"Roar-"is responsible for guarding the peak black bear essence at both ends of the foundation period, and immediately stared at Xiao Xiao with a bloody mouth.

This can frighten Xiao Xiao Xiao, a daring little girl, and exclaim several times in a row. If it weren’t for the big brother, I’m afraid they would have fallen down.
"Ahem that someone be calm be calm have something to say don’t scare somebody else’s little girl" Zhai Ling also don’t know if I this tube, but I still sit on the eye dew yoshimitsu is growling one or two shouted.
Not far away
"Brother that there is nothing wrong with the human brain? Can people understand what he says? " Someone in the grass laughed, but I thought it was too inappropriate to laugh now, so I suppressed it.
"Tube so much? Younger must not have an accident or we will all be finished. "
"What? It’s not like we let her run away. "
"Because her grandfather is a great elder."
In the grass, the four of them didn’t know whether it was to protect Xiao Xiao’s front and looked at Zhai Ling slightly in amazement.
If Zhai Ling wasn’t the captive of the monster beast at the peak of the three-headed construction period, maybe he really had something to say.
When all the people were jittery and indecisive, the two heads were grinning and growling, and the black bear essence decisively turned around with a face of injustice and roared toward Zhai Ling as gently as possible
In this way, Zhai Ling was still shaken by this "gentleness", but he didn’t learn animal language, except that he knew what the two goods were jabbering about. Zhai Ling had already laughed.
After his ears were clean, Zhai Ling opened his eyes and looked at the two black bears who showed koo’s eyes. He spoke Chinese carefully and was always on the alert.
Even others don’t know why these three black bears will suddenly be so friendly to him. Is this too friendly?
Zhai Ling slightly swept not far away, but secretly nervously, everyone’s heart was funny, but also bitter. I don’t know what I experienced today. It’s too fantastic for him.
Then Zhai Ling could change the subject. He seemed to feel that the three black bears could understand the wording of his words and said, "Aren’t you taking me somewhere?"? It’s important to do business. Shall we hurry? "
"Moo … Cleisthenes-"The two black bear spirits as guards looked at each other and then at the black bear spirits on Zhai Ling’s ass.
"Moo" Zhai Ling ass that black bear essence almost didn’t consider is nodded and shouted.
I heard the boss agree that two black bears showed Zhai Ling a bloody smile, and then continued to be a guard. Yu Xiaoxiao’s group didn’t look at it.
Four people … No, four heads … Well, this small group of them continued to catch up with the road.
The group of brothers and sisters around Xiaoxiao are blindsided.
Do they really know each other?
But before what, do you have to look like you have to be killed?
I really don’t understand!
"The younger generation thanked the older generation for saving his life." The master elder brother heard a group of younger brothers and sisters talking about this before he came to his senses and quickly took a few steps forward and said.
"Don’t ha ha goodbye goodbye-"Zhailing looked back and revealed a pair of ugly smile than crying and raised his left arm as if he didn’t give up.
"…" This makes master elder brother flow cloud some consternation.
For a moment, it seemed that he suddenly turned white and whispered to the sky, "The predecessors are the predecessors … they are all too abstruse."
After that, he turned to look at his classmate’s younger brother and younger sister with a startled face and said lightly, "Let’s go and don’t disturb the elder’s mood."
Zhai Ling will definitely spray him in the face if he hears the wind and cloud at the moment.
Little ye, I’m asking you to call someone … Call someone-come and save me-
Zhai Ling seems to be sitting calmly on the shoulders of the worst black bear, but in fact, his heart has already turned.
It’s not that he didn’t want to find a chance to escape. He took the opportunity to escape seven times before encountering a turbulent situation, but every time he just ran a few steps, he was hugged by the most powerful black bear and pressed his shoulder.
Hiding in Maha?
Zhai Ling didn’t think about it, but he gave up.
This monster beast with this level of black bear essence is also an inhuman way to cultivate advanced practitioners and have their own feelings and ideas. Although it may not be as complicated as worldly desires’s, it is really possible for some people to suddenly become spiritually cultivated one day. Zhai Ling sincerely doesn’t want to be exposed before them.
Moreover, this is not a life-threatening moment. With these three tall Zhailing, you can bet that if he hides in the Maha, these three will definitely be silly and stay where they are … I am anxious for Zhai Ling.
Zhai Ling’s strength After hiding in Maha, he ran by himself.
This embarrassing scene Zhai Ling has some cramps when he thinks about his mouth.
half an hour later
As running all the way Zhai Ling was brought into the … Pansi Cave …
Pansidong? !
But why are there a group of black bear spirits living here?
Zhai Ling stared at the three Chinese characters at the entrance of the abode of fairies and immortals. When he looked at the tower of heaven, he once read a story written by the founder of a south building. One of them was the story of Yu Zunbao and Zixiaxian.
"What little ye I suddenly thought of the south tower? No way … I will be so lucky? " Zhai Ling corners of the mouth a smoke.
With the loud roar of the black bear essence in Zhai Ling Block, nearly 100 black bear essence, big and small, old and weak, will stumble when they are born, have gathered in the valley in front of the Pansi Cave.
Zhai Ling sat tall and looked at the dense black bears carefully and somehow got nervous.

When it seems like water, you can’t hold it, you can’t catch it, you can slip through your fingers and fly through the window lattice, and the night is gone forever.

