Now, if you drink, you don’t have the spirit to disperse alcohol, and you will get drunk.

This can’t be done
He slowly put the cup in his hand back to the table for dinner.
"Don’t you want to drink?" Lao Li don’t understand
"My stomach is a little uncomfortable. Forget it." Gu Qingshan said.
When he was eating, the four of them packed their personal equipment.
Protection, hands, pike, pistol, walkie-talkie, infrared telescope, ammunition, etc. were all prepared by them.
"This villa is very big. You can find a room to rest by yourself-each of our rooms has a name on it. You don’t have to pick those rooms with names," the woman told her.
"Good white" Gu Qingshan Road
At that time, several people packed their things and walked towards the top floor of the villa.
"Never mind if you hear a monster scream" Lao Li’s last avenue.
Gu Qingshan moved in his heart and asked, "When is the danger?"
"Around eleven o’clock" the woman replied.
They’re gone
Gu Qingshan looked at the wall clock.
It’s very early to seven o’clock.
The two girls opposite him are still eating.
"Put the plates here and we’ll clean them up," a girl said when she noticed his eyes.
"thank you"
Gu Qingshan got up and left.
He turned around in the villa.
This villa is the largest residential building in the whole town. It is said that the owner flew to the capital as soon as the disaster broke out.
After all, it is the center of the whole country, and there must be the most ways to deal with it.
As a result, as the disaster continued, people found that the safest place was desert.
The fewer people, the safer the place.
Gu Qingshan remembered every room as he walked.
He turned around but didn’t see any room to his liking.
He sighed and went back to the restaurant to sit down and think it over.
"Haven’t you found a good room yet?" A girl asked with a smile.
"No" Gu Qingshan Road
Another girl said, "That … Gu Qingshan, can you go to the basement with us to get something? I am always a little scared alone. "
"What is there to be afraid of, but what are we going to get?" Gu Qingshan laughed
"Some ingredients-they will take turns to eat at night to replenish their strength," the girl said.
"Then go" Gu Qingshan Road
"Thank you"
The two girls showed joy
Three people came to the living room of the villa, and two girls lifted the thick carpet and hit the ground door with keys, walking towards the surface.
"The floor of the Tibetan living room is really unique," praised Gu Qingshan.
"But the original owner here is a big shot, with many livestock farms and crops and a mine," said the girl.
"How did you find this place?"
"The blond man is the big shot."
"He didn’t go to the capital with his father?"
"He thinks that the situation in the capital is not to give his life to the unknown, so it is better to master everything you have and defend it, and then make a decision like action."
"He is a clever man," praised Gu Qingshan.

"I have amnesia. Will you give me some time to adapt?" Think of your feelings of missing your mother. Yan is frivolous and soft-spoken to Xie Wanzhen.

"You … really don’t blame your mother?" Xie Wanzhen is still worried
"I swear it’s not weird." You blame yourself. Yan is frivolous and condescending. "Don’t cry. Your eyes are swollen. It’s really not beautiful."
Xie Wanzhen smell speech stopped crying and pulled out a far-fetched smile.
Yan frivolous some can’t bear to change the topic "where are we now?"
Xie Wanzhen shook her head. She had no idea about their current situation.
Yan frowns wildly, and the imperial edict says that they should be taken into the prison, but this is obviously not the prison. "How long have I been in a coma?"
"One day and one night" Xie Wanzhen realized what "Dream, don’t touch your mother’s medicine" and lifted Yan’s frivolous clothes to hurt her back.
A cool feeling came and the back pain didn’t seem so obvious. Yan was frivolous and wondered what medicine was so magical.
"Rub the medicine, let me see." Yan frivolous took the ointment handed by Xie Wanzhen and put it on his nose. It smells fragrant and pleasant, and the color is bright. It is a good thing at first sight.
"Is this just given by the doctor too much?" You should have more copies for skin care.
Xie Wanzhen shook her head. "It’s a bodyguard around Mu Wang Ye."
Hearing Zhu Yinzhen’s name, Yan frivolously frowned unhappily. Zhu Yin Zhen’s bodyguard, that is to say, they also returned Zhu Yin Zhen’s territory. "We still have Muwangfu?"
"It doesn’t look like it." Xie Wanzhen is not sure.
Yan frivolous and carefully looked at the wing decoration Mu Wangfu room should be more gorgeous! "Where is the bodyguard?"
"I just dreamed of looking for him outside?" Xie Wanzhen is suspicious.
"Well, you go and ask him to come in" Yan frivolous back.
Xie Wanzhen looked at Yan frivolous with a strange face. Previously, she felt that Dream hit the column and became different when she woke up. At that time, she was still too stimulated by Dream to change her temperament.
But now Xie Wanzhen’s doubts are getting heavier and heavier. "Are you really my daughter?" It’s a dream face, a dream sound, but it seems that I have lived in another dream, a completely different soul.
Yan frivolous leng leng how to answer? Frankly speaking, she is not her daughter. Shen Menglu estimates that Xie Wanzhen will faint with fright.
Yan bit her lip lightly and tried to show a trace of sadness. "I didn’t know that the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was you. I remember that after I passed out after hitting the column, I met a fairy who told me that I had not finished my life, and I didn’t care about myself, so I was guided back. The fairy knew that our Shenyang was in great trouble and thought my original character was too weak, so she gave me a chance to transform myself, make me brave and strong, and save Shenyang from fire and water. The fairy took away all my memories .."
Yan frivolous secretly glanced at Xie Wanzhen. Can such nonsense lie to this ancient man? "So I forget who I am and what I was like before."
Xie Wanzhen’s face is dull and Yan’s frivolous pie pie is such a bad excuse that probably no one believes it.
"I said it’s hard to believe, right? Now I don’t seem to be very popular "Yan frivolous self-mockery.
"Silly child’s mother believes in you. You are so good now. My mother likes it very much. No matter what you become, you are a good child." Xie Wanzhen suddenly hugged Yan’s frivolous back injury and was pulled to tears. "I’m sorry, my dream is too oversensitive."
Yan is frivolous and dizzy, so this ancient people also believe this nonsense? ! This ancient man is so gullible! Call Zhu Yin Zhen to see me! Recommended 5 overtime
Liang prospect heard Yan frivolous this nonsense can’t help but laugh at a.
Someone in the room caught the sneer lightly and sensitively.
Thankfully, although she crossed into this fragile Shen Menglu body, her body was frivolous and her intuition and sensitivity were still
"I’m hungry, please help me see what I can eat!" Yan frivolous found an excuse to Xie Wanzhen.
"Good mother confused mother went to the kitchen to see" Xie Wanzhen left according to the words.
"Come out! Liang Junfei is a hero! " Yan frivolous tone coldly shouted a prospect smell speech fall to the ground.
Yan gave him a frivolous look. "Are you Zhan Yang?" It was with Zhu Yinzhen’s bodyguard. She listened to Zhu Yinzhen and told him to show Yang.
Looking forward to nodding, he always borrows Zhan Yang’s identity.
Yan frivolous looked at him for a while, feeling wrong. Intuition told her that the person in front of her was not the same person as the Zhanyang she had seen before. "Are you sure?"
Outlook still nodded, and I was a little surprised at Yan’s frivolous suspicion that others had never been seen through playing Zhanyang before.
You say yes! Yan frivolous does not expose "where are we?"
An answer to the prospect of "Western Suburb"
Yan looked at him with a frivolous Gherardini. "Zhu Yin Zhen has a lot of guts!"
Looking forward to a black line, he also thinks that the Lord’s trip is outrageous, but this Shen Menglu is too fat to call the Lord by his first name!
"Miss Shen is bolder!" Outlook can’t help but ridicule.
If it weren’t for Shen Menglu’s inappropriate image, Yan frivolous really wanted to laugh wildly. Three of her frivolous advantages are few, and the biggest advantage is boldness. "Where is Shenyang?"
"in prison"
Yan frivolous pull pull corners of the mouth obviously the emperor didn’t change his mind to cut their heads, so what does this Zhu Yin Zhen want? "Zhu Yin Zhen privately detained our emperor?"

