"The imperial food in the palace was not as delicious as this!" ……

Next to the big dining table, a group of beautiful women with beautiful ladies’ images are throwing their cheeks. There is a dragon in front of them. At ordinary times, it’s hard to see that these slender beauties have such a large appetite. It’s not long before this 30-foot long dragon is riddled with holes.
"I say you eat slowly and stop choking! Nobody’s robbing you. Besides, there’s so much here! This dragon is enough for our family to eat several meals … "But no one is listening to Yi Yu or fighting for it.
Yi Yu looked at the beauty who ate a mouthful of oil and couldn’t help but give birth to a warm feeling. "Maybe this is like a family!" Shouting is full of energy and no intrigue. Is it happy to get together and eat? Maybe that’s it! "
"Hey!" Yang Zi put chopsticks gracefully, but at this time she was full and ruined the royal elegance when she just ate. Princess Yang Zi couldn’t help blushing and lowering her head.
"Sister Yang Zi is really cute!" "Scale" seems to be a little bent, leaning back in the chair and smiling at Yang Zi.
A listen to "scale" has been suppressed along while didn’t speak cold calyx was more than I could bear to say with smile "yes! Yes! Although Yang Zi’s eating style is the most elegant, I just saw him eat such a big piece of meat with a sneak bite! " Said also exaggerated strokes a big circle.
"No! Cold calyx nonsense! " Yang Zi’s face turned red, but she still refused to admit that everyone couldn’t help laughing when they saw her lovely appearance.
Yi Yu see Yang Zi some humiliating hurriedly bifurcation topic "alas! I can support me to death, I am afraid I can’t walk anymore! "
"Hum! My husband can eat the most, and while eating, he said that people should eat slowly and don’t grab it! In fact, he eats the most! " In such a restrained occasion, it is not at all to give Yi Yu a name. She knows that Yi Yu will not be angry and restrained at this time to get along as a family.
Yi Yu a quick two "was now! But you can eat a lot! See you at ordinary times all like a lady, in fact, are all little greedy cats and little fat pigs "…
Tang Wan wiped her mouth and smiled "husband! There are so many left! Shall we all take it home? It would be a pity if you just throw it away. "
"It’s natural to bring back wave food is not a good habit after our family can’t wave! If I see anyone who dares to wave food, I will spank! "
Yin element siu-tong smiles appealed a "hum! I just want to take advantage of us! "
The cold calyx may be due to eating too much, and the blood has gone to the stomach to digest food, so some brains are ignorant. "But this dragon is so big that even if we take it back, there is nothing to heat. Can it be cold?" At this time, although the dragon has been riddled with holes, the middle bone is still intact!
Yi Yu looked at the cold calyx, but MengMeng was so fond of it that she just wanted to say,’ Just cut it!’ But before he could say this, he heard someone say, "Isn’t it easy? Just move this cauldron home together! "
"This method is good! Husband, let’s move the cauldron back! "
Yi Yu couldn’t help laughing in her heart when she heard this. "Our family really has all kinds of stooges!" But when he turned his head to look in the direction of voice, he couldn’t laugh anymore.
I saw two people in the doorway with a big white lace apron and a blue robe. It turned out that the chef Niang and the little nun came back! In fact, it’s no wonder that people come back here. It’s their home. Can they still go to the ends of the earth? Besides, even if I really ran out, Yi Yu and his family should run back here after eating and stuffing for so long.
Seeing that the chef Niang’s eyes are round, her eyes are blazing, her teeth are gnashing, Yi Yu is holding a big dish, and the knife hand has already burst out with faint veins standing out, while the little nun is gloating and I don’t know what she is happy about.
"Hey hey! We won’t take it when you two come back to the cauldron. Just bring this leftovers back. It’s not easy to have a large population at home! " Yi Yu gave the chef two quick smiles. "It’s a little salty, but this trip is still delicious. I know you don’t want to bring your family here to taste it. You don’t mind!"
You!’ When the chef Niang heard Yi Yuhu say, she couldn’t help pointing a kitchen knife at him even more angrily. I don’t know if the kitchen knife is too heavy or if it is so angry that the kitchen knife that grows more than three feet can’t help shivering. "My dragon soup!"
"Well … there’s still a lot of dragon soup. It’s not cold yet. If you’re too hungry, you can drink some dragon meat first … Try it if you don’t think we’re dirty!" Now, this guy Yi Yu has been caught red-handed, and he is a dead pig who is not afraid of scalding water. If it happens, he takes a bowl and wants the great beauty to become soup.
Chef Niang maliciously stared at Yi Yu slowly. "It seems that some people really don’t know how to write the word’ death’! ….. "If you would like to know the aftermath, please look back at Life Bet.
Back to the 256th life bet
However, it is also very dead for me to painstakingly cook a pot of dragon soup in my heart. Yi Yu, but at this time, this beautiful chef Niang couldn’t help swallowing a mouthful of water when she heard Yi Yu talking about it and it was still warm. It seems that now is not the time to be afraid of temper. With Yi Yu’s cold hum, "Hum! If this dragon soup is heated again, it will change its original flavor. Although it is a little salty and not perfect, it is my hard work. I will try it first and kill you again and again! " He said, and went to the big cupboard.
The little nun immediately changed her face and rushed to the front quickly. "Master, I’ll get you a bowl …"
"You’re smart this time." Until now, the chef Niang still stared at Yi Yu savagely, as if she were afraid that he would run away.
"The master is my brother’s duty …" The nun was smiling while walking. In fact, she was afraid that the master would see those two cards, but the little nun ran to the cupboard and screamed!
"What’s the matter?" Everyone is a surprised look at the little nun.
"Master is not good for you … your chopsticks are gone!" First the nun panicked and shouted as if the world was coming to an end.
The beautiful chef Niang’s eyes are even more prosperous with a slight ash! "Who is it? ….. Who stole my bowl! I’m going to kill him … "Like a angry mother Tyrannosaurus rex, but before she finished, she saw a big white porcelain bowl full of dragon soup.
But the chef niang without looking cold so way "go! Leave me alone. Do you want to die? "
"yo! Sister Ruyu is really angry! I haven’t seen you for so long and I have to kill my little sister! People are so sad. "
That beautiful chef Niang, that is, Sister Jade, couldn’t help but look back with a slight surprise. Looking back, she saw a beautiful girl in blue pretending to look at her with a sad face!
"Dirt? !” Although there are two words, the joy is beyond words.
"Jade elder sister! ….. "Said the" scale "hugged the chef niang at this time they just white originally this chef niang turned out to be a famous heart like ShenNiXin jade! And the little nun knew without thinking that nature was Shen Wei, the master of dragon slaying.
After just a surprise, Xin Ruyu deliberately kept a straight face and said, "You dead girl finally escaped! I told you not to get mixed up with Deng Yin, a small white boy. Neither he nor his brother Shou is a good thing! You didn’t listen, but you went your own way and married him. You deserve to be bullied so much later! "
Scale face a red secretly saw Yi Yu Chen way "jade elder sister the worst these old things to do? Don’t eat soup soon, it will get cold soon! This is my bowl chopsticks. I remember when I was a child, I was never too dirty as a jade elder sister. Now I won’t … "
Xin Ruyu’s face was slightly sluggish, but she soon returned to normal, revealing a look of longing and missing. "What are you talking about?" How can Sister Ruyu dislike me? I really miss it! At that time, your three sisters and Chen Ziqin’s little crazy bitch were probably the happiest time in thousands of years! " Said Xin Ruyu has used words to destroy this big bowl of dragon soup.
"Scales hold the smiling at Xin Ruyu, who is not very elegant and eats." Sister Ruyu is really sorry that people don’t know where you are at this moment! In the end, it makes you eat scraps, but the craftsmanship of Jade Sister is getting more and more exquisite! I envy people! "
A listen to "scale" also said somewhat ironic Xin Ruyu couldn’t help being more angry and swallowing a mouthful of dragon soup "hum! You bitch, don’t get cheap here and tell me. I don’t know your sex yet! You must have known this was my home and deliberately … Yes! You must have done it on purpose I’ll settle accounts with you after I finish eating later! " "Is this your man?" she asked, glancing at Yi Yu.
"Scale a face of smile took Yi Yu arm way" well! Jade elder sister, this is her. You can also call her with me. "
Yi Yu quickly saluted, "That … I’ve seen Sister Jade!" At this time, Yi Yu met the famous heart like a god, but his head was a little short-circuited and his heart andao "Is this the heart like a god?" ! That’s the dragon slayer? This world is simply crazy! "
Xin jade cold hum a "hum! Smelly little and I are close to who is your jade sister! " But when it comes to the later time, I can’t help but look slightly red and look at Shen Wei. I don’t know what the good sisters have tacitly agreed. "Don’t say something nice, it’s okay. Today, the dragon soup is not over yet!"
"Elder sister! Look at you. You scared our family to her! And I’m telling you! He bears a grudge! If you bully him, don’t ask him to seize the opportunity in the future … "
"yo! It’s hard to believe when my dirty sister became so good! " Said Xin Ruyu and looked at Yi Yu with a smile. "You really have two hands. At the beginning, Deng Yin was a famous handsome man in the fix true world. It’s not a two-woman monk who secretly promised his heart! But when it comes to our dirty here, it’s not just scolding and raising my hand … "He said, but he covered his mouth and laughed and said to himself," But it’s no wonder! Have you been forced to rebel by others? You must coax this husband this time! "
"hate it! Sister Ruyu said nothing! It’s a thing of the past. Why give it back to him? And if you make my sister jealous, there will be no good fruit to eat! "
Xin Ruyu smiled awkwardly and laughed. "Aye? Haven’t you heard of such a big deal? This is not my intention! "
Scale and all the people a slight ash don’t know xin jade mouth say what is the event "elder sister what are you talking about? My sisters and I are busy these days! I didn’t care about asking for information. Did it arrive before the big robbery? "
Xin Ruyu shook her head and laughed. "What a shot in the dark! It’s still a long way to go! Although it’s already gone, I’m afraid it will be decades before our life-and-death war! But heaven is unpredictable. Who can tell? "
"That you say what is it! Stop selling! Otherwise, I will be angry! "
Xin Ruyu laughed. "All right! I’ll tell you … you! " Said a face of banter at Yi Yu connect a way "just three days ago, Deng Yin alone fog hidden peak out Kunlun sent in addition to the one-yuan ancestor and silly monk, the rest of the younger brother was killed …"

