Situhao. Then I personally urged him to do a good job in diamond poisoning, and asked him to improve in this respect. Plus, it is impossible for me to make him the master.
It’s a pity that Tang Bojun, his parents’ heart, has been destroyed by Situhao, but his parents are also here. He planned Chapter 9 People’s Purgatory.
Situhao knows very well that the biggest resistance to destroy the Tang Clan is not from Tang Clan’s younger brother. After all, he has stolen Wansheng Dan and won’t be afraid of the level of Tang Clan’s entering poison without invading his body roots.
The greatest resistance to destroy the Tang Clan today comes from those crazy and poisonous weapons guarding the Tang Clan.
Situhao learned about Down’s Poison Sutra from Tang Wanshan’s mouth, but it was only in his mind that he never thought about stealing Down’s Poison Sutra again. After all, it was a harmful thing, but it was a curse to destroy Tang’s Down’s Poison Sutra, and it would be annihilated from now on. It was impossible for Situhao to rely on virulence to cause a wide range of poisoning to all creatures in the world, but he was not annoyed that he could not steal Down’s Poison Sutra.
Situhao turned into a flea and stayed with Tang Wanshan every day. He had a clear understanding of all kinds of refined poisons in Tang Clan. Those poisons would die directly, which would make people feel miserable. He was very clear about those antidote and those that didn’t. Now he just wanted to find a way to know how to deal with those crazy poisons before he could take action.
People in the Tang Clan use poison to kill all creatures and poison the people, so he wants to treat them humanely. He has deeply remembered the poison that has no antidote and can make people feel miserable. He will use these ready-made poisons to make people in the Tang Clan pay the heaviest price.
Such a delay is more than ten days for Situhao.
He followed Tang Wanshan everywhere every day, but he didn’t hear the way to deal with those crazy poisonous weapons. After all, Tang Wanshan couldn’t discuss the way to deal with crazy poisonous weapons with others.
In this process, Situ Hao has also seen the poison test process of Tang’s younger brother, Li Gu, and the people. He has lost his libido resistance and wants to act against him. These crazy poison weapons will not harm his illusory form, but they are not afraid of being hurt.
On this night, Situ Haoli sneaked into the Tang Clan and put the poison in the warehouse. He firmly remembered the poison in his mind and put it into the Gankun Ring. Only then did he turn into tiny flying insects and enter the Tang Clan’s brother’s room to poison them.
Situ Hao has a deep understanding of these poisons in advance. He knows that the medicinal properties of these poisons will take two hours to play, and he is not worried that his actions will be discovered in advance.
Situhao is an expert in assassination because of practicing the secret method. His action rate is faster than that of every Tang’s brother. He flew in phantom for more than an hour, and Tang’s brother was quietly poisoned by him. Then he lurked in the tallest building in Tangmen, waiting for their toxic hair.
This will be a crazy night. With the toxicity of Tang Mendi, the lonely peak of Xuanyin Mountain is bound to fall into a scream, and the ghosts in the west will rest in peace in these screams.
Situhao didn’t feel guilty about his own line, and his heart was filled with a feeling of revenge.
Of course, this great hatred is not due to himself, but to several people who have been poisoned. Tangmen will pay the heaviest price for them for thousands of years tonight.
At the easternmost point of the squeal scream, it constantly spread to the west, which is also specially arranged by Situ Hao to let several ghosts in the west rest in peace.
The shrill scream was still very simple, and it didn’t take long for it to become more noisy and more gloomy than horrible.
The piercing scream is really like a spectre screaming at night
With the screams, those toxic things haven’t been sent yet. Tang Mendi has woken up from his sleep and quickly ran to the place where he screamed. With their arrival, the piercing screams in the west are getting bigger and bigger, rippling in the night. It sounds really chilling.
As time went by, all the Tang Clans were immersed in fear. One by one, Tang Clans screamed, and Tang Clans became a purgatory.
In the night, some birds were awakened by the piercing screams and fled in all directions. Situ Hao lay in the tallest building in Tangmen and looked at it coldly. He silently prayed in his heart that he was killed by Tangmen. Today, I will avenge you. You can rest in peace.
The piercing screams are endless, and a kind-hearted person can’t bear to listen to them. But these screams are different from people’s most moving listening to music in Situhao’s ears. His heart is surging than his thoughts are rushing in his eyes. Looking at those Tang brothers, they are desperately struggling in pain. The scene of hundreds of thousands of people being killed in the city flashed across the pile of mountain bones west of Tang Gate, and his heart was a kind of shock.
