The demon monk has never seen this before, and it is now a very partial field. I still don’t know its interest. Looking at the constant hitting on my body, I can’t help but burst out laughing. "Is this the trick you want to kill me, junior? !”

Yi Yu also ignored him and looked at the western wild devil like a dead man. Suddenly, his shoulders flashed and he disappeared again. This time, the western wild devil was really scared. There was no sign of fast moving. It was a spell … Before he thought about it, it was too late to want to hide again. Fortunately, the mord was at hand, and the demon monk hurriedly took the mord to protect the vest. The goal of Yi Yu was not to take him. Seeing that the silver light flashed, the left arm of the forearm was once again smashed with a bright red snowflake.
The Western Wild Devil cries out in pain and retreats to one side. Yi Yu’s wrist shakes as if to shake off Jian Qin’s blood. Actually, if this treasure’s sharp blade will be stained with blood? ! "The demon monk can take your life with this sword, but he can cut off your residual arm to wake you up. At this time, you are in danger and may die at any time. Take out all your things and fight with me, and maybe you can survive."
After listening to it, the western wild demon is almost appall, keeping a close eye on this handsome and crazy western wild demon. That’s what Yi Yu is called in his heart. Now this demon monk wants to get away from here as soon as possible. With a wave of his right arm, the mord once again turns the dragon into Yi Yu, and this demon monk unexpectedly abandons the magic weapon of self-defense and jumps back to escape. It is dozens of feet away. This is the field of Yi Yu. The demon monk’s escape method is naturally limited. It takes mana to fight this field before he can go out and escape.
It’s easy to break the field! At this time, the demon monk’s hand is a magic weapon and he has lost an arm. If he fights again, he dare not look back at what the malefic is doing. The western wild demon is afraid of losing his last chance to escape when the waves turn back. Even if he doesn’t want to face the facts again, it’s always true. The demon monk breathed once and felt a terrible pain in his thigh. Looking down, he told the demon monk that his thigh had been pierced by a half-foot sword. A big hole in the thickness of his arm told him that this leg had been abolished. He knew that if he didn’t work hard, it would really be buried here today!
The demon monk’s eyes refuse to look back. Looking back, a white figure stands a few feet away. The silver sword and white clothes are elegant and dashing. It is such an outstanding figure, but it is his death warrant. The evil monk thumped three times in his chest, spouted three mouths of blood, and shook the small sail in his hand. Once again, the monty yin fire was the monty yin fire, but it was no longer a gray cloud, but three gray-white dragon dances.
The demon monk, who has almost fallen into a desperate situation, has finally come up with a life-saving trick. Even if he can win today and get out of this western wild demon, he can’t recover even if he doesn’t have a hundred years. At this time, the demon monk’s resentment is very heavy and he wants to kill the white Taoist. The three-headed monty Yin fire dragon roared and rolled over and went straight to Yi Yu.
Finally, I met the real main course today. Yi Yu was even more uplifting. Seeing Qin seems to feel the unbridled and provocative nature of the monty Yin fire dragon. The first move was not fancy. It was a head-on contact with Yi Yu’s figure. When Jian Qin shook, it was a dull noise. Yi Yu was shocked back by several feet, and even the field trembled. On the other hand, the western wild devil, who had been accumulating for a long time, spit out one mouthful of blood again. I don’t know whether it was injured by the earthquake or intentionally.
Seeing that the three-headed monty Yin fire dragon got this JingXie, it was even more rampant and roaring around Yi Yu. At this time, Yi Yu’s irritability seemed to be completely immersed in the battle with the three-headed monty Yin fire dragon, which was forced into a desperate situation. Yi Yu could borrow Lei Guang media to escape everywhere, even the purple sword could never catch up with this baizhang, and there was almost no time difference between thunderbolt and shock light evasion.
Three dragons surge after Yi Yu, and he is enjoying displaying the simplest basic swordsmanship of Qingcheng School over and over again. That’s how simple swordsmanship is, and it’s almost weird and fast. The three rates have actually produced hundreds of swords. Although the Monty Yin Fire Dragon is tough, it still loses a share in every sword.
Looking at the dancing in the hands, Jian Qin Yi Yu suddenly used to be a posture that couldn’t catch up with the sword. Now gradually, there is a trend that the sword can’t catch up with the posture. The thinking hand in the heart has stepped up the three-point determination of Qin Jian, and the snow-white firm but gentle sword mixed with filar silk is like a plum blossom, but this new flower is beautiful but absolutely dangerous and fatal.
Today, this western wild demon really made a fire to control the monty Yin fire dragon, but it didn’t avoid crashing into the other two Yin fire dragons, but it took the opportunity to rush over to take Yi Yu’s life. "Young students, today, if you push Buddha into such a situation, you will take your life and vent your hatred!" It was the western wild demon who was still complacent that the horse could win in less than a moment, but he saw that Jian Qin, who was determined by Yi Yu, didn’t even put two in his hand. It was not like just now that he had to work hard to stab the sword flower. It seemed to follow suit and he didn’t see much effort, but he saw two identical white plum blossoms meet the aggressive monty Yin dragon.
