This is the ancient organization powerful!

Iloshi admits that she wants to develop the party to that level, which is far from her ultimate goal.
However, "I have been invited by such organizations, and sure enough, has Miss Nie Tianzi spread all over Donghuang? Ho ho ho ho-!"
She looked at the two classes in front of her.
They are still full of admiration, but her iron powder is just a little bit of food
But no
"Big sister, I will definitely wake you up!"
"I have found a way."
This is not bragging.
She has a backer now.
The young girl Xiaoqing and the young girl Xiaohong became more admired.
Xiaoqing thought of what way "by the way, big sister, there seems to be something wrong with the FBI just now."
She picked her eyebrows and waved her hand, "Xiaoqing Xiaohong will go with me to meet the guests."
Guzhai front yard
Qin Liyan, a special investigator, is getting impatient. Iloshi, this is the first one. He has several more to go.
It’s not the FBI. No one is these famous cunning hunters. Most of them don’t have a good temper. Just come here. They may not give a damn. They must come here with weight.
This weight is not status but strength.
He Qin Liyan is the strongest of the awakened ones and is also famous in the circle of cunning hunters.
I have dealt with many hunters.
Iloshi also has it.
But at this time, when the girl in the reddish-brown cloak came out, there seemed to be a heat wave coming on her face.
Intuition is warning him.
This girl is dangerous! Very dangerous!
How can Iloshi be so strong? Maybe …
"You sleep? !”
"Two sleep? Ah ….. "Elohi slightly raised his neck like a proud swan." What’s the difficulty? "
Chapter one hundred and nineteen The Apostles Meeting Soon
How old is this Iloshi? How long has he been a crafty hunter? This is the second sleep! Look, the awakening process is still very easy!
Have you lived to be a dog this year? !
Qin Liyan was speechless and was hit hard.
Ilohi disdained to see it. It’s rare and strange … Suddenly I feel that the FBI is like a terrapin. What’s going on?
that’s all
"Xiaoqing Xiaohong, you keep your house."
"When your eldest sister comes back with honor."
She glanced at the suspicious life investigator. "What are you still doing? I thought you said you wanted to support the front line. Let’s go and lead the way!"
She can’t wait.
Not because of the fire, not because of the FBI’s pay, but …
There must be awakens from all over the world in front of the Hellgate line, and it will be a good time for her to stop and set up an organization.
She’s got a name in mind. It’s called …
Sorority of witches!
Bai Jiang Xin huo office
"Hoo ~ Hoo ~"

If it continues to fail, it is likely to be broken up or reorganized.

Either way, the captain doesn’t want to see it.
Once a lot of people from Team 6 join other teams, the result is really hard to say.
Especially Gu Beichen.
The night watchman goes out so much that it’s not easy to deal with a tartar.
"Captain, we don’t have any information about the mayor’s strength. Is it too high?"
"It’s a high risk. We need to get some soul-killing equipment, especially remote effects.
If there is progress in equipment and roads, I will apply for another team to support the merger and complete the expansion
If there is no progress during this period, then give up. "
"White" Xu Le nodded.
"All right, we still have one day. I’ll let everyone do something about it.
Later, you and Gu Beichen and Wang Shu will go to the black market in Area C and sell this accumulated Lunatone.
By the way, it’s best to walk around the distance and the group, and don’t be afraid to spend money. "
Xu Le one leng know that this is probably the extra.
Buy ZhenLing and ZhenLing equipment props? Remote and group are the best requirements …
"I white captain but Lunatone what to sell to the black market? Didn’t the night watchman official also accept it? "
"Nonsense, of course, is that the black market price is relatively high, and there are usually some good things in the black market. It’s up to you to do it yourself."
"That … what if someone eats black?"
Xu Le’s problems seem a little too much.
Bai Jing grabbed the table cup and smashed it at Xu Letou.
"You are a night watchman, and you are afraid that others will eat black. Can you make a difference?"
Xu Le quickly took the fruit and ran out of the office clutching his head.
"The night watchman is amazing? Really. "
When Xu Le found Gu Beichen, Gu Beichen was bathing and changing clothes in Wang Shu … He was watching outside.
Xu Le wondered if these two people were really pure.
But it doesn’t matter. What shocked Xu Le was that Gu Beichen actually lit three incense sticks for the fruit and worshipped it.
"Eat a fruit and do so many tricks?" Xu Le questioned.
"What do you know?"
Gu Beichen saw Xu Le holding half an element in his hand, and the fruit expression was slightly condensed.
"Have you eaten?"
"Well, this thing tastes like mustard shit, which highlights a surprise."
Xu Le said and took another bite.
In fact, the fluctuation in his body is not as calm as he shows.
Turbulent ancient sounds and energies wander in his spiritual world, and these ancient sounds and energies surround the soul tree.
Although they are homologous, they are not fused with each other.
Xu Le tried to control this unstable energy while eating fruit.
I hope it can honestly belong to myself.
Gu Beichen opposite pie pie staring at his fruit.
"It’s like you’ve eaten shit, but you say that shape is similar to that of other people who have eaten fruit."
Then he took a deep breath and took a bite at the fruit.
Eyebrows locked fist is also hold tightly.
He was a little shocked by the bad taste.
But the power also made him surge in emotion.
"This is the ancient sound strength claims to be more powerful than the red crescent …"
Frost gathers at Gu Beichen’s fingertips, which is a completely different force from the red crescent flame.
The ice flower gradually solidified the owner of the fruit, and he also felt the fluctuation of Xu Leshen across the street.
The flow also gathered at Xu Le’s fingertips. Although he and Gu Beichen didn’t speak, they all felt the fighting spirit from each other.