The fire has a hint of resistance.

This is a saint’s breath. Others imitate the law specifically to issue high-level military orders
Gu Qingshan immediately looked awed-this must be the war assigned to him.
He took over the fire operator and urged it with a spiritual force.
Xuanyuan Tianzun sounded "Guerrilla general Gu Qingshan was ordered to inspect various positions and investigate the frontline military situation"
Patrol positions? Reconnaissance military intelligence?
Gu Qingshan lost in thought.
There are full-time generals in charge of all positions, commanders and soldiers at all levels, and officers in charge of inspections accordingly.
In the investigation of military intelligence … These are all fixed investigation troops, and people have arranged them well.
It seems that there is nothing wrong with me.
So ….. What the hell is this for me?
Gu Qingshan is full of doubts and a fire is flying.
He took over and was urged by a spiritual force.
The fairy sound of flowers comes from the fire symbol. "I don’t care about you this time. Pay more attention to finding some safe places to hang around."
Gu Qingshan whole body momentum suddenly a drain.
He couldn’t help saying something.
Master, you are too protective of me.
Don’t you feel a little guilty because you didn’t take care of your apprentice in a battle, which led to his being bullied?
But it’s not so well protected!
Gu Qingshan thoughtfully suddenly said to himself, "something is wrong."
It’s not that life is wrong, but that this whole thing is wrong
Baihuaxian would never deliberately protect his brother just because he was humiliated a little.
On the contrary, she wants her brother to be honed in all kinds of ways.
What the hell?
What’s to protect me like this?
Gu Qingshan was thinking of another fire operator flying down his hand.
Looking down, it is still a hundred flowers fairy message.
He lit the fire and urged the fairy sound of flowers to come out from the message.
"I’ve thought about it, but I still have to tell you some truth, so it’s not worthwhile for you to run around and die."
"The SHEN WOO world Xuanyuan, Sad Yang and I have sneaked into it and explored it carefully."
"As things stand, the world is very strange."
"Sadness and I both have a bad feeling."
"Forget it, I’ll tell you face to face."
Gu Qingshan immediately walked out.
The fairy tale of a hundred flowers cast a shadow over his heart.
Neither of his two saints has a hundred flowers fairy sitting there safely.
She is silently observing a floating clay pot.
Gu Qingshan looked carefully and recognized that this was the treasure of the heavenly king.
At that time, if it hadn’t been robbed by a hundred flowers and immortals, the ending of that battle would have to be said.
"Castle Peak" Baihuaxian saw him coming and laughed. "Guess what this thing has."
Gu Qingshan tried to say, "Call Monty?"
"No, its main function is to get through the two worlds and let a world have a crack and go straight to the underworld."
"So the underworld can fight around with this treasure?" Guqingshan avenue
"It’s not so powerful that it can create a one-way passage." Baihuaxian shook his head regretfully. "This thing has nothing for us."
She put away the clay pot and said, "All right, let’s talk about your life."
"I really want to go out," Gu Qingshan sink a way.
"I’m going to let you lead the troops, but I’ll forget it now."
Baihuaxian looked at him calmly and said, "I have some omens of impending physical death, and several divinations have been confirmed."
"what! How is it possible! " Gu Qingshan lost his way.
Baihuaxian is the strongest practitioner in Terran, and he has a premonition of physical death!
But such a powerful person will have a little vague judgment on many things, which is generally accurate.
"We three monks who sealed the sacred land were the only ones who felt the strongest spirit. I noticed it before."
"I quietly spent some money without telling them, calculated a few hexagrams and tried the ancient divination several times, but there was no deviation."
Gu Qingshan stared at Baihua Fairy and found it hard to accept the news at the moment.

