"Miss …" She called hesitantly.

"What is it?"
"Handmaiden heard some smell outside …"
I looked up at her. "What’s that smell?" "It is said outside that the fact that the master’s body was stolen was attributed to the young lady …" I asked with a frown. "Where did you hear that?" Xinger mumbled something, "Handmaiden went to buy food and listen to the street today. Many people say …"
I hesitated for a moment, put the pen in the pen rack and asked her, "Do you believe it?"
"Handmaiden, of course, don’t believe! How can a young lady do such a thing when she is in the house every day and she is a delicate girl? " She said angrily, "I don’t know which one is gossiping about such a rumor!"
I sighed, "There are always some idle people-don’t pay attention."
"It’s …"
I wrote before the case, and when I saw the smoke coming in, I stuffed the written paper into an envelope, sealed it with wax and handed it to her. "You go to Dongxing Street and give this to Miss Chu in Wanxiang Building."
"Wan Xiang floor? ….. brothel? " She stare big eyes I glanced at her way "? What are you talking about? Go! "
"It’s …"
I stretched, leaned back on the couch and looked at the roof beam for a while, then got up and walked to the ancestral temple.
Today, the fifth day of September is the day when Taihang ascended the throne, and it is also the practice of Guan ‘an altar. When I got to the vicinity of Qingfeng Pavilion, I smelled a hymn. At that time, I felt a little worried and sat on the railing. There were Lao Jin and his wife Li, and they didn’t take care of much. Today is a family festival.
There was a maid sweeping the courtyard in front of Qingfeng Pavilion. I beckoned him to come over and take a closer look. It turned out to be Xinger, the maid in Qingyang’s room. "Why are you back again?" I suspect that Xinger plopped down on his knees. "Excuse me, Miss …" "Didn’t you leave?" I still asked Xinger sobbed and said, "The handmaiden deserved to die … but now her home has been ransacked by bandits, and her old father has been killed … The handmaiden can go and come back … Please spare the handmaiden and take her in!"
Without saying a word, I walked up behind Xinger and begged, "Miss … Please!" I stopped and sighed, "I can’t leave unfaithful people here, especially at this time-you go." But she hugged my leg. "Miss, please look at the children in the handmaiden’s belly … take the handmaiden!"
I suddenly shocked, "Are you pregnant?" She lowered her head. "Handmaiden …" I was furious. "You still don’t behave yourself and have an affair with men? !” "Young lady! Handmaiden, handmaiden is pregnant with … the second young master’s flesh and blood! "
"You talk nonsense! What if I can get you pregnant? !”
"It was before the young master was taken away!" She murmured with a face of no white flag above my door, "That night was the night when Miss Young Master came back from the Lily Garden to enjoy flowers. After drinking a few cups over there, Miss Young Master went back to her room and was met by a handmaiden … him, him …"
"Okay, stop it …" I stroked my forehead and looked at her. "I asked you, are you serious?" "I dare not cheat the young lady if I am a handmaiden!" I held back my heart and said to her, "Get up first." She looked up at me. "Miss … Will you accept the handmaiden?" I said indifferently, "Anyway, let the baby be born first, and then let Liuyan ask a doctor to help you, but I can warn you that you will be back soon. If you have half a lie, don’t blame me!"
"I dare not die!" She cried and kowtowed. I took two steps and turned around and asked, "In that case, what were you going to do?" "At that time, the housekeeper who was ill left the house, and there was not even a master in the house. I was afraid to worry that I would never be able to stay in the future …"
"Where did your family get attacked by bandits?"
"Handmaiden don’t know now in the capital has poured in a large number of refugees Liancheng has also been blocked …"
I thoughtfully indecision in my heart for a long time and then called her up and said, "You can move to Muxi Pavilion for the time being to see if Liuyan has come back and asked her to arrange a house for you."
"Handmaiden KouXie miss …"
When I came out of the ancestral temple, it was midnight, and I was greeted by cigarettes and lanterns, with a cloak in my hand at a distance.
"Wear this at night."
