Zhang Yi nodded and replied, "Xiang said it was because the captain’s position was too important that Chen Kecai chose the almighty and the mediocre!" Not only fresh graduates from naval universities, but also foreign students who returned from studying in Britain and Germany, and Beiyang old man? You can’t know these people, can you? What are their abilities? "

Liu Yan toad replied difficultly, "Yes, some of them are very capable. If there is no spare position now, they would have become a captain!" "
Xu Huaijin replied, "Brother Xiang, this means that no matter how much Chen Ke moves, first of all, he has no selfishness. Second, he has one criterion for selecting talents-ability! Brother Xiang, I can assure you that in the future, you will do your best to train the Chinese navy and Chen Ke will shine brilliantly! He is the only candidate for your future successor! "
Liu Yan toad said with a wry smile, "But two good brothers, what should these laid-off workers do?" They are all heroes, and now the admiralty is boiling over the sky. If you listen to them, it will definitely do a lot of harm to the navy! We can’t be indifferent! "
Zhang Yi looked at Xu Huaijin and replied, "Brother Huai Jin’s concern is still very reasonable. Do you have any plans?"
Xu Huaijin mused, "I haven’t thought about the specific plan yet, but I think there are some people who are still in their prime of life, but they are still in their forties. However, because their naval theory is out of date, they still stayed twenty or thirty years ago. This is absolutely impossible. I think it is better to directly transfer them to the Naval University for recharging, but this matter needs incense to master. Forgive me for telling you the truth, even if they are in their prime of life, they have already lacked the spirit of hard work and enterprising spirit. Brother Xiang, you must give them back the so-called shame and courage! Once they get out of the naval university again, that’s when they get heavy again! "
Liu Yan toad was overjoyed. Yeah, aren’t they incompetent? Then I’ll transfer them back to the Naval University for further study, set up two advanced naval classes, and let them forge again. Why don’t they have face when their younger generations are compared? If I don’t learn a lesson, I’ll spare them in the first place. It’s a shame!
Liu Juanchan replied, "Good Huai Jin Xiandi will listen to you and I will ask Chen Kelian to cooperate with him, which will also relieve the pressure of Chen Kelian’s reform!"
Immediately, Liu Yan toad’s eyes were a little dim again and then asked, "Huai Jin, what about the other people?"
Xu Huaijin thought a little and then said, "Those who are over 55 years old can be given a first-class rank when they are discharged from active service. If they are under 55 years old, they can choose to enter the Admiralty. Now the Navy is becoming more and more important and heavy, and the Admiralty should also increase its establishment. However, the posts in the Admiralty are also very important. You must make careful arrangements and never get out of the basket. It will be you who will be in trouble then!"
Liu Yan-chan laughed and worried that the problem had been solved by Xu Huaijin. If these people were properly resettled, who would be full and make trouble?
Zhang Yi went on to say, "You should also watch Chen Ke’s place. Of course, don’t interfere with the general direction. It is understandable that Chen Ke is a little young and sometimes short-tempered, but two or three years after he adjusts the navy in place, you will see a completely different navy. Then we will go to the navy to inspect it, but we will see what this Chen Ke can do!"
Liu Yan-chan said with a wry smile, "I’m loyal to you now. Chen Ke has to say that I have the ability and pattern. I’m relieved to be in the admiralty for three years. I was looking forward to it for three years. Chen Ke, don’t let us down!"
Chapter one thousand one hundred and eleven Joy begets sorrow
Yu Yamada drink a way "honk! Hey! "
Yushulong must quickly lower his head.
Yu Yamada said with a sigh, "Yushu Jun, compared with me, it is much more difficult for you to lead the army to surrender, but I have to have a caesarean section. You have to find a way for the army to revive the future empire. It depends on you! Please! "
Yu Yamada spoke and bowed deeply to Yushu Longbeard.
Yushulong must hate to stamp his foot. How unwilling he is to surrender, General. This title will become a stain that he will never erase in his life!
However, the elite combat power of these empires can now be thought of
Yu Yamada sighed, "Yushu Jun, you should first prepare for the Huaxia Revolutionary Army. Once you attack, you should lead the army to surrender!"
Yushulong’s eyes were complicated and he slowly retreated.
Yu Yamada turned around and pulled out his saber. The white handkerchief wiped the saber again and unbuttoned his clothes. In front of him, there appeared the figure of the family of the far empire, the son and the lovely little daughter. All this has gone away from him and there is no chance to meet again.
Yu Yamada murmured "Static, Taro, Excellent …"
The long knife in his hand was suddenly inserted into his chest and abdomen, and the viscera in his body flowed out. Yu Yamada was planted to the ground
Yushulong watched Yu Yamada quietly not far away. He has been following the imperial generals since he joined the army. So he died in Lingxiu Mountain!
Yushu dragon must be ordered, "Come and division head cabinet has been cut open to tidy up the body of division head cabinet …"
Yushu Longxu’s voice did not go down, and the Chinese Revolutionary Army once again launched a fierce attack on the hill! Self-propelled artillery battalion and cavalry division launched the final charge from four directions: southeast and northwest!
Wang Jiazhu was so angry that he lost his adult this time. If it weren’t for the self-propelled artillery battalion, he almost let the Japanese divisions run away. I will never forgive the mistake!