Perhaps for a long time, everyone has developed the habit of deciding the direction in Yanglingtian, or infected by the inexplicable self-confidence of that handsome cheek. Talking about Yanglingtian and everyone acquiesced in the end
Although I don’t know what Yanglingtian is going to do, Simon is very happy
I don’t know that Yanglingtian, who has always been interested in money, suddenly became interested in marble and took out several precious materials from the bag in Tianlai Valley to let Master Simon play his talent-selling these precious materials is not the point.
The key point is that the marble from the sale is still in the charge of his master Simon, and his chest is bulging at once. When he walks, it becomes like a day away from the dynasty and Yanglingtian, and others go to the Taishi mansion together-his hands stand tall with round bellies, and his eyes are like a gap in the sky, and he looks around and looks at the faces of those who are playing with birds and jade, and the faces of the ladies are still full of disdain. Chapter 44 provokes Taiyi (middle)
Simon played his own talent wantonly, and the rare materials in the colorful bag were played by him with the greatest effect. The only thing that made Master Simon regret was that most of the materials in the bag of the protoss king were too rare, and almost heaven and man dared to take them today, so it was the worst material in the bag.
But that’s the worst thing in the bag. Maybe it’s nothing to Dayan Holy Land 10 thousand years ago, but now it’s hard to find a million dollars. Suddenly, Master Simon’s fame in major businesses is also rising.
His scenery is "rampant" and the whole Dayan Holy Land is boiling up at the same time.
First of all, the descendants of God gave up the blood pride announcement, and the reason why Tianhou inherited the brothers and sisters was actually because of a man who had just arrived in Dayan Holy Land-Yanglingtian.
Then the two families of ghosts and gods announced at the same time that the two families were about to seal the two domains of ghosts and gods and re-form the descendants of the two families before they reappeared.
And this was actually because Yanglingtian found the sacred objects of the two ethnic groups with the seal of the protoss king who disappeared ten thousand years ago.
Looking at the black and white clouds of the two ethnic groups gathering constantly, I really want the majestic crown to cover the two places, and finally slowly hang a thick curtain of dust, which will isolate the two ethnic groups from the outside world for an ancient miracle, and everyone guesses again.
However, due to the seal between the ghosts and gods, everything seems to have been finalized and there is no redundant speculation value. Therefore, everyone’s speculation has shifted to the person who caused this change-Yangling Tianshen.
SHEN WOO level fighters can rev ancient protoss king seal?
The vast majority of people in Dayan Holy Land scoff at this-the seal technique of the two families of gods and demons can be said that the universal seal and the Fuofuda technique all originated from the seal of the descendants of the gods 10,000 years ago. Today, people are afraid that Wu Da Di Zun is also expected to print and sigh. There may be a purple emperor who has eternal life in the whole ordinary human race-Xuanyuanhuang may have a way.
But if a SHEN WOO first-class fighter can open the seal, it is doubtful. Even if all the heads of Dayan holy people are broken, no one will believe it
Unless this is the Yanglingtian, you are a descendant of the King of God, and you have long known that there are rev methods or rev objects. Of course, this idea is ridiculous and disrespectful, and everyone has swallowed it.
Suddenly, people full of doubts speculated whether this Yanglingtian was connected with the two families of ghosts and gods.
Less than 20 years old, he didn’t accept the power repair, but he was already in the late stage of SHEN WOO’s first class. At the same time, he was able to open the seal of the protoss king. Some people with rich associations can’t help but think of an old saying-saying that the descendants of the gods and demons declined ten thousand years ago. At that time, the elders of the royal family of the two ethnic groups once made the two ethnic groups taboo-praying for the gods to exchange the essence of the aura to give birth to a pair of golden couple.
It is said that this pair of golden couple was born according to the aura of heaven, and all kinds of things need to be nurtured in the aura before arrival. When people are born, they are accompanied by all kinds of rosy clouds, and when they grow up, they are doomed to become gods and demons. It is said that when the kings of the two ethnic groups were born, they just passed ten thousand years.
But all this comes from speculation and can stop at speculation.
Every day, Yangling’s martial arts experience has been dug out one by one. Everything is real and natural, except that the cultivation speed is higher than that of ordinary people, and it is indifferent and slightly different from ordinary people. If it is true, how can the two ethnic groups experience the ups and downs of the world without protection by their future kings?
With thick doubts, all eyes of Dayan Holy Land are focused on Yanglingtian, a line of people and so on.
Of course, all the guesses and notes are attributed to the decline of Taiyi Sect in the big doors, but they don’t know too many secrets at all. They learn that they are still anxious to find the traces of Yanglingtian and others, and that Yanglingtian is also a known person who still walks the busy streets naturally and casually.
"It’s been three months since Lingtian. Have you finished your preparation?" Look at the expression of natural Yang Ling Tian Yang Zhuo dust finally unbearable worry gently said
"It’s ready." Yanglingtian smiled and stretched out his hand to help. The old man looked up at the sky. "After today, we can go back to our new home in Dayan Holy Land."
"New home?" Wei Bo, the first class, suddenly finished one leng and couldn’t understand what the other party said.
At the same time, Yanglingtian has helped Yang Zhuo’s dust to enter the three-storey building where the whole expensive rosewood was painted red.
It’s just a door. The scene is very different from the imagined scene
Although the whole building outside the door is three stories high, it is unique and carefully carved, and even the building materials show the prosperity of this building.
As a matter of common sense, the building should be crowded with people.
It’s a pity that the door situation surprised everyone. The lobby on the first floor was not as lively as expected. Several scribes looked like young people walking back and forth. There was a large stage with many decorated mahogany round-backed chairs, but there was no coffee table.
"How many men have come to the evening party?"
Only when they entered the door, the clear voice had turned to look. A slender and elegant young man in a blue gown had slowly walked over, holding his right hand on his chest and making a slight bow to the people with great courtesy.
"Yes," Yang Lingtian nodded and turned to look at the spacious hall. "I heard that this is your biggest event in ten years. How can there be no one now?"
"Hehe ~ ~ ~ I don’t know something about the public." Listening to Yang Lingtian’s "layman" words, the young voice is not as kind and soft as it was at first, but he still made a slight bow with great courtesy. "There is still a period when the party will come to the back of all the guests or rest in Yazhong on the second floor. However, it is only when the party is held that someone will come to the right place. I wonder if there are some public invitations?"
"Invitation letter?" Yanglingtian slightly one leng immediately eyebrows a wrinkly gently "you want to have an invitation letter to come here? Lesson I heard that it seems that this is not the case. Chapter 45 Provoking Taiyi ()

Now, if you drink, you don’t have the spirit to disperse alcohol, and you will get drunk.

This can’t be done
He slowly put the cup in his hand back to the table for dinner.
"Don’t you want to drink?" Lao Li don’t understand
"My stomach is a little uncomfortable. Forget it." Gu Qingshan said.
When he was eating, the four of them packed their personal equipment.
Protection, hands, pike, pistol, walkie-talkie, infrared telescope, ammunition, etc. were all prepared by them.
"This villa is very big. You can find a room to rest by yourself-each of our rooms has a name on it. You don’t have to pick those rooms with names," the woman told her.
"Good white" Gu Qingshan Road
At that time, several people packed their things and walked towards the top floor of the villa.
"Never mind if you hear a monster scream" Lao Li’s last avenue.
Gu Qingshan moved in his heart and asked, "When is the danger?"
"Around eleven o’clock" the woman replied.
They’re gone
Gu Qingshan looked at the wall clock.
It’s very early to seven o’clock.
The two girls opposite him are still eating.
"Put the plates here and we’ll clean them up," a girl said when she noticed his eyes.
"thank you"
Gu Qingshan got up and left.
He turned around in the villa.
This villa is the largest residential building in the whole town. It is said that the owner flew to the capital as soon as the disaster broke out.
After all, it is the center of the whole country, and there must be the most ways to deal with it.
As a result, as the disaster continued, people found that the safest place was desert.
The fewer people, the safer the place.
Gu Qingshan remembered every room as he walked.
He turned around but didn’t see any room to his liking.
He sighed and went back to the restaurant to sit down and think it over.
"Haven’t you found a good room yet?" A girl asked with a smile.
"No" Gu Qingshan Road
Another girl said, "That … Gu Qingshan, can you go to the basement with us to get something? I am always a little scared alone. "
"What is there to be afraid of, but what are we going to get?" Gu Qingshan laughed
"Some ingredients-they will take turns to eat at night to replenish their strength," the girl said.
"Then go" Gu Qingshan Road
"Thank you"
The two girls showed joy
Three people came to the living room of the villa, and two girls lifted the thick carpet and hit the ground door with keys, walking towards the surface.
"The floor of the Tibetan living room is really unique," praised Gu Qingshan.
"But the original owner here is a big shot, with many livestock farms and crops and a mine," said the girl.
"How did you find this place?"
"The blond man is the big shot."
"He didn’t go to the capital with his father?"
"He thinks that the situation in the capital is not to give his life to the unknown, so it is better to master everything you have and defend it, and then make a decision like action."
"He is a clever man," praised Gu Qingshan.

