It’s only 3 thousand meters. This is it. This is it?

"It’s not enough to have feet after running three laps."
"I didn’t expect the training camp test to be so simple. It’s just a formality."
"That’s right. We’ve tried one round at school, and now we’re running three times to see our spirit."
Some people are happy and some are disappointed.
Self-confident teenagers are very disappointed. "How can such a simple assessment highlight that my Moan level is hateful and I can’t show my extraordinary until I officially enter the training camp?"
Looking at these self-confidence, the new examiners can’t help but laugh.
Laugh with malicious intent
"How naive!"
"Ha, ha, ha, there are cute new people who are so naive. Give them the first lesson today and never be complacent."
Innocent Macey newcomers stepped on a wide runway and ran with a batch of cute new students as ordered by the workers.
Immediately, dozens of people left the big army and walked like flies.
After all, it’s only three laps and three thousand meters. You don’t need to keep too much physical strength to run.
Since the entrance test is so simple, run yourself to the top of the list.
Many young girls think so.
But unconsciously ignored a key factor, that is, when the examiner said that he had finished three laps but did not say the limit.
How can the assessment be unlimited?
Did you forget or …
Xu Feng consciously thought that he ran forward with the surging crowd and kept in the middle position. His eyes also glanced at the first echelon ahead of most people from time to time.
Wait, they seem to be slowing down?
It’s not long before I ran out at this time. It’s less than half a lap. As usual, everyone is still full of physical strength. Even if some people want to stay, they can’t all slow down, just like suddenly realizing something.
Xu Feng is not white, but he runs and runs. When crossing a certain line, he feels that his body is heavy, as if his hands and feet are tied with weight-bearing sandbags. It is not very heavy, but his physical strength is a little more. It is still easy to finish three laps at this speed.
The body is suddenly heavy when running half a lap.
Then will it continue to be heavy and will there be other changes?
Xu Feng thinks so! A high probability will!
Sure enough, the camp entry test is not so simple. It is not difficult to run 3 thousand meters, but it is definitely not easy to overcome many obstacles to run 3 thousand meters.
It is also aware of this that young girls slow down slowly to keep more physical strength.
Amaze at that mysterious power in oneself.
It’s not easy to be heavier than the assessment. It would be funny if you failed to pass the assessment.
The first echelon has the best physical fitness, and a group of people’s faces are getting slightly serious. When the rest of Macey realized this, their faces also changed. At that time, the whole playground was quiet, and there were many gasps of cute new people running.
Change one’s complexion again
That special heavy is coming again!’
No, you have to slow down and adjust your breathing, or you’re afraid you won’t finish three laps.’
Damn, the training camp assessment is really difficult.’
Macey newcomers have a lot of thoughts and gradually pulled the gap.
Xu Feng didn’t slow down too much, so he gradually dumped the big troops and remained in the third echelon position.