Gu Qingshan almost certainly this matter must involve the whole six worlds-even more than six.

How many people are prepared for this?
What on earth will that evil ghost’s body bring?
In this era, I don’t know how many people are hiding behind the scenes and plotting secrets that I don’t know at all.
No one who can take part in such a thing is a fool.
Perhaps their confrontation will determine the future of all worlds.
Unfortunately, there is too little information.
These people have been here for many years and they are new here.
Gu Qingshan suddenly felt a sense of strength.
But he soon called himself up and said
"Then let me ask you, what are you most inclined to do with this group of people?"
Suddenly a woman rang.
"We tend to explore the secret that The six great divisions in the wheel of karma was shattered in the past."
Gu Qingshan didn’t look back.
This is the Qixia sound of mountains and seas.
She actually came back from the tomb herself.
Big elders urgent way "how do you come back? Without you in our people there, I’m afraid I will suffer. "
"Why don’t we all come back?" Shan Hai Qixia stared at Gu Qingshan and said slowly.
Seven people of different ages and different dresses scattered behind her and surrounded the whole room.
The old man who holds the bone is also in the middle of the fight.
Gu Qingshan does not move.
This place is completely closed by the other party, and you must never give a flaw.
His eyes followed these people.
"Who are you?"
He looked at shanhai Qixia and asked in a commanding tone.
Shan Hai Qixia smiled and made a gesture.
When those people saw it, they chanted incantations and released the isolation method to completely close the highest floor of the whole black tower.
From this moment on, the outside world can no longer know the information inside.
Shan Hai Qixia went to him and knelt down and said, "I immediately felt this kind of fluctuation as soon as’ thoughtlessness’ came out. I didn’t expect the priest’s adult to awaken earlier than I calculated."
She seemed a little excited and continued, "I knew it was an adult when the child used’ inch solution’."
Gu Qingshan was silent for a moment.
He simply said, "It was you."
-these monsters are isolated from the end of the tomb and should not know each other.
What is going on in front of you?
Gu Qingshan’s thoughts fly.
"Yes" Shanhai Qixia looked up at Gu Qingshan. "Priest, I didn’t expect you to pick one of my disciples to meet me."
Gu Qingshan stared at her and whispered, "It’s a coincidence. I take a fancy to this person’s identity …"
He seemed to remember something that he didn’t say at the moment.
-how can this woman say this when she suddenly comes looking like an acquaintance and she doesn’t know anything?
Rao is Gu Qingshan, who has been through many battles. I didn’t expect things to develop to this point.
The only thing I can do now is to control the topic as much as I can.
Otherwise, once the leak comes out, all previous efforts will be wasted.
Gu Qingshan’s words really aroused everyone’s curiosity.
People looked at Gu Qingshan together but also dare not ask.
Asking is asking for death
After all, these things are adults’ private affairs and their power.

The corner of the blue silk robe was instantly transformed into silvery white by the cold blowing ink like deep pool black hair.

The silver shawl on his shoulders echoed and gave off a dark light.
Zhong Li was surprised to open his eyes wide, almost consciously holding an umbrella in his hand, and he fell off unsteadily, splashing rain and raindrops all over the floor, but instantly condensing into ice.
He couldn’t speak. He looked at Helan Xun in horror.
For the first time in his life, even if he died in heavy snow, he was never so shocked.
Powerful spell with silver hair … Have that clan?
Helan Xun took a deep breath, the light faded, and the hair color gradually returned to ink.
The ice cubes melted into rain again, and the ground was wet, and he was dressed in white.
"You still want to protect me? Or do you want to stay and die? " Helan Xunyin is harsh but bitter, and he doesn’t want to reveal his identity.
But Zhong Li has always known that he is Gu Gen, and there is no need to get involved in things.
Zhong Li was still surprised to hear Helan Xun’s heart thumped when he heard this sentence
"… Young Master, do you have a spell to drive the Snow Clan?" His voice shook with shock, and all these methods expressed his true thoughts.
For thousands of years, the Snow Family has been forgetting to cross the mountain and it is extremely cold, which is a dangerous place that no one can set foot in.
Even he is a literature reader who has read everything about the Snow Family.
"It’s the blood of the snow clan that has been hostile to you for thousands of years. If it weren’t for our clan, you wouldn’t be extinct now and you wouldn’t be ordinary people with swords." Helan Xun’s face suddenly turned pale, which may be caused by a spell just now.
However, he remained calm and continued, "Do you remember the family instructions of Chongjiabao?"
Heavy Li look is very fuzzy in this rainy night at that time can’t tell the difference "swear not to leave the snow family life … Chapter 498, 498 You are not a person? (3)
"Don’t you always want to know whether I killed those three candidates with high martial arts like this weak body?" Helan Xun corners of the mouth with a sneer at inscrutable looking at heavy li.
Heavy Li Bu answer by the cold rain beat the body.
Helan Xuntan palm rune once again revealed a pair of ice cast into a transparent bow and arrow.
"Is that a cold bow? You are cold bow killed them "heavy Li cool thin asked.
According to the literature, the cold bow was originally held by a god in heaven, and it was so powerful that people could not fight it. After that, the god committed a crime and was sent into the world.
Then the Snow Family was founded, that is to say, the ancestor of the Snow Family was a deity and the cold bow was always held by his descendants.
Those who hold the cold bow are even more honored as the high priests of this clan.
So it means that Helan Xun is a descendant of the fallen god and a high priest of the Snow Family who owns the cold bow?
"I know the little master is uncommon, but I didn’t expect to be the high priest of the snow family with fairy souls falling into the office." He has been deceived by this man with a wry smile.
Hand cold bow into a steam Helan Xun smile "don’t you go? Want to be killed by me? "
Witch and Snow have been killing each other for thousands of years.
Witch people are indispensable to snow people. After thousands of years of fighting, they finally reached an armistice agreement.
However, in their generation, for some reason, there is something indispensable to the witch tribe.
So he turned the spell into ordinary people’s silver hair and black hair.
Sneaking into the heavy fort, but it did him great harm.
Well, he has a ten-thousandth fairy spirit to last until now.
Just like he said that not only Chongjiabao owed brocade, but he also owed brocade.
If the snow family is heavy, she will die.
But three years ago, something went wrong at the top of the snowy mountain.
Now he has to get involved in these days.
Because a person …
Heavy Li suddenly choked up and didn’t know what to say.

The demon monk has never seen this before, and it is now a very partial field. I still don’t know its interest. Looking at the constant hitting on my body, I can’t help but burst out laughing. "Is this the trick you want to kill me, junior? !”

