"The imperial food in the palace was not as delicious as this!" ……

Next to the big dining table, a group of beautiful women with beautiful ladies’ images are throwing their cheeks. There is a dragon in front of them. At ordinary times, it’s hard to see that these slender beauties have such a large appetite. It’s not long before this 30-foot long dragon is riddled with holes.
"I say you eat slowly and stop choking! Nobody’s robbing you. Besides, there’s so much here! This dragon is enough for our family to eat several meals … "But no one is listening to Yi Yu or fighting for it.
Yi Yu looked at the beauty who ate a mouthful of oil and couldn’t help but give birth to a warm feeling. "Maybe this is like a family!" Shouting is full of energy and no intrigue. Is it happy to get together and eat? Maybe that’s it! "
"Hey!" Yang Zi put chopsticks gracefully, but at this time she was full and ruined the royal elegance when she just ate. Princess Yang Zi couldn’t help blushing and lowering her head.
"Sister Yang Zi is really cute!" "Scale" seems to be a little bent, leaning back in the chair and smiling at Yang Zi.
A listen to "scale" has been suppressed along while didn’t speak cold calyx was more than I could bear to say with smile "yes! Yes! Although Yang Zi’s eating style is the most elegant, I just saw him eat such a big piece of meat with a sneak bite! " Said also exaggerated strokes a big circle.
"No! Cold calyx nonsense! " Yang Zi’s face turned red, but she still refused to admit that everyone couldn’t help laughing when they saw her lovely appearance.
Yi Yu see Yang Zi some humiliating hurriedly bifurcation topic "alas! I can support me to death, I am afraid I can’t walk anymore! "
"Hum! My husband can eat the most, and while eating, he said that people should eat slowly and don’t grab it! In fact, he eats the most! " In such a restrained occasion, it is not at all to give Yi Yu a name. She knows that Yi Yu will not be angry and restrained at this time to get along as a family.
Yi Yu a quick two "was now! But you can eat a lot! See you at ordinary times all like a lady, in fact, are all little greedy cats and little fat pigs "…
Tang Wan wiped her mouth and smiled "husband! There are so many left! Shall we all take it home? It would be a pity if you just throw it away. "
"It’s natural to bring back wave food is not a good habit after our family can’t wave! If I see anyone who dares to wave food, I will spank! "
Yin element siu-tong smiles appealed a "hum! I just want to take advantage of us! "
The cold calyx may be due to eating too much, and the blood has gone to the stomach to digest food, so some brains are ignorant. "But this dragon is so big that even if we take it back, there is nothing to heat. Can it be cold?" At this time, although the dragon has been riddled with holes, the middle bone is still intact!
Yi Yu looked at the cold calyx, but MengMeng was so fond of it that she just wanted to say,’ Just cut it!’ But before he could say this, he heard someone say, "Isn’t it easy? Just move this cauldron home together! "
"This method is good! Husband, let’s move the cauldron back! "
Yi Yu couldn’t help laughing in her heart when she heard this. "Our family really has all kinds of stooges!" But when he turned his head to look in the direction of voice, he couldn’t laugh anymore.
I saw two people in the doorway with a big white lace apron and a blue robe. It turned out that the chef Niang and the little nun came back! In fact, it’s no wonder that people come back here. It’s their home. Can they still go to the ends of the earth? Besides, even if I really ran out, Yi Yu and his family should run back here after eating and stuffing for so long.
Seeing that the chef Niang’s eyes are round, her eyes are blazing, her teeth are gnashing, Yi Yu is holding a big dish, and the knife hand has already burst out with faint veins standing out, while the little nun is gloating and I don’t know what she is happy about.
"Hey hey! We won’t take it when you two come back to the cauldron. Just bring this leftovers back. It’s not easy to have a large population at home! " Yi Yu gave the chef two quick smiles. "It’s a little salty, but this trip is still delicious. I know you don’t want to bring your family here to taste it. You don’t mind!"
You!’ When the chef Niang heard Yi Yuhu say, she couldn’t help pointing a kitchen knife at him even more angrily. I don’t know if the kitchen knife is too heavy or if it is so angry that the kitchen knife that grows more than three feet can’t help shivering. "My dragon soup!"
"Well … there’s still a lot of dragon soup. It’s not cold yet. If you’re too hungry, you can drink some dragon meat first … Try it if you don’t think we’re dirty!" Now, this guy Yi Yu has been caught red-handed, and he is a dead pig who is not afraid of scalding water. If it happens, he takes a bowl and wants the great beauty to become soup.
Chef Niang maliciously stared at Yi Yu slowly. "It seems that some people really don’t know how to write the word’ death’! ….. "If you would like to know the aftermath, please look back at Life Bet.
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However, it is also very dead for me to painstakingly cook a pot of dragon soup in my heart. Yi Yu, but at this time, this beautiful chef Niang couldn’t help swallowing a mouthful of water when she heard Yi Yu talking about it and it was still warm. It seems that now is not the time to be afraid of temper. With Yi Yu’s cold hum, "Hum! If this dragon soup is heated again, it will change its original flavor. Although it is a little salty and not perfect, it is my hard work. I will try it first and kill you again and again! " He said, and went to the big cupboard.
