The black fox demon is ecstatic to find the white fox vein, and seeks to seize tian hu’s blood to lure the whole white fox clan to cultivate the black fox achievement method.

Elder Cang Jiu, who hides his identity, is afraid of the other side’s strength and can persuade him a little. As a result, he can’t escape from the black fox demon. He was arbitrarily found an excuse and was severely punished by the clan rules. He has been quiet and cultivated since then.
Later, when the big black fox demon overthrew him, Elder Cang Jiu looked on and saw that the ghost of the big demon was collected into the small tower. Only then did he take a group of small fox demons into the broken small tower to experience.
Elder Cang Jiu knew that the black fox demon had followed his footsteps into the small tower and was also trying to find tian hu.
I didn’t expect that Luo Li really got the virtual shadow of Kyubi no Youko tian hu in the end.
Elder Cang Jiu is delighted with this result, and it is even more gratifying that Luo Lixiu’s strength has advanced by leaps and bounds these days.
Today, I have to see the four-tailed incarnation of Luoli truly awakened. Elder tian hu was so excited that he simply told the whole story, which also made Baiyun Tower three people listen to a real story.
"So that’s it … the celestial world … the ancestral land …" After listening to the elders of Cang Jiu detailing Luo Li, I was deeply touched at the moment.
A moment later, Luo Lishen said, "Ancestors will say later that the celestial world is in trouble now. I will go to the world to help my brothers and sisters in a few days …"
"Going to the celestial world is a hindrance to the ancestors’ fox spirits. There are also immortals in the adult world …" For Luo Li’s going to the celestial world, the elders of Cang Jiu did not hinder each other, but they woke up another thing.
"Small master, this pair of practices is very compatible with tian hu’s blood, but it is harmful and can be promoted very quickly … but it is necessary to be temperate and break the foundation of flying public practice." Elder Cang Jiu told him in a hoarse voice.
Upon hearing the elders talking about double cultivation, Luo Li blushed and replied, "This … naturally knows that if I have other business, I will return to Kunlun …"
"Little master, please wait for the tian hu achievement method left by the fox spirit ancestors to be formally awarded …"
After saying this, Elder Cang Jiu hobbled towards a wooden house with a wooden stick.
Chapter one thousand and thirty-five Solid foundation
Three people from Kunlun Fairyland to Sendai Baiyun Tower received some words at one another during the recovery.
"The original white fox elder has this identity. It seems that there was a misunderstanding between the former and the former …" A moment later, Zhao-yang Xia sighed with emotion.
"The waves are caused by her. I think it’s not time for the future. Let’s talk about it in the future …" Ziyan rarely speaks.
"Theory, such as the great increase in the repair of Luoli, is also a great help to the repair of the celestial body …"
Looking at the Baiyun Building in Xuan Bing, West Kunlun, then said, "Chaoyang Ziyan, you go back to the boundary and wait a moment. I’ll go to Tianchi to have a look …"
"Well … the original brother is going to find Xiao Feiyang, so just bring him some fruit …"
Speaking, Xia Chaoyang took out a treasure capsule, and took a lot of spiritual fruits from the Haihua Palace, and put them into the treasure capsule, which was satisfactorily handed to the senior brother.
Took the treasure capsule Baiyun Lou corners of the mouth slightly bent to nod to the two school sisters and immediately stepped away.
"Brother, there are three purple fairy fruits in it. I have to watch the little flying eat them …"
"Okay …"
The collapse of the snow peak near Tianchi Lake in West Kunlun Mountain, Tingtao Pavilion is being rebuilt little by little.
A Hong Ying rowed from the east and fell to the peak, showing the elegant figure of Bai Dazhao.
"Master elder brother ….." The nangongshan flying exclaimed a loose tactic jumped out from the ruins.
The snow layer on the peak of the figure fell to the ground.
"Didn’t control the strength again …" The nangongshan flying some embarrassedly scratched his head and then looked up, finding seems a little curious that the teacher elder sister Chaoyang didn’t accompany him.
"Come here, let’s not make those imaginary brothers. I think it’s true that you’re distracted …" As soon as Party A met Baiyun Tower, she joked along with the gender.
