Wenchi said and nodded with a smile and left first.

Mark strode to Tianyang in the hall and held out his hand and smiled, "Tianyang, I will go all out today, so don’t leave your hand. Let’s have a big fight."
Tianyang stood up and held his hand and said, "It’s really a big fight. I’m afraid the training ground will be gone."
Xia Yuan urn said, "Don’t worry. The priest told me that I would release the force field later. You two just do it."
Nuojin smiled, "Oh, I don’t know who to shout for gas."
Mark ha ha a smile "Tianyang let’s cheer together."
Tianyang said seriously, "Then you should be prepared to be defeated by me."
Not to be outdone, Mark responded "You too"
The two exchanged a burning look, and the four temples left the hall and came to the parish martial arts field.
In the martial arts field, the original training of the guardian warriors was stopped.
It is said that there is a temple to compete to decide the candidate for the great temple. The warriors are all eager to stay at the edge of the venue and are unwilling to leave.
Wenchi didn’t clear the field either. He told them to be careful.
Seeing Tianyang and Trace coming to the martial arts field, Wenchi came to the venue with his hands behind his back and waved to the two people who participated in the competition to come together.
Tianyang and the black priests on both sides of Wenchi line of sight, both of them swept a smile and said
"There are not too many restrictions on today’s competition. You can make your own strength, ability, special things and so on."
"But remember that you can’t hit your opponent hard, and you can’t kill anyone. If you violate it, you will recover the qualification of the Templar and hand it over to the fortress."
After a pause, Wenchi said, "Are you all clear?"
Tianyang and Trace exchanged glances and nodded "We know"
"Very good"
Wenchi looked at the nearby Xia Yuan who knowingly raised his hands and released the force field.
Therefore, the martial arts field has a strong and stable atmosphere, so that even if the two manpower shots are rank 5, it will not cause too much harm to the venue and the border people.
The priest retreated and came to the side of Nuojin to raise his hand with the apologists.
Tianyang and mark are not in a hurry to attack, and they have a tacit understanding to retreat and pull their distance back.
Mark calmly watched Tianyang release his star aggregates and the aura to think about countermeasures.
When I have been working with Tianyang for a while, I know that he is far more mobile than me, but today I have prepared that thing to make up for my lack of speed.
Besides, I know that Tianyang likes to confuse his opponent at high speed and then attack from behind. He should appear in the back later, so I should guard against his move.
At this time, he saw that Tianyang drew out the moonlight sword and the star aggregates appeared and grew, but some kind of control surged. A fairly regular round sphere was built around the body of Yin Hui teenager.
Mark Zheng, what is this?
After completing the’ full’ preparation, Tianyang corners of the mouth raise his body slightly forward and the figure is expanding in his eyes!
Today, the teenager is attacking!
Mark got a fright. All his preparations and countermeasures were to establish the mode of Tianyang going to fight, but today the teenager actually chose a head-on collision.
You know, Tianyang is very fast, even if it doesn’t start the variant, but the black knight’s rank characteristic blessing mark has just found Tianyang sprint teenager has come to the front.
With a brilliant Yin Hui sword to cut!
Hurriedly mark good hurrying sword grid in the past.
Two long swords hit together and suddenly the star aggregates spread around like waves.
The mark slipped back after being hit, and the chest was stuffy and it was almost difficult to breathe.
Suddenly there was a light shout around, and no one thought that the frontal collision mark was knocked back by a sword.
But Shi Tianyang knows that if the theory of power is pure, two people are half a catty.
It was Tian Yangsheng who took the initiative and had the characteristics of black knight rank that added to the power of that sword.
If you add marks, you will not make enough strength if you make a hasty move. This is the result of being knocked back by a sword.
of course
The battlefield is not extreme.
Tactics, rank characteristics, abilities, and special things will all determine the outcome of a battle, so it is natural to consider the position.
Now that the sun is slightly in the wind, it will immediately consolidate the results and bite hard
He went back and forth in the martial arts field like a gust of wind, and constantly used the rank characteristics of the Black Knight to bless his speed and increase his power.
On the edge of the venue, let alone ordinary people like Wenchi and Guardian Warriors, even sublimators like Xia Yuan and Nuojin can’t keep up with the speed of the sun.
Often when they catch the signs of the sun moving, they hear that a ring mark has been repelled.
Onlookers are still like this, and the authorities know how much pressure mark is under.
He has given up the naked eye to track Tianyang. With his own experience and feelings, he has not sought to attack but to defend carefully to resolve Tianyang’s sudden attack again and again.
I don’t know how many times after the collision, this mark has been prepared
After the shock, he turned his sword upside down and plunged into the ground.
At this time, Tianyang just went back and prepared for an attack.
But when I saw the mark, the young boy immediately stopped and jumped back as expected.
This is the first time Tianyang has made evasive action since the war.
The scar sword pierced the ground in a circle of force fields, and his center surged like a tsunami and blew around.