Yi Yu also ignored him and looked at the western wild devil like a dead man. Suddenly, his shoulders flashed and he disappeared again. This time, the western wild devil was really scared. There was no sign of fast moving. It was a spell … Before he thought about it, it was too late to want to hide again. Fortunately, the mord was at hand, and the demon monk hurriedly took the mord to protect the vest. The goal of Yi Yu was not to take him. Seeing that the silver light flashed, the left arm of the forearm was once again smashed with a bright red snowflake.
The Western Wild Devil cries out in pain and retreats to one side. Yi Yu’s wrist shakes as if to shake off Jian Qin’s blood. Actually, if this treasure’s sharp blade will be stained with blood? ! "The demon monk can take your life with this sword, but he can cut off your residual arm to wake you up. At this time, you are in danger and may die at any time. Take out all your things and fight with me, and maybe you can survive."
After listening to it, the western wild demon is almost appall, keeping a close eye on this handsome and crazy western wild demon. That’s what Yi Yu is called in his heart. Now this demon monk wants to get away from here as soon as possible. With a wave of his right arm, the mord once again turns the dragon into Yi Yu, and this demon monk unexpectedly abandons the magic weapon of self-defense and jumps back to escape. It is dozens of feet away. This is the field of Yi Yu. The demon monk’s escape method is naturally limited. It takes mana to fight this field before he can go out and escape.
It’s easy to break the field! At this time, the demon monk’s hand is a magic weapon and he has lost an arm. If he fights again, he dare not look back at what the malefic is doing. The western wild demon is afraid of losing his last chance to escape when the waves turn back. Even if he doesn’t want to face the facts again, it’s always true. The demon monk breathed once and felt a terrible pain in his thigh. Looking down, he told the demon monk that his thigh had been pierced by a half-foot sword. A big hole in the thickness of his arm told him that this leg had been abolished. He knew that if he didn’t work hard, it would really be buried here today!
The demon monk’s eyes refuse to look back. Looking back, a white figure stands a few feet away. The silver sword and white clothes are elegant and dashing. It is such an outstanding figure, but it is his death warrant. The evil monk thumped three times in his chest, spouted three mouths of blood, and shook the small sail in his hand. Once again, the monty yin fire was the monty yin fire, but it was no longer a gray cloud, but three gray-white dragon dances.
The demon monk, who has almost fallen into a desperate situation, has finally come up with a life-saving trick. Even if he can win today and get out of this western wild demon, he can’t recover even if he doesn’t have a hundred years. At this time, the demon monk’s resentment is very heavy and he wants to kill the white Taoist. The three-headed monty Yin fire dragon roared and rolled over and went straight to Yi Yu.
Finally, I met the real main course today. Yi Yu was even more uplifting. Seeing Qin seems to feel the unbridled and provocative nature of the monty Yin fire dragon. The first move was not fancy. It was a head-on contact with Yi Yu’s figure. When Jian Qin shook, it was a dull noise. Yi Yu was shocked back by several feet, and even the field trembled. On the other hand, the western wild devil, who had been accumulating for a long time, spit out one mouthful of blood again. I don’t know whether it was injured by the earthquake or intentionally.
Seeing that the three-headed monty Yin fire dragon got this JingXie, it was even more rampant and roaring around Yi Yu. At this time, Yi Yu’s irritability seemed to be completely immersed in the battle with the three-headed monty Yin fire dragon, which was forced into a desperate situation. Yi Yu could borrow Lei Guang media to escape everywhere, even the purple sword could never catch up with this baizhang, and there was almost no time difference between thunderbolt and shock light evasion.
Three dragons surge after Yi Yu, and he is enjoying displaying the simplest basic swordsmanship of Qingcheng School over and over again. That’s how simple swordsmanship is, and it’s almost weird and fast. The three rates have actually produced hundreds of swords. Although the Monty Yin Fire Dragon is tough, it still loses a share in every sword.
Looking at the dancing in the hands, Jian Qin Yi Yu suddenly used to be a posture that couldn’t catch up with the sword. Now gradually, there is a trend that the sword can’t catch up with the posture. The thinking hand in the heart has stepped up the three-point determination of Qin Jian, and the snow-white firm but gentle sword mixed with filar silk is like a plum blossom, but this new flower is beautiful but absolutely dangerous and fatal.
Today, this western wild demon really made a fire to control the monty Yin fire dragon, but it didn’t avoid crashing into the other two Yin fire dragons, but it took the opportunity to rush over to take Yi Yu’s life. "Young students, today, if you push Buddha into such a situation, you will take your life and vent your hatred!" It was the western wild demon who was still complacent that the horse could win in less than a moment, but he saw that Jian Qin, who was determined by Yi Yu, didn’t even put two in his hand. It was not like just now that he had to work hard to stab the sword flower. It seemed to follow suit and he didn’t see much effort, but he saw two identical white plum blossoms meet the aggressive monty Yin dragon.
When the demon monk saw that Yi Yu had resisted his three-headed yin dragon’s heart, he wanted to spray another mouthful of JingXie to break the sword flower. He didn’t wait for him to act, but he was shocked to see that Yi Yu had two white swords. After a meal, he seemed to appreciate his own Jie and seemed to be in the thinking place. After a while, he moved again. It was still the same swordsmanship, but this time it was completely different. Goodbye to the sword flower, but it was no longer white and golden. More than one saw this sword, but it was silvery and firm, though it was dazzling.
After the golden lotus came out, the momentum was mighty, but there were bursts of imperial anger. The white plum blossom and the western wild magic monty Yin fire dragon were all short, and the arrogance was no longer just that. It was hidden in this magnificent and mighty emperor’s face, but it was determined that millions of spirit of war’s tyranny and madness were like hungry tigers, regardless of whether they were friends or enemies. The white sword flower blocked the front and bit it in the western wild magic’s own JingXie sacrifice, and the monty Yin fire dragon was refined.
Just now, I was tenacious and not afraid of the sword, and the Yin dragon was swallowed up by the golden lotus. The dragon body turned over and kept spitting out the yin fire. To make up the dragon head, it has been repaired and destroyed. At this time, the western wild devil really turned over the last magic weapon in his heart and could not defeat the enemy. Why don’t he really die here today? !
The demon monk saw that Yi Yu was firmly in the wind, but if he wanted to get rid of the dragon transformed by the three monty yin fires, it would not be possible at once. If he didn’t escape by chance, he would have to worry about his life and dare not neglect it, regardless of the boundary of the field. His bald head crashed directly into the past. The monty yin fire was his hard sacrifice, and he tried to take back the magic fire while trying to escape. But at this time, it was beyond his control. The monty yin fire dragon, like a mouse bitten by a poisonous snake, could not move. A magic fire had not touched the golden flower smoothly.
Yi Yu naturally knew that the demon monk was leaving, but he didn’t stop him. He knew that just now, the purple bell had been outside, and the upside-down door lock fairy flag was sacrificed according to five lines. The western wild magic was out of the field, and it was hard to escape. It was not accepted. The monty yin fire gave Tang Wan a mending body. Yi Yu took out the original Tang Wanbao bottle and sucked it at the golden sword flower, but he didn’t want the two sides to eat it clean like evil dogs.
Yi Yu, look at the treasure bottle in your hand. Although it’s nothing big, all evil spirits can cover up the breath and not see the evil spirits when they enter the bottle. The evil spirit has passed away, and there are still two white sword flowers left, but the golden lotus with more than three feet does not dissipate. The gray-black monty evil spirit with petals has actually returned to DingJian Qin, and there is still no change. The monty evil spirit is still a mighty imperial power. Some evil spirits are really not worth mentioning in front of the sword of the Millennium Emperor. When Qin Jun was disrespectful and disrespectful, millions of arrogant soldiers worshipped the Great Qin Emperor and his domineering sword, how could it
Forty-two back to the green robe bodhi old zu
The western wild demons are really desperate, and they will get up and run away after crashing out of the boundary of the field, but at this moment, a piece of white fog is born around them, blocking the way. The demon monk knows that it’s not good. I’m afraid he’s trapped by mana. Looking back, Yi Yu’s fierce road is almost over, and he knows that he can’t wait any longer. Besides, there are still several enemies eyeing up. If he just hugged and still has his own life? !
When I hate and fear, I can bite my teeth and shoot a big mouthful of blood on my chest. The deified blood of the heavens flies out of the encirclement and turns into a light. It’s just lucky to get rid of my life, but suddenly I feel that a pain in my right shoulder seems to be hit by something. It’s a matter of life at this time. However, if Li Qiong-ying’s sculpture will let him go, at that time, the demon monk relied on monty’s yin fire and the wheel alms bowl to collect and take care of the beast. Now he is down and out, and he feels like a steel claw, and he has caught a strange pain
Western wild demons escaped in one breath and fell for hundreds of miles to see where they were! The left arm is a broken right leg, and it is a big hole in a tea bowl. It is still painful and terrible. It seems that there are evil spirits eating meat. Behind it, the god carved a three-way mouth, and a large piece of flesh was removed. Even the frock silk tapestry was caught by the beast. At this time, I remembered a grain of snow soul beads. After years of hard work, my treasure was destroyed. I was seriously injured and became disabled. The western wild demon couldn’t help but stand there and wail.