A great event happened not long ago.

Two ancient people in Paradise have broken through the ninth-grade oasis of Shadow clan and taken away the treasure of this clan.
The Shadow Clan is a mysterious group with strong human and element elements.
This clan has two high positions.
Their personnel are extremely scarce and there is no vassal race active in the corner of the paradox, so their names are not obvious.
But …
"Shadow clan masters gather together in their only oasis. It’s true that the ability of the shadow clan’s lair to resist foreign enemies is much stronger than that of human beings."
Not to mention the burning city is a city that outsiders can enter and leave at will.
It’s a hundred times easier to break through
Of course, in the view of the moon Lord, the burning city can’t stop the ghost-faced shark statue and the black smoke Lord, the two ancient people in the tenth territory, even if they don’t let go.
It seems that there is no difference.
The moon master is not prepared to do anything.
She is, she is burning the fire, she is burning the fire, and she is silently waiting for the development.
Will the coach show up?
"The instructor might be able to compete with these two guys with one enemy and two."
"But …"
The tenth battle, if the whole burning city of generate will be erased in an instant, after all, the two ghost-faced sharks have stepped into the oasis department
This is the Achilles heel of Burning City. It’s too easy to sneak in!
It is more likely that the ghost-faced shark statue and the black smoke Lord robbed the city treasures and left before the fire-paid mentor could react.
This is more likely.
The tutor is probably out of town because of the fire.
Ghost-faced sharks and black smoke owners are also prepared.
"Seize the high position of the burning city and search for them, and you will know everything."
Ghost face shark statue grinned.
This is their plan.

What we want to hoard here is skills.