As time goes by, the squeal ratio is from weak to strong, and from strong to weak, until the last Tangmen, it tends to calm down.
The only people alive in Tangmen are those who are caught and those who are crazy and poisonous.
When all the lonely peaks were quiet, a very weak strange sound sounded a moment later.
Strange sound into the ear Situhao couldn’t help being frightened to disgrace. He had already heard the strange sound, that is, Tang Wanshan read a spell before giving orders to Mad Poison Force.
Situhao’s heart was flooded with horror, and at the same time, tiny flying insects flashed to the hair place and ran away.
Leave ten people to protect me, and the rest of the department will kill the people in the government to win the weak voice, which seems to be strength, but the murderous look is more horrible than terror. With the command of Tang Wanshan, the Tang government immediately sounded more crazy than the panic screams, and the crazy poisonous body shape was madly killing those people in the Tang government.
It seems that Tang Wanshan has sneaked into the outside world for nothing. His order is to let the mysterious man who poisoned hundreds of lives in Tang Clan be killed together.
Situhao flew down a secret beam and quickly came back to the body. He flew down the front of Tang Wanshan and poisoned Tang Mendi hundreds of meters. He always wanted to kill me, so he called those crazy poisonous weapons to come over. Situhao said coldly that Chapter 1 was destroyed.
Tang Wanshan saw Situhao’s appearance through the corridor lights. His face couldn’t help but change immediately. He roared back and was surrounded by him. The figure flashed through Situhao and immediately surrounded by dozens of crazy poisonous weapons.
Surrounded by crazy poison force, Situhao immediately felt a stronger sense of oppression coming from all directions, but also a strong stench made him want to vomit.
Tang Wanshan looked at SiTuHao in crazy poison force surrounded by poisonous incredibly nothing, his face look was even more frightened to disgrace, you are SiTuHao Tang Wanshan weak than Yin is extremely extremely asked.
Situhao gave a grimace of a grin and nodded heavily. It’s always Situhao.

It’s raining harder and harder

Suddenly from behind to a "it’s time to go … Chapter 418 418 confrontation in the rain (7)
Helan Xun heard someone calling him to turn around behind him. At that moment, he looked at the man’s soft long hair and hooked a soft arc. The silver armor was so cold that he couldn’t open his eyes.
"I didn’t tell you not to come. You didn’t listen to me?"
Zhong Li did not expect that when he saw Helan Xun again.
It was so thrilling that he could look straight at the color of the snowy feather coat.
"I don’t trust young master."
When he looked up, Helan Xun saw that Chongli was full of worries, and gently lifted his forehead with a sigh, motioning with his hand, and said, "Go home."
Zhong Li doesn’t ask, although he really wants to ask where the young master went. Would be so embarrassed
His eyes fell to the shocking red and he took a step forward to hold him.
Helan Xun closed his eyes and lay quietly in the carriage.
The wheels of the horse and cart made him tired, half dreaming and half waking, and the street was noisy and prosperous, and the old plot was everywhere in the dream.
The nightingale city forgets to cross the mountain. It is snowing heavily in the extremely cold ground. It is difficult to walk in that snowstorm with who holding hands.
He wanted to look at the old dream from a distance, but he was unconsciously lonely.
"Little master-"
He was called to the dream spot.
Fuzzy figure can’t really see and want to pursue.
Only to find that I can’t get up any more, and the freezing chill passes through my back.
The pain crept slowly like an unknown demon forcing him to wake up.
Open your eyes and embroider the curtain and throw it into the corner. People hang palace lanterns.
He lowered his eyes and said, "Yes?"
"What is the purpose of the young master’s visit to Beijing?" Heavy Li asked carefully.
Helan Xun closed his eyes deeply, but it was beside the point. "Forget … she forgot … forget the mission … forget the oath and forget everything about crossing the mountain …! All this will eventually have a result, and she will eventually come back to her side. Everything is always importuned. "
What’s wrong with the export words? His pale face is full of bitterness.
Old memories are always too good, but now the heartache is getting stronger and stronger.
The cold wind poured into the curtain, and he looked up at the heavy rain pouring into the street. "They are coming … this day will be a bonfire because of her smoke. Will she forget?"
"Who are they?" Chongliwen
Helan Xun’s eye method condenses the cold and faint word "her creditor"
Heavy Li inexplicably raised his head and looked at the palace in front of him as if it were a fairyland, not far away
"No matter what happens, I will always protect the young master."