Now Wang Jiazhu has launched another onslaught at two o’clock in the morning, regardless of the exhaustion of the army. First, he shelled the heaped-up mountains fiercely, bombing all Japanese troops, crying and crying, and then the cavalry began to attack the heaped-up mountains!
Fortunately, the heaped-up mountain where the Japanese army is located is very short, and the surrounding terrain is fairly flat. If it is steep, the cavalry division will have to abandon the horse and attack the mountain. Thousands of cavalry are madly attacking Wang Jiazhu from the north and south, and the horses are the first to rush over!
If we can’t clean up the Japanese army with heaped-up mountains tonight, the old man won’t go back to Seoul!
Facing the overwhelming cavalry, the Japanese army has just recovered from the fire of the Chinese revolutionary army, and now it has no fighting spirit!
How can you fight for a day and two nights with almost no food or water? Don’t say that the cavalry is desperate, but it is difficult to get up and walk a few steps!
The top of the mountain is a face of despair and miscalculation. Unfortunately, Yu Yamada cut his belly in vain. Where did he want the Chinese Revolutionary Army to be so hard that he launched a general attack on the Japanese army again in the early hours of the morning?
Now that I haven’t called the main generals and officers to release the news of surrender, the Chinese Revolutionary Army has already begun to fight at night. I hate the Japanese Chinese Revolutionary Army. Will it still give the Japanese a way out at this time? Dream On!
Yushu Longxu roared, "Ordering the army to fight is to die and the last one will never surrender!"
All Japanese troops followed the footsteps of Yushu Longbeard to meet the cavalry of the Chinese Revolutionary Army and staggered over!
Is this still a war? It’s all unstable
Wang Jiazhu, however, will never be polite to command the cavalry to quickly rush into the Japanese crowd and divide the Japanese army one by one to kill!
Anger has already made a killing order before Wang Jiazhu. Anyway, it is night to kill the Japanese army! Only in this way can I get rid of my old hatred!
A fierce battle! A fierce battle!
To come to an abrupt end is also abrupt.
Thousands of Japanese down-archers and cavalry have been annihilated in less than two hours, and the dead Japanese have covered the heaped-up mountains. Finally, only hundreds of Japanese soldiers can no longer hold on to throwing their weapons and surrendering!
Wang Jiazhu stared at the Japanese soldiers and sneered, "Do you want to return to your lair safely? Dreaming? Old man has no habit of giving preferential treatment to prisoners! Command the machine gunner to prepare to send this group of king eggs to pile up the dead bodies and set a fire for the old department to burn! "
The cavalry rushed the Japanese captives together with the chief of staff, Yushu Longxu, and one of them was very heavy machine guns. The gun was pointed at the group in the dark and the soldiers dropped together!
Yushu Longxu shouted, "No! You can’t do this! You can’t honk like this! Ga! ……”
Wang Jiazhu, however, no matter how much he waved his hand mercilessly, the heavy machine guns started shooting wildly and oppressively, and the sound of the machine guns suppressed the shouting of Yushu Dragon!
Blink of an eye hundreds of Japanese military department was reached. At this time, Wang Jiazhu just felt the evil spirit in his chest and spit it out. "* * * * * This is your invasion of China yard! Come and clean up the body and prepare to set fire! "
Ten thousand bodies were piled up together like a hill. The Chinese Revolutionary Army poured several barrels of gasoline on the corpse mountain. Nearly a hundred soldiers put their torches into the fire in the corpse mountain.
Wang Jiazhu laughed heartily!
Wang Jiazhu shouted, "Order all the soldiers to retreat to Tushan for rest and return to Seoul at noon the next day!"
Although the news that Wang Jiazhu slaughtered the Japanese army can hide from foreigners, it can’t hide from Xu Huaijin. At this time, Xu Huaijin got the news of killing prisoners and smashed the teacup with anger!
This is the second time that this group of king eggs have done all these irrelevant things, and they have followed the old bus and a tiger as bastards! The long trip to China and the Republic of China is ruined by * * * *!
Xu Huaijin roared, "Order to temporarily revoke all military posts of Wang Jiazhu and return to Mukden to reflect! I don’t want them to point at the old nose every day and call us a primitive and wild tribe! Make anyone dare to abuse and kill prisoners again! Hell to pay! "
Wang Jiazhu was so happy that he got the military order. He is now dead, even if he is demoted, even if he is a soldier, he must not let the old man fight!
Chapter one thousand one hundred and twelve Inspection again
Defeng Sun muttered, "President, in three days’ time, we will conduct another flight demonstration skydiving experiment to invite you to see if it is necessary to postpone it temporarily …"
Zhang Yi gave Defeng Sun a hard stare, although he hated iron to produce, but after all, Defeng Sun was able to form combat effectiveness as soon as possible and could not be too harsh.
Zhang Yi said stiffly, "In three days, the performance will be cancelled and postponed for a week. Today we will go to Huairou Army Experimental Base. I will personally inspect it!"
Xu Huaijin took a slightly surprised look at Zhang Yi and said, "The instructor used to tell you the truth. If you dare to board the plane again, I will not stop with you!"
Xu Huaijin has been scared out of his mind. There was a fault in the plane, but it was the most terrible thing. Never let this happen again. No one can bear great responsibility in the event of an accident!