So there is a secret connection between bailimu and Fengyan? She naturally knew that thyme was dissatisfied with the marriage, but she didn’t expect it to be someone else.

If you really marry in the past, you will have a feeling and a meaning!
Then leaving poetry now is her future status quo.
Yun Wan shuddered at the thought of being almost crazy from poetry.
No, we must find a way to stop this marriage.
Yun Wan never recognizes herself as a kind-hearted person.
What she has to do is herself. If someone tries to stop her, she will definitely achieve her goal even if she kills.
However, she keenly felt that Thyme Mu and Feng Yan might have something to hide from everyone.
Phoenix, after all, but the queen mother brought back from the outside that thyme grazing is acquaintance. 383 Chapter 383 Really want to give him a slap (1)
The moon is dark and the stars are scattered and shining on this vast land.
There is a man in blue standing on the tower, and the cold wind blows over him and squints at a distance.
Long hair flying, red eyes, slightly haggard face, but still can’t hide the sadness revealed in the bone.
Straight nose, thin lips, tight lips, like hidden worries
The handsome and handsome young man raised his eyes and looked at the sky as bright as a well-proportioned tree, which was probably the case before the wind came.
A pair of cold eyes looked at the lights passing through the imperial city.
"Emperor Royal ….." The words revealed by lip light are not as cold and cheerless as the surface, but with a little weakness.
There was a flash of wind, and a man in black knelt before the man in blue.
Wearing this sleeve jacket, the long sleeves on the right arm are embroidered with Yunlian patterns, which are lifelike.
Snow velvet tiger skin around the waist, which is produced from a rare white tiger body, is more precious than precious stones.
Male face over joy urgent way "little Lord where have you been? If you don’t support me, it’s necessary to be more careful to prevent being countered by you. "
The man looks a little unreal in the moonlight, but his words are irrelevant. "I finally found her."
"What did the young master say?" Called heavy Li nan to this one leng.
The wind is getting stronger and stronger, messing up the scattered ink on his chest.
Male eyes suddenly murderous look vaguely "for three years …"
That face is too white and a little angry.
The man coughed gently and tried to suppress the sound, but the cough grew louder and louder.
See the man covered his chest with a fierce cough, and his face slowly became a little dizzy because of the violent ups and downs in his chest.
Heavy Li immediately worried before striding to hold him wobbly.
"It’s time to take medicine." Whispered softly and slid over the man’s ear with a sigh. "Don’t be too brave."
"The golden cicada does not move, and the cicada is often killed. I don’t know if this is the last night of peace in the imperial city …" The man raised his hand and gestured to hinder it.
The bell in the sleeve gives off a crisp sound and a faint scent of medicine, and the face is as expressionless as a white porcelain mask.
"Let’s go!"
Heavy Li didn’t say anything sigh wry smile to hold the man turned and disappeared into the night.

His hair has also burned into a bald head, and he has no such elegant and harmonious temperament as before.

"Open a day! Break! "
Su Ying’s fist, palm and arm are like an axe to open the sky, and finally she comes to Xia Yu!
No words can shape him and no killer can resist Su Yingwei’s opening the seal of heaven!
His body was split in an instant and then smashed into a rotten meat.
Chapter 1219 Don’t be afraid, I am a good man.
Just a punch!
Su Ying fought thirty-six times as hard as he did, and he turned the mighty God into a giant genius, Jade Deficiency God, and smashed his summer feathers into a ball of meat sauce!
Who can imagine how tragic this scene is?
All the leaders of the remaining six sects were dumbfounded and couldn’t believe their eyes.
They deeply know that the power of Stephane’s terror god is almost the peak of his fighting power, and he may soon become the king of the gods.
Yuxiu Jingu is a great school of heavenly kings, with rich background. Tianquan in Longxiang Town is a peerless school.
No, the sun’s handprint comes out with one blow, like a peerless overlord, and everything in the world wants the dragon elephant to dare not move.
However, this juexue Su Ying was simply a child playing house and was directly defeated, with no aftermath left.
At first, the true gods of the remaining six masters were shocked and dull, and all of them screamed hysterically and lost their confidence in themselves.
It is also in the face of a punch that can crush Stephane’s gods into a paste. Their poor magical power is really difficult to continue
King dye at this moment in an anguo gawk at everything in sight.
The aftermath of the fight didn’t involve her either, because she was already protected all over.
Sue should have let her Tao Wen form a shield to protect her and let her watch her kill the quartet at the same time
Isn’t it a pity that there is no audience in such a hearty way?
"Sue should you what is this budo! I am not reconciled! Absolutely unwilling! God will be reborn as a heavenly king and reborn as Dan! "
Stephane, who was beaten into rotten meat, was unwilling to roar and oscillate. At the same time, a Dan medicine appeared on his body. This Dan medicine was shaped like a god, revealing Gaidai’s domineering spirit and turned out to be a deity-level elixir.
"Heavenly King Rebirth Dan?"
"Hum! How is it possible to condense Dan medicine again and return to its peak state? I won’t give you this chance. This elixir has some for me. You can rely on it. Bring it to me! "
Su Ying sneered at this deity-level elixir. Every one of them is extremely precious. You can get an ordinary true god to peek at the saying that the deity is the deity realm!
Sue should hand out the past to break heavy directly to the front of Stephane will give away the Dan medicine! Then his body moved, and the powerful pill reached his hand.
He was a shock dispersed 36 incarnations blessing.
At the same time, he swallowed this Dan medicine in one gulp, and his body became a vigorous cycle. The laws of Dan medicine evolved more and more laws to entangle his blood. chaos clock cut the fairy gourd, Jin Gangzhuo and Pangu Zan were about to be born
His body burned out a raging fire, and every flame was a sacred rune, and his skill was deeper and deeper.
Just now, the law shattered by his encounter with Stephane has been repaired again and is stronger and stronger.
Dan Stephane, who was robbed of the rebirth of the heavenly king, was first one leng and then went mad directly!
He was completely furious, and suddenly a breath of burning life came out of him, which was crazy and dangerous
In an instant, he was reborn again, and the disrupted flesh and blood condensed into a statue of flesh and blood, dressed in robes and majestic enemy, the overlord of the world.
"The dragon elephant ascended to heaven to pay tribute to the gods!"
Ho ho!
Two roars and screams came from Xia Yu’s body, and his whole body breath was even stronger than before, and it was ten times stronger!
This punch is to change the rules of the future boxing heaven, and one punch after another retreats, and the boxing wind and the rules retreat.
"Hum! Waste! "
Su Ying’s body stood still and raised his left fist. "If I don’t completely defeat you, you won’t be angry if you become a ghost after you die, but you will definitely be physically and mentally destroyed and even become a ghost after you die."
Speak Sue should once again hand yuan tire immortal seal!
Hit each other with one punch.
Su Ying’s whole person is in high spirits, and the wind and cloud are spinning in vitro, and the changes are endless. He is like the eternal king of gods, and he has a golden light and a little fairy flavor.
And Xia Yu’s breath was oppressed by a dozen, and the whole person was like a trapped animal fighting to the death.
"Still not dead?"
Su Ying strode forward and showed a tendency of repression. It’s really a long life. The sand is eternal. It means that there are flashes around his body, and his big hand flip is another blow to Xia Yu.
Stephane’s whole body was blown into a mass of flesh and blood, leaving a head to rise and fall in the flesh and blood. He wanted to restore his body again, and a pair of hatred eyes were glued to Su Ying, full of poverty and hatred.
Su Ying grabbed Stephane’s head with a big hand and bombarded it with golden heaven.
Hand without mercy.
"Su Ying, if you kill me, Yuxu Jingu will definitely retaliate against you. You can’t live in heaven." Stephane shouted.
"Even nonsense before he died! You and I will be afraid? "
Su Ying pinched Stephane’s head as soon as he grabbed it with his big hand, and then sealed all his thoughts, magical powers, spells and JingXie laws with his hands, turning it into a huge golden ball with great light.
Then open your mouth and suck it directly into your mouth to start refining.
The unsurpassed supervision of heaven made the level of genius of the Jade Immortal Shrine ruined.
Su should be refining and absorbing the laws of other gods, and even his physical precepts have been taken to his identity. There must be a lot of fairy tales, various materials and pills.
Su Ying came to heaven, poor and penniless, and plundered without killing a few "rich". It’s really hard to survive on her own.
"When I find a chance to refine Stephane thoroughly, I think my mana can go further. I’d like to see what Juexue there is in this celestial jade palace?"
After swallowing Xia Yu, Su Yingmeng turned around and faced the remaining six owners and smiled slightly. "Do you kill yourself or let me slay you? Of course, if you don’t want to kill yourself, I will blow you up like Xia Yu and let you watch your sects perish one by one. You never thought that your guild would be full of trouble. "
"You! You are really a demon! "
Yao Hai, the head of Wanbaotang, roared, "Let’s rush out!"
As soon as his voice fell, the whole person was beaten apart like a dismembered body, and the body was scattered all over the place.
Root is can’t see clearly how Fang Han moves.
"Give it to me"
Chaos clock emerged to put away this high-order true god.
The ferocity is suffocating
Even in the side shield, Ann Wang Ran couldn’t help but tremble with her legs. She never thought that Sue should be so cruel, but she walked out of the demon overlord in the oldest and most brutal era!
A statue of the true god kneels directly and Wang Ran knows him. His name is Sima Ye, and he is the patriarch of Jin Guangzong. There are more than ten masters of the true god in this sect, and they have a huge spiritual vein.
It’s a big force in Qingyang Mountain Range.
"Forgive me, Su Ying, my ancestors forgave me. It’s not easy for me to practice hard to be a true god. Please forgive me. I am willing to be your slave for the rest of my life and sign an eternal contract."
He begged and begged.
"It’s not necessary to sign an everlasting contract. I’ll refine it one by one!"