The little nun immediately changed her face and rushed to the front quickly. "Master, I’ll get you a bowl …"
"You’re smart this time." Until now, the chef Niang still stared at Yi Yu savagely, as if she were afraid that he would run away.
"The master is my brother’s duty …" The nun was smiling while walking. In fact, she was afraid that the master would see those two cards, but the little nun ran to the cupboard and screamed!
"What’s the matter?" Everyone is a surprised look at the little nun.
"Master is not good for you … your chopsticks are gone!" First the nun panicked and shouted as if the world was coming to an end.
The beautiful chef Niang’s eyes are even more prosperous with a slight ash! "Who is it? ….. Who stole my bowl! I’m going to kill him … "Like a angry mother Tyrannosaurus rex, but before she finished, she saw a big white porcelain bowl full of dragon soup.
But the chef niang without looking cold so way "go! Leave me alone. Do you want to die? "
"yo! Sister Ruyu is really angry! I haven’t seen you for so long and I have to kill my little sister! People are so sad. "
That beautiful chef Niang, that is, Sister Jade, couldn’t help but look back with a slight surprise. Looking back, she saw a beautiful girl in blue pretending to look at her with a sad face!
"Dirt? !” Although there are two words, the joy is beyond words.
"Jade elder sister! ….. "Said the" scale "hugged the chef niang at this time they just white originally this chef niang turned out to be a famous heart like ShenNiXin jade! And the little nun knew without thinking that nature was Shen Wei, the master of dragon slaying.
After just a surprise, Xin Ruyu deliberately kept a straight face and said, "You dead girl finally escaped! I told you not to get mixed up with Deng Yin, a small white boy. Neither he nor his brother Shou is a good thing! You didn’t listen, but you went your own way and married him. You deserve to be bullied so much later! "
Scale face a red secretly saw Yi Yu Chen way "jade elder sister the worst these old things to do? Don’t eat soup soon, it will get cold soon! This is my bowl chopsticks. I remember when I was a child, I was never too dirty as a jade elder sister. Now I won’t … "
Xin Ruyu’s face was slightly sluggish, but she soon returned to normal, revealing a look of longing and missing. "What are you talking about?" How can Sister Ruyu dislike me? I really miss it! At that time, your three sisters and Chen Ziqin’s little crazy bitch were probably the happiest time in thousands of years! " Said Xin Ruyu has used words to destroy this big bowl of dragon soup.
"Scales hold the smiling at Xin Ruyu, who is not very elegant and eats." Sister Ruyu is really sorry that people don’t know where you are at this moment! In the end, it makes you eat scraps, but the craftsmanship of Jade Sister is getting more and more exquisite! I envy people! "
A listen to "scale" also said somewhat ironic Xin Ruyu couldn’t help being more angry and swallowing a mouthful of dragon soup "hum! You bitch, don’t get cheap here and tell me. I don’t know your sex yet! You must have known this was my home and deliberately … Yes! You must have done it on purpose I’ll settle accounts with you after I finish eating later! " "Is this your man?" she asked, glancing at Yi Yu.
"Scale a face of smile took Yi Yu arm way" well! Jade elder sister, this is her. You can also call her with me. "
Yi Yu quickly saluted, "That … I’ve seen Sister Jade!" At this time, Yi Yu met the famous heart like a god, but his head was a little short-circuited and his heart andao "Is this the heart like a god?" ! That’s the dragon slayer? This world is simply crazy! "
Xin jade cold hum a "hum! Smelly little and I are close to who is your jade sister! " But when it comes to the later time, I can’t help but look slightly red and look at Shen Wei. I don’t know what the good sisters have tacitly agreed. "Don’t say something nice, it’s okay. Today, the dragon soup is not over yet!"
"Elder sister! Look at you. You scared our family to her! And I’m telling you! He bears a grudge! If you bully him, don’t ask him to seize the opportunity in the future … "
"yo! It’s hard to believe when my dirty sister became so good! " Said Xin Ruyu and looked at Yi Yu with a smile. "You really have two hands. At the beginning, Deng Yin was a famous handsome man in the fix true world. It’s not a two-woman monk who secretly promised his heart! But when it comes to our dirty here, it’s not just scolding and raising my hand … "He said, but he covered his mouth and laughed and said to himself," But it’s no wonder! Have you been forced to rebel by others? You must coax this husband this time! "
"hate it! Sister Ruyu said nothing! It’s a thing of the past. Why give it back to him? And if you make my sister jealous, there will be no good fruit to eat! "
Xin Ruyu smiled awkwardly and laughed. "Aye? Haven’t you heard of such a big deal? This is not my intention! "
Scale and all the people a slight ash don’t know xin jade mouth say what is the event "elder sister what are you talking about? My sisters and I are busy these days! I didn’t care about asking for information. Did it arrive before the big robbery? "
Xin Ruyu shook her head and laughed. "What a shot in the dark! It’s still a long way to go! Although it’s already gone, I’m afraid it will be decades before our life-and-death war! But heaven is unpredictable. Who can tell? "
"That you say what is it! Stop selling! Otherwise, I will be angry! "
Xin Ruyu laughed. "All right! I’ll tell you … you! " Said a face of banter at Yi Yu connect a way "just three days ago, Deng Yin alone fog hidden peak out Kunlun sent in addition to the one-yuan ancestor and silly monk, the rest of the younger brother was killed …"