Fang you just pondered "thunder"
The orange thunder is constantly condensed and finally becomes a spear with a sharp ratio, full of strong murder and destructive power.
As solid as a magic weapon.
He put the magic thunder into the limited door and picked his eyebrows.
"It is so …"
"The skill of storing in the door is just like the food hidden in the refrigerator. It needs to be maintained without consumption, and it can almost go all the time."
It’s meaningless to have only one magic weapon.
Is he a little serious blow.
But what if there are 10,000, 10,000 and 100,000,000 thunder magic weapons stored in the door? Wouldn’t it kill all ghosts and gods?
The idea of killing evil spirits is exaggerated, but there is no doubt that the door is giving him an extra killer.
A … A ten-year-old one-second killer.
"The door has a storage limit, but it can be continuously expanded through its own cultivation. Even if it is a newborn, it will take me a lot of time and energy to fill it."
"There is one more item in daily life."
It’s not easy to get stronger. Fang’s tutor sighs slightly.
When he came, he still had to continue to practice the other shore and study ways to carve it into the inheritance.
Promotion is impossible.
Say that even if you can bear this skill, it will be scrapped after a few times.
But it is worthwhile for two or three people to learn.
Especially Iloshi.
"The first latosolic red level is that this girl’s life skills are cheaper than her."
Fang you glanced at the girl’s contribution balance and thought about giving the most appropriate exchange price.
It’s hard for him to get it done in a short time.
Fang You came to Fangbei Square before Fangbei.
Around the square monument, there are several people staring at the mysterious characters of the monument and wringing their eyebrows.
An Jian You and Qian Qiu are among them.
However, they stared at their eyes and couldn’t wait to stare at the inscription on the stone tablet, which was not normal.
"Why can’t you realize it?"
"Yes …" Qianqiu pulled a handful of hair like a chicken nest, and his eyes were still staring at the inscription. "It’s too difficult to understand the law at this time!"
"When I was not promoted to a high position, I was able to get started in more than ten days, but now I have a better understanding of the law at a high position, and I haven’t touched a threshold for several days!"
Fang you pour some curious.
Qianqiu life skills’ dream bubble’ involves a little time.
He can slightly adjust the gap between the bubble and the outside world. Normally, the outside world is only a moment, but he can lengthen it by one second, two seconds and three seconds.
Equivalent to three seconds of strong control.
With the cooperation of teammates, the dreamland is very dominant.

Wait, what’s it called being divided? What thunder bear licked his face and wanted to go back?

Is there a big secret in this?
When the strong man saw that he could not accommodate, his face became gloomy and depressed, and with a snort of cold, he walked outside.
The crowd in front of him shuddered and involuntarily gave way to a spacious passage on both sides. They looked at the thunder fire bear and lost their heads in the fog.
But it doesn’t matter. Aren’t there other’ acquaintances’?
After half a month, the Palace Que finally got out of some familiar figures … Green Leaf Sword Feng Hsu, Thunder Palm Day, Mechanical Octopus Ban Bote and so on.
They are eating melons, too. At this moment, the melons have been eaten, and the students are ready to go back to their hearts, wondering how to take a few more jobs and try to exchange them for another contract.
Passers-by in the distance gathered around urala.
No matter whether you have had two sides before or simply don’t know these passers-by, they all talk very well in a close way.
But there is nothing more than one thing-what is the secret of the college? What makes them stay indoors for half a month?
Actually, they don’t go out for half a month. They go out to work every day.
But do your best to work? Of course it is. Exchange one or two more doors.
A strong man with six senses is trying to dazzle himself in the college to see if he can surprise a few bars.
But when the words were about to be exported, the man seemed to think of something, and the conversation turned.
His eyebrows drooped and his face collapsed.
"Well, we lived a hard life in college, and the place was narrow, and we were exhausted day by day … it was a desperate day."
Other words that were also about to pack to force came to the mouth, and the strong man swallowed back the words that were about to spit out.
They waved and talked about the same thing.
"hey ~"
"I’m exhausted this day."
The quasi-forced meeting turned into a miserable meeting in an instant.
The preparatory students have figured it out.
It’s good to pretend to be forced, but is it important to have a chance to become a regular?
It is extremely difficult to obtain the assessment of the official student status. On the one hand, the number of people is limited. On the other hand, if these guys outside are allowed to flow into the college in unison, they will not have many chances to become a full member, and the chances of becoming a full member will be even more slim.
How can this work!
After selling badly for a few words, the trainees went out to eat melons and sneaked back to the secret land like thieves, leaving a group of awakened people outside to look at each other.
They suspect that these guys are talking nonsense, but there is no proof!
If it’s a bitter day at the Firefighting Academy, why does the thunder bear lick his face and want to go back? How can you enjoy it one by one?
There’s something fishy!
They ask around and prepare students. After all, many experts who represent powerful forces often have connections with the outside world.

Lin Yi said, "Johnson is in the villa at the moment, and I have also explored where he lives in the villa."