Ye Xia inexplicably suddenly found that his second uncle’s face became busy and whispered, "What happened to his second uncle?"

Ye Qingcheng suddenly woke up. Hehe smiled bitterly. "It turned out that the Yishantang was a soldier of the Yueyue Camp of Chen Guo in that year. When the eldest brother destroyed Chen Guo, he didn’t destroy you. Hehe, today is revenge?"
Filariasis from wear ha soldiers array lang laugh "exactly! But I can’t wait for Chen Guo’s revenge! "
In the laughter, the blood kept flowing, and ten bodies had fallen on the ground in a moment.
"Summer back!" Ye Qingcheng shouted "Protect the Master!"
Are thousands of machine entangled string home soldiers withdraw tightly Ye Xia enclosure, and at this moment the number has dropped from 60 to 30 Xu Ye Qingcheng leisure ask what Ye Xia to replace Ye Zhiqiu, his eyes firmly locked filariasis in the other’s eyes, murderous look in his eyes, let him this battle-hardened man also secretly shocked that the young soldier of Shuoyue camp has now become a top assassin in the Jianghu.
Thousand machine coldly walked beside filariasis "nonsense? Kill them quickly! "
Filariasis smiled "so good!" He walked slowly to the front of the carriage and stopped. "Ye Shixian is known as’ the strongest guard in Kyushu’, and now he wants me to break this saying with the moon camp fire!" Speaking according to the right palm of the carriage, generate’s strength entered the thick wood through five fingers, but he heard that he was drinking a car weighing 100 kilograms and was lifted by his hand over his head. Ye’s heart was shocked
The car body suddenly burst into flames, and the fire was cold and cruel, just like the gods and demons were angry and arrogant.
When Ye Qingcheng was amazed, the burning car body was shocked by the wind and fell from the slamming. The car exploded on the ground, and Mars scattered the original complete formation to detain hnlun. At this time, thousands of machines rose like a big bird and pounced on Ye Xia at the same time, launching fists and gathering flames and crashing into hnlun formation.
The silver light suddenly appeared bright and straight, and the sh half-baked thousand machines glared at each other and clapped their hands together. The silver light palm disappeared and scattered all over the place, and the thousand machines were always blocked by silver light and fell back to the ground. The blood gas churned endlessly, and the toxin waited for an opportunity to bite the body and the nerves twisted with pain.
"So it’s you!" Thousands of machines glared at the Woods.
And the forest is a flash of silver light, but this time it’s towards filariasis. The filariasis is frightened and suddenly stops the rush. The silver face crosses the strong wind and cuts off a few strands of hair.
Have to take this opportunity to Ye Qingcheng led string home soldier restructuring formation again Ye Xia guard filariasis painstakingly build offensive to collapse.
"Can a friend in the forest come out and see him?" the fire sank.
People in the Woods responded with rustling leaves.
It’s not Tianshan style that "Mo Yu girl can’t retreat".
A slight frown from filariasis shows that there are four teenagers hiding in the forest, one is moonlit resentment.
However, the forest is still sad
I’ve seen the little nv magic archery without murderous look, but it’s sharp and very filariasis, and I dare not move at the fuselage. The scene fell silent for a while, and everyone thought that the next step was brewing a storm warning.
At dusk, the residual light falls, the moon rises, and it is cold. Yin Hui Qianji found that the filariasis face flashed with disdain sneer.
Sure enough, the filariasis turned to pounce on the forest, and the silver light reappeared in the forest. Suddenly, five brilliant tracks were drawn, and the filariasis continued to rotate without retreating from the blink of an eye and then went out of the forest.
"Get out of here!"
In the binge drinking, the filariasis stopped and punched two flames. The strength rolled over the fist from the arm and rushed into the forest. The strength knocked down three or five big trees, which shook the earth endlessly. A slender figure jumped high from Lin sh and half reflected in the moonlight. Although Feng Ling danced in the moonlight, he was naturally a natural school. Rao was everyone’s firm mind and could not help but admire people at the moment
Filariasis suddenly drinks another "good" right palm, just cutting off the little nv Lingsh arrow, only to find that the little nv missed wearing hua with both hands, but it also seemed to flip the jia fold and immediately jump on the bow in the hands of filariasis, which has become sharp and short-edged, and the hands and feet are clean like magic.
Ye Qingcheng was born with ji, but he also knew that this little nv mind immediately commanded string home soldiers to attack thousands of machines.
Filariasis finally learned the strength of the Tianshan Devil’s family. No wonder this nv hand suffered a big loss on the moonlit night. This little nv short blade composition is tight and delicate, and jing Miao is smooth and smooth. Naturally, it is rare to enter the advanced stage of "martial arts". This nv is highly qualified and has such strength at such a young age. Compared with herself, she can’t help but be jealous of filariasis. She is still just entering the primary stage of "martial arts"
This time, jia’s hand is as strong as filariasis, but he can’t resist Mo Yu. His old wound has just healed, but his left arm has a new injury. There is a small amount of skill to give a two-point discount. Mo Yu is new here and has been accumulating strength for a long time. Even if he can’t win, he wants to delay his attack, but it is more than enough to have filariasis. At this time, I wonder if it is time to signal. He stole a look at the thousands of machines in the hn war over there, but he was even more uneasy. There, thousands of machines showed receptor toxins, and jia couldn’t kill a person for a moment. He was trapped by string soldiers.
Can’t big sleep filariasis mercilessly grind his fists and shake the front hard. Less nv short blade. This time, it’s purely a collision of strength. hua Qiao and both sides are shaken out at the same time. Zhang Xu’s filariasis exulting will reach out and take out the signal smoke hua.
Suddenly, my body was cold and a chill ran down my spine, and I smelled the bloody smell in the wind in a trance, as if I had been entangled in the body by a poisonous snake. The cruel letter was at his throat. When I was in the camp of Shuoyue, I was a sentry after the fall of Chen Guo, and I followed Shimizu Yan to engage in assassination activities. My body reaction to the dark road jing Tongji had already exceeded the speed of thought. When I wanted to, I didn’t want to turn my steps and rush to the right.