Just then, I suddenly heard this desolate place, but I thought of a very ugly squeak, a strange call, and a sharpening of teeth. Even the fierce and powerful demon monk in the West was called creepy by it. I quickly stopped crying and stood up and looked around to see that his place was a snowy mountain. The scenery around the valley was magnificent and secluded, and the mountains around it blocked the cold wind from the north. The snowy water on the top of the mountain turned into a hot spring through the volcano, and it was really a pleasant place.
That monster seems to be coming out of the western wild demon in Tou stream, thinking that it must be some poisonous snake monster, estimating that he can still deal with it at this time, he went to the stream to find out the actual situation. If any spirit beast monster happens to catch and swallow it, it is better to make up for the lost JingXie today.
After simply dealing with the injury, the demon monk followed the mord with his hand. At this time, the call was getting louder and louder, and he hurried away. There was a strange turn in a creek for two or three miles. The creek surface was getting wider and wider to the back, and it was almost the end. The demon monk looked ahead and saw a cliff standing steeply, fearing that it would be a thousand feet high and a half, and hundreds of fine waterfalls would be hung sparsely in the concave part of the cliff. It seemed that someone had left a forbidden surface. A square pool was about dozens of acres.
Although there are hundreds of waterfalls in that pool, it is not noisy. There is a huge stone in the center of the pool, which is only twenty feet high. Fiona Fang has several acres of strange stone combs, which are more exquisite than the peak. There is a grotto with a high height. This peak is surrounded by clear waves and ropes, which makes it more and more beautiful. It is also an excellent abode of fairies and immortals.
At this time, the monster started again. After listening carefully, the demon monk said vaguely in the cave, "Who will save me two benefits?" If you abandon me, you will die … "Western wild demons are strange and hesitant. I don’t know if I should go into the cave. On weekdays, this devil is naturally not afraid. But today, after eating a big loss, I have left a one-dragon mord, and I dare not be careless and quietly approach the mouth of the cave to observe that it is dark and there are two green lights flashing. I don’t know what monster it is.
"I’m a western wild demon. What kind of monster are you? Don’t show up and come out of the hole and bring yourself to ruin!" Before the demon monk could speak, there was an evil wind in the cave and he couldn’t see my fingers at once.
At this time, the western wild demon has become a frightened bird. Just as he was about to sacrifice his mord and turn away, he suddenly heard the monster say, "Don’t be afraid that I will never hurt you. If you are kind to me, I can help you a lot. Otherwise, you can’t live today."
The western wild devils suffered a fiasco and were ridiculed. They could not help but yell at each other with anger. "Knowing that monsters don’t know that your Buddha is powerful, how dare you say that you came from our Buddha and don’t kill famous ghosts!" The evil wind has not stopped yet, but it is still light. The western wild devil will see the hole not far away. In addition to those two green lights, there is even one more column. The western wild devil has broken his heart today, and it is so strange that he dare not make a move. He has already risen and retired.
The demon monk didn’t dare to go into the cave, so he retreated. He didn’t quit for a few feet. It was not a good feeling that the evil wind burst behind his head. When he turned around, he startled the western wild magic. Unexpectedly, there was a small half of his body and a huge man’s head and beard twisted like a mess, and his eyes shone bright green just now.
The half body with a big head to see the western wild magic face was afraid. The big mouth laughed unexpectedly, but it made people uncomfortable to laugh. After a while, the big head looked at the western wild magic Gherardini with a ferocious look. I don’t know what I was thinking. At this time, the western wild magic knew that this monster was not easy to provoke, and today it lost its magic weapon to suppress anger and said, "Are you a person?" Fall into this image? " The monster smell speech seems to be a little angry. Two purple eyebrows shrug their heads, and their beards stand upright like hedgehogs. At the same time, their eyes are round and green, which makes them look scary.
But it is laughed and said, "You don’t want pot calling the kettle black, the monk of Xifan. Both of us are almost the same. Have you just eaten somebody else’s big losses recently and ended up like this?" Time is precious now, and my villain will come back soon. You and I are helping others in trouble, that is, helping ourselves. If you can do me a small favor first, you will have your benefits in the future. You probably don’t know my origin yet, but if I say that I won’t leave if I can’t help you today, will you listen? "
Seeing the monster’s tone is so loud that he can’t figure out his way, the western wild demon replied secretly, "You can’t help but contribute to the origin theory … If you are treacherous, don’t blame the Buddha for being cruel and let you know that I am not easy to mess with."
The monster smell speech exclaimed "oh? Are you the Venerable West Wild Devil? It’s no wonder that you and I are famous for each other and have never met. How can you end up in such a mess when you smell that your magic is mysterious and you can unleash a thousand miles of evil fire? " That strange reason may be heart-felt, but the western wild devil was touched by pain and growled, "You should Mo Wen me first and tell me what you are to change."
"Taoist friends don’t want to export and hurt people. I’m not a famous person. I’m the green bodhi old zu of Baiman Shanyin Wind Tunnel."
When the western wild demon heard it, he was shocked. How could this old demon be here when he died in Ciyun Temple? The green-robed bodhi old zu said, "Since that year, I went back to the mountain to practice martial arts in western Yunnan, and I haven’t lived on earth for many years. Last year, the venerable one sent me a letter asking me to go to Ciyun Temple in Chengdu to help his apprentice Yude Emei Sect fight martial arts, so I took a magic weapon to Chengdu, but I didn’t expect it … in two days, I was tricked into destroying the poisonous golden silkworm method and the poisonous shura sail to pity my hundred thousand golden silkworm methods!"
"oh? People are so powerful? "
"That’s the old deathlessly …" The green-robed bodhi old zu gnashed her teeth. "Later, they set up a poison to seduce me, and then there was that terrible person hiding by the side. A golden light flew like lightning to cut my waist. Fortunately, my brain contained a Xuanzang bead that was not damaged by the enemy. Otherwise, it could still be cultivated for revenge in the future."
"Since Taoist friends escaped, how could they end up like this?"
"Thanks to my evil disciple, the situation was urgent at that time. My eldest brother Wei Huxin arrived from the evil wind cave to save me here. I was surprised that he didn’t save me back to the mountain but came here. Later, I learned that he didn’t save me because I was his master. He took a fancy to the bead, which was cultivated by the external incarnation method of my second yuan god. Although I lost half of my body, I had to find a qualified body to make me practice together for three years and six months. Who can return to the face?
"Look at the Taoist friends, although they are still constrained, they still don’t escape?"
"But you don’t know that the evil ACTS blocked this mountain before me. He can live in this mountain but can’t live here. You can’t go back. He is still not enough. He hangs a magic spring on the cliff to prevent me from escaping. If you see dozens of fine waterfalls on the cliff, it will turn into dozens of white dragons to surround you and stab nine female Yuan Yang needles in my body."
Western wild monsters looked up at this time, and sure enough, the design here was full of mystery.
"The evil ACTS not only want the orb to me, but also the Yuan God. He will unite me into one, and the second Yuan God will help him resist the disaster. More importantly, he will take me from the magic ancestor. How poisonous is his heart? Strange Yi Yu was blind at that time … "
When the Western Wild Devil heard that this humanoid monster turned out to be a fierce and famous founder of the Southern Magic Sect, Baiman Shanyin Wind Tunnel, the green-robed bodhi old zu was surprised. He naturally knew that the green-robed bodhi old zu was fierce and powerful, and he knew that the murderer and the venerable man could not strike a deal without fighting, and that they both had the same interests and were decent common enemies such as Emei. Seeing here today, they must be rescued.
Forty-three Back Nine Mother Yuan Yang Needles
Western wild demons really want to save him. I have long known that the green-robed bodhi old zu is vicious, but his word is true. A few months ago, I heard that he had died in Chengdu. Today, if this mountain is not saved, I may have to really respond to his words.
But at this time, the western wild magic treasure has been lost and disabled, and the one-armed Wei huxin Chen has been as powerful as the green robe bodhi old zu for a long time. What if he can’t resist it? It took me a while to figure it out all the way. I replied, "The green robe Taoist friend is not that I don’t want to save you. The Taoist friend’s strength is still subject to the fact that I have tried several powerful magic weapons before Taoist friend. I haven’t met a few opponents in my life. I don’t want to meet a few famous players today. The magic weapon is completely ruined. If the enemy is not only a disciple, wouldn’t it be both sides?" I’m afraid I’ve delayed Daoyou myself … "
The green-robed bodhi old zu said, "If you have a Taoist friend, you can escape this mountain and save me. It is not difficult to ask you if you are sincere and really intend to save me from danger. I didn’t mean to intimidate Taoist friends just now. If you don’t believe me, you can try to walk and see if you can get away from it."