Zuo Chaoyang finally got revenge after listening to the exultation. Zuo Chaoyang never showed up with a weapon and a dagger to cut Johnson’s head. Mother is still waiting for him to go back with Johnson’s head to offer sacrifices to Sister Tianling.
Zuo Chaoyang said, "My master and all of them have arrived. Let’s go back first."
Zuo Chaoyang took Lin Yi over a hillside and entered a hidden cave on the slope. Not only did Ling Nie hope to return, but they also had dozens of floating island masters in Erkui. Because the cave was not too big, dozens of people seemed crowded.
Lin Yi glanced at those floating masters and didn’t see Mei Mei, which disappointed Lin Yi.
Lin Yi will tell Ling Nie about the situation and hope to return to Ling Nie and learn that the blue-eyed Johnson’s eyes in the villa are extremely transient at the moment.
The silver hair on his head is also floating because of his anger, which shows how much he hates the blue-eyed fox king in his heart.
Since Johnson came to the villa, he arranged the attack on the villa.
Zuo Chaoyang suggested, "Master, there is still an hour before dark. We might as well wait until dark."
The murderous look in Ling Nie’s eyes rose sharply and he said, "Do it now!"
Looking back to Zuo Chaoyang, "Zuo Yangyang, your master made the right decision this time. You don’t know this old monster. We dealt with him in those days, but it was better for the blue-eyed fox king that it was dark. His evil work was really a double day. It’s a mountain forest here. If he dissolves into the night, we really can’t. Hey, hey, kill him now. He dares to frame Lao Lao and pull out his fox tendon today!"
Looking back, Zuo Chaoyang won’t talk again. After all, looking back and Ling Nie know more about Johnson.
Looking back, he said to Lin Yi, "Xiao Lin, draw a picture for them when you go into the villa for exploration, so as to save time when you go in and wander around."
Lin Yi drew a simple mountain villa figure with his fingers. The cave is rocky. Lin Yi drew like a stone, like a sharp knife cutting tofu, criss-crossing lines to form a mountain villa plan, which was slowly presented.
Gone with the wind experts leaned in to see it in batches.
After painting, Lin Yi pointed to a road, "Blue-eyed Johnson is in the garden. There are many people guarding the roof and several people pretending to keep watch."
Ling Nie glanced at the figure where Johnson lived and remembered it.
Then Ling Nie ordered all the masters of Gone with the Wind Island to "enter the villa, whether male or female, old or young, whether it is a demon or a demon, and kill it when you see it!" No one! After killing, you can cut off your left ear to prove that whoever cuts off your ear will be rewarded when you go back! "
Qi Ying, a master of floating island, said, "Yes!"
Looking back, he was greedy for money again when he heard the reward. He quickly said to Ling Nie, "Ling … Island owner, can I get a reward from you when I cut my ear?"
Lingnie threw the word "hope to return"
Then Ling Nie took the lead out of the cave.
Lin Yi and others came out later and disappeared, which shows how urgent Ling Nie is to kill the blue-eyed fox king.
Then Lin Yi and others also dispersed quickly toward the "ghost village"
After the drunken Taoist priest left, Johnson recruited several disciples.
Johnson is sitting in the hall, next to the chair in Zhongda University, there stands a coquettish and beautiful woman, and a pair of eyes are catching people’s souls. It is Johnson’s favorite female disciple Hu Jingjing.
In front of Johnson, there are four "monsters" except the gatekeeper "bear". One is wearing a tiger skin and the other is wearing a leopard skin and a wolf face. They are the tiger, leopard, wolf and bear in Johnson’s eldest brother, and the other four brothers are all dead in the attack on Gone with the Wind Mountain in World War I.
Johnson said to the four disciples, "Now the North-South hegemony is in a mess. We can’t stay too long. The teacher decided to leave the Central Plains and go back to Mobei. You should inform them now to pack up. We will leave late. This matter can’t be leaked …"
The four brothers all felt relieved when they heard this.
When they came to the Central Plains, they were still very excited, but they could enjoy the splendor here in Weifu, a rich place.
