Fang you wanted to think that a small magic field can also be used

It’s not that I trust her fighting power, but that if Xiao Huan falls into the wind, the other tutor can always possess Xiao Huan to have a wonderful "substitute fight"
The little magic girl’s eyebrow and eye smile immediately showed the real body, dressed in a beautiful light armor, and appeared outside the firewood palace.
"I’ll fight this battle."
"I am the master … the assistant to the Dean and the college tutor’ Shinohara Magic’, please enlighten me."
Shinohara mentor? Is there such a young and beautiful tutor in our college? No!
Several students looked at each other.
Not to mention them, even many teaching assistants and tutors are confused.
Only a few people, such as Master Deng, Roland and Gou Pingan, have a slight guess.
"There seems to be such a girl beside my tutor, but she has never appeared."
"This myth is not in the existing information. Although it looks weak, since it can represent the fire, there must be a special collar."
Huang Zun-chih turned again.
"But the red sand country appeared. The yellow sand wall Iraq has a lot of strength than the quicksand hand … and the Shinohara magic girl is obviously a very young myth, younger than the lamp myth …"
No matter what special collar realm is, it is futile to differ too much.
Yellow sand wall, too.
He is a little reluctant to deal with a little girl, but he will not leave his hand, which is the greatest respect for his opponent.
One side of the battle, the sand wall condensed and appeared around Iraq.
But he looked up at people? What about the opposite myth?
The sense of crisis suddenly came, and the myth of Iraq effectively strengthened the left sand wall, and in a moment, people rolled out of the sand wall and shattered it.
He was not hurt, but surprised and quickly responded.
He condensed out sand spears and shot them out in dozens and hundreds of howls.
But …
The figure in the eyes disappeared again.
The speed of the same myth can’t be so fast that his eyes can’t keep up.
"It is an extremely rare ability!"
Having the ability is equal to being invincible.
Even if the yellow sand wall is overwhelming, all attacks will be in vain.
"But Shinohara’s fantasy myth attack can also penetrate this yellow sand wall."
Huang Zun-zhe said, "No one can stand it now, and anyone can fight for consumption and accumulate many times. The advantage of Iraq must be far away from the myth of Shinohara."
"The balance has been tilted"
The battle is changing quickly!
See a long-term attack, the phantom figure flashed in front of the yellow sand wall, blurred and penetrated the solid barrier, and then turned it into a virtual reality.
The myth of golden red and blood spilled on the myth of Changyi, looking at his physical injury, said that the armor was cracked and the wound was flat, and his eyes widened.
This ability …
Before he thought about the chill, he rushed straight to the top of the skull. He could condense more sand walls and turn his figure around.
Another golden red splash.
His defense is effective.
"No, there is no enemy ability. She must have a weakness!"
After several rounds, the Iraqi myth found out Shinohara’s weakness with sophisticated experience.
She must show herself when she attacks. This is his chance.
"This Shinohara myth is really young and doesn’t know how to hide his ability."
Huang Zun commented
He also saw that such ability can be called fate
"But her combat experience is too shallow, and this kind of fighting body needs experience. If she reveals a flaw, she will be defeated."
Luo Xiufeng asked, "That is to say, the yellow sand wall wins more?"
Huang Zun-zhe nodded, "Just like a battle, the final victory must still be an old myth with rich experience."