But even so, Ye Yu did not adapt to such a busy world as always, which made him feel a little out of place and had an impulse to turn around and leave.

But just as he was thinking this way, a sound came on.
"Ye Yu, you’re here."
Turned around and hill didn’t know when he appeared beside him.
"Ah … I’m coming"
"Well, welcome."
Hill dressed in the same outfit this morning is very formal etiquette received Ye Yu.
Pull quite some Nai Ye Yu into the wide open entrance and shout in a clear voice.
"One guest!"
It seems that I can’t leave now if I want to.
The first chapter looks good when you smile.
Ye Yu’s heart is slightly resistant, but he soon calmed down his mood and followed the hill.
Since I have decided to integrate into this world, I can’t keep refusing to contact outsiders like this. Although the lively place makes him a little uncomfortable, it is also an important part of interpersonal communication.
After all, it’s decided to make Hessia famous all over the world, and the only representative of Hessia’s family can’t set an example.
In my heart, I thought about Ye Yu’s face and returned to nature, so I followed Heer to the store.
"Then please sit down."
Be taken to the counter to sit.
After sitting down, Ye Yucai noticed that he was right in the middle of the counter, which was arranged like a straight line. The place where he turned right was behind the corner of the winery, which was the wall.
Because there is no seat next to the corner seat, no one will come here to sit like a person facing the boss at the counter. It seems that Hill’s choice of this seat is also meaningful.
But not in the noisy crowd is also what Ye Yu expected.
But just as he was thinking this way, his ears rang like thunder.
"Are you a guest? You can’t put on a smelly face! You have to be happy to drink when you come to my pub! "
Ye Yu emitted a black line from his forehead.
"I heard that you are a let’s cry and eat big han! I will give you the dishes assiduously, so you can rest assured that you will save money assiduously! "
Hear the wife of shop-owner Ye Yu revealed a face of surprise.
Turned around to see the hope that she would stay beside her and move her eyes to the side.
Look away! This man looked away!
"What is this situation?"
"… hey hey"
Ye Yu asked some in distress situation. However, Hill gave a playful laugh.
"Well, I told Mia’s mother that I wanted to entertain a guest I just met and helped me a lot … and that’s the case."
"Okay, okay, hurry up and order. Look at your thin little body. You must eat more."
Generous wife of shop-owner said as she clapped her hands on Ye Yu’s shoulder.
That kind of feeling Yuzryha royal don’t know how to shape like a huge stake in the body looking at the wife of shop-owner that burly some outrageous plate Ye Yu some nai shook his head.
It seems that one’s physical fitness is still a problem. Even if a powerful mage walks a few steps and recites a string of spells, he will be breathless. Isn’t it good?
Of course, the biggest problem now is that this powerful mage can’t release spells at will as he wishes.
"Hill, you come."
Didn’t look at the hand order single leaf imperial sword handed it to the side with a cheerful embarrassment and son.
"Hey … I … shall I?"
Took the menu and looked at Ye Yu slightly puzzled by one leng.
"Don’t you remember? I’m here today to invite you to dinner. It’s up to you to order."
"What … what ah I also you are just kidding?"

By the way, I am very old and I am a god of death. Don’t think about this!

