"Oh ~ our wave country is really amazing!"

Facing a pair of eyes, the captain coughed and looked up to heaven.
In fact, he is also very curious.
He knows that this ability is called’ Eye-in-the-Sky Technology’, but how did this technology come about? According to his understanding with colleagues in the Ministry.
It seems, seems, probably, probably … Nothing to do with them.
This is embarrassing.
Can he talk? He can’t!
Similar scenes took place in various parts of the spray country, and the effects of eliminating evil spirits in various places were summarized in the headquarters of the Super War Department.
Embarrassment is more of a surprise.
"Compared with the description, the actual effect of Tianyanchong is not bad at all, even if it is beyond."
"At most, we will be able to maintain the environment at a low level in half a month."
"No, half a month is too long. We have to make it ten days faster and even a week to reduce the density of evil spirits!"
Anderson road
If only they, the spray country, get the eye of the sky, they can act leisurely and slowly.
But not now.
At sunset, the border is installing this unification, and they can’t lose even the most basic first-Mover advantage.
They must be faster than sunset country.
Anderson’s map set covers the whole spray country, and there are red dot areas in it, where cities are located.
Compared with the most red dot, it is much thinner.
Especially in their national capital, Langhua City, which is the earliest layout and the earliest cleaning of the city, the scope of red dots is very small at this time, which makes people feel happy.
Outside the city, the mountain forest area is dark.
After all, Tianyanchong is a city owner, covering all urban areas, but there are more than a dozen places outside the city that can’t be detected, and harsh red warning signals emerge.
"There are a large number of paradoxical reactions in these areas, which means that it is very easy to form a wave of paradoxical evils in a large number."
In particular, these places are more likely to breed evil spirits, and the suggestion is to eliminate and reduce the number of evil spirits as soon as possible. The longer it takes, the more difficult it is to clean up and the more dangerous it is.
An expert mouth
This is an expert who learned all kinds of exercises from the firemen.
The elite of the Super War Department looked at each other.
They have seen it, and they dare not ignore the warning.
They also conducted reconnaissance and entered those areas by root method, and also sacrificed several members of the Super War Department.
It’s even more dangerous
"It’s not that we don’t want to clean up, but go deep into the mountains to deal with groups of fallacies …"
Nowadays, it’s quite safe to fight more and less when dealing with cunning evil.
But in the wild, it is different. There is no specific information yet.
The top of the Super War Department frowned.
I don’t really want to, but I suggest it.
A senior official said, "Is it true or not that you can ask them for support when you encounter thorny problems in dealing with evil spirits?"
"It’s probably a true red crescent disaster. Isn’t there a strong man who pays the fire?"
"So we can ask the strong in Bai Piao to clean up the country’s evil for us."
Anderson denied that "it sounds good, but it will reduce the impression on us."
At present, the salary is still in the honeymoon period with them.
Ahem, and they want to get more from the salary fire. If it really goes wrong, I’m afraid it will expire, and there is a competitor named Sunset Country next door.
Nothing can be compared with the sunset country!
"We want to contact the firewood, but at the same time, we should also send the strong of our spray country to let the firewood see the power of our spray country!"
"Only by showing the true strength of our spray country can we make the negotiations easier."
"Now is a rare opportunity"
Kill two birds with one stone!
In front of the mountains in the south-central part of Langhua
Members from headquarters and regional super-war departments gathered here.
This time, the commander-in-chief of the campaign is deputy minister Katrina Anderson, and he has also sent his first hand-there are several strong’ skull crusher’ Arthur in the Super War Department!
This is a tough guy with a height of more than two meters and five towers. His arms are covered with a layer of gray cuticle, which has become a part of his flesh.
Although this is the sequela of physical alienation and awakening, it also brings strong defense and hardness to skull fracture.
His body is very hard, especially his arms.