"The imperial food in the palace was not as delicious as this!" ……

Next to the big dining table, a group of beautiful women with beautiful ladies’ images are throwing their cheeks. There is a dragon in front of them. At ordinary times, it’s hard to see that these slender beauties have such a large appetite. It’s not long before this 30-foot long dragon is riddled with holes.
"I say you eat slowly and stop choking! Nobody’s robbing you. Besides, there’s so much here! This dragon is enough for our family to eat several meals … "But no one is listening to Yi Yu or fighting for it.
Yi Yu looked at the beauty who ate a mouthful of oil and couldn’t help but give birth to a warm feeling. "Maybe this is like a family!" Shouting is full of energy and no intrigue. Is it happy to get together and eat? Maybe that’s it! "
"Hey!" Yang Zi put chopsticks gracefully, but at this time she was full and ruined the royal elegance when she just ate. Princess Yang Zi couldn’t help blushing and lowering her head.
"Sister Yang Zi is really cute!" "Scale" seems to be a little bent, leaning back in the chair and smiling at Yang Zi.
A listen to "scale" has been suppressed along while didn’t speak cold calyx was more than I could bear to say with smile "yes! Yes! Although Yang Zi’s eating style is the most elegant, I just saw him eat such a big piece of meat with a sneak bite! " Said also exaggerated strokes a big circle.
"No! Cold calyx nonsense! " Yang Zi’s face turned red, but she still refused to admit that everyone couldn’t help laughing when they saw her lovely appearance.
Yi Yu see Yang Zi some humiliating hurriedly bifurcation topic "alas! I can support me to death, I am afraid I can’t walk anymore! "
"Hum! My husband can eat the most, and while eating, he said that people should eat slowly and don’t grab it! In fact, he eats the most! " In such a restrained occasion, it is not at all to give Yi Yu a name. She knows that Yi Yu will not be angry and restrained at this time to get along as a family.
Yi Yu a quick two "was now! But you can eat a lot! See you at ordinary times all like a lady, in fact, are all little greedy cats and little fat pigs "…
Tang Wan wiped her mouth and smiled "husband! There are so many left! Shall we all take it home? It would be a pity if you just throw it away. "
"It’s natural to bring back wave food is not a good habit after our family can’t wave! If I see anyone who dares to wave food, I will spank! "
Yin element siu-tong smiles appealed a "hum! I just want to take advantage of us! "
The cold calyx may be due to eating too much, and the blood has gone to the stomach to digest food, so some brains are ignorant. "But this dragon is so big that even if we take it back, there is nothing to heat. Can it be cold?" At this time, although the dragon has been riddled with holes, the middle bone is still intact!
Yi Yu looked at the cold calyx, but MengMeng was so fond of it that she just wanted to say,’ Just cut it!’ But before he could say this, he heard someone say, "Isn’t it easy? Just move this cauldron home together! "
"This method is good! Husband, let’s move the cauldron back! "
Yi Yu couldn’t help laughing in her heart when she heard this. "Our family really has all kinds of stooges!" But when he turned his head to look in the direction of voice, he couldn’t laugh anymore.
I saw two people in the doorway with a big white lace apron and a blue robe. It turned out that the chef Niang and the little nun came back! In fact, it’s no wonder that people come back here. It’s their home. Can they still go to the ends of the earth? Besides, even if I really ran out, Yi Yu and his family should run back here after eating and stuffing for so long.
Seeing that the chef Niang’s eyes are round, her eyes are blazing, her teeth are gnashing, Yi Yu is holding a big dish, and the knife hand has already burst out with faint veins standing out, while the little nun is gloating and I don’t know what she is happy about.
"Hey hey! We won’t take it when you two come back to the cauldron. Just bring this leftovers back. It’s not easy to have a large population at home! " Yi Yu gave the chef two quick smiles. "It’s a little salty, but this trip is still delicious. I know you don’t want to bring your family here to taste it. You don’t mind!"
You!’ When the chef Niang heard Yi Yuhu say, she couldn’t help pointing a kitchen knife at him even more angrily. I don’t know if the kitchen knife is too heavy or if it is so angry that the kitchen knife that grows more than three feet can’t help shivering. "My dragon soup!"
"Well … there’s still a lot of dragon soup. It’s not cold yet. If you’re too hungry, you can drink some dragon meat first … Try it if you don’t think we’re dirty!" Now, this guy Yi Yu has been caught red-handed, and he is a dead pig who is not afraid of scalding water. If it happens, he takes a bowl and wants the great beauty to become soup.
Chef Niang maliciously stared at Yi Yu slowly. "It seems that some people really don’t know how to write the word’ death’! ….. "If you would like to know the aftermath, please look back at Life Bet.
Back to the 256th life bet
However, it is also very dead for me to painstakingly cook a pot of dragon soup in my heart. Yi Yu, but at this time, this beautiful chef Niang couldn’t help swallowing a mouthful of water when she heard Yi Yu talking about it and it was still warm. It seems that now is not the time to be afraid of temper. With Yi Yu’s cold hum, "Hum! If this dragon soup is heated again, it will change its original flavor. Although it is a little salty and not perfect, it is my hard work. I will try it first and kill you again and again! " He said, and went to the big cupboard.