As soon as the mood is stable.
Glancing at his side face, this little appearance looks really good. Now the child is really a handsome boy and a beautiful woman … Although there was a shirt around him before … but he didn’t say a word to me that he liked me.
"What’s wrong with Huai" seems to be that I have been staring at his face for too long. He sensed it and turned his head and asked himself directly.
"I always feel that … if you wear women’s clothes, it will look good, won’t it?" This sentence shocked Minister Kunimitsu Tezuka.
Xia Huai walked ahead, and the breeze blew gently, blowing up Xia Huai’s black long hair, lazy sunshine, as faint as falling, and then shining with golden eyes. Cherry lips are tender and tender like jelly, and the melon face looks like an art that has been carved.
I don’t know how many passers-by have been amazed by this look …………….
The leaves rustled and played the most original and wonderful music. It was still so peaceful and warm in the early summer. The sun was shining and everything was so beautiful.
Why did Xia Huai change her name to Guoguang?
"I called you Huaisuo, but you can call me Guoguang." Minister looked at Xia Huai with firm and sharp eyes.
Xia Huai said to him, "Tezuka, are you out of your mind?"
"Call China Light"
"Tezuka idiot"
"It’s Guoguang"
"Tezuka Maodan"
"It’s Guoguang"
"Tezuka shemale"
So when I went to Tezuka’s house, two people kept repeating the words, and finally Xia Huai was defeated, which was called Kunimitsu Tezuka.
The truth is that I won’t tell you, because he has read Guoguang many times, which makes me easy to read.
As a result, you made her proud.
"Of course, it is natural to help your school."
"It’s great that you can come to our school as a school doctor. It’s our pleasure!"
I am paralyzed and polite to the headmaster with those words that I can hear calluses.
"That’s rude." I suddenly breathed a sigh of relief when I walked out of the principal’s office. I always felt that there were hypocritical people there, including myself, but still …
Looking at the blue sky through the window glass of the school building is illusory for a while. I spent almost all my school days, but I haven’t seen it well. Looking at the sky through the glass turns out to be so refreshing.
Moving from the sky, a group of young girls are swaying in physical education class. Everyone is full of energy and moving.
I always feel much older …
It’s just the first 15 or 16 years old, isn’t it …
Lazy and half-Mimi, Kiyomi is slightly Mimi again, rippling out the message in the pupil. She doesn’t like it very much. She used to be an adult, but now she is a child.
Forget it … Wouldn’t it be nice to be young once? It’s all death anyway
Death … You can kill this school’s personnel department if you want to. Thought of this, your heart lashed out.
How can I say that I won’t kill these people? After all, they have a grudge against themselves.
Walking in the deserted corridor, I plan to go to the health room to rest and wait for Guoguang to send lunch to eat.
The health room teacher should do his duty anyway ~ there is nothing to go anywhere, maybe I don’t know if I get lost in this school.
It’s a good way to kill time by simply going to the health room and sitting and playing with your brain or looking at the student data of this school.
Hands in white coat pockets, black hair swaying in the middle because of walking. Kiyomi is lazy, half-narrowing her pale pink lips, sipping a slap in the face, and the faint light on the melon face is particularly delicate and there is a kind of unspeakable laziness and enchanting beauty
This is Xia Huai, the teacher in the health room of Youth College.

After walking forward for a moment, Xiao asked nothing, but Liu Qing finally couldn’t help it and asked directly, "Are you really stupid or fake stupid?" It was several years before we finally found the place. As long as we passed, we could at least guarantee that everyone would get tens of thousands of spiritual beads. This is our contribution to the team. You can’t eat for free, can you? "

"Of course not, I still have wine to drink." Xiao asked with a smile.
Xiao asked if it was clear that Liu Qing had played, so everyone else could see it and couldn’t help laughing.
"You …"
"Liu Qing, stop it!" Yuan Kun suddenly stared at Liu Qingdao.
"Hum!" Liu Qing knew that she was indefensible. Last time, it was because she didn’t ask Xiao to join the partnership early. At this time, she stared back at Yuan Kun and stopped talking.
Yuan Kun and Liu Qing, and another monk named Jin Ji, are all immortal realms, which are the backbone of the whole team, but Yuan Kun and Liu Qing are obviously better at talking. The prestige of these two people seems to be generally large. Once something happens, whoever is more reasonable is the master, and the other can only be the second master.
Xiao asked to see the willow blue beaten, funny in the heart, but also deliberately pretend to be serious on his face, which undoubtedly made the willow blue angry again.
However, as the ghost cave became deeper and deeper, Xiao Wen also knew that he couldn’t play dumb any longer. He said, "It’s not easy to refine my true Yang-broken Y and N Dan, but I still have a few pieces on me. Now, let’s use other magical powers to guard against the spirit of Y Ρ n. If it is really necessary, it’s not too late to break Y Ρ n Dan with the true yang. I will definitely not be stingy. "
Hearing Xiao Wen’s remarks, everyone was relieved, but none of these guys were fools. They could have found out for a long time that the value of Zhen Yang’s broken Y and N Dan was at least more than thirty thousand, and how much benefit could they bring to Xiao Wen?
That Yuan Kun immediately said, "No way! Cai Daoyou, although our place is deep, it is not so dangerous. You just need to prepare a true Yang-breaking Y and N Dan first. Then there may be a lot of golden tremella in the deep caves, so we will only let one person take this Dan and go in and get it. And you can’t take yours for nothing. You can divide it according to the harvest after you get the golden tremella, or you can give it to you directly. "
Xiao Wen didn’t answer, but 90 thousand in the blood mark was sincerely praised: "This Yuan Kun is quite on the road."
Xiao Wen ignored 90,000 yuan and said directly to Yuan Kun, "It depends on the situation. In fact, all the people who practice Dan Dao are buying and selling without money, so it’s really nothing to contribute one or two."
"Then thank Cai Daoyou first."
"Now that we have decided to go into the cave together, don’t say these words." Xiao asked with a smile.
The ground part of this ghost cave is full of peaks and canyons, which seems endless. As we travel, we will see from time to time that there are insights on the nearby peaks, which are deep and unpredictable. Some timid people will definitely not dare to go in alone. And since the place Yuan Kun said is a grotto, it must probably be deeper in the grotto of ghosts, because there will be more and more grottoes there.
With seven turns and eight turns, there are fewer and fewer people who are with their eight-person team, and they don’t know where to go. It’s broad daylight, but the sun doesn’t shine in the canyon at all. In addition, it’s already cold here, and it’s really depressing when traveling here.
Soon only the last wave of people will be left with them, but that wave of people is much more than them, at least more than five times.
When they paid attention to that wave of people, some of them began to look at them intentionally or unintentionally.
"It shouldn’t always be the same way. Let’s go our way and don’t care too much about them." On the way, Yuan Kun reminded everyone.
"That should be a demon alliance?" Xiao asked unbearable way.
"It should be. They often bully scattered teams like us by dint of numbers, so everyone must be careful and don’t take the initiative to provoke them." Yuan Kun added.
Xiao asked his heart to know that Yuan Kun probably told it to himself, but in order to take care of his face, it was like reminding everyone, and his impression of this person was better. He nodded and said, "Good."
Unconsciously, a group of them have been in the cave for more than an hour. Although they turn around seven times and eight times, the straight-line distance is 50 or 60 miles, which means they have reached the middle of the ghost cave.
The terrain here is more complicated, but the wave of people who have been traveling with them has finally disappeared. Yuan Kun said, "No one will see it here anymore. Let’s speed up."
They all answer, Xiao asked is also a sigh of relief, heart said finally can speed up the road.
He was originally a great fairy realm, and his speed was much faster than that of that group of people. However, in order to take care of those true fairies, it was really as slow as possible.
The three immortals simply drove the five true immortals forward with their magical powers, and the speed was really a lot faster. Although Xiao Wen was still not satisfied, he could only endure it.
At this time, it is easy to see a situation, that is, the magical power fairy method in the demon world is really not enough …
This world is worse than the celestial world, and now these people have no help from the monster beast, so they can only travel with the remaining six magical powers, and the level is really not good. Even if we give them a better magic fairy method, we will certainly not be able to exert the corresponding power because of the Taoist force. From this point of view, monks in this world are actually poor people.
Xiao asked couldn’t help but twist a head to look at the willow blue, but he couldn’t help but feel pity, because in his view, this woman’s strength is not high in the celestial world, but there is a master posture in the Tianlan demon world. I really don’t know it, but I can’t blame her …
"Don’t make it difficult for her again." Xiao asked could not help but sigh in my mind.
"Is really very poor …" Ninety thousand can keep up with the thinking of Xiao asked, also said.
"If you want to change this situation, you have to start from the root, and you have to overthrow the rule of the demon family first, but it’s not easy."
"Out of sight, out of mind, even if is fairy will also not so big skill. Elder brother, you still don’t much ado about nothing, hurry up to find the three kinds of demon materials, forge a broken seal and go … "
"Well, that’s the only way, but he’s really unwilling!" Xiao asked couldn’t help but burst into swearing.
90,000 people also fell silent, and it took a while to speak, which made them feel a little sad: "Whoever’s territory is bound to abide by its rules, even if the rules are obviously wrong … In fact, that’s why I had to go to nirvana in the first place. For the God League, all celestial bodies are their territory, and they will kill me no matter whether I make a mistake or not."
"Er … do you remember the past?"
"No, just the mention of it will make you feel sad … I think about it. Before the last nirvana, it would be extremely unwilling …"
Xiao Wen was also fascinated by 90 thousand, and remembered the scene when Ri met 90% at the beginning of Xuanyang Zongchu.
At that time, when the Phoenix egg came out, there were several angry, unwilling and painful songs, obviously from an old phoenix …
Come to think of it carefully, 90,000 is persecuted by the God League in the last life, and in this life, he can only live secretly because of him …
Xiao Wen had to breathe deeply to calm the anger that was about to ignite in his heart.

