"The gods … suddenly attacked our headquarters and the base has been destroyed."

After saying this, the monk froze and lost his interest.
Everyone in the earth fell silent.
The monks didn’t recover at the moment.
And another world in the sky is gradually approaching the original heaven.
Gu Qingshan absence looked at this scene.
For a moment, everything was gone.
Gu Qingshan found himself once again barren land.
He came out from that time segment.
Chapter seven hundred and twenty-seven Avatar granted
Gu Qingshan is in the wilderness
He mused on what he had just seen.
A surprise sounded, "You’re alive?"
Gu Qingshan looked up.
Seeing Linggui floating in the sky is looking down at him.
"You’re a monk in the land of emptiness-how were you born in that war? No, even if you find a place to hide and drag out an ignoble existence, that clip won’t let you out. You can always stay inside and relive it, "Linggui thought."
"I have a magical power that can play a big role in the war," Gu Qingshan said.
Linggui’s eyes gradually changed.
I see. Although his strength is as low as dust, he has the magical power to control the war.
This small war has made great contributions, and only then will the fragment recognize him and let him out.
Linggui sighed, "It’s not a dream that someone can finally live outside the Heavenly Palace after several years."
Its tone is full of vicissitudes of life, and Gu Qingshan doesn’t know what to say.
Gu Qingshan thought for a moment and tentatively said, "Can the seniors be allowed to enter the Wild Cloud Palace now?"
Linggui came to her senses and suddenly said, "Of course, there are two ways to enter the Wild Cloud Palace. From my eyes, I think one of them is very suitable for you."
"I’d like to hear more"
"I’ll take you to steal the jade dish in a moment-it’s the fastest and most direct way."
"Stealing jade dishes?" Gu Qingshan doubt way
Linggui explained, "There are two jade plates in the passage, one is the head of the jade plate in the past dynasties, and the other is the guardian jade plate that has been kept in Zhu Nestle."
"Although Suzaku is dead, its ghost is still alive. We have to steal the jade dish from its nest."
Gu Qingshan asked, "What should we do?"
Linggui said, "I’m going to fight Suzaku after a while. When I fight it, you can take the opportunity to go to its nest and take the jade plate."
"Suzaku won’t be too far away from the nest. If I fight it, it will probably wave you. If your strength is touched by the aftermath of our battle, you will die."
"That how to do? Can’t we do it another way? " Gu Qingshan asked
Linggui said, "No, I will give you an avatar that can help you save your life in this battle."