The little nun immediately changed her face and rushed to the front quickly. "Master, I’ll get you a bowl …"
"You’re smart this time." Until now, the chef Niang still stared at Yi Yu savagely, as if she were afraid that he would run away.
"The master is my brother’s duty …" The nun was smiling while walking. In fact, she was afraid that the master would see those two cards, but the little nun ran to the cupboard and screamed!
"What’s the matter?" Everyone is a surprised look at the little nun.
"Master is not good for you … your chopsticks are gone!" First the nun panicked and shouted as if the world was coming to an end.
The beautiful chef Niang’s eyes are even more prosperous with a slight ash! "Who is it? ….. Who stole my bowl! I’m going to kill him … "Like a angry mother Tyrannosaurus rex, but before she finished, she saw a big white porcelain bowl full of dragon soup.
But the chef niang without looking cold so way "go! Leave me alone. Do you want to die? "
"yo! Sister Ruyu is really angry! I haven’t seen you for so long and I have to kill my little sister! People are so sad. "
That beautiful chef Niang, that is, Sister Jade, couldn’t help but look back with a slight surprise. Looking back, she saw a beautiful girl in blue pretending to look at her with a sad face!
"Dirt? !” Although there are two words, the joy is beyond words.
"Jade elder sister! ….. "Said the" scale "hugged the chef niang at this time they just white originally this chef niang turned out to be a famous heart like ShenNiXin jade! And the little nun knew without thinking that nature was Shen Wei, the master of dragon slaying.
After just a surprise, Xin Ruyu deliberately kept a straight face and said, "You dead girl finally escaped! I told you not to get mixed up with Deng Yin, a small white boy. Neither he nor his brother Shou is a good thing! You didn’t listen, but you went your own way and married him. You deserve to be bullied so much later! "
Scale face a red secretly saw Yi Yu Chen way "jade elder sister the worst these old things to do? Don’t eat soup soon, it will get cold soon! This is my bowl chopsticks. I remember when I was a child, I was never too dirty as a jade elder sister. Now I won’t … "
Xin Ruyu’s face was slightly sluggish, but she soon returned to normal, revealing a look of longing and missing. "What are you talking about?" How can Sister Ruyu dislike me? I really miss it! At that time, your three sisters and Chen Ziqin’s little crazy bitch were probably the happiest time in thousands of years! " Said Xin Ruyu has used words to destroy this big bowl of dragon soup.
"Scales hold the smiling at Xin Ruyu, who is not very elegant and eats." Sister Ruyu is really sorry that people don’t know where you are at this moment! In the end, it makes you eat scraps, but the craftsmanship of Jade Sister is getting more and more exquisite! I envy people! "
A listen to "scale" also said somewhat ironic Xin Ruyu couldn’t help being more angry and swallowing a mouthful of dragon soup "hum! You bitch, don’t get cheap here and tell me. I don’t know your sex yet! You must have known this was my home and deliberately … Yes! You must have done it on purpose I’ll settle accounts with you after I finish eating later! " "Is this your man?" she asked, glancing at Yi Yu.
"Scale a face of smile took Yi Yu arm way" well! Jade elder sister, this is her. You can also call her with me. "
Yi Yu quickly saluted, "That … I’ve seen Sister Jade!" At this time, Yi Yu met the famous heart like a god, but his head was a little short-circuited and his heart andao "Is this the heart like a god?" ! That’s the dragon slayer? This world is simply crazy! "
Xin jade cold hum a "hum! Smelly little and I are close to who is your jade sister! " But when it comes to the later time, I can’t help but look slightly red and look at Shen Wei. I don’t know what the good sisters have tacitly agreed. "Don’t say something nice, it’s okay. Today, the dragon soup is not over yet!"
"Elder sister! Look at you. You scared our family to her! And I’m telling you! He bears a grudge! If you bully him, don’t ask him to seize the opportunity in the future … "
"yo! It’s hard to believe when my dirty sister became so good! " Said Xin Ruyu and looked at Yi Yu with a smile. "You really have two hands. At the beginning, Deng Yin was a famous handsome man in the fix true world. It’s not a two-woman monk who secretly promised his heart! But when it comes to our dirty here, it’s not just scolding and raising my hand … "He said, but he covered his mouth and laughed and said to himself," But it’s no wonder! Have you been forced to rebel by others? You must coax this husband this time! "
"hate it! Sister Ruyu said nothing! It’s a thing of the past. Why give it back to him? And if you make my sister jealous, there will be no good fruit to eat! "
Xin Ruyu smiled awkwardly and laughed. "Aye? Haven’t you heard of such a big deal? This is not my intention! "
Scale and all the people a slight ash don’t know xin jade mouth say what is the event "elder sister what are you talking about? My sisters and I are busy these days! I didn’t care about asking for information. Did it arrive before the big robbery? "
Xin Ruyu shook her head and laughed. "What a shot in the dark! It’s still a long way to go! Although it’s already gone, I’m afraid it will be decades before our life-and-death war! But heaven is unpredictable. Who can tell? "
"That you say what is it! Stop selling! Otherwise, I will be angry! "
Xin Ruyu laughed. "All right! I’ll tell you … you! " Said a face of banter at Yi Yu connect a way "just three days ago, Deng Yin alone fog hidden peak out Kunlun sent in addition to the one-yuan ancestor and silly monk, the rest of the younger brother was killed …"

