From YunQing just at this time to catch up with the horse just before the wind to hold.

As the wind blows, there is a fierce cough, and deep red blood overflows from the lips.
"You …"
A mouthful of blood gushed out from the mouth and was permeated through the chest, and the blood was constantly oozing out to dye Li Yunqing’s snowy clothes one after another.
From Yun Qing’s eyebrows, he conveniently put the wind on the ground and left the line of sight not far away to watch out for people.
Although I didn’t know that the wind would be involved with this man, she wanted to stay alive to find out about the king of Zhou, but this man killed her.
No one moved a step when he got dignified, and he could hear clearly even his breathing.
Suddenly, a fierce wind floc oppressed me, and a bad cold surged behind her, and a red shadow flashed over.
Looking back from Yun Qing Huo Ran, I was awestruck by the uninvited guests and killed my eyes.
She grinned, turned around, grabbed her sleeve, pulled out a dagger carved with exquisite runes from it, and the cold sword collided with the man, making a clang and sparking instantly.
Behind him, Li Yi’s heart is fiercely moving. This man is so fast that he has already opposed their swords before he even reacts.
He grabbed Yun Qing’s wrist and pulled her away from the dangerous position.
From Yun Qing, I squinted at the man’s face, which gradually appeared from the dense fog because of the distance, and a little surprised flashed across my eyes. Her voice was searching for a sentence "Fei Ci?"
Make the man who wants to attack seize the footsteps, but he can see that charming creature with a hint of cold face.
The two men steadied themselves and frowned. "Do you know him?"
"I don’t know only once" is not far from Yun Qing shaking his head and keeping a close watch with the man.
She has always had a good memory, even if she has met someone, she can remember that she will not forget the hungry and dizzy strong man in the back of the imperial house.
However, there is an illusion for a moment, because the person in front of me seems to be more cold and arrogant than before, not the kind that makes people avoid it, but the kind that makes people feel ashamed and cold.
Bai Li Yi Shen Ling has been away from Yun Qing. Why didn’t she know that she had seen such an expert?
The black eye pupil is called Fei Ci to those colorful eyes. The man’s sword is retracted from its sheath and his lip angle is raised. "I am Fei Ci Gong. Remember me?"
"How can you here is not the back to the world? Or were you really acting to lie to me that day? " From Yun Qing, two eyes narrowed slightly and evoked a faint smile, but it made people feel unusually surprised. Chapter 16 Evidence is conclusive ()
Let’s not say that this is a fascinating forest. Let’s say that this is Langyue Village base. What is he doing here?
Although she knows each other, she still keeps a considerable distance, as if she is ready to attack. After all, she has not yet met this person.
Bailiyi low smile to meet people around a supercilious look is turned to the past.
His four imperial concubines have always been very sharp-tongued
Fei Ci was asked Zheng without thinking, saying, "The public thought is that I misunderstood Fei Ci, and this heart light is also complicated."
He glanced at the dead man who had already died, and continued, "On the way back to China, I happened to pass by Shuizeshan, but I didn’t want to break into this trap. I managed to escape, but I met this inexplicable girl. I didn’t say that the sword was facing each other. I was a killer. I didn’t expect to meet the public. How could I be here?"
He was surprised and opened his eyes, but every word he said was true
There is no smile on Yun Qing’s face. "I just came to find someone but you have killed me."
Let’s not say whether what he said is true or not, but it’s urgent to dig up evidence instead of talking nonsense here
Thyme seems to have seen through the front of Yun Qing’s mind and squatted down carefully to see a front person.
Then he turned to look away from Yun Qing and shook his head. "It seems that there is no her body."
"It’s a poor man who died without getting anything." From Yun Qing, he slowly revealed a profound smile and the wind slowly caressed her.