I buttoned my clothes and asked, "When will you be back?" "I won’t be long before I come back." I nodded and walked slowly along the lakeshore along the "Miss" flue. "Xinger also lived in Muxi Pavilion?" I tilted my head slightly. "She didn’t tell you?" "Didn’t say that the young lady ordered the handmaiden to clean up the house for her ―― what did you say, young lady?" I was slightly annoyed. "It’s not just a sin!" "Second young master? ……”
"Go and get a doctor." I gathered my skirt. It’s autumn, and it’s getting colder and colder, especially with frost tonight. "Doctor? Oh … the handmaiden is white, but miss, do you really believe in it with the second young master? " I looked at the crescent moon on the horizon and sighed, "I still don’t know about that personality?" He Xinger is involved in the early morning! ….. Even if the young child is not pregnant now, look at this world and how obedient she has been for so many years ―― although I said that, I can’t really ignore it. ""… Miss is kind! "
"By the way," I stopped, "did you give the letter to Miss Chu?" "The handmaiden has given it to the girl herself." "… did she say anything?" "The girl said that she didn’t want Miss Bai to do this, but she would still do as Miss Bai said. Besides, she asked the second young master if there was any news?" Then she looked up and stole a glance at me.
I didn’t have a good face and glared at the direction of Qingfeng Pavilion. "Miss, the gentleman and the second young master will really come back soon?"
I looked at her dimly and didn’t know what to say.
"The emperor is here-"
There was a eunuch shouting at the door, I adjusted my clothes and knelt down at the door, "Guan Yu kowtowed to the emperor."
"Get up on her!" The emperor stretched out his hand and lifted me up. I looked up and felt a little pain and joy in my heart. Days of hard work made his face gaunt and he looked like a king in a dragon robe.
"Emperor …" I was a little shy when he shook my hands. "I’ve come to pay my respects to her today." I was dazed and suddenly changed my mind about him. I claimed that I was not used to it, but this person was already an emperor before I finished being white.
"thank the emperor for his kindness"
I led the emperor and his party to the ancestral temple. The servants knelt on both sides and bowed respectfully before the crown was burnt. "I came to see you, officer …" I heard that I couldn’t help but feel sad and wiped my eyes.
"On her, in the future, I will decide that the contemporary prime minister will take care of it with all his heart and swear that he will never break his promise today!"
After that, he bowed down to the ground several times. I knelt down beside him with tears and thanked him. "The official family is so kind and kind to her, but I am grateful to help my two brothers to be safe and sound!"
The emperor sighed in my face, "You two brothers should arrange for her to have her own score in my heart. Don’t worry, take care of yourself." Say and pull me up together.
Stepping out of the mourning hall to the front hall, the emperor left everyone out and left me and him alone.
"The emperor …"
"I’m still willing to listen to you call me Brother Nine."
As soon as my heart warms up, my previous sense of alienation disappears. Some "nine brothers" smiled and put their hands on my back. "I didn’t come over these days. Are you okay? What is missing in the house? " I shook my head. "Thank you, my ninth brother. It’s good that I don’t have a master servant in the house now, and I don’t lack anything." He said happily. "That’s good-you won’t stay in this house alone for a long time. After this month, when the war subsides …" I saw that he stopped talking about going to the sidewalk. "What happened after this month?" He smiled. "Let’s keep it a secret first!"
"Nine elder brothers are really bad!" I glanced at him with anger. He smiled and held my hand close to his lips. I hung my head in shame. "It’s getting more and more indecent!" Instead, he said, "Brother Jiu loves her so charming …"
When I heard this, I said gloomily, "So Brother Jiu didn’t just avenge her father?" He listened to the put his hand was a heavy up "I don’t want to taste? But the queen mother … ""What happened to the queen mother? " "The queen mother doesn’t advocate withdrawing Lv Xintang. She said she wouldn’t change her mind when she got cold feet … Besides, some front-line soldiers are also their people. A withdrawal of Lv Xintang will definitely cause turmoil in the front-line army."
I crooned, "Will it always be like this?" He remained silent for a long time before saying, "A few days ago, the Queen Mother gave birth to Princess XIII, who married Lv Xintang’s younger brother and the official department’s daughter-in-law. It is even harder to have this layer …"