He has never seen Helan Xun look so absent, not once in more than twenty years.
If not, there was one time … but it was three years ago.
He is keenly aware that something great is about to happen.
Helan Xun sneered bitterly. "I’m just an outcast picked up by the fort owner. It’s only because of an accident that you will inherit the position of the fort owner. You are the blood of the heavy fort. Is it that ten thousand people admire the noble position and Sir Zhong is so bitter to follow? This position should be you. "
"I have vowed that I will never turn my back on you in this life." I have made a serious decision on the reins. Chapter 419 Stay in the Four Emperors’ Mansion (1)
Helan Xun heard the sound of the middle string collapsing in his brain, and cool thin spat out the word "whatever you want".
Heavy Li outside the carriage heard the cold words and sighed. He finally walked into Helan Xun’s heart.
Helan Xun stretched out his finger like white porcelain to stir up the curtain and looked at the sudden stop of rain. He said, "I want you to burn down the palace immediately."
Zhong Li stared blankly at the reins in one hand and almost couldn’t hold them. He asked, "Do you want to burn the palace?"
However, the palace was specially built by the emperor for envoys and distinguished vassals in Beijing. How can it be burned casually? Besides, why should he burn it?

Foxy disdainfully said, "I know that Xiao Wu likes you three in his heart. I have no place in his heart. Since he is so heartless, why should I care about him?" Don’t you have powers? Don’t you have an alchemist, a monkey rat? You can totally save him yourself. What are you doing here? Save him and you can be reunited. Can’t such an ending satisfy you? I’ll pretend I’ve never known Xiao Wu and I’ve never been married to him at all, so go away and leave me alone. "

"You …" Qin Keer instantly became crazy, and a red head was enchanting and beautiful in the sea breeze.
Xu Qingqing is also short of breath and soon enters a state of variation.
Foxy said with a smile, "Do you want to fight? See how many of my people are around? Are you confident that you can beat them? "
Although it is very anxious to drink the blood of sycophantic son and eat the meat of sycophantic son, Qin Keer and Xu Qingqing finally did not move.
Qin Keer said angrily, "Tell me, how can you save Xiao Wu?"
Be sycophantic son expression exaggerated to make people hate way: "what? Can’t you save him? Even the alchemist Monkey Rat can’t save him? "
Xu Qingqing said, "If we can save us, will we come to you again? Tell me, how can you save Xiao Wu? "
"This ….." Foxy hesitated. "It’s really hard to do?"
Qin Chloe and Xu Qingqing are nervous watching be sycophantic son waiting for her offer. In fact, Qin Keer, Xu Qingqing, Qitian Rat, Panhu and Zhenwuxiang boarded the Yellow Sea and started to treat Xiao Wu and Tang Lan Tang Lan. After getting rid of the poisonous blood in her body, the injury stabilized and it was only a matter of time before she recovered, but Xiao Wu was different. No matter what he did, he could not force a drop of poisonous blood out of his body, and he has been in a coma.
After thinking for a moment, the sycophantic son said, "I know how to save Xiao Wu, but as soon as I cure him, you will leave me with him, and I will get nothing, and my life will be in danger during the treatment. Maybe I will die because of this. I really don’t know. Please give me an idea. What should I do? Should I spend my life to fulfill you, or should we all not get what we love? "
Qin Keer and Xu Qingqing looked at each other before they came to look for a sycophant. They guessed that the sycophant would use it as a threat, but they didn’t expect that the sycophant could make the threat sound so beautiful as if she had become a victim.
Qin Keer and Xu Qingqing didn’t say anything. The fox added, "It’s hard for you to say. Let me say it. All four women like the same man. This is a very troublesome thing. Now there are only two ways in front of us. You should take the initiative to leave and never appear in front of me and Xiao Wu."
Before the sycophantic son could say the second way, Qin Keer and Xu Qingqing said at the same time, "No! If you want to retreat, you can only retreat! "
Foxy said with a smile, "Then I’m sorry. You can only stay with Xiao Wu’s body."
Qin Keer gritted his teeth and said, "What is the second way?"
Foxy is still smiling. "The second way is more reasonable. None of us will retreat. If I am lucky enough to survive in the process of treating Xiao Wu, we four women will serve a husband together. I am big and you are small."
"You …" Qin Keer and Xu Qingqing’s face was red with anger.