From YunQing just at this time to catch up with the horse just before the wind to hold.

As the wind blows, there is a fierce cough, and deep red blood overflows from the lips.
"You …"
A mouthful of blood gushed out from the mouth and was permeated through the chest, and the blood was constantly oozing out to dye Li Yunqing’s snowy clothes one after another.
From Yun Qing’s eyebrows, he conveniently put the wind on the ground and left the line of sight not far away to watch out for people.
Although I didn’t know that the wind would be involved with this man, she wanted to stay alive to find out about the king of Zhou, but this man killed her.
No one moved a step when he got dignified, and he could hear clearly even his breathing.
Suddenly, a fierce wind floc oppressed me, and a bad cold surged behind her, and a red shadow flashed over.
Looking back from Yun Qing Huo Ran, I was awestruck by the uninvited guests and killed my eyes.
She grinned, turned around, grabbed her sleeve, pulled out a dagger carved with exquisite runes from it, and the cold sword collided with the man, making a clang and sparking instantly.
Behind him, Li Yi’s heart is fiercely moving. This man is so fast that he has already opposed their swords before he even reacts.
He grabbed Yun Qing’s wrist and pulled her away from the dangerous position.
From Yun Qing, I squinted at the man’s face, which gradually appeared from the dense fog because of the distance, and a little surprised flashed across my eyes. Her voice was searching for a sentence "Fei Ci?"
Make the man who wants to attack seize the footsteps, but he can see that charming creature with a hint of cold face.
The two men steadied themselves and frowned. "Do you know him?"
"I don’t know only once" is not far from Yun Qing shaking his head and keeping a close watch with the man.
She has always had a good memory, even if she has met someone, she can remember that she will not forget the hungry and dizzy strong man in the back of the imperial house.
However, there is an illusion for a moment, because the person in front of me seems to be more cold and arrogant than before, not the kind that makes people avoid it, but the kind that makes people feel ashamed and cold.
Bai Li Yi Shen Ling has been away from Yun Qing. Why didn’t she know that she had seen such an expert?
The black eye pupil is called Fei Ci to those colorful eyes. The man’s sword is retracted from its sheath and his lip angle is raised. "I am Fei Ci Gong. Remember me?"
"How can you here is not the back to the world? Or were you really acting to lie to me that day? " From Yun Qing, two eyes narrowed slightly and evoked a faint smile, but it made people feel unusually surprised. Chapter 16 Evidence is conclusive ()
Let’s not say that this is a fascinating forest. Let’s say that this is Langyue Village base. What is he doing here?
Although she knows each other, she still keeps a considerable distance, as if she is ready to attack. After all, she has not yet met this person.
Bailiyi low smile to meet people around a supercilious look is turned to the past.
His four imperial concubines have always been very sharp-tongued
Fei Ci was asked Zheng without thinking, saying, "The public thought is that I misunderstood Fei Ci, and this heart light is also complicated."
He glanced at the dead man who had already died, and continued, "On the way back to China, I happened to pass by Shuizeshan, but I didn’t want to break into this trap. I managed to escape, but I met this inexplicable girl. I didn’t say that the sword was facing each other. I was a killer. I didn’t expect to meet the public. How could I be here?"
He was surprised and opened his eyes, but every word he said was true
There is no smile on Yun Qing’s face. "I just came to find someone but you have killed me."
Let’s not say whether what he said is true or not, but it’s urgent to dig up evidence instead of talking nonsense here
Thyme seems to have seen through the front of Yun Qing’s mind and squatted down carefully to see a front person.
Then he turned to look away from Yun Qing and shook his head. "It seems that there is no her body."
"It’s a poor man who died without getting anything." From Yun Qing, he slowly revealed a profound smile and the wind slowly caressed her.

Sister Qie practices the soul-taking technique just for fun, but you don’t really have to use these things to kill the enemy.

