Then the bean-exploding matchlock gun shot also reached Weizheng’s ear.

The monocular telescope helped Wei Zheng to see with his own eyes that the infantry lined up with secret armies had lost their bodies again.
There’s a saying that morale is all played out …
In the face of more and more great achievements, it’s like taking stimulants, biting the cold wind, and going straight to the battlefield with bare arms. I’ll clear the gun and reload it as soon as possible …
When the enemy attacked with a bow and arrow in ten steps, the artillery battalion was very surprised to shoot five rounds of shells at Tatar.
Looking around, the dense attack army array is almost half short of troops, and the shield wall has become incomplete.
It is certain that it is not impossible for the two battalions to continue to hold their ground, and it is not impossible to attack the enemy with 500 infantry.
Chapter one hundred and twenty A Royal Guards
Kelly Y Zhou and Wang Feng several people gradually see some clues to persuade Wei Zheng to continue to stick to the fighters’ positions. When the white infantry followed the service, Wei Zheng had ordered in a firm tone in the previous step …
"The musket battalion covered the artillery horses to retreat … After that, the musket battalion quickly withdrew from the battlefield and we went to the third line of defense to continue to fight the enemy."
See a few faces quickly show hesitation expression Wei Zheng heart understand god continued to command, "why are you still leng ma execute orders …"
"I know you don’t want to miss this excellent opportunity to attack the enemy, but don’t forget that after entering ten steps, we can attack the enemy and the Tatar archers can also shoot us with arrows."
"Our strength is limited, and we can’t afford to lose even one soldier. Now the artillery battalion and the musket battalion will destroy hundreds of enemies without one soldier. This achievement is beyond our imagination. There may be a protracted war in the future. We must stop eating too many enemies at once, otherwise we will not only be unable to digest quickly, but also break our own teeth and let us pay the loss."
"Don’t forget that our total strength is more than 1,000 people, and almost one is killed, and one is missing. Now we have destroyed so many enemies in battle damage, which has not far exceeded our combat expectations."
Say that finish before a few people to react again mouth ordered "what are you still staring blankly horse to command … Dalai’s first round of arrows is coming, don’t you want to see your troops casualties …"
After the two battalions hastily withdrew from their positions, the battlefield was one-sided and the massacre scene quickly ended.
At the same time, three hundred archers of Tatar shot the first round of arrows and drew a beautiful silver light, followed by the retreat of the Tiger and Leopard Army, and the Tiger and Leopard Army had given up its second-line position.
As a result, it was not surprising that several white infantry soldiers were left behind to easily push the blasting shield wall to the new earth wall.
Facing the one-man second-line position, I’m too happy. The infantry seems to forget the pain just experienced and climb the earth wall directly to jump into the ditch in one fell swoop.
So they once again gave the Tiger and Leopard Army 100-person body count results for their arrogance.
On the battlefield, whether the Tiger and Leopard Army or the Tatars are ready for an offensive and defensive battle, a security guard rushed into Beijing as soon as he showed his waist tag, regardless of the guards at the gate.
Then the Royal Guards messenger rushed directly to the Royal Guards’ command office without stopping at all.
Since the fall of Zunhua and the appearance of Tatar cavalry around Beijing, the whole city has become nervous, fearing that the powerful Tatars will attack Beijing at all costs.
Chongzhen, the supreme ruler of the Great Dynasty, watched the Tatar cavalry galloping outside Beijing, while his own ruling army was like a little puss-head, shrinking the walls.
The whole person has been holding a mouthful of resentment since the news of Zunhua’s fall.
For half a month, I don’t know how many ministers have been given death by conceited Chongzhen because of this resentment.
Although Luo Yangyang, the commander of the Royal Guards, is the most trusted military commander in Chongzhen, Luo Yangyang has been repeatedly frustrated by the frontline war and has been scolded by Chongzhen many times during this period.
In addition, a number of civil servants in the court have continuously suppressed the Luo’s cultivation of the Royal Guards, and we can clearly feel that if there is no change in the court, it will become more and more difficult for us to stand on the court.
"We must think of some way to change the situation in the court so that the emperor can trust me again and believe in the Royal Guards …" Behind the desk, Locke secretly swore.
However, there are no changes to change the situation in the court.
When Locke raises his eyebrows again, a string of hurried steps suddenly rang at the door.
Then the voice of the confidant bodyguard came to Luo’s nourishing ear. "My Lord Zunhua is urgent …"
"Zunhua … Zunhua fell, didn’t it? How can there be an urgent report … "Locke raises a gender and asks with incomprehension.
Seeing that the bodyguard shook his head in front of him, Luo Yangyan directly waved his hand and ordered, "Let the messenger come in and hope to bring no bad news … I have received enough bad news at this time …"
Soon, a strong man, who is only thirty years old but wearing a hundred clothes in a royal guard, will be led by the guards before Luo raises a gender.
After kowtowing to Luo, he looked excited and said, "I have good news for your honor … I lost the battle by occupying a place called Mushroom Valley in Dourgen, Zunhua City, which not only lost thousands of real Tatars, but also made my own brother be captured by his opponent …"
"Which army played so badly … as far as I know, the whole Zunhua territory has not become an organized army … It must be a big army to be able to take thousands of typewriters at one time and capture Dourgen’s brother …" Luo asked with a full face of shock.
The messenger shook his head and replied excitedly, "My Lord, this army doesn’t belong to an army, but a bandit came from Zunhua. Because one of the bandits is my Royal Guards, we can get the news from the siege of Mushroom Valley by Dourgen’s army …"
Hearing the news, a bold idea quickly filled Luo’s mind.
"The horse will take this bandit to himself. In this case, this bandit will destroy thousands of Dalai prisoners, and the results of Baylor will become the results of the Royal Guards. By then, with this great result, the Royal Guards will surely turn over in court and regain the imperial trust."