The fire has a hint of resistance.

This is a saint’s breath. Others imitate the law specifically to issue high-level military orders
Gu Qingshan immediately looked awed-this must be the war assigned to him.
He took over the fire operator and urged it with a spiritual force.
Xuanyuan Tianzun sounded "Guerrilla general Gu Qingshan was ordered to inspect various positions and investigate the frontline military situation"
Patrol positions? Reconnaissance military intelligence?
Gu Qingshan lost in thought.
There are full-time generals in charge of all positions, commanders and soldiers at all levels, and officers in charge of inspections accordingly.
In the investigation of military intelligence … These are all fixed investigation troops, and people have arranged them well.
It seems that there is nothing wrong with me.
So ….. What the hell is this for me?
Gu Qingshan is full of doubts and a fire is flying.
He took over and was urged by a spiritual force.
The fairy sound of flowers comes from the fire symbol. "I don’t care about you this time. Pay more attention to finding some safe places to hang around."
Gu Qingshan whole body momentum suddenly a drain.
He couldn’t help saying something.
Master, you are too protective of me.
Don’t you feel a little guilty because you didn’t take care of your apprentice in a battle, which led to his being bullied?
But it’s not so well protected!
Gu Qingshan thoughtfully suddenly said to himself, "something is wrong."
It’s not that life is wrong, but that this whole thing is wrong
Baihuaxian would never deliberately protect his brother just because he was humiliated a little.
On the contrary, she wants her brother to be honed in all kinds of ways.
What the hell?
What’s to protect me like this?
Gu Qingshan was thinking of another fire operator flying down his hand.
Looking down, it is still a hundred flowers fairy message.
He lit the fire and urged the fairy sound of flowers to come out from the message.
"I’ve thought about it, but I still have to tell you some truth, so it’s not worthwhile for you to run around and die."
"The SHEN WOO world Xuanyuan, Sad Yang and I have sneaked into it and explored it carefully."
"As things stand, the world is very strange."
"Sadness and I both have a bad feeling."
"Forget it, I’ll tell you face to face."
Gu Qingshan immediately walked out.
The fairy tale of a hundred flowers cast a shadow over his heart.
Neither of his two saints has a hundred flowers fairy sitting there safely.
She is silently observing a floating clay pot.
Gu Qingshan looked carefully and recognized that this was the treasure of the heavenly king.
At that time, if it hadn’t been robbed by a hundred flowers and immortals, the ending of that battle would have to be said.
"Castle Peak" Baihuaxian saw him coming and laughed. "Guess what this thing has."
Gu Qingshan tried to say, "Call Monty?"
"No, its main function is to get through the two worlds and let a world have a crack and go straight to the underworld."
"So the underworld can fight around with this treasure?" Guqingshan avenue
"It’s not so powerful that it can create a one-way passage." Baihuaxian shook his head regretfully. "This thing has nothing for us."
She put away the clay pot and said, "All right, let’s talk about your life."
"I really want to go out," Gu Qingshan sink a way.
"I’m going to let you lead the troops, but I’ll forget it now."
Baihuaxian looked at him calmly and said, "I have some omens of impending physical death, and several divinations have been confirmed."
"what! How is it possible! " Gu Qingshan lost his way.
Baihuaxian is the strongest practitioner in Terran, and he has a premonition of physical death!
But such a powerful person will have a little vague judgment on many things, which is generally accurate.
"We three monks who sealed the sacred land were the only ones who felt the strongest spirit. I noticed it before."
"I quietly spent some money without telling them, calculated a few hexagrams and tried the ancient divination several times, but there was no deviation."
Gu Qingshan stared at Baihua Fairy and found it hard to accept the news at the moment.

So there is a secret connection between bailimu and Fengyan? She naturally knew that thyme was dissatisfied with the marriage, but she didn’t expect it to be someone else.

If you really marry in the past, you will have a feeling and a meaning!
Then leaving poetry now is her future status quo.
Yun Wan shuddered at the thought of being almost crazy from poetry.
No, we must find a way to stop this marriage.
Yun Wan never recognizes herself as a kind-hearted person.
What she has to do is herself. If someone tries to stop her, she will definitely achieve her goal even if she kills.
However, she keenly felt that Thyme Mu and Feng Yan might have something to hide from everyone.
Phoenix, after all, but the queen mother brought back from the outside that thyme grazing is acquaintance. 383 Chapter 383 Really want to give him a slap (1)
The moon is dark and the stars are scattered and shining on this vast land.
There is a man in blue standing on the tower, and the cold wind blows over him and squints at a distance.
Long hair flying, red eyes, slightly haggard face, but still can’t hide the sadness revealed in the bone.
Straight nose, thin lips, tight lips, like hidden worries
The handsome and handsome young man raised his eyes and looked at the sky as bright as a well-proportioned tree, which was probably the case before the wind came.
A pair of cold eyes looked at the lights passing through the imperial city.
"Emperor Royal ….." The words revealed by lip light are not as cold and cheerless as the surface, but with a little weakness.
There was a flash of wind, and a man in black knelt before the man in blue.
Wearing this sleeve jacket, the long sleeves on the right arm are embroidered with Yunlian patterns, which are lifelike.
Snow velvet tiger skin around the waist, which is produced from a rare white tiger body, is more precious than precious stones.
Male face over joy urgent way "little Lord where have you been? If you don’t support me, it’s necessary to be more careful to prevent being countered by you. "
The man looks a little unreal in the moonlight, but his words are irrelevant. "I finally found her."
"What did the young master say?" Called heavy Li nan to this one leng.
The wind is getting stronger and stronger, messing up the scattered ink on his chest.
Male eyes suddenly murderous look vaguely "for three years …"
That face is too white and a little angry.
The man coughed gently and tried to suppress the sound, but the cough grew louder and louder.
See the man covered his chest with a fierce cough, and his face slowly became a little dizzy because of the violent ups and downs in his chest.
Heavy Li immediately worried before striding to hold him wobbly.
"It’s time to take medicine." Whispered softly and slid over the man’s ear with a sigh. "Don’t be too brave."
"The golden cicada does not move, and the cicada is often killed. I don’t know if this is the last night of peace in the imperial city …" The man raised his hand and gestured to hinder it.
The bell in the sleeve gives off a crisp sound and a faint scent of medicine, and the face is as expressionless as a white porcelain mask.
"Let’s go!"
Heavy Li didn’t say anything sigh wry smile to hold the man turned and disappeared into the night.

His hair has also burned into a bald head, and he has no such elegant and harmonious temperament as before.