"This is not allowed?" Foxy spread out her hands. "It seems that we have nothing to talk about. Take Xiao Wu and leave so that you don’t think I’m blackmailing you."
"Me, me …" Xu Qingqing suddenly stamped his foot. "I promise you!"
Qin Keer glanced at Xu Qingqing and said helplessly, "Well, I agree."
Be sycophantic and cuddle with Qin Keer and Xu Qingqing’s shoulders. "That’s good. If I can survive in the future, we will be a family. We will live together in a round and round way."
Qin Chloe and Xu Qingqing hate their teeth itch. They are sure that if the fox can be killed in the process of treating Xiao Wu, the fish can fly in the sky, but what can be done about it?
Foxy whispered again, "In order to show your sincerity, after I saved Xiao Wu, the five of us will have a reunion sleep in the big bed."
"What …"
"You! How can … "
Fox show quietly covered her mouth, and ginger was always old and spicy. She knew that the next thing to give three proprietress, including Xiao Wu, would fall on her or Fox Yang and Fox Yue.
The night sky swept away the haze, and a full moon rose to the sky, and there was a silver wave on the vast sea.

Chapter eighty-six Cunning than a fox
Xiao Wu is lying in the bridal chamber with his fox son. His wounds and part of his skin are black and purple. His eyes are closed and his breathing is a little messy. Other than that, I can’t see anything unusual.
Monkey Rat, Pan Tiger and Zhenwuxiang are frowning at the bedside. Tang Lan, who has been treated by Monkey Rat, is slightly better. She is lying on the side of Xiao Wu with tears and looks at the ceiling. I don’t know what’s going on.
As soon as the fox entered the room, all eyes focused on her.
Foxy smiled indifferently. "Please rest assured that I will take care of the rest, but I can’t be disturbed by others when I am casting spells. Please wait outside."
Although they don’t want to, but since be sycophantic son said so, there is no way to care about each one who took a look at Xiao Wu and left the room. Even Tang Lan was carried out by Xu Qingqing.
It was not until the door was closed that the sycophantic son chuckled, took off his shoes and socks and climbed into bed, lying on Xiao Wu’s chest mountain like a kitten.
"Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu, if you have no conscience again, I will castrate your bad guy." Not in a hurry to detoxify Xiao Wu, but he felt his fingers on Xiao Wu’s chest.
Shaw five but still no response.
Be sycophantic and touched it at random for a while before pinching Xiao Wu’s jaw and feeding Xiao Wu a white Dan medicine. As soon as the Dan medicine met Xiao Wu’s mouth, Tianjin immediately turned into a warm current and slipped into Xiao Wu’s throat.
Just a moment later, there was a low groan between Xiao Wu’s throat and his brow moved. Looking at Xiao Wu, there was a movement, and the fox son gathered his mouth to his wound. She used her unique magic method to suck two poisonous blood, and when the blood reached her mouth, she followed suit and took a pick then.
"Innocent and indissoluble pick then no matter how much poison is, it won’t help." The sycophantic son’s hand stroked Xiao Wu’s cheek and muttered, "In fact, even without my pick then, with your dragon blood and Qinglong Neidan’s little poison, you will sooner or later resolve the pity for those three stupid women but don’t know giggle …"
If Qin Keer, Xu Qingqing and Tang Lan hear what the sycophant is saying, they must regret it to death, but even if they know the inside story, it is impossible for them to take away Xiao Wu because the sycophant is determined to eat Xiao Wu and what they call the second way is actually just to give them the steps for Xiao Wu’s mutual affection.
The three proprietresses, Zhenwuxiang, Panhu and Qitian Rat are honestly waiting outside the door, and the waiting process is like a year.
It was two hours before the fox opened the door.
Qin Chloe and Xu Qingqing are about to rush into the room, but when their feet are soft, they fall to the door.
"Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu, he, he … it’s okay." A pretty face of sycophantic son is so pale that there is not even a little color in it.
Fox Show immediately threw herself at the fox-flatterer’s side and said anxiously, "Miss! Miss big! Don’t scare me, get up quickly! "
Qin Kerr, Xu Qingqing and Tang Lan look on coldly. It’s a general state of mind for three women. If only she had died.
However, the fox is not dead. She is extremely weak. Her life is hanging by a thread, but she is still talking. "You, you leave me alone. Go and see Xiao Wu quickly."
Some people blame her. Three proprietresses and others rushed into the room quickly.
Xiao Wu was really all right when everyone came in to see him. He got out of bed and sat up.
"What’s the matter?" Shaw five asked his head is still a mess.