Situhao wiped a cold sweat on his forehead. What is the ninth realm? It must be very powerful.
This question mouth ZhuGeQingLan body feeling can’t help but tremble a face slightly change mastermind ninth realm is really strong, and it is said that I haven’t heard of people to the ninth realm.
What exactly is the ninth realm? Seeing the change of Zhuge Qinglan’s look, Situhao became more looking forward to the ninth realm and eagerly asked her.
Alas, after talking for so long, sister, I’m thirsty again and my voice is hoarse.
Grandma is a bear, why don’t you die? Situhao cursed at the bottom of his heart, but his face was filled with laughter and handed Zhuge Qinglan a wild hand.
This time ZhuGeQingLan more thoroughly took the wild just throw it away.
Today’s Saturday is a big show of friendship, brothers. It’s the end of the horse. Let’s see if you still have the gold medal in your number. Don’t give it away. Just vote for the next month’s unification meeting. Of course, it’s best to vote for me. Hehe, hehe. Chapter 46 The realm of soul-taking
In this ninth realm, well, Zhuge Qinglan sold a crazy feeling in Situhao’s heart at the most critical moment.
Although his face is still full of laughter, his tone of voice can’t be more gentle. Qing Lan, tell me what is the ninth realm of the mastermind technique.
Really want to know
Situhao even nodded his head.
Since you want to know so much, how about telling my sister not to change her mind?
Situhao is going to faint, this, this.
If you don’t want to scream, then I won’t say it
Situhao doesn’t mind calling her sister and not losing meat. Okay, I promise.
Then ask the two sisters to listen. If it makes me feel better, I’ll tell you.
Situhao wants to rush to give ZhuGeQingLan two sisters Situhao patience and gentleness, which is called adding honey.
Zhuge Qinglan nodded with satisfaction. Well, it’s good and good. Here, her face looks terrible again. The ninth realm of the soul-taking technique is the soul-taking.
Is it really terrible to worship the ancestors?
You have absorbed thousands of souls, ghosts have melted away those weak souls through soul refining, and only a hundred powerful souls are left. Do you think it’s scary that you can unite these soul forces?
When I heard that, Situhao’s body also shuddered, which was really terrible, but it was impossible for a person to absorb the souls or ghosts of hundreds of masters no matter how powerful he was.
Don’t just say ten, let’s not say that these ten soul departments are all ninth-order weapons. Even if you unite their strength departments, do you think it’s scary?
Situhao wiped a cold sweat on his forehead and nodded his head. It’s really horrible. Will this person’s strength become permanent after he absorbs the soul force department and condenses it into his own strength?
Bang Zhuge Qinglan’s right hand thumped on Situhao’s head. This kind of power can achieve a kind of permanence. It’s not in every enemy. I’m afraid even the fairy and magic circles can’t find your opponent.
I didn’t say it was me. That’s what I asked. Situhao said very grievance.
Through the use of the ninth realm of soul-taking, the terrorist force can not last forever, but it will also be constrained
What constraints?
Anyone who exerts the power of all souls to hold a column of incense when a column of incense is used, and after this operation, the whole body will last for 6636 days, and after 36 days, the strength will slowly condense.
Shit, isn’t it worth the loss?
What do you say? Isn’t it a law of heaven that allows a person to have the most powerful power at any time?
Situhao nodded silently. Well, you’re right.
ZhuGeQingLan is very heart smiled and then said that anyone who practices the mastermind will have a weapon that helps to control the soul. The people in the Ghost Castle will use either peach wooden swords or copper coins to grow swords.
Can other weapons be used instead of these two? Situhao immediately asked.
Zhuge Qinglan nodded heavily, of course, as long as your weapon can make ghosts feel afraid, and the stronger they feel, the better, so that they can work harder when they are controlled by the necromancer. After all, being controlled by the necromancer absorbs souls or ghosts has their own thoughts, and they are also afraid of being controlled. It is said that the owners of the Castles of Sorrow Castle in the past dynasties have not used peach swords or copper swords, but the thunderbolt sword of the Castles of Sorrow Castle.
You know a lot about Qinglan. Just listening to this name makes people feel domineering.
Zhuge qinglan was photographed by Stuart Hao’s timely flattery, and she smiled smugly. Of course, did you know that this thunderbolt Excalibur was tempered?
Situhao immediately shook his head. I don’t know
Then you should have seen a place that is always struck by lightning.
Situhao nodded. Well, it’s not surprising that this is often seen.
The refined gold and iron ore of thunderbolt Excalibur came from a place that was always thunderbolt. It is said that the refined gold and iron ore in that place reached tens of thousands of kilograms at first, and the refined gold and iron ore was mined because of the thunder power accumulated in it. Not 5,000 people died, and tens of thousands of kilograms of refined gold and iron ore were collected by the Ministry. Finally, 30 kilograms of refined gold with blazing thunder were refined and refined, and the 30 kilograms of refined gold were cast into thunderbolt Excalibur with the same weight.
Situhao listened to these secrets and got distracted.
Looking at SiTuHao’s dull appearance, Zhuge Qinglan became more and more energetic. It is said that the thunderbolt Excalibur will change color when people are against the enemy, and the dark clouds will cover it. The thunderbolt is very powerful, and even those thunderbolts are enough to make people fly away.
This weapon is an artifact, said Situhao with horror.

But if they are brother and sister, then this child …

Can’t even think about it!
No matter this child, she must be born!
No matter what it is, she will bear it all her life!
"Well, don’t worry! I am measured! "
Lou Zhan breathed a sigh of relief when it fell on Xiao Yu’s snow. He got up and was about to go to the room, but he suddenly stopped. "Ling … still no news?"
Smell this Lou Zhan shook his head "no! It’s like people have evaporated! I think if Su Ling really intends to hide, no matter how we look for it, we can’t find it! "
"well! I’m going to sleep! "
Shinohara snow mood no change should be 1!
But her increasingly lonely figure makes Lou Zhan feel a little unbearable!
He felt that Su Ling’s departure must have been short-lived, so arrogant and aggressive, how could God be willing to let her leave!
I have to say that Lou Zhan has been with her all day since Shinohara was pregnant!
And during this period, he was indeed a qualified waiter!
Whether it’s diet or national affairs, he helps Shinohara to deal with it!
It is also from this time that Lou Zhan will rarely be involved in his struggle for the throne!
However, it is also the first step for Lou Zhan to get in touch with the imperial government to play a few times a day!
There are no ups and downs, and the days go by like wind and scars, which can’t lift the waves in Xiao Xue’s life!
The only thing that can make her feel happy is that her belly is getting bigger!
It’s hard to hide it until one and a half months later when her morning sickness becomes more and more obvious!
At this time, nearly two months have passed since Su Ling left!
And Shinohara Snow still never gave up the idea of looking for her!
However, her physical condition now really doesn’t allow her to go out of the palace to look for what Lou Zhan can do to arrange people to investigate in various countries all the time!
On this day, Xiao Xue’s morning sickness was too severe in the early morning, which eventually led to syncope, which also attracted Xia Fei Mian’s attention!
Originally in Shinohara snow and Louzhan to discuss the consequences, she didn’t want to publish her pregnancy so soon!
After all, people in the dark are still eyeing her, and her physical condition is getting worse now!
I can’t eat much, but the frequency of vomiting is increasing!
In this case, she can’t afford to be framed by secret people!
In order to protect herself and the baby in her belly, she wants to hide it as much as possible!
Nai, everything is still missing!
This is a chapter six nine six [Shinohara Snow Fanwai] four.
At that time, Xia Fei Mian, who was in the bedroom of Tainv Temple, looked surprised and looked at the soft couch with a faint and inexplicable look. Cure too much!
"What? Cher is really pregnant? "
Female cure too much face lit up again and again and got up "report to the holy temple is really pregnant for more than a month! Congratulations to the Saint Congratulations Hall! "
These words of congratulations didn’t make Xia Fei Mian show much joy!
However, she kept looking at Shinohara Snow with an indistinguishable look, and she smiled at Lou Zhan with the same smile!
In her heart, I didn’t expect Louzhan and Cher to be together!
After all …
As the saying goes, putting on a show and Lou Zhan is a man with a deep talent who wants to show something deliberately. It is also difficult to distinguish between true and false!
He pulls Shinohara’s hand in front of him, and the two of them have a relatively deep sense of love. Oh, no, it’s a passionate drama!
And lying flat on the soft couch, Shinohara’s snow eyes also hold Lou Zhan’s hand with water light, and nodded with a moved face. "Waiter, thank you!"