"Open a day! Break! "
Su Ying’s fist, palm and arm are like an axe to open the sky, and finally she comes to Xia Yu!
No words can shape him and no killer can resist Su Yingwei’s opening the seal of heaven!
His body was split in an instant and then smashed into a rotten meat.
Chapter 1219 Don’t be afraid, I am a good man.
Just a punch!
Su Ying fought thirty-six times as hard as he did, and he turned the mighty God into a giant genius, Jade Deficiency God, and smashed his summer feathers into a ball of meat sauce!
Who can imagine how tragic this scene is?
All the leaders of the remaining six sects were dumbfounded and couldn’t believe their eyes.
They deeply know that the power of Stephane’s terror god is almost the peak of his fighting power, and he may soon become the king of the gods.
Yuxiu Jingu is a great school of heavenly kings, with rich background. Tianquan in Longxiang Town is a peerless school.
No, the sun’s handprint comes out with one blow, like a peerless overlord, and everything in the world wants the dragon elephant to dare not move.
However, this juexue Su Ying was simply a child playing house and was directly defeated, with no aftermath left.
At first, the true gods of the remaining six masters were shocked and dull, and all of them screamed hysterically and lost their confidence in themselves.
It is also in the face of a punch that can crush Stephane’s gods into a paste. Their poor magical power is really difficult to continue
King dye at this moment in an anguo gawk at everything in sight.
The aftermath of the fight didn’t involve her either, because she was already protected all over.
Sue should have let her Tao Wen form a shield to protect her and let her watch her kill the quartet at the same time
Isn’t it a pity that there is no audience in such a hearty way?
"Sue should you what is this budo! I am not reconciled! Absolutely unwilling! God will be reborn as a heavenly king and reborn as Dan! "
Stephane, who was beaten into rotten meat, was unwilling to roar and oscillate. At the same time, a Dan medicine appeared on his body. This Dan medicine was shaped like a god, revealing Gaidai’s domineering spirit and turned out to be a deity-level elixir.
"Heavenly King Rebirth Dan?"
"Hum! How is it possible to condense Dan medicine again and return to its peak state? I won’t give you this chance. This elixir has some for me. You can rely on it. Bring it to me! "
Su Ying sneered at this deity-level elixir. Every one of them is extremely precious. You can get an ordinary true god to peek at the saying that the deity is the deity realm!
Sue should hand out the past to break heavy directly to the front of Stephane will give away the Dan medicine! Then his body moved, and the powerful pill reached his hand.
He was a shock dispersed 36 incarnations blessing.
At the same time, he swallowed this Dan medicine in one gulp, and his body became a vigorous cycle. The laws of Dan medicine evolved more and more laws to entangle his blood. chaos clock cut the fairy gourd, Jin Gangzhuo and Pangu Zan were about to be born
His body burned out a raging fire, and every flame was a sacred rune, and his skill was deeper and deeper.
Just now, the law shattered by his encounter with Stephane has been repaired again and is stronger and stronger.
Dan Stephane, who was robbed of the rebirth of the heavenly king, was first one leng and then went mad directly!
He was completely furious, and suddenly a breath of burning life came out of him, which was crazy and dangerous
In an instant, he was reborn again, and the disrupted flesh and blood condensed into a statue of flesh and blood, dressed in robes and majestic enemy, the overlord of the world.
"The dragon elephant ascended to heaven to pay tribute to the gods!"
Ho ho!
Two roars and screams came from Xia Yu’s body, and his whole body breath was even stronger than before, and it was ten times stronger!
This punch is to change the rules of the future boxing heaven, and one punch after another retreats, and the boxing wind and the rules retreat.
"Hum! Waste! "
Su Ying’s body stood still and raised his left fist. "If I don’t completely defeat you, you won’t be angry if you become a ghost after you die, but you will definitely be physically and mentally destroyed and even become a ghost after you die."
Speak Sue should once again hand yuan tire immortal seal!
Hit each other with one punch.
Su Ying’s whole person is in high spirits, and the wind and cloud are spinning in vitro, and the changes are endless. He is like the eternal king of gods, and he has a golden light and a little fairy flavor.
And Xia Yu’s breath was oppressed by a dozen, and the whole person was like a trapped animal fighting to the death.
"Still not dead?"
Su Ying strode forward and showed a tendency of repression. It’s really a long life. The sand is eternal. It means that there are flashes around his body, and his big hand flip is another blow to Xia Yu.
Stephane’s whole body was blown into a mass of flesh and blood, leaving a head to rise and fall in the flesh and blood. He wanted to restore his body again, and a pair of hatred eyes were glued to Su Ying, full of poverty and hatred.
Su Ying grabbed Stephane’s head with a big hand and bombarded it with golden heaven.
Hand without mercy.
"Su Ying, if you kill me, Yuxu Jingu will definitely retaliate against you. You can’t live in heaven." Stephane shouted.
"Even nonsense before he died! You and I will be afraid? "
Su Ying pinched Stephane’s head as soon as he grabbed it with his big hand, and then sealed all his thoughts, magical powers, spells and JingXie laws with his hands, turning it into a huge golden ball with great light.
Then open your mouth and suck it directly into your mouth to start refining.
The unsurpassed supervision of heaven made the level of genius of the Jade Immortal Shrine ruined.
Su should be refining and absorbing the laws of other gods, and even his physical precepts have been taken to his identity. There must be a lot of fairy tales, various materials and pills.
Su Ying came to heaven, poor and penniless, and plundered without killing a few "rich". It’s really hard to survive on her own.
"When I find a chance to refine Stephane thoroughly, I think my mana can go further. I’d like to see what Juexue there is in this celestial jade palace?"
After swallowing Xia Yu, Su Yingmeng turned around and faced the remaining six owners and smiled slightly. "Do you kill yourself or let me slay you? Of course, if you don’t want to kill yourself, I will blow you up like Xia Yu and let you watch your sects perish one by one. You never thought that your guild would be full of trouble. "
"You! You are really a demon! "
Yao Hai, the head of Wanbaotang, roared, "Let’s rush out!"
As soon as his voice fell, the whole person was beaten apart like a dismembered body, and the body was scattered all over the place.
Root is can’t see clearly how Fang Han moves.
"Give it to me"
Chaos clock emerged to put away this high-order true god.
The ferocity is suffocating
Even in the side shield, Ann Wang Ran couldn’t help but tremble with her legs. She never thought that Sue should be so cruel, but she walked out of the demon overlord in the oldest and most brutal era!
A statue of the true god kneels directly and Wang Ran knows him. His name is Sima Ye, and he is the patriarch of Jin Guangzong. There are more than ten masters of the true god in this sect, and they have a huge spiritual vein.
It’s a big force in Qingyang Mountain Range.
"Forgive me, Su Ying, my ancestors forgave me. It’s not easy for me to practice hard to be a true god. Please forgive me. I am willing to be your slave for the rest of my life and sign an eternal contract."
He begged and begged.
"It’s not necessary to sign an everlasting contract. I’ll refine it one by one!"

"really?" Li Ruo looked at him seriously. "From knowing me to now, I am directing this. I was tortured by acupuncture and massage for more than half a month and was poisoned. I was obedient from beginning to end. You should have a deep hatred for me. Are you M?"

