Simply dressed, it exudes a cold aura, and the green snake hair on the top of the head is vivid and clever …

Pei Hong is convinced at a glance that this woman is definitely not an ordinary person.
[When did my younger brother have such a ruthless role around him? 】
Chapter 10 You are not welcome here
"Go ahead! What do you want to do this time? "
Quietly staring at PeiHong Xiaoqing nature can’t help but know this man.
When she was in Ningxiang County, she had seen Pei Wende with her own eyes, and she knew that he was Pei Wende’s blood brother.
Just like Pei Wende, Xiaoqing didn’t give him any special treatment because of the other party’s identity.
On the contrary, with the "lead" of the old housekeeper, Xiaoqing has already had a bad feeling about Pei’s family.
As the saying goes, Xiaoqing will know that Pei Hong has never crossed the mountain for such a long time without thinking about it. This sudden mountain will definitely not be a simple search for relatives.
"Er, I want to see my brother and Zen master Lingyou this time."
Briefly hesitated a PeiHong so honestly confessed.
However, in response to him, Xiaoqing sneered at the straightforward expression of the world.
"This is the seclusion of the old monk Lingyou, and he knows exactly what happened outside."
"But he hasn’t come out to see you until now. He didn’t even ask you to go in. Can’t you understand him?"
Depending on PeiHong embarrassed Xiaoqing pointed to one side also embarrassed Zhang Chusheng continued.
"You are not welcome here!"
"Neither the old monk Lingyou nor Pei Wende welcome you."
Xiaoqing’s categorical tone at that time made Pei Hong not know how to meet us.
Pay attention to the way of the world, shrewd and tactful officialdom, and no one has ever said so bluntly that Pei Hong is more embarrassing than directly reprimanding and scolding.
Good Pei Hong is worthy of experiencing big waves, and the character quickly adjusted his mentality and expression.
"Little Niang, this is the first time you and I met, but I don’t know they welcome me."
"Besides, even if they really misunderstand me, I believe I can explain it clearly."
I have to say that Pei Hong’s response was really decent, which not only saved the faces of both sides, but also showed his sincerity to the maximum extent.
Nai, this time he is not facing a "person" but a snake demon.
Root too lazy to PeiHong too many words Xiaoqing stretched out his hand and was going to directly carry each other and the old housekeeper out of the hall.
At this time, a sigh suddenly entered four people’s ears.
"Pei benefactor, is this necessary for you?"
As the gate of the back yard of the Buddhist temple was slowly pushed open, I don’t know when the door appeared, and the Zen master sighed low.
"As early as twenty years ago, I agreed with the monk Pei Laoju …"
"He gave me Wende to take refuge in seclusion and never sent anyone to disturb me."
"But three years ago, your sister wanted to take Wende away."
"At that time, I didn’t insist that Wende didn’t want to go to the mountain. It was his own choice."
"But now that you have come to the mountains to be a monk, don’t I have any temper?"
The tone is not exciting, but everyone can hear the anger in Jackson Ling You’s words.
"Monk, I never do anything to break up people’s families, but I also don’t allow my brother to be threatened by people for mutual affection."
"Now that Wende has expressed his attitude, even if the old king comes, he and Pei have no"
"He’s my brother Lingyou, but I wish you something in Weishan Tongqing Temple, but Shangu blacksmith’ raises’ …"
"But it can’t be a gift from you, Pei Jiayou, and it’s not a gift from you, Pei Hong, to express filial piety."
Lingyou Zen master has been avoiding seeing each other because he has seen each other’s thoughts.
It’s a pity that Pei Hong doesn’t know whether to be stupid or not and directly stab the table with the things that both sides are most unwilling to face.
"It’s natural that Zen master can take such good care of his younger brother Pei Hong."
There was a slight pause in tone, and Pei Hong’s performance at this time was a real veteran of officialdom.
Not only did the tone remain humble, but even the face didn’t turn red, as if the other party said it wasn’t himself.
"But this time, Huier failed to take Wendeshan because Pei’s family was in a bad situation and he couldn’t bear to continue to suffer with us."
"Plus, anyway, we all live in Tanzhou. Sometimes, talk slowly about Wende."
"But this time it’s different. We have got specific news that my father will make a comeback and return to Chang ‘an in a few days."
"In other words, Pei Hong came here to pick up my younger brother and go to Chang ‘an to enjoy himself."
When this statement comes out, don’t say that it’s Ling You Jackson and Xiaoqing. Even Zhang Chusheng, who doesn’t talk, looks at him with scorn.
Let’s just say whether Pei Hong’s comeback is true or not. Just revealing the meaning in the other party’s words can show that he is hiding from Pei Xiu to find his own door this time.
This also confirms the statement of Zen master Lingyou from the side.
Pei Hong’s visit to the mountain may be partly because he wants to take Pei Wende to enjoy the happiness, but it is more likely that he wants to show his filial piety in front of Pei Xiu.
After all, I can see from before PeiHui that Pei Xiu is very concerned about PeiWende, a young man who avoids disaster.
"Ha ha, master, long time no see!"
Seeing that the scene was about to reach a deadlock, a hearty laugh suddenly came from the outside.
Then I saw Zou Qiwu, who took the moon, striding into the Buddhist temple and timely solving the embarrassment of some people in the place.
"Hey? Isn’t this the boss of the Pei family? "
"Why? Did you also worship Buddha today? "
No trace stopped Pei Hongling’s Zen master Zou Qiwu’s moon, who couldn’t bear to look straight in the eyes and looked at Pei Hong in surprise.
"Speaking of which, your grandfather told me about you when I was drinking with him yesterday!"
"I’m afraid he would have died when he was demoted to Tanzhou if you hadn’t been running for years."
"He also told me that you haven’t been home to see him for a long time …"
"He misses you and the loyal housekeeper so much now that you remember to go home and see him."
Looking at the bright and clear Zou Qiwu Peihong silently, I know that if I continue to stick to that topic just now, I’m afraid I will really be thrown away by someone in the place.