This state method deals with the situation.

Slowly pass by
The sun has set a little, and the temperature outside is not so high.
Gu Qingshan has had enough rest.
Physical strength has finally recovered.
But my mouth is thirsty, and there is not even a trace of saliva in my mouth.
This is the body’s extreme lack of water.
Has a yogi ever faced such an embarrassing situation?
If he were a yogi, I’m afraid he would have tried to find water.
However, Gu Qingshan has already experienced the end of the day and remains calm and cautious.
He threw those old newspapers on the floor.
-I can’t understand the text here.
But the newspaper pictures of various wars still made him speculate about the world.
The world’s science and technology have developed to some extent.
In his pictures, he saw some ancient aircraft and missiles, as well as the prototype of mecha.
The enemy of these things is some kind of human-or simply the human body has some abnormal mutation to form a monster.
In this way, it is really difficult for an ordinary person to deal with it
Gu Qingshan moved his body while thinking.
He feels his ordinary body and ensures that his physical strength can control his body to react in various ways.
After a while, the machine rumbled outside.
Gu Qingshan quickly looked out of the window against the wall.
He saw an ancient conveyance.
Chapter one hundred and fortieth Join the partnership
The truck staggered and stopped by the side of the road
A middle-aged man with dark hair, a woman, a black man and a blond man.
They jumped from the car and moved those simple roadblocks.
Gu Qingshan coldly looking at their busy hasn’t made a decision.
He found that it was these four people who moved things all the time, and no one came out to help in the town.
This is a little strange.
Judging from the pictures in the newspaper, it seems that the world is facing a crisis of biological variation and is coming to an end.
It is said that there is a truck coming back at this time, and people in the town should be on guard and check the truck. People will come to check it more or less out of their desire for food and information.