"Sado Buddha! !”

Sado, a monk in the spiritual celestial minority, has been a lackey of Emperor Xuanyuan since very early. Later, he was promoted steadily step by step, and finally became a famous person in the spiritual world.
Emperor Xuanyuan died. Sado Buddha immediately became the most determined one to maintain the rule of the world god alliance.
The Alliance Rebel Group has now called itself the Immortal Alliance, and it has been generally recognized by people in the celestial world. In short, this group has played against Sado no less than 20 times in a month. No one can get the upper hand. What’s more, Sado is not the only one in the world?
Mituo Boxing is Sado’s famous magical power. It has no compassion of Buddhism, but it kills people like hemp. There was a feat of destroying a city with one punch.
And now, everyone saw that Sado blasted into the blue breath of Na Pianhai in the sky with one punch.
The brilliant Mituo fist went forward with the power of destroying the city, and no one doubted its power. Anyone who really saw this magical power of Sado at close range knew that it was impossible for anyone to stop it!
In the darkness, a little silver light suddenly lit up.
People suddenly realized that there was someone in the sky before the navy breath, and he stopped at a relatively high height, and the silver light in his hand just reflected his figure.
However, because it is too far away, no one can see the man clearly.
Then, everyone saw the man raise his right hand high and raise the silver light in his hand.
That’s a fairy sword!
Looking at the Amitabha fist that was about to explode below, which was enough to destroy a city, the man suddenly waved his xianjian!
The original three-foot sword quickly becomes longer and bigger when it is waved next. By the time it is swung over half a radian, its length is at least five miles! The brilliant silver light instantly became the only Se color between heaven and earth, which seemed to take away the J and jīng flower of the whole heaven and earth and cut it to Mituo Boxing!
"Wu Ying …"
When the sweet voice sounded, the huge silver Se Xianjian was also cut from the Amitabha fist. The sword was still there, but the fist was divided into two halves and quickly disintegrated.
Silver Se Xianjian didn’t stop after being cut. The man in the sky swung his sword backhand again, and the blade cut to Sado before stopping!
Sado hastily offered a string of rosary with golden light, but the silver Se Xianjian stopped and chopped the rosary, and the speed did not decrease.
Sado also studied Dan Dao, which instantly inspired Dan Xiao!
Then, everyone watched the silver Se Xianjian cut Sado like tofu!

Chapter six hundred and twenty-one Excalibur (more finished, I’m sorry! )
Xun Yu, who is in charge of protecting Nan Yunqing, is simply silly. He has played against Nasado, and his strength is even weaker in the case of fighting alone. And what did he see? He saw Xiao Wen’s sword and beheaded Sado! Although he knew that Xiao Wen and Hainong had made their appearance in this way with the idea of bully, he never thought that Xiao Wen’s bully had reached this level!
Xiao Wen really isn’t the Xiao Wen who couldn’t see through his moves in those days, but a man standing at the top of the whole barren ancient gods!
Xun Yu knew something in advance. For those who didn’t know that Nan Yunqing and Xiao Wen had come to the celestial world, such a sudden figure who could slay Sado’s sword was infinitely close to the existence of the world god!
The next world god?
No matter who this person is, those Asian gods are all like Spiegel in their hearts, that is, they can’t be the opponent of that person at all. If they really fight, they won’t last even one round! Because the strength of most of them is not as good as that of Sado, and a few of them are at best equal to Sado. Since Sado can’t stop the man’s sword, so can they!
This is enough to shock the world!
In fact, even Nan Yun-ching was surprised. Xiao asked if he already had such power. She also had a fight with Sado a long time ago, and Sado was beaten away with two swords. But it is difficult for her to say that two swords killed Sado, because Sado can run. But now Xiao Wen actually killed Sado with the first sword and the second sword.
Nan Yunqing’s realm was completely lost at this time. Of course, he couldn’t see Xiao Wen’s little affectations. When the sword was cut to Sado, Xiao Wen actually quietly used the dry Kun fan …
Otherwise, he would never have cut Sado with one sword. But now in order to bully, it is necessary to play some small tricks.
Of course, the greater contribution of this is the twelve swords. During the month of waiting for Nan Yunqing, he refined this sword to the seventh floor.
He has long discovered that the fairy is a huge threshold from the seventh floor to the eighth floor. For so many years, he has never sacrificed an eighth-floor fairy. However, the power of the 12-chop Xiao Jian on the seventh floor is strong enough, which is the strongest sub-god sword in the realm of the gods! Holding Sado is the credit of Gankun Fan, and cutting off Mituo Boxing, rosary, and Sado’s body that has used the strengthening system of Dan medicine is the credit of the twelve swords.

If you stay in this universe all the time, you will face irreversible extinction one day. It is better to get out as soon as possible than that.

