A ninth country visits the Chamber of Commerce for Burning Fires … or the organization for burning Fires must have the same person to meet.

Liu Feng will personally receive the sage on behalf of the firewood.
The trip of the sage of Cangtu is an official visit.
He didn’t create a power. He was a lone sage, but in the ninth place, he was more important than the idle overlord.
It is said that the sage of Cangtu visited the Burning Fire College, not the Spark City, but the Burning Oasis, which involved a powerful core and door.
The core of the falling star city is that the grandeur of the city far exceeds that of the Xinghui fortress, but the falling star city is not open to the outside world for Chinese people to enter
The situation of Gu Yue dynasty, Honglian empire and Yunhui seven countries is generally similar
Their capital city has been promoted to a nine-level oasis, but the real reception of guests, talks and meetings, and business cooperation are often carried out in the gate city.
This has something to do with Ann.
The core capital of a super oasis is usually closed to outsiders. Many times, the location of the capital is hidden in the depths of the ritual map.
A brief visit to Spark City by three sages, such as Bai Yao, was due to its coincidence.
In the future, Bai Yaoxian will choose Burning Fire City instead of Spark City when he visits Burning Fire.
So many foreign superpowers have set up missions to visit the burning city, but they are not visiting the burning chamber of commerce, but the burning college
The name of the Chamber of Commerce for Burning Fires is not loud, but it is not enough to attract guests from other countries.
However, if the Chamber of Commerce for Burning Fires is behind this period of fame and saved many oasis firewood organizations, it will be completely different.
The firewood organization has great strength and great righteousness!
Most of the forces who went to the burning city were indebted to the burning organization. Of course, it would be a beautiful thing to establish closer ties with the burning city.
A small part of them are well-informed forces who want to rub their chance.
But even these well-informed people know that the salary college is not as simple as the new overlord, and the powerful forces are also stunned at the moment.
"Is it a sage?"
"The great in unexpectedly in burning city? Is the power of firewood more mysterious than we know? "
"Is there a possibility that those who are wise in the dark are more enthusiastic and love to bring along the descendants of mankind?"
The sage of Cangtu is indeed a great human elder with a great sense of righteousness and great kindness.
Early warning of this disaster and tide has reduced a lot of losses to human forces.
But …
"The sage of Cangtu is warm-hearted, but the trace of this sage is quite difficult to find. Many hegemonic forces have failed to invite the sage of Cangtu to their oasis."
"Not long ago, the seven powers of Yunhui were able to invite sages to sit in the town because of disasters."
"But as soon as the disaster was over, the sage left the watery country. I didn’t expect to see this great man here today."
There are myths to marvel at