But the central plains Wulin is so powerful that they are dumbfounded.
There are many masters in the Central Plains sects. They are all first-class masters in Mobei, but the roots of the Central Plains don’t play a role.
And the north-south hegemony is bloody and cruel, which is far beyond their imagination. Especially Piaohua Villa was almost wiped out in World War I, and it still made them shudder in retrospect.
Now I can finally go back to the desert north, and the four of them are secretly happy.
Johnson told the story, except for the bear, who continued to guard the hall door. With a feeling of joy that he was about to leave his misery, he hurried to inform his classmates to pack his belongings.
When they went out, Johnson picked up Hu Jingjing and put it in his arms.
Hu Jingjing hugged Johnson Bochen and said, "Master, do we really want to go back? The somebody else really loathe to give up this bustling Central Plains is really much better than Mobei, especially those good rouge powder and where there is no Mobei … "
Hu Jingjing said that he was wronged and pursed his lips.
The real Hu Jingjing is not completely greedy for the prosperity of the Central Plains. She is now secretly hooking up with Li Tianlang. Li Tianlang promised that Hu Jingjing would marry her when the time is right and let her be the mistress of pastoral religion, which is a great temptation for Hu Jingjing.
Li Tianlang is younger than Johnson, and Hu Jingjing wants to change course.
Blue-eyed Johnson touched her beautiful face and said, "Baby, I know you can’t bear to tell me the truth. The Silver Devil on the Floating Island is my enemy. Now he is going to seek revenge. You know that the master is afraid of two people. The first one is Qin Tang, and the second one is Master Ling Nie. As a result, Ling Nie is still alive. This person is very difficult. I have to leave you. Don’t be greedy here. It’s important to save your life. They are a lesson."
Hu Jing Jing did not move. "Well, the master will go wherever he goes. In this life, the master is a master, but I want to go to the city to buy some powder and some clothes."
The old monster said, "Well, then go back quickly and remember that we can’t tell anyone about our departure."
Hu Jing Jing jiao Dao "acts as a white child"
Hu Jingjing left the hall and went out of the village first.
Hu Jingjing didn’t go shopping. She abandoned the blue-eyed fox king for Li Tianlang.
Chapter 27 A bloodbath Ghost Village (2)
This Hu Jingjing is really lucky. Soon, disaster will befall the ghost village.
Lingnie was the first to go to Ghost Village.
His figure is as fast as a white phantom, which makes it difficult to recognize that he is an evil thing. He floated from the gate of the villa and there were four guards. Before they could react, the evil thing fell from the sky, like a ghost. Two or four guards fell to the ground and died, and no sound was heard before they died.
Then Lingnie swept up and flew towards the garden where the blue-eyed fox king lived.
Then Lin Yi and Wang Huigui and others arrived.
Those "monsters" in the village are prevented from escaping from the floating island by leaving no one alive. The experts come in from all sides to form a circle, and then gradually shrink the enemies they encounter. They don’t let go of any of them, regardless of whether the hides are male or female or always young, and they always kill them when they see them.
Although there are more than 100 people in the Ghost Village, they are scattered all over the village. More than half of them are still drinking in the house to keep out the cold. It is difficult to resist the surprise attack of the elite forces of the Island. Soon these "monsters" are caught in a panic. They also make all kinds of strange noises. First, they are courageous. Second, they give warnings, but they don’t warn. Soon, fighting screams are also ringing all over the village.
The bloody smell is also full of this dilapidated haunted villa.
Lin Yi blindfolded his face and looked back at Johnson’s residence. He even killed a man wearing a cow’s head and robbed the "cow’s head" set. He was excited and shouted that he was a cow’s head and also killed Johnson’s residence.
There are "monsters" jumping out of dilapidated houses or broken walls to attack and stop them everywhere Lin Yi and Wang Huigui go.