There are countless petals flying out of the flower plant, as if countless sharp arrows are dense.

Every petal is no less than a blow from the royal sword of the late fix-true person then. The number of petals is hundreds, and the momentum is no less than that of Karady.
Australian sacrifice!
This is a group of practitioners who are infinitely close to nature and are extremely good at controlling the power of nature, and have incredible combat power.
Five Berserker, blessed by runes, each one’s strength increased from the initial stage of Yuan Ying to the peak of Yuan Ying’s middle stage. They were like knights of the Holy See, standing in front of the sacrifice and jointly attacking with those plants.
Unfortunately, residual blood posture is too strange, a virtual shadow erratic, let the attack range covers Fiona Fang dozens of meters, it is difficult to lock his figure. Occasionally, some attacks hit, and in the face of his strong strength, he could not do effective killing.
"Karady, president of Gesa Group, there are eight commissions to kill you. The highest commission is as high as 300 million, with a total price of 1.5 billion US dollars."
"Dolozaya, vice president of Gesa Group, there are six commissions to kill you, with a maximum of 200 million, which adds up to 800 million dollars."
"I have no reason not to kill you, do I?"
The voice of the remnant blood is not the slightest murderous look, but the attack power is strong, the posture is strange, and the sword style is sharp and sinister. It is hard to say: "The combination of Berserker and sacrifice is really strong, but it is a pity that your speed is too poor, and you can only remain invincible at most. At your current consumption rate, your strength will drop by 30% in half an hour, and I will be able to break them one by one. "
The fighting capacity of seven people joining hands is definitely more than that of any one of the four big families, even if two owners join hands, they can only be evenly matched.
However, in the face of residual blood, this combination reveals a trace of horror. God knows how powerful the killer ranked fifth in the global killer list is.
"How about I give you five billion dollars and give up the entrustment?" Karady snapped loudly.
He is not really afraid of residual blood, but the task is too important to have any mistakes. Five billion dollars is nothing to him.
A sword light hit the most vulnerable part of the vine, and it was ground. When more attacks nullified the past, there was only a virtual shadow left.
The scene was full of residual blood, and he said faintly, "Five billion dollars? Hand over what you have, plus 100 billion dollars, and I can consider taking the initiative to cancel the entrustment for the first time in my life. "
"You … damn it! You already know, not for entrustment? "
"Both, both are indispensable."
Residual blood constantly consumes each other’s fighting power with strange posture, that is, this kung fu, a few forces that are playing in full swing in the hall, and stop fighting under the cold world.
Blood clan, werewolf, dark wizard, and light Vatican, four forces add up to more than 20 people, and the strongest one has the fighting capacity of Yuan Ying in the middle period.
In fact, when they rushed over, they found that there was already a fight here, but they just didn’t know who was attacking. From the perspective of energy fluctuation, it can’t be cold. When I saw the wandering residual blood and the powerful combination of Australian sacrifice and Berserker, I found that the original inference was completely wrong.
I thought that the Australian practitioners who escorted antiques were even less powerful than them. How could I have thought that they were extremely strong at the priest level?
Even if they put aside their differences, they can’t be the opponents of either side on the spot!
Residual blood seized a flaw and launched a big move. A Berserker was cut off from his right arm and screamed and flew back dozens of meters. However, in the blink of an eye, a piece of blue rune disappeared into his broken arm, muscles and meridians grew rapidly, and soon a brand-new arm grew.
The shock wave produced by the big-move confrontation was wantonly agitated, and the place where it passed was dust, and the cruise ship that was 100 meters long made an unbearable moan.
The aftermath of the firm but gentle wave is long on the hull, leaving a long and narrow sword mark as deep as more than ten meters, and the sea water swarms out of the cracks drilled into it for hundreds of meters.
Booming …
More aftermath smashed the engine room of the cruise ship, explosions came and went, large flames rose from different places, thick smoke filled the torn ceiling, and you could see the starry night sky.
This is only the result of the aftermath, even if the master of the then period exerts himself with all his might, the whole cruise ship can be chopped into ashes in an instant.
It’s over …
Looking at many tourists, sailors and waiters who fled earlier and ran away in lifeboats, hiding in a corner of a room and waiting for the benefits of fishermen, I immediately thought of a terrible question: "I don’t think I can fly with a sword, can I?" What if the ship is sinking? "
Wind curse!
Karady and Dolozaya’s tattoos on the body surface shine more brightly. With more runes pouring out, five Berserker’s bodies are wrapped in a piece of blue light and shadow, and they also have a short-term ability to resist the air.