At least, there will be no such thing as reincarnation in the field of fix true, and it can develop all the way endlessly.
Chapter 488 Draw up plans
Chen Han didn’t say that he had laid the heaven and earth in the fix true boundary, and all the people closest to him were present. Anyway, if he didn’t, he would know later. Now it’s a bit of a show-off.
However, the development here is beyond his expectation, because the rules of heaven and earth were extended again more than 100 years ago, and the bondage to the practitioners of truth was reduced again.
In the past, it could only be promoted to the late Mahayana, but now the diameter of the planet has increased by 50%, and some special areas have gradually formed a thin fairy gas. It is with the help of this faint fairy spirit that some people have broken through from Mahayana to the realm of immortals, although the number is small, there are also dozens of people.
This Chen Han knew from the beginning that he found that the breath of Duanmu dome, knife, residual blood and others was clearly pure fairy power.
What really surprised him was the improvement of overall strength.
As the aura of heaven and earth becomes more intense, the bondage of the rules of heaven and earth is greatly reduced, and the speed of improving the true is obviously accelerated.
The planet has become bigger and the land has increased. The federal encouragement of childbearing has caused the population base to skyrocket, and the proportion of civilians born with self-cultivation physique and civilians with special physique has increased significantly. As a result, after hundreds of years of development, the strength of the amazing cloud club has been enhanced by more than 100 times.
In those days, there were only a handful of experts in the Mahayana period, and almost all of them were in the early stage of Mahayana. In the middle stage of Mahayana, there were only a few people, such as Duanmuqiongtian.
You know, ten times the speed of ascension of the essence of the earth’s mind can only last until the Mahayana period. After entering the Mahayana period, the cultivation speed has returned to the normal state. After years of consumption, there are few massive resources left in the Jingyun Club. Based on the difficulty of ascension during the Mahayana period, it is impossible to ascend to the fairy realm without a thousand years.
However, the rules of the earth changed again, the purity and richness of the aura of heaven and earth rose, and even a thin fairy gas appeared gradually, and the cultivation speed was obviously accelerated.
Today’s JingYun Club and Duanmu Family have nearly 30 masters in the early days of fairy tales.
These people, whether they were the strongest Duanmu dome or the last Duanmu Ting who broke through the fairy period, were all in the early days of the fairy without exception. After all, only a few places have the spirit of fairy, which is not only rare in quantity but also of low quality. In just a few hundred years, fairy stones have not been bred in nature. In addition, the highest cultivation method is only in the early days of fairy, and the follow-up method does not exist at all.
Although the number of immortals is very small, there are many people who fix the truth under the immortals. The Mahayana master alone is tens of thousands, and the Du Jie period has reached an astonishing two hundred thousand.
"how about it? We have not been lazy in these years. In the key new generation of little guys, the proportion of special physique is several times higher! " Qin Yang’s face is full of pride.
"Brothers are all good!"
Chen Han had a deep smile on his face, and he thought to himself, "Indeed, it will be much stronger than the amazing cloud of that year, but if they know that there is also an amazing cloud meeting in the fix-true world, and it will be ten thousand times stronger than this amazing cloud, and there are many experts in special physique, I wonder if they will be scared to death?"
Duanmu dome, the first seat at the banquet, frowned and asked, "Xiao Han, do you have to leave?"
I nodded solemnly, and Chen Han said with a deep voice, "In order to develop without danger, I must leave this universe. Only in this way can I feel at ease."
"Not to say that a reincarnation will take many years, and it will not decline until it reaches the level of the immortal statue? Why don’t we wait until then to leave? " The knife could not help but ask.
"You think it’s too simple. Heaven lies in balance and restriction. Do you think Heaven will make you develop safely and carefree to that extent?"
"What do you mean?"
"That is to say, as we are now, there is no development of foreign enemies, which does not conform to the balance restriction rules of heaven, so heaven will deliberately create equally powerful opponents. I can’t wait for that time at all. If I stay here all the time, I will face a powerful enemy. On the other hand, as long as I don’t have a monopoly in the field of repair, I can continue to develop safely. "
"So, you have to leave this road?"
"That’s right!"
Chen Han thought of the dark chess that had been arranged in another universe. Fortunately, it was unintentional at that time. In order to promote the accelerated development of reincarnation, he made the iron queen Xin Ying create an opponent. Otherwise, only her power will develop at a high speed, and in the end, it will definitely be checked and balanced by heaven, and it’s really hard to say who will win in the end.
Leaving has become an inevitable result, and at the same time, it will face a more serious problem, that is, dozens of people who have ascended to the realm of immortals in this universe can’t soar in the realm of repairing truth.
Once they enter the transmission beam of the South China Sea, they will go directly to the celestial world. They are not scattered immortals but real immortals.
On the other hand, Chen Han, who is familiar with the common sense of the celestial world, must return to the realm of the fix-true, because there is a huge cloud-shocking meeting there. As a brand-new force, it has no foundation in the celestial world, not even the ascending platform of the sects. As a palm teacher, he must build a ascending platform in the celestial world.
The so-called soaring platform is the coordinate that echoes the sects corresponding to the fix true world. With the soaring platform, all the masters who will soar in the future will fly to the same place.
On the contrary, these masters will appear randomly when they soar to the celestial world, and countless masters will be scattered in the vast celestial world, which will not only be difficult to gather, but also bring them great danger.
On the one hand, there is the whole cloud meeting, and on the other hand, there are dozens of people. You can’t have your cake and eat it.
"Xiao Han, you don’t have to worry about us. The whole family and sect are the most important things. We can’t miss the overall situation for dozens of us." Duanmu dome knows the worries in his heart.
"Don’t worry, you still don’t believe me?" Knife self-confidence is extremely inflated.
"Maybe when we meet, we will get along better than you." Residual blood ha ha laughs, but everyone knows that he is comforting Chen Han.
"You must pay attention to safety and try to find out about each other, and I will try my best to find you."
Chen Han gently nodded and kept telling them: "Similarly, you should let more people know about you as much as possible. Only in this way can you find each other from the vast celestial world. Keep a low profile, don’t be strong, be patient when necessary, and being alive is fundamental! "
Duanmu Yunhai, the speaker of the Asian region, frowned and said, "Xiao Han, do you mean that only our family and Jingyun will go there, or will everyone go there?"
"We have to go there. As for the others … just tell them. It’s up to them to choose whether to go or not."
"What shall we do with everything here after we leave?"
"The lower-level disciples of Jing Yun will stay, and they can continue to inherit the best here. If we really can’t live, there is nothing we can do."
"It seems only so, alas …"
Duanmu Yunhai sighed for no reason, and muttered in a voice that no one could hear: "The wonderful enjoyment of the high-tech world … beauty, red wine, warships and yachts are all gone. What’s the point of the backward technology in the field of fixing the true?"
The whole general policy was decided at the banquet, and the banquet didn’t end until midnight. Chen Han didn’t rush to make love with his wives, but came to a secret room in the family backyard with numerous prohibitions.
On the jade bed made of the best wood property jade, Jill lay quietly on it, her big eyes, once pure as water, closed.
She is not dead, nor is she awake.
For hundreds of years, the magic fire has been burning her soul all the time, suffering from endless pain, but on the surface it seems so calm and serene.
Chen Han put her hand gently on her cheek, her eyes full of guilt and sadness, and muttered, "Jill, you have suffered over the years …"
Looking at that flawless little face, his heart is as gentle as water: "I will definitely try my best to win the gambling contract, and I will definitely end this endless suffering, and I will definitely … wait until that day, I will take good care of you and treat you well, and I will never fail you again!"
Sitting beside the jade bed for more than two hours, when he left, his eyes were already wet.
"Chen Han, are you okay?" The gentle voice sounded when he left the chamber of secrets.
"Well, how about you?"
Chen Han’s dim eyes fell on the beautiful face and looked at the obviously shy Xueyun: "I met a man in the fix-true world who claimed to be the head of your clan."
Originally, there were some timid snow clouds. When he said this, he immediately looked up and his look was full of surprises: "Really?" My memory is very vague, and I didn’t take shape until I broke through the early days of the fairy. Many inherited memories have not been fully recovered. I only remember that my mother told me when she left that this race is a very powerful race, stronger than any beast. She also told me to follow the trend, don’t force it, don’t back down, don’t give up, and everything will be clear in the future. "
"You don’t even know?" Chen cold is not surprised.