"Hey, that’s …?"

The myth turned to look into the distance.
In my perception, there are strands of familiar breath flying from afar at a very fast speed. The first ones are the sunrise demigod, the palace lady and the old man from the south.
It is a team of Gu Yue dynasty!
The sunrise demigod locked in the mythical flavor of Esvers and so on, slowly slowed down and finally stopped in front of them. He leaned out and swept the surrounding waters for hundreds of miles, then set his eyes on several mythical bodies who were badly injured after a big war.
"Looks like we’re a little late. You’ve got rid of the pursuers."
He smiled.
I saw a big question mark popping up in Esfus’ stupefied forehead. "Didn’t the Golden Flame God of War just now arrange reinforcements for you in Gu Yue?"
Silver armor, blonde hair, golden flame, white flame
After listening to Aeschylus’ description of the sunrise demigod and the lady of the palace, and the old man in the south looking at one person, these three Gu Yue dynasty figures also slowly raised a question mark.
“? ? ?”
"Then who is this strong helper?"
Aeschylus was also lost in thought.
Being hotly debated, the seven-sense-top power, Jin Yan, the god of war, Hitina is biting her lip at the moment, and the bunch of people who have stood up and have drooped are somewhat depressed.
"I lost my mentor."
She has accumulated a certain fighting spirit and entered a double explosive state. Sidina’s fighting power can no longer be strong. She can be described as a god blocking the killing of God and a paradox blocking the killing of paradox.
Moreover, her combat body is quite similar to that of Iloshi, which is not limited by the environment and has obvious weaknesses, nor is it like punishment and thunder. She has strong defense and insufficient attack. She has high output, strong defense, strong vitality and fast speed, and she is not afraid of sneak attack on single groups, and she has the ability to crush evil servants by means of deviant means.
But she still lost it.
It may be that the dirty sea is dark and easy to get lost. It may be that the servants of the evil gods are scheming. Sidina, the three servants of the evil gods, did not chase any of them.
After cutting off the servant of the evil spirit, she can look around and find no trace of the dark sea, sulking.
"If you lose it, you lose it."
Fangyou avenue
He was not surprised that these evil servants’ ability to survive was not weaker than oasis myth at all, perhaps even stronger. After all, evil servants could influence the seven stars to hide in the dark and attack.
But Sidina didn’t chase a statue of an evil servant … E did pull a little, maybe she was a little road-crazy.
No, you can’t be so eager to find and pursue filth in an environment full of filth. Compared with orthodox mythology, it is as striking as a torch in a polluted sea. It is not surprising that it is difficult to get rid of the pursuit.
He actually cares more about Sidina. She … No! Yes! Hold! Home!
What did she just do? Strong slay several seven-star cunning evil spirits, but the root didn’t pick even one material! Let them fall into the darkness.
Not to mention that if she stays and is saved, several myths have to be expressed.
These things have never been thought about by Sidina, and the tutor can’t help but think about it!
Fang teacher sighed.

The nangongshan fine soft looked at him and suddenly remembered how he dealt with JiYan.

It’s Brother Yuan Ying’s condition that there will be a monty female emperor with him.
He and Monty killed Brother Taixu together …
Has this ever happened?
The nangongshan sunny soft inexplicably much a few minutes of confidence.
She reached for a jade slip and handed it to Gu Qingshan.
"We have been recording and preparing for the opportunity to kill him," she explained.
"You are thoughtful," Gu Qingshan praised the jade slips. "This is a good end, and a good end means that we have succeeded half way."
Chapter two hundred and nineteen Regression
At this time, the interface of Ares Operation has a series of indicators flashing constantly.
Gu Qingshan looked at the ares interface.
Several rows of firefly small print are staying noodles.
"Then/Yuan Ying double realm avatar extraction is over"
"You have completed seven times and got the opportunity to extract the double realm avatar."
"You succeeded in coming back to life (temporarily), and you gained a miraculous transformation."
These lines of fine print stayed there until Gu Qing finished reading them.
A new line indicator appears.
"Decisive Battle of Destiny ()"
"Describe the interweaving and gathering of the world and personal destiny, and everything will change with it."
"The goal is to keep the SHEN WOO world as it is in the future."
A few lines Gu Qingshan has seen the post-treatment fly ash.
New words appear
"You have finished the decisive battle of fate ()"
"Congratulations, you have won the Ares title option, and you will be able to keep the Ares title in future battles."
"You left the SHEN WOO world intact and designed to kill the culprit."
"You overfulfilled it."
"bonus: when you return to the real world, you can come back again at any time. There is no time limit."
"Players can now return to the real world immediately."
There are several lines of red wake-up symbols.
"special appearance"

There is a shortage of permanent residents in cities and towns, and a town needs all kinds of jobs to fill it.