Chapter one hundred and fourteen The final battle (

"Hey!" Madison Yao scored another 3-pointer in the pick-and-roll to chase the score to 11119-the Rockets are one point behind! And there are 56 seconds left!
At this moment, every fan watching the game held his breath and watched the game intently, because at this last minute, a goal could decide the outcome of the game, and a small mistake could affect the outcome of the game! No one will want to miss this last wonderful moment!
And those fans who support the Rockets and Lakers are silently praying for their favorite team to score more goals to win the game!
Bryant dribbled the ball over half-court, and when he ran out of the three-point line, he suddenly started to enter the line from McGrady’s right, so that Swift had to run out to make up for it and double-team Kobe with McGrady!
Kobe Bryant, who was double-teamed, got the ball to Odom on the outside at the first time, but there was no one in front of Odom at this moment-Odom got the shot!
Since people are defending, of course, we must seize the opportunity to shoot! Odom didn’t wave this shot. He shot a three-pointer immediately after receiving Kobe’s ball!
But I don’t know if it was because of the pressure or the lack of touch. Odom interfered with a three-pointer and missed it-the ball hit the basket and bounced out!
Look at this situation, if God is not helping the Rockets, the Lakers are too unlucky to let Odom miss this key goal!
But it seems that the sky is still waiting for the Lakers, because Odom missed this rebound and fell into Kwame Brown’s hands!
Just when the Lakers were going to make a second attack, Aauto Quicker appeared in front of Kwame Brown like a ghost and hit the ball out with a strong clap. Just when the ball was about to fall out of bounds, a yellow-skinned player wearing the No.51 rocket jersey flew out of bounds and saved the ball and threw it to rocket player Hyde when he was about to fall to the ground!
"Well done!" Hyde shouted excitedly and immediately turned around and took the ball to the Lakers to defend the half! Fast break with Hyde and McGrady and Yao.
On the Lakers side, although Kobe Bryant and Marsh Parker rushed back to the backcourt, could they prevent Yao Maihai from launching a fast break?
Hyde immediately hit the ground when he stepped into the three-point line and handed the ball to McGrady. After receiving the ball, McGrady patted it and ran into the penalty area. However, instead of attacking himself, he hit the ground from behind and handed the ball to Yao who came from behind!
When Yao got the ball, the basket was in front of him. Who can stop the 2.29-meter giant at this moment?
Yao took three big steps, took the ball with one hand, and made a one-handed dunk at Mashpak’s head!
12119! The rocket is in the lead again! !
"flute ~ ~ ~" Lakers coach Phil Jackson immediately called a timeout because the score was overtaken at this moment, which had severely damaged the morale of the players! If you don’t find a way to stabilize the situation and morale, you will lose the game!
"Zeng ~ ~ ~" Yao and other players excitedly ran to Zeng Feiyang, who had just got up from the ground, hugged and high-fived him and walked back to the rest area together. Those substitute players in the rest area also took the initiative to pass towels to Zeng Feiyang-each of them was sincerely grateful to Zeng Feiyang for his last-minute fighting spirit and that desperate steal to save the ball!
Even Van Gundy, who is usually unsmiling, showed a knowing smile, because this fighting spirit of Zeng Feiyang was Van Gundy’s favorite!
"Audience friends in Zeng Feiyang’s key steal and save the ball, the Rockets finally took the lead again. Now there are 436 seconds left before the end of the game. I wonder if the Rockets can win the final victory? But whether we can win or not, I think everyone has seen Zeng Feiyang’s strength! Even though he is not as good as Kobe Bryant and other superstars, his fighting spirit is by no means worse than those superstars, and he used to fly, and now he is 2 years old and still very big! What height will he achieve in the future? I think this is what all the fans think … "
"Listen, all of you, it’s the last moment. You must be slow and steady, okay? Once you have the opportunity, you must make a decisive move! Don’t make mistakes again! This victory must belong to us, you know? " JVG said his last words to his brothers!
"Yes!" All the players gave the same answer! Then the whistle sounded and the two teams left the stadium again!
At the critical moment, the superstar played again-Kobe Bryant stopped the jumper after the breakthrough, and the Lakers scored two points again, giving the Lakers a lead again!
The whole home fans are jubilant, as if they were excited at Kobe Bryant and wanted to disturb the Rockets through the buzz! However, the Rockets have always been the best away team, so how can the noise affect them? And JVG also said that Rockets ace McGrady is the best away player!
The same superstar McGrady also played his due role as the leader of the team-Li Yao’s pick-and-roll cover broke through the restricted area of the Lakers, but someone still blocked his way in the basket. This person is called Kwame Brown, the top parallel importer!
McGrady’s eyes are still those blurred eyes that didn’t wake up. He stared at Kwame Brown’s face in front of him and didn’t know what he was thinking.
Finally, McGrady reached the basket and jumped up at the first time, and Kwame Brown followed suit and jumped up with his hands up.
In this case, McGrady will never score if he dunks! What if it caused Kwame Brown a foul? Can he guarantee that he will hit 1% of the free throws? The answer is of course no! Tracy McGrady chose another way to attack!
See McGrady suddenly turn around in the middle of 3 degrees 6 degrees 9 degrees 1 degree …
Finally, after completing the 36-degree middle turn, McGrady finally swayed Kwame Brown in the middle of the game, but by this time he was about to fall to the ground! However, at this moment, McGrady lifted the ball, and the wrist of his right hand was very comfortable. The ball flew out by force and slipped into the basket without bias!
"Good shot!" Yu Jia, the host of CCV5, and Zhang Zhi called one excitedly! Not only did they all groan when they saw the goal, because it was so perfect-China McGrady not only released his super explosive power and sluggish ability, but also showed his super physical quality, flexibility and perfect touch! This is no worse than Kobe Bryant’s passing Yao and Swift’s pull-rod basket in the middle of the game!
Zeng Feiyang looked at a relaxed face, and McGrady’s heart was full of sighs.
Too strong! These people’s personal ability is really terrible, although I am confident to complete the 36-degree spin basket in the middle of the game, but that is in the case of human defense! It’s absolutely impossible for me to get past a person in the game and pull the basket successfully … is this the scoring champion?
Thought of here, Zeng Feiyang turned his attention to the body of Kobe Bryant, who was compared with McGrady in contemporary NBA.
Kobe Bryant … Tracy McGrady … is really the strongest couple, but so what? One day, I will definitely surpass you. I will definitely …
At this moment, Zeng Feiyang found his first pursuit goal in the NBA, a definite goal, a goal he hasn’t had for a long time …
Chapter one hundred and fifteen From heaven to hell
"Audience friends, there are 36 seconds left before the end of the game. Although the Rockets lead by one point, the ball belongs to the Lakers! Therefore, the Rockets must not be careless about the success or failure depending on how the two teams played at this last moment, but I think this final game must belong to Kobe and McGrady-if I were a coach, I would entrust the team’s success or failure to them! Well, now that Kobe has the ball over half-court, will he attack … "
This time, Kobe Bryant didn’t rush for success, but kept dribbling outside the three-point line and slowly consumed time.
Everyone in the audience has their eyes on Kobe Bryant. They hold their breath and their hearts are beating violently, because this attack is likely to determine the outcome of the game!
As time goes by, people’s heart rate becomes faster and faster, and some people have even caught their breath and their palms are full of cold sweat!
Finally, with 1 second left, Kobe Bryant suddenly started to swing around at a 9-degree angle outside the three-point line, and then his speed broke through McGrady’s defense and went straight into the restricted area of the Rockets!
Yao and Swift rushed back to make up the defense, but Kobe suddenly jumped up like a fighter plane after stepping into the restricted area and flew to the basket with great momentum!
In "Yay ~ ~", Kobe gave a raging roar. He held the ball in one hand and raised his right arm in the middle of the game. He flew higher and higher, and his eyes were flush with the basket. Finally, he flew through the gap between Yao and Swift and smashed the basketball into the basket!
"bang!" The speed is simply overbearing and there is no regret. The tomahawk dunk was completed in Kobe’s hands!
"dong! Knock! Dong ~ ~ ~ "Basketball fell to the ground, and the hearts of the audience were beating with the falling basketball. At this moment, people had Kobe Bryant’s former enemy in their minds!
Even if that dunk lasted for a second or two, it was as long as centuries in the hearts of fans, because this dunk is that basketball should be wonderful, crazy and passionate-it is that people are eager to see basketball games!
15 seconds left, 122123, the rocket is behind again!
At this time, JVG didn’t call a timeout because there was enough time left for the players to make an attack! And he believes that McGrady will definitely lead the Rockets to victory again! Because McGrady is a great player who can work miracles!
Rockets ball, McGrady controls the ball, and Lakers take a tight approach!
People’s hearts are hanging in the air again, and everyone is praying silently. Their difference is to support Lakers fans and pray that the Lakers can prevent the Rockets from attacking. The fans who support the Rockets hope that the Rockets can complete this attack! What they have in common is that they hope the team they support can win the game!
When walking quickly, the audience has been silently counting down!
The Lakers are pressing Madison to dribble easily to the frontcourt!
Zeng Feiyang came to meet!
After Zeng Feiyang helped McGrady finally take the ball through the half-court, he carefully protected the ball and delayed the last time …
Rockets players have run to Madison to pull a road.
Mcgrady, start a breakthrough!
Kobe Bryant killed McGrady and didn’t give him a chance to break through and shoot!
Yao ran out and McGrady blocked Kobe!