Yu don’t face "just hate you"
"You also helped me a lot. Let’s call it even." He paused. "Besides …"
"Say again?"
"When that thing is, is it false? Although I lied to do something, it’s nothing. I think it’s nothing if I don’t really hurt you. "
Li ruo stared at him without talking when he heard this sentence, which made his hair stand on end and turned to stare at him. "Why? What did I say wrong? "
"Ha, ha, ha" Li Ruo laughed intermittently because of chest pain, but it lasted for a long time before he recovered his strength and shook his head slightly. "Will you think that when you are afraid of hurting me, you have actually made a judgment on the truth of the matter?"
Yu chest a lag to hear him slowly say "whether you recognize it is true or not, but that thing … I am happy"
Lire stopped and looked at him quietly for a while, and his eyes suddenly became soft. His face did not change, but it seemed to slowly dye a warm smile.
Such eyes shrouded Yu seems to have been inexplicably manipulated and forgot whether it was true or not, and he should continue to pursue it.
Face to face is so quiet that it almost sounds like a hymn. Even the breathing rhythm of each other is gradually synchronized in the gaze.
So I heard the owner of those eyes say, "Yu, I lost you when I came back this time."
Yu’s spirit was attracted by his pale lips and his white teeth. It took a long time for the words to seep into his brain like water seeping into a sponge. Then he woke up and stopped slowly with his eyes wide open. "What did you say?"
"I like you like Qixing a long time ago, and I like you in my heart." Li Ruo suddenly moved his eyes slightly. "It’s a beautiful dream. If you think about you every day, you can sleep very well." He seemed to have smiled shyly and saw his eyes turn around again. It seemed that there was a soft and beautiful light floating in his eyes, and then it suddenly became silent, like the wind blowing softly in the lonely wilderness, and Li Ruo lay there whispering.
So he couldn’t help laughing, "What?"
"It’s so unreal that you are so kind to me." Li Re smiled, and her soft face seemed to glow instantly. The gorgeous light made his eyebrows jump and sparkle.
Yu also laughed. "Do I feel better now, too?"
Much better, but I don’t want to get up.
"Pillows are all your taste … let’s just do it here once!"
Yu leng immediately pushed him angrily, "Get up at once!"
Lire laughed at his specialty and blocked the building with him. Suddenly he came to the stranger and shouted angrily, "Yu, can you cook the meal before you forget yourself?" I haven’t eaten all day! Have you finished everything you have to do? Still reluctant to come? !”
When Li Ruo sat up, he laughed, "What should we finish?"
Nothing happened, but I don’t know why my uncle blushed involuntarily in front of him, and his uncle also looked at his eyes. They swept back and forth and ate a meal with trepidation. If a person was all smiles, it was very suspicious.
Stranger glance at him "chestnut if your family didn’t eat enough? You can eat so freely the first time you see me. You are the first one. "
"What? Everyone else is afraid of you? " He ate in his mouth and put a big clip of vegetables into the bowl, vaguely answering, "I want to eat more because of what Yu did."
Yu desktop kicked him hard. He didn’t prevent the rice from choking into the trachea. A mouthful of rice was sprayed directly on the opposite stranger’s face.
Yu was so scared that his face turned white that he quickly got up and helped Mo to pat his clothes. If Li Ruo coughed out of breath, he quickly pulled a tissue to wipe his face.
Mo reached out and touched his hand, took his paper towel and wiped it himself.
Li ruo apologized when he saw that he wouldn’t let him touch it, and so on. He looked at Yu Mo’s side in a hurry or was extremely nervous. He casually added, "Uncle, is that a burn?" This time, if Yu Gu doesn’t kick him, he can frequently signal to warn him with his eyes, and he can also look at the stranger with an invisible smile.
Stranger seemed to recognize Li Ruozhi faster than others. When he heard this question, he glanced at him and his mouth twitched a "yes".
"It must be a big accident to be so serious?"
The "big" stranger picked up the bowl and continued to eat. The tone gradually became low and Yu Xin was picked up again. This is a danger signal.
Li Re nodded his eyes as the scar on his face slipped to the neckline. After washing, he was given a long-sleeved shirt. It should be his "preparation", but he should have seen the undershirt. "It must be very beautiful before uncle," he said with a smile
Yu glanced at the stranger nervously and stared at him to stop talking.
Sure enough, the stranger stopped and looked at him with a shallow smile. "Then do you say that I am handsome or Xiao Yu is handsome?"
"Are you handsome or handsome?" Li Ruo doesn’t know how to look at most people. This nerve is really seriously evaluated. "You should have charmed many people before?"
"Li ruo!" Yu finally sat still and jumped up to pull his arm. "If you are full, go home!"
"I haven’t eaten anything yet …" Li Re clung to the table. "Ah, ah, don’t pull me. I haven’t finished eating …"
"I’m full" and "Xiaoyu’s guests haven’t finished eating yet. It’s rude of you. This is not our hospitality."
Yu hurriedly let go "yes"
"You slow down, I’ll go first." Then he stopped watching them turn around and go upstairs.
When he goes to Yu, he angrily sits back to his seat and eats stuffy.
Li ruo eats with relish as if nothing had happened. "Yu Zhen can’t see that you are so good at cooking."
"Hurry home after eating."
"What’s the matter? What, are you so nervous? I just praised my uncle for looking good. "
Yu felt that he was hopeless and looked at him. "Obviously the reason is not that you can understand."
"What’s your face? Can’t you understand it by explaining it to me? "

"hmm?" Deep and remote days ghost accident way

-What is this situation? Why did they fight by themselves?
The evil spirits wait for a while watched this scene.
"What do adults do now?" An evil spirit asked quietly.
The ghost in the sky fell silent, and there was a strange emotion in my heart that could not be suppressed gradually.
The dragon king of this sin prison drinks with you for a while, takes a lamp to install his head for a while, and then casually swings a life charm.
Now he had a fight with his companions around him.
You ask me, I don’t know what to do now! ! !
You day ghost to pick up a mood suddenly produced an idea in my heart.
The life symbol is the root of the ghost saint.
This man has mastered the charm of life. Maybe he has something to do with the ghost Lord.
The ghost in the sky looked across the street.
Seeing that the Dragon King of the Guild Prison is attacking another assassin and the map manager.
Maybe …
What can he not let these two know?
The ghost in the sky thought of this and ordered, "Let’s wait and see."
"Yes, my Lord"
The evil spirits just stood still and silently watched the three men fight.
Seeing them, you come and I drink and play happily.
Count interest in the past
Dozens of breath in the past
Suddenly it came in waves of dragons.
A dragon fell from the sky.
"I feel that someone is fighting with our leader. Is this to provoke our dragon?" The dragon looked at the crowd humming said
Chapter three hundred and sixty-five They cheat ghosts
When the dragon speaks, the ghost is ready to fight.
Dozens of evil spirits on their side don’t have to panic if they are a dragon-
One second, I saw another dragon, and I looked at everyone with my eyes coming out.
It looked around Zhoukou murmured
"What happened here? What is full of poverty and murder and all kinds of death omens? It’s going to take you from far away to come here and fight a ah yi ~ "
It began to sing.
When the evil spirits stay,
-This dragon is stupid?
Suddenly another dragon fell from the sky.
"Knowing that he is our eldest brother, he still dares to bully him here. It was a dragon who looked down on us." The dragon said with anger.
See one dragon after another fall to squat down in the jungle and look at Gu Qingshan.
One, two, three … Twenty-nine dragons!
This is an overwhelming force!

At this time, Liu Yue’s heart is still not white. "What a little hands and feet are really slow. Just now, they are flirting here. It seems that this is not the first time. Hey, I don’t know what that girl looks like. I want to see it clearly." Unconsciously, Liu Yue actually took Collins as his own child.