Fang you introduced some intelligent puppets, and it was full of fireworks when he glanced at it.
It’s still far from Candeira’s empire to talk about the art of life and enjoy it. It’s still in Candeira-the people of Blue Star are playing with flowers.
At this time, Chi Yan is eating marshmallows in his left hand and lollipops in his right hand.
"Who is the teacher?"
Wearing a long black dress and a red headband, I saw that you were giving yourself a half-day holiday, and I found my tutor and a strange figure far away.
The girl’s face is tender with pills, and the first one is a little shorter than Iloshi
He’s a lovely child.
See you very habitually stretched out his hand and touched the red Yan head red Yan is also very accustomed to enjoy the touch … Fang you Bengbu lived.
One is an Ann mother who is only over twenty years old;
One is the youngest 100-year-old sister Chiyan;
Ah, this …
But after thinking about it, it seems that there is nothing wrong with it.
Chiyan is a senior martial sister of Firefighting College and an’ ancient’ who returned tens of thousands of years ago, but if the other tutor is peaceful and quiet, the senior martial sister Heidao is a senior brother.
Suo Chiyan sees you and Younger, and he thinks it is very reasonable.
Guess it’s hard to imagine that Chiyan is still Liu Feng and Elder Martial Sister Zhou Bao.
In those days, Chi Yan was a little older than Liu Feng.
The youngest is a treasure.
But Zhou Bao is a muscular guy because of his own talent. He is two or three meters tall in addition to his immature face.
When he advanced to the myth, he looked like a big young man.
Liu Feng is an’ average’ type, and his height is relatively immature on the other side of the average line. However, Liu Feng intends to dress up mature after taking the post of Dean of the College, so that he will not be looked down upon by outsiders.
He has been a dean for more than 100 years, and he has naturally matured a lot in receiving people from all walks of life and handling various matters.
On the contrary, Chi Yan’s life is longer, but she is either practicing closed or heading for the battle road.
How did she get the enemy’s fighting capacity? Brain, of course … Cough at the expense of all leisure time.
If it’s called worshipping the ninth pillar, fans don’t know if their faith will collapse when they find out that the red pillar is like this.
An Jian You seems to have mastered the skills of bringing a baby. After Xiao Lu’s cooking skills, she even gave Chiyan a sign.
Fang You didn’t arrange for Chi Yan to continue her cultivation.
These days, Chi Yan followed him or found himself in seclusion, scampering around the base or the Spark Oasis and the Fire Oasis.
He also took a break for a few days.
"Red Yan is far from recovering its combat power and is seriously damaged. At this time, it is definitely not possible to go to the front line. However, with the light red and the secret doll, it has already had two high positions and can barely have a combat power in the face of disaster."
In this era, disasters are getting worse and worse, and the evil camp is becoming more and more rampant. Only when there are high positions can they barely have the ability to dominate the battlefield.
High-ranking ants
The organizational strategy is still to look for the high-level means of killing the gods’ weapons on the basis of’ people’s cultivation’.
At the same time, enhance the existing two high-level combat power.
It’s very clear that Pale Red wants to ascend the road. Just kill the high-ranking Baal waiter and absorb their divine power. There will be no bottleneck before the repair degree is 999%
After all, the secret doll is not real life, and his secondary apostle recruitment voucher method is also a method to learn skills for the secret doll.
The secret doll’s own combat power has reached its peak, and it can increase its combat power by adding other accessories.
But Fang You still came up with a bold plan.
-make the’ nether emissary’ skill contract the secret doll and slowly increase its strength.
This is about feasible.
The difficulty lies in the contract.
It’s not enough to contract a high-ranking secret doll just because it sucks her dry.
So Mr Fang tried it himself.
Also failed.
"I’m already a demigod. Although I’m short of the talent of peace of mind, I’m worse than her in contract, but my comprehensive strength is stronger."
He can’t contract, let alone find peace and quiet.