Luo, a minister who has served Chongzhen for several years, is very clear about Chongzhen’s temper and character
A conceited and arbitrary emperor, Chongzhen, often looks at the results without seeing Cheng. If you let him know that the Royal Guards killed thousands of enemies in Zunhua and captured the fifteen Baylor Luo of Tatar, you can be sure that the Emperor Chongzhen will definitely praise everyone in the Royal Guards, so it is too necessary to win a victory to boost morale.
Thought of here Locke raises a gender just or frown quickly with a surprise.
The messenger in front of him ordered, "Ma will tell me everything you know about this bandit army. If I can tell it in detail, I will believe that it is absolutely necessary to report the command and make the government reward …"
"It’s your honor …" The messenger said with a face of excitement.
Chapter one hundred and three Chongzhen nai
Dozens of bandits survived the siege of the Tatars and took the initiative to attack and strengthen their own strength many times to build a strong city to fight against the siege of the Tatars, and successfully captured the fifteenth Baylor Duo Duo of the Tatars …
After hearing the messenger Yu Weizheng’s development, he looked excited. Luo Yang couldn’t help but shout, "This Weizheng is really a hero. If we recruit him into our security, we will have one more general who can be good at fighting. Then no one will look down on our security …"
Speaking of which, Luo Yangyang seems to have thought of something and continued to call out, "No, no matter whether this Wei Zheng is willing or not, you should join me. Because we need Wei Zheng Zunhua to achieve results, we will break the game and regain the imperial trust and regain our footing."
In front of Luo’s cultivation, he said, "My Lord, in this case, do you want to go to Mushroom Valley to surrender this bandit named Tiger and Leopard Army? Believe me, a hundred official positions at most will make it possible for the Royal Guards to join us."
"No …" Locke refused without hesitation.
"It’s too late to surrender to the Tiger and Leopard Army … you know, these achievements of the Tiger and Leopard Army were made before our Royal Guards surrendered him. Once we go out, this thing will not only change the impression in our emperor’s heart, but also give people a feeling that we are picking up cheap …"
A twist of the eyebrows puzzled and answered, "In this case, my Lord, what should we do to win the victory of the Tiger and Leopard Army in Zunhua? Although the news that Dourgen’s army is encircling the Tiger and Leopard Army has not come out yet, the paper will not catch fire after all. If we don’t pay close attention to it, this Tiger and Leopard Army is likely to attract others’ attention …"
"When the time comes, it will be even more unrealistic for us to think that the Royal Guards want to benefit the Tiger and Leopard Army …"
At this moment, a strange smile suddenly appeared on Locke’s face.
In front of the hundred faces, he said calmly, "This Wei Zheng will definitely become a member of my Royal Guards. No one can take it away from the butch and leopard army. It is also my Royal Guards who can’t take it away …"
"Don’t forget that counterfeiting is also our old line of Royal Guards …"
"Your horse let a person make a copy of Wei Zheng and join me a year ago. When the copy comes out, you will give Wei Zheng a small flag identity of a security guard. In addition, you will create a copy of Wei Zheng’s promotion to a security guard half a month ago … you must be quick and you can’t let people find clues …"
"To have these two copywriters, this Wei Zheng is the commander-in-chief of the Royal Guards, the Tiger and Leopard Army, which is an army of the Royal Guards. In this case, the results achieved by the Wei Zheng Zunhua territory are the results achieved by the Royal Guards."
Seeing a confident face in front of him, Luo quickly complimented him, "Your Excellency will do it …"
"Well, we must hurry up … tonight I will go to see the emperor with the good news you just reported …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
Due to the financial pressure of the Forbidden City in Beijing, all branches of the Forbidden City were also compressed to the lowest state by Chongzhen.
After entering the night, except for a few palaces in the Forbidden City, there was still faint candlelight, and all his palaces were dark.
The hall of Chongzhen, the most diligent emperor of the Great Dynasty, is still lit by candlelight.
A few little eunuchs waited on a dragon robe. Chongzhen was sitting on the dragon case, and after a face of patience, she looked through the various memorials of the stacked dragon case. From time to time, cinnabar brushes wished to write her own reply …
At this time, the closed door of the hall was suddenly cracked, and an old eunuch flashed into the hall with a vigorous posture, and then quickly closed the door to prevent the cold wind from infiltrating into the hall.
After the ugly look at the dragon sitting case, the old eunuch slowly walked to Chongzhen with a long sigh and said, "It’s very late in heaven. You must keep the dragon body …"
Before the old eunuch finished speaking, Chongzhen shook his head with a tired face and replied, "How can I rest when the whole dynasty is outside Beijing …"
"I will go to rest after reading these memorials …"
Seeing that Chongzhen’s tired face flashed quickly with a firm expression, the old eunuch could shake his head like a patron saint and stop talking after Chongzhen’s side.
So half an hour passed again.
With a full face of heartache, the old eunuch is ready to persuade him again.
The closed door of the hall was pushed a gap again with a cold wind blowing into the hall. A thin eunuch quickly came in and walked quickly to the old eunuch to write something.
Just as the old eunuch frowned and prepared to say something, Chongzhen suddenly said, "Isn’t someone coming to see me …"
"It’s the emperor … the Royal Guards’ command made Locke’s adult inquire outside the main hall and said that he had something important to report to you personally …" The old eunuch Wang Chengen answered with a full face of nai.
"Luo raises a gender … what is he doing here? Isn’t what the Royal Guards have done during this period humiliating enough … The pro-army of Heaven didn’t even set an example. What do I want him to do with Luo raises a gender …" Emperor Chongzhen said with a full face of dissatisfaction.