The three proprietresses looked at Xiao Wu, who was full of energy. You looked at me, I looked at you, and looked back at the sycophantic son who was still "struggling" on the ground. They suddenly felt cheated.
Xiao Wu looked at Tang Lan and said, "Tang Lan, are you all right?"
"I, I’m fine." Tang Lan is really weak. Her voice is so weak that she has no strength.
Xiao Wu added, "Who detoxified me?"
The three proprietress didn’t speak, but they all turned their eyes to be sycophantic.
Foxy groaned in pain. She didn’t speak, but Fox Xiu stood up and straightened her chest and said, "It’s our young lady who sucked the poisonous blood out for you. Why are you still sitting there? Come and see her! She’s dying! "
"eh?" Xiao Wu didn’t believe that being sycophantic would have a "no" time, but he still went over.
Qin Chloe and Xu Qingqing want to stop but words to the mouth and swallow it down.
Xiao Wu squatted beside the fox and touched the fox’s forehead with his hand. The fox’s forehead was so hot that his brow wrinkled. "It’s really serious. What poison did Du Qisheng make?"
Qin Kerr, Xu Qingqing and Tang Lan looked at each other suspiciously. Is it true? Inexplicably, the three proprietress gave birth to a little sympathy for the sycophant, and they all came to the side of the sycophant and looked at the sycophant with pity.
The voice of the sycophantic son is getting weaker and weaker. "Xiao Wu, sisters, I have one last request. We, we …"
"We what? What do you want? Tell me and I will do it for you. " Xiao Wu was also sad.
Be sycophantic son squirming mouth skin "we, our sisters …"
"Tell me what you want!" Xiao Wu was in a hurry. He was really worried that the fox son suddenly hung up without saying a word.
"We, us, our sisters ….." The patience of the sycophantic son is not generally good.
"my god!" Xiao Wu was so anxious that his palms were sweating.

On-site NBA official staff prepare for the championship award ceremony

Thunder players left in a daze. However, Durant, Westbrook and others hugged Tang Wenlong before leaving.
"Congratulations on a perfect season," Durant said bitterly.
Tang Wenlong patted Durant on the back with a backhand. The latter showed enough respect in this series, including his opponent Tang Wenlong Tang Wenlong. The aggressive situation became humble and gentle. "Kevin, you are a strong opponent. I know that you were selected for the US team in the Olympic Games in July this year. Let’s have another contest."
Speaking of the Olympic Games, Durant’s eyes lit up and his expression faded a little. By the way, he still has the Olympic Games to avenge. Does he believe that he can’t win Tang Wenlong with this year’s Dream Ten Team terrorist array?
"Then I’ll wait for you in London at the Olympic Games."
Tang Wenlong smiled, and the competitive competition was like this. Although it was cruel, the winner was always a reincarnation challenge. No one was a ever-victorious general and no one was always at the peak.
The two men spoke a few more words. In the relay lens, two superstars in appreciate each other exchanged views. This scene was very precious.
Then Tang Wenlong hugged Westbrook, and Westbrook still looked no.
"I must beat you once!" His eyes are particularly round and his appearance is amazing, but there is always an indescribable fighting spirit and domineering, as if nothing can ever knock him down
Tang Wenlong hey hey smiled and gave him a light hammer on the chest. "If you call your three brothers together, I will surrender directly."
Westbrook root couldn’t understand Tang Wenlong’s ridicule and said simply, "Mad, wait for me to train myself hard in the offseason and fight again in the next year."
"Okay, I’ll wait for you." Tang Wenlong gladly accepted the challenge.
After Ibaka and Gasol greeted and hugged, I didn’t know what to say at the side. Tang Wenlong saw Hu Harden coming and hugging himself, and his face was also full of bitterness and disappointment
"I was badly defended by your data in this series, and maybe the Thunder won’t renew my contract in the summer." Harden told Tang Wenlong half-jokingly that only the two of them could hear the volume.
Tang Wenlong rolled his eyes and blamed me?
Harden was so bitter that he hardly burst into tears. He hugged Tang Wenlong and turned around in a bleak way. It looked so bleak.
Durant and others left the scene quickly after greeting. For the first time in history, they wanted to escape from their home so quickly.
Durant met his mother who raised him alone in the player’s tunnel, waiting for him. After all, he couldn’t hold back his tears and cried.
On the contrary, 76 people in the sky were smiling from ear to ear with ribbons and flowers.