Zuo Zongtang’s facial expression changed and he looked at Wang Lei with anger. He remembered the recent sudden retreat of foreigners in Japan and looked at the advanced care weapons of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. He immediately became keenly aware of where the problem was.

Zuo Zongtang’s mouthful of old blood almost gushed out. These rebels actually colluded with foreigners!
He still knows shame, and he said it the other way around.
"Damn foreigners collude with you!"
Wang Lei smile step by step out with overbearing his voice unusually cold let zuo zongtang hear straight hair "no eternal enemy has eternal interests! Zuo Zongtang, you should know very well that the real attitude of foreigners is "
Wang Lei believes that it is impossible for Zuo Zongtang’s top leaders of Xiang Army not to have such simple political common sense.
Hearing this, Zuo Zongtang couldn’t help but be silent. He clenched his fists and couldn’t help but look at Wang Lei with less hostility.
When Wang Haiyang saw that the care weapon was in place, he didn’t wait for the reaction of the Qing army to directly make the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom soldiers at the city gate drive the care weapon immediately after seeing it. There was a light in the dark muzzle of the care weapon, and something quickly flew into the battlefield with fire.
The weather suddenly twisted, and a circular magic circle appeared. The magic circle was rapidly pressed from the middle to the ground, just like a cage that enveloped the Qing army. At the same time, the runes in the magic circle flashed violently, brewing terror than energy.
Suddenly, in all the magic circle, Qi Qi broke out in a thick way, and all the energy beams broke through the sky and tilted the battlefield.
Every shot set off a monstrous wave, the soil rolled and the ground cracked, and the ground waves out a series of semi-circular energy shields. The explosion energy shields of the Qing army and martial arts experts suddenly died on the spot.
Then the energy burst out and spread to the outside near the mask, and people were injured by the aftershock.
After a round of artillery fire, the Qing army and various factions suddenly suffered heavy losses, and there was a battlefield with residual limbs and broken bodies. There was blood flying in the air, and it was already mixed with flesh and blood. It was very infiltration to leave scenes along those residual limbs and broken bodies.
Tian Yue was also frightened by this scene at this time and hurried to the top of the Western Heaven to hide in the mountains and Woods.
Not to mention the ordinary soldiers, but the leaders of the major sects were all scared by this scene. They were all there for a long time and couldn’t say a word. The power of foreigners’ care weapons was a little stronger than what they had heard before. At this time, they all had already retired and fought again, and they would die in vain.
Harper left the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom with the most advanced weapons in Britain. Even Zuo Zongtang and Li Hongzhang have never seen them. Let the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom be born against Harper of the Qing Dynasty at any cost.
These magic cannons have limited damage to the celestial masters, but they are sharp weapons that kill the fifth-order masters and pose a great threat to the sixth-order masters.
Harper dares to sell Wang Lei’s powerful magic weapons at a high price, and he is not worried about being attacked by himself. That is because today, the empire is in full swing and the sun is not setting, and it is absolutely arrogant and not afraid of Wang Lei’s remorse.
This is a great empire in full swing!
"He has perfectly integrated into this world!"
"And he’s changing the world."
"The flapping of butterfly wings finally turned into a big storm!"
"He let Miao Shan Lin completed the transition from birth to death the year before! The turning point in the destiny of this world and that Qing country has cast a very important weight! Plus his own weight, the original fate line in this country has been pulled by him. "
"He’s a world variable. He’s hiding.-It’s normal."
The Lord god of the virtual reaper looks at the world from afar.
There was a terrible killing of ants outside Tianjing. He saw the fact that they had been thrown into this world from Wang Lei, and "they" had been paying attention to it.
It’s a pity that they are foreigners who are excluded from this world and forcibly inserted into this world, which will lead to a terrible plane war and disturb the "master" to clean up the reaper. The Lord God can spy on this world like a thief but can do nothing.
Everything can escape by that world variable.
There are many countries in this world, and each country has its own plane.
Unlike the PQ plane, which gave birth to the Lord God, the birth of the world plane means that the world is about to usher in a "big trial", which is the death knell of the plane.
In this world where there is no God, every country has its own plane, and the whole country is lucky.