Collins waited for a moment, but he couldn’t wait until he wanted to see people scratching their heads. Liu Yue was so funny that he forgot that he had not been much better at the beginning. After a while, he listened to a silvery smile outside the window. Collins was so happy that he quickly poked his head out and looked around, but he was stunned.
"Good!" Suddenly, Collins was hanging upside down at the window, and the man almost bumped into him.
Liu Yue looked intently at it, but it was a girl in a tight red dress. She looked quite petite and felt a little smaller than ordinary girls, but her figure ratio was very good. She simply tied a ponytail with blonde hair, which looked a bit playful, although not stunning, but the youthful girlish atmosphere always made people enchanted.
I can see that this girl still has a little effort, but what makes Liu Yue a little strange is that most of the guests tonight are noble giants or representatives of major temples, and he doesn’t know anyone who wants to train his daughter into a thief, so this girl’s identity is somewhat interesting.
Collins was surprised at first and then rushed to take the girl into the room to meet the little lover. The two of them had their own whispers, and Liu Yue didn’t want to eavesdrop, but he didn’t want to leave like this because of the girl’s body. He felt a little familiar.
Liu Yue jumped out of the window and found a place that was not easy to be found, and sat down to sort out a thought.
First of all, what happened tonight can’t be an accident. Obviously, it’s the result of some forces’ behind-the-scenes manipulation. Rooney’s strength is not very strong after being enchanted, but the forces behind him are not underestimated. The earth is still a fantasy technology, but it is not incredible in a high-magic world like Flange. There are many ways to achieve this effect.
For example, sacrifice is the best and fastest methodology, and neither gods nor demons will express their dissatisfaction with this method. The only difference is that gods prefer devout believers, while demons have nothing to pay attention to. They don’t care whether you are willing or forced, and some of them are particularly evil. They will also ask believers to torture these sacrifices and aggravate their fear and pain. The purpose of doing this is to make their souls burn to the extreme. According to them, this will make their souls more delicious.
There is also why they do this or what benefits it has for them. On the surface, Rooney has been subordinate to Lovelli’s family for many years. They must be very passive. They believe that this incident will make a fuss about it early in the morning and it will be a big blow to Lovelli’s family.
Could it be Ling Lijie? Liu Yue thought of this "old friend" unexpectedly, but it seems to be too serious. Do they think that it is not easy to deal with the mage’s guild by knocking over Lovelli’s house in one fell swoop? Besides, summoning demons is not a common thing for wizards, but it is nothing new. Of course, a level like Rooney is not something that ordinary wizards can do.
However, Roger’s performance is too outstanding, that is, it is impossible for his father to end the battle so quickly. Even a child prodigy can’t be so miserable and humane. Although I haven’t figured out what is going on, Liu Yueke can be sure that Roger has some kind of power dormant in his body and it is very powerful, which can make Liu Yue feel a little palpitation.
All kinds of mysteries are entangled in Liu Yue’s mind. He must be alert to these things. Only people who can see the truth clearly can be born in this dangerous world and always be led by the nose. Sooner or later, something will happen.
Actually, it’s not that he hasn’t considered throwing everything away and taking Szelesi Ya and Jacques with him. People like him don’t have to be afraid of not being born anywhere. Wealth or power are all available to him. But for Collins, he finally has a part to give up. Although he hasn’t been together for a long time, he has already regarded Collins as his own student in his heart. Can the teacher ignore the students’ problems?
It wasn’t long before Collins, the girl, came to the courtyard and happened to go to Liu Yue’s side to listen to Collins. "You should go home quickly. I have to help my father clean up the mess after so many things happened tonight. My father will be angry if he doesn’t go back just now."
The girl seemed to be reluctant to jump into his arms and whisper to him for a while, only then did she step back and leave Collins where she had been watching the girl disappear.
"well, Collins, my dear student, when are you going to arrive?" Liu Yue coughed and laughed together. "I didn’t eavesdrop beforehand. You came to me by yourself."
Collins was shocked by Liu Yue and turned red again. I don’t know what to do there.
Liu Yue noticed a bruise on his neck and naturally knew that "young people are normal, but pay attention to their health." Then he left without letting him explain.
Collins blushed for a long time before he reacted and shouted at his back, "Why take care of yourself? I didn’t do anything?"
He naturally won’t know that he can’t see the angle at this time. Liu Yue’s gloomy face seems to indicate some bad things.
Chapter 26 temptation
The night when Liu Yue walked alone in the long street was doomed to be restless. All forces must make a new measure of the strength of Li Dian, and the position of weismann’s family is even more suspicious. It is conceivable that those "big shots" may not be able to sleep now.
In fact, Liu Yue tasted otherwise. He has never been a person who is good at intrigue. The only thing he can rely on in the face of complicated situations is his strong strength, but Roger’s performance today has sounded the alarm for him.
He is not familiar with Roger, but he is sure that when he first met him, he was definitely not as strong as he is now. If seeing Roger once was a genius, this time Roger could miraculously form a ten-year-old wonder. What is the concept?
You know, it’s only been less than a month. Can Li Dian master some unknown technology that can make people strong in a short time?
Liu Yue immediately denied his own speculation. After all, although Flange is a magical world, it is also subject to some rules. Strange people may not be rare thousands of years ago, but now it is different. If you casually create a chaos, of course, if Los Angeles hands it personally, there is nothing impossible. But what is the problem now?
"What person?" Liu yue suddenly stopped and said
"Applauded …" In the dark, there came a crisp moonlight, and a graceful figure appeared in front of Liu Yue.
"Are you …" Liu Yue looked at this unknown woman suspiciously. Those girls with high noses and deep eyes are different from the eastern ones. Her face is closer to the orientals, and her long blue hair and casual shawl add a little wildness to her. She is quite tall and half a head shorter than Liu Yue. Even the earth is extremely big and proud. With her pace, a belt made of ichthyosaur skin gently vibrates, and the waist is more slender and cold. The moonlight seems to be like a dream spirit. If it is not the six snake whips in her hand that really spoil the atmosphere, it should be a perfect encounter.
Yes, except for Britney Israel, the famous tyrant of Truth Gate, the martial arts master of Umberlee Church, I am afraid that no normal woman is willing to walk all day with this weapon. Of course, those Zall women in the dark area cannot be measured by normal people’s eyes.
"Good evening, Lucifer. I’m Britney Israel. The moonlight is so charming tonight. Can you take a walk with me?"
"It’s my honor to be invited by an attractive woman like you." Liu Yue bowed slightly and Britney took her arm. They were like a pair of friends reunited after a long separation and didn’t see any disharmony at all.
"Mr. Lucifer is not a native, is he?" Two people walk for a while Britney seems to inadvertently asked.
Liu Yue smiled and said, "Yes, my hometown is very far away from here."
The two chatted ramblingly for a while, and Britney realized that the other party was not as easy to deal with as she thought. After half a day, she got a lot of information, but this guy was always vague at the crucial moment. Fortunately, she still had a killer in her hand.