When the long-lost President Stern walked on the podium, when famous celebrities like Bill Russell appeared in front of him, he felt that it was the glory of the champion. At that moment, the black ball 76 ers felt as if they were plated with a layer of brilliant gold.
"You did a good job, young man." Bill Russell and Tang Wenlong shook hands and smiled aside.
Then the staff handed over the championship trophy and the finals MVP individual trophy to 76 people. All the players saw the trophy with hot eyes. It was the O ‘Brien Cup, which represented the highest glory and the most valuable NBA trophy!
Stern took over the microphone field, and there were thousands of people left, some of whom were Thunder fans. On the one hand, they didn’t want to go out so early and get stuck outside, on the other hand, they wanted to witness the 76 ers climb to the top of the city. Although they didn’t support and love the team themselves, they were praised when their opponents performed well.
"Congratulations to the 76ers for winning the 21112 NBA championship. They have played a wonderful role in this year’s struggle and defeated several powerful opponents."
Although the number is small, there is still a loud applause at the scene. Behind Stern, the 76 people in the city can’t help clapping.
"At the same time, we also want to congratulate the MVP winner of the 21112 season finals-"
Tang Wenlong!’
The 76ers made strange calls and pushed Tang Wen forward, and then several paws grabbed his head and kneaded it.
Bill Russell handed Tang Wenlong the trophy representing FMVP, which looked like the smaller O ‘Brien Cup.
Tang Wenlong stretched out his hand and took the trophy. Finally, there was a flash in his calm eyes. He couldn’t hide his fiery hair, but he was still in good spirits. Bill Russell, the "Lord of the Rings", looked at the super star who was nearly 60 years younger than him, as if he had seen the shadow of the man who was as good as a god in Chicago.
"Boy, you are amazing. Even in my time, you will certainly succeed."
Tang Wenlong shook hands with Bill Russell, and Ma replied modestly and tactfully, "If you were in our time, I don’t think there would be anything for us."
This is not a big deal. Bill Russell is very happy. He laughs and the more he looks at Tang Wenlong, the more pleasing he is. "Maybe you can rule the league in the future. You have such potential. I like you."
The two exchanged a few commonplaces, then grabbed the trophy together and posed for the flashing camera.
At this time, the championship trophy is in everyone’s hands, and everyone touches it, which makes several heroes in the league eager for glory.
The field workers handed the cap and T-shirt representing the championship, and everyone couldn’t wait to put on the white champion T-shirt without some wet jerseys.
The trophy made Louis Williams hold his hands high, so that everyone could touch the championship trophy with his arms. Tang Wenlong even touched the O ‘Brien Cup with one hand and held the FMP trophy high with the other. Everyone gathered in a pile of fireworks and ribbons to freeze it into the most joyful and happy picture.
It belongs to the success of the city. On the one hand, head coach Collins couldn’t help but burst into tears.
Chapter two hundred and sixty Parade to celebrate
It’s the second season, but Tang Wenlong has already made achievements that have stunned several superstar predecessors.
In his body, he can’t be shaped by potential, but by words like horror and horror, which is more than a solution to Tang Wenlong’s playoff performance this year.
In the finals, he averaged 355 rebounds and 5 assists, among which the three-point shooting percentage was as high as 4%, and the overall shooting percentage was a little over 50%. The scariest thing was that his steals averaged 35 times per game throughout the finals. Most of Thunder’s mistakes were forced by Tang Wenlong’s cooperation, especially when the ball controllers cooperated with each other, there would be a lot of mistakes.
But once you go it alone with your personal ability, you fall into the city and want to see the situation.
Tang Wenlong has broken a lot of records, especially because he has become the strongest Asian basketball player in history. It is controversial that his influence in Asia is increasing day by day. After winning the championship, he has reached a peak and become the first superstar in Asia, including sports and entertainment. Several young Tang Wenlong fans have sprung up in Singapore,, South Korea and other places. They have imitated Tang Wenlong’s skills and Tang Wenlong’s basketball habits in the street basketball court and become new fans and fans in Tang Wenlong.
The on-site award ceremony didn’t last long. After the most videos and photos were taken, the city players left the energy arena.
"Holiday!" Tang Wenlong roared how wonderful the holiday was after winning the championship! I’m excited to think about it
Back to the city, Louis and Tang Wenlong chatted blindly.
"Have you decided where to spend your holiday?"
Tang Wenlong shrugged. "I don’t know. Maybe go to South America? Andres this guy can always invite me to their country? "