"Hey hey, I didn’t expect my brother to come over suddenly …"
Staring at the broken ruins in front of me, Baiyun Tower sighed and said, "This calm wave of Tianchi must be named Tingtao, and it is also the right way to be reborn …"
Say, "raise my hand and condense the wind aura machine."
Wave the wind reiki machine into the ruins, and the whole Tingtao Pavilion is broken, so it rises and spreads out.
After counting the interest, these fragments suddenly stagnated and immediately stood in the original ruins with a brand-new Tingtao Pavilion.
Putting the Tingtao Pavilion back together is the beginning …
The real fire flashed in the virtual space, and the fairy treasure came out with the firm but gentle wind. When the white head was cut off, the god forging method was simply adopted, and this Tingtao Pavilion was re-refined as a magic weapon.
"Don’t be idle when flying. This is your second sister’s gift to you, and it’s said to mend your body …"
"mend? I this body hale and hearty where need to fill … "Looking at the emerging eyes, the nangongshan flying muttered reached out and took it.
"Oh, it’s tough … I’ll take a closer look at it, brother …" The corners of the mouth of Baiyun Tower are bent and a soul-splitting body is condensed to let the refining company listen to Taoge’s work and turn around and come to Feiyang to watch it.
"No ….." The master elder brother stared at the Nangong Feiyang Qi machine more and more churning.
Just a thought Baiyun Tower simply intends to stop shooting and pat Feiyang’s shoulder primly and said
"The double cultivation method is the orthodox fairy road achievement method, which needs to be too concerned, and it seems that the tian hu clan is very suitable. If you practice properly, it will be of great benefit to the two of you."
Upon hearing this, the Nangong Feiyang gradually relaxed his mind and slowly calmed down.
"Oh, brother, please help me to have a look. Recently, the true qi has been running like a tide, and my mind is boiling. When it is difficult to settle down, I am not sure that I can break the boundary …"
Say, "The Nangong flies in the sky and sits in the snow."
Looking at flying teacher younger brother’s mindfulness and meditation, Baiyun Tower secretly nodded and praised those double cultivation methods.
Some time ago, the situation of flying in the sky, Baiyun Tower has been seeing that the pure yang is too strong and impetuous.
Now it’s normal to meditate and settle down.
Just a sigh Baiyun Tower carefully induced the flying state.
The true qi really works like a tidal wave, so it took a long time to break through to the later stage of then, and it took more than two months to make a big progress again.
Judging from this progress, we may try to break through the current realm in another two or three months.
Once we break through to then dzogchen, it is not far from the fairyland.
To the surprise of Baiyun Tower, it seems that this pair of repairs not only failed to block repairs, but also eliminated the hidden dangers caused by the skyrocketing repairs.
Although the true qi in the abdomen was running like a tide, it was a bit solid.
Repair the Baiyun Tower and send out an idea of divine knowledge to explore the sea between the eyebrows and fly away.
Chaotic knowledge flying in the sea has extended to dozens of Fiona Fang.
The primordial qi churns, and the Yang Shen body is sitting on the enchantment to rest the soil.
It seems that my mind is too restless and tired these days. This time, I suddenly relaxed, and my yang body also fell into deep meditation.
From the appearance, this double cultivation method has helped the soul the most. The original pole is restless, the pure yang is peaceful, and the toughness of many yang gods is enhanced a lot.
Not only that, a double cultivation actually raised the realm of Yang Shen by almost one pavilion.
Of course, all these magical effects may also be double-cultivated for the first time.
Yin and Yang Jiaotai Tiandi Avenue wants to come to Naluoli to activate tian hu’s blood, which should also benefit from this.
After watching the Baiyun Tower of Feiyang Yang Shen Body, look at the suspended Xuanjia of Xirang Enchantment by the way.
After three months’ cultivation, the Xuanjia and the meteorite sword have a faint blue and dark awn, which not only increases the weight and tenacity of the stage transformation, but also increases greatly.
It seems that if you want to be mentally stable, you can manipulate the polar magnetic force at will in Xuanjia.