Chu Yi’s look in the face of more than a dozen arrows has never been flustered. Even if he is a first-class player, I am afraid that he will be shot on the spot in the face of such a dozen military crossbows.

However, Chu Yi’s figure flashed. In the eyes of those who killed Chu Yi, Chu Yi disappeared like a ghost. When more than a dozen arrows reappeared, they were caught one by one.
With a flick of the arrow, the arrow immediately followed the route and returned with a scream. Suddenly, I heard heavy objects falling to the ground. Someone fell from the roof and fell to the ground from the wall.
Several masked men dressed in black rushed out of their hands all around, and their long knives flashed like lightning, so they were very sharp.
Chu Yi, a flicker, takes the key knife light, reaches out and pats it. Every man in black is photographed and flies out.
Blink of an eye, several masked men in black will be left with the first man holding a cold light shining Japanese knife. The knife method is not like the Central Plains Wulin routine. Chu Yi’s eyes flashed a cold mountain, and he stepped out to avoid a knife and printed his chest when he was about to fly.
At this time, I have already arrived at the East Factory, and I immediately took a person, but then the man with a knife crashed to the ground. When I drank a low drink, I suddenly stabbed the knife into my stomach, so I lost my interest.
Several of his injured men in black were actually fierce and fearless, and they were more decisive than drawing a sword and laparotomy.
Before Chu Fang pulled these face towels, he saw rough faces coming into view. He took a closer look at the line. Chu Yi said, "Governor, these people have rough skin and faint fishy smell. It is by no means that Jiangnan Renshi is likely to come from the southeast coast."
Chu Yi slowly reached out and grabbed a Japanese knife and fell into his hands for a moment. When the knife light flashed, he saw the crotch of the man who committed suicide by caesarean section in front of him, revealing fluffy short legs.
Chu Yi’s ambush naturally shocked many people. Seeing Chu Yi’s illness safely, not to mention the natural disappointment, and seeing Chu Yi’s behavior, he felt that Chu Yi was really crazy. The other party had committed suicide and even humiliated the other party’s body.
Chu Yi swept the crotch cloth of the body and looked at these bodies. They were a little shorter, and combined with some characteristics that Chu Fang said, Chu Yi was almost sure of the identity of these people.
These Japanese ronin are the ones who invaded the southeast coast decades later. These Japanese ronin were able to enter the south of the Yangtze River and kill Chu Yi in this Nanjing city. The deep meaning behind this is clear enough.
He threw the Japanese knife aside with his hand behind his back and looked around with a sigh, "Some people even dare to collude with foreigners in Japan. Isn’t the knife in Chu’s hand biting enough?"
Chu Fang clearly heard Chu Yi whispering beside him. He couldn’t help but look at the bodies with a slight change and said, "Governor, do you mean that these people are Japanese aliens? They are here, and someone in Nanjing has colluded with aliens!"
Chu Yi sneered at Chu Fang’s words, "Otherwise, if there is no one to help, how could these people sneak into Nanjing so easily and even ambush this long street?"
With a flash of cold light in Chu Yi’s eyes, he said coldly, "It’s a pity that these people shouldn’t use the strong crossbow of the army to ambush the governor!"
Chu Fang pointed out, "Even strong crossbows dare to move. How can there be more than a dozen killers without military personnel intervening?"
Such a strong crossbow is absolutely forbidden by the imperial court. You know, even the first-class players in the Jianghu can easily surround and kill the top strong people. If they are unguarded, they may lose their lives. For ordinary people, it takes three or two to kill people easily.
Said Chu Fang a flicker to wait until come back again after several times have come back with a dozen strong crossbows.
"Look, Governor!"
More than a dozen strong crossbows are different in old and new, and you can tell by their appearance that they are not made in recent years, but they are obviously new and made not more than one year.
Yes, I glanced at Chu Yi’s sidewalk. "Well, these people are really reckless. The killers in the mobile army didn’t even erase their face marks. Is it certain that they can shoot the governor?"
However, if the imperial court forbids killing devices, it will inevitably erase all clues, even if the crossbow is erased, bearing in mind that the performance of the crossbow may be affected, but nine times out of ten, the clues should be erased to avoid accidents.
However, apart from a few of these dozens of strong crossbows, it has been quite a long time since they were erased. Maybe they were deliberately erased when they were used to assassinate others.
Look back from this dozen strong crossbows ChuYi corners of the mouth full of smile just this dozen strong crossbows ChuYi will see too many problems.
Chapter ninety-three From hope to despair
First of all, a strong crossbow has new and old certificates. These people dare not hide too many strong crossbows at once. After all, every direction of such a killer will be recorded in detail. Of course, it is not impossible for some people to get more strong crossbows, but that is too dynamic. They would rather spend a little time accumulating them.
It is said that from the new and old crossbows, it can be seen that these people have been holding crossbows for a long time instead of a day or two.
Another point is that some inscriptions have been erased from the crossbows, but some have not. Chu Yi even speculated that these crossbows may not belong to one family, but were made up by several families in a short time.
More than a dozen crossbows plus Chu Yi have no precautions. The person who presided over this matter is obviously very confident. It seems that more than a dozen crossbows can be regarded as iron men, so even some urgent crossbows have not been erased.
Anyway, it’s impossible for a dead East Factory Governor to take revenge on them one by one along the strong crossbow clue.
However, everyone underestimates Chu Yi’s strength, or the gentry, and the first thing they value when Chu Yi is, Chu Yi’s identity tends to say whether Chu Yi is pregnant with unfathomable martial arts, and they really haven’t thought about it
After all, the Sunflower Collection is a secret magic, and there are not many qualified practitioners. Moreover, even if these people have studied the Sunflower Collection, they have spent almost all their lives in the palace, so there is no chance to display them.
In particular, what happened to the governor of Shendong Factory was mostly done by the people. Besides, Chu Yi was too young, so those who killed Chu Yi never thought that the assassination of Chu Yi might fail.
In an attic in the distance, a middle-aged man with a good face is holding a cup of green tea in his hand at the window, which is carefree. If you don’t know, you will never think that this person presided over the long street ambush.
Zhou Zhipeng looked at the horse from a distance, and Chu Yi and his party’s eyes were full of excitement. It took him a lot of effort to win this time to kill Chu Yi.
If Chu Yi can be killed successfully this time, then Zhou Zhipeng will make Jiangnan adults admire celebrities and the family behind him will benefit a lot.
According to what Zhou Zhipeng has seen from the soldiers, he has done everything he can to prepare for this. He has a strong crossbow and a close combat against the Japanese ronin. Even if Chu Yisheng has superhuman powers, he will not escape his calculation.
When the fire ignited Chu Yi’s prancing and shooting with a strong crossbow, Zhou Zhipeng was excited to hit the window edge with one punch and twisted his teeth but stared at Chu Yi intensely.
"Go to hell, eunuch. Haha … Hiccup …"
However, Zhou Zhipeng’s eyes were dumbfounded, and he looked at the moment and disappeared. Chu Yiyou was especially when Chu Yi turned his hand and shot those strong crossbowmen. Zhou Zhipeng felt that he was all bad.
"How is it possible that nothing can kill him …"
Zhou Zhipeng mercilessly smashed the teacup in his hand and stared at the distant strip with a crossbow. Fortunately, he made follow-up arrangements.
Zhou Zhipeng clenched his fist when the masked Japanese ronin dressed in black killed Chu Yi, and his eyes were full of hope.
If these Japanese ronin can kill Chu Yi, then everything can end perfectly. This Nanjing city is really free from these expensive things, even if an imperial governor dies, there will be no waves.
It’s a pity that Zhou Zhipeng newspaper greatly hoped that the Japanese ronin Sanliang was killed by Chu Yi. Zhou Zhipeng angrily denounced "Waste is a group of waste, so arrogant on weekdays that even a eunuch can’t be killed …"
At the moment, Zhou Zhipeng is a little scared. He never dreamed that he would fail if he thought that the sky was sewn in the bag and killed him.
Especially when Chu searched out the strong crossbows, Zhou Zhipeng couldn’t help sitting on the ground. He didn’t forget that several new strong crossbows were recently brought by his family at great cost to enrich the family’s details.
It’s not terrible to lose the crossbow. The most terrible thing is that he didn’t erase the inscription of the crossbow.
Moreover, the strong crossbow was sent only recently, and as a result, they bribed General Zhaowu to get it out, which cost two thousand silver.
If Chu Yi takes those strong crossbows to check, the inscriptions on his strong crossbows have been erased. Naturally, nothing can be found, but their new strong crossbows can be found when checked.
Think of these and look at the distant Chu Yi’s figure. Suddenly, the Hu clan and Wu Jingbo, who were destroyed by property, came to his mind.
Zhou Zhipeng couldn’t help but burst into fear in his heart, and his eyes murmured, "It’s over …"
Chu Yi didn’t know that he didn’t do anything, so he killed the person behind the scenes in the strip and scared the six souls.