When the demon monk saw that Yi Yu had resisted his three-headed yin dragon’s heart, he wanted to spray another mouthful of JingXie to break the sword flower. He didn’t wait for him to act, but he was shocked to see that Yi Yu had two white swords. After a meal, he seemed to appreciate his own Jie and seemed to be in the thinking place. After a while, he moved again. It was still the same swordsmanship, but this time it was completely different. Goodbye to the sword flower, but it was no longer white and golden. More than one saw this sword, but it was silvery and firm, though it was dazzling.
After the golden lotus came out, the momentum was mighty, but there were bursts of imperial anger. The white plum blossom and the western wild magic monty Yin fire dragon were all short, and the arrogance was no longer just that. It was hidden in this magnificent and mighty emperor’s face, but it was determined that millions of spirit of war’s tyranny and madness were like hungry tigers, regardless of whether they were friends or enemies. The white sword flower blocked the front and bit it in the western wild magic’s own JingXie sacrifice, and the monty Yin fire dragon was refined.
Just now, I was tenacious and not afraid of the sword, and the Yin dragon was swallowed up by the golden lotus. The dragon body turned over and kept spitting out the yin fire. To make up the dragon head, it has been repaired and destroyed. At this time, the western wild devil really turned over the last magic weapon in his heart and could not defeat the enemy. Why don’t he really die here today? !
The demon monk saw that Yi Yu was firmly in the wind, but if he wanted to get rid of the dragon transformed by the three monty yin fires, it would not be possible at once. If he didn’t escape by chance, he would have to worry about his life and dare not neglect it, regardless of the boundary of the field. His bald head crashed directly into the past. The monty yin fire was his hard sacrifice, and he tried to take back the magic fire while trying to escape. But at this time, it was beyond his control. The monty yin fire dragon, like a mouse bitten by a poisonous snake, could not move. A magic fire had not touched the golden flower smoothly.
Yi Yu naturally knew that the demon monk was leaving, but he didn’t stop him. He knew that just now, the purple bell had been outside, and the upside-down door lock fairy flag was sacrificed according to five lines. The western wild magic was out of the field, and it was hard to escape. It was not accepted. The monty yin fire gave Tang Wan a mending body. Yi Yu took out the original Tang Wanbao bottle and sucked it at the golden sword flower, but he didn’t want the two sides to eat it clean like evil dogs.
Yi Yu, look at the treasure bottle in your hand. Although it’s nothing big, all evil spirits can cover up the breath and not see the evil spirits when they enter the bottle. The evil spirit has passed away, and there are still two white sword flowers left, but the golden lotus with more than three feet does not dissipate. The gray-black monty evil spirit with petals has actually returned to DingJian Qin, and there is still no change. The monty evil spirit is still a mighty imperial power. Some evil spirits are really not worth mentioning in front of the sword of the Millennium Emperor. When Qin Jun was disrespectful and disrespectful, millions of arrogant soldiers worshipped the Great Qin Emperor and his domineering sword, how could it
Forty-two back to the green robe bodhi old zu
The western wild demons are really desperate, and they will get up and run away after crashing out of the boundary of the field, but at this moment, a piece of white fog is born around them, blocking the way. The demon monk knows that it’s not good. I’m afraid he’s trapped by mana. Looking back, Yi Yu’s fierce road is almost over, and he knows that he can’t wait any longer. Besides, there are still several enemies eyeing up. If he just hugged and still has his own life? !
When I hate and fear, I can bite my teeth and shoot a big mouthful of blood on my chest. The deified blood of the heavens flies out of the encirclement and turns into a light. It’s just lucky to get rid of my life, but suddenly I feel that a pain in my right shoulder seems to be hit by something. It’s a matter of life at this time. However, if Li Qiong-ying’s sculpture will let him go, at that time, the demon monk relied on monty’s yin fire and the wheel alms bowl to collect and take care of the beast. Now he is down and out, and he feels like a steel claw, and he has caught a strange pain
Western wild demons escaped in one breath and fell for hundreds of miles to see where they were! The left arm is a broken right leg, and it is a big hole in a tea bowl. It is still painful and terrible. It seems that there are evil spirits eating meat. Behind it, the god carved a three-way mouth, and a large piece of flesh was removed. Even the frock silk tapestry was caught by the beast. At this time, I remembered a grain of snow soul beads. After years of hard work, my treasure was destroyed. I was seriously injured and became disabled. The western wild demon couldn’t help but stand there and wail.
Just then, I suddenly heard this desolate place, but I thought of a very ugly squeak, a strange call, and a sharpening of teeth. Even the fierce and powerful demon monk in the West was called creepy by it. I quickly stopped crying and stood up and looked around to see that his place was a snowy mountain. The scenery around the valley was magnificent and secluded, and the mountains around it blocked the cold wind from the north. The snowy water on the top of the mountain turned into a hot spring through the volcano, and it was really a pleasant place.
That monster seems to be coming out of the western wild demon in Tou stream, thinking that it must be some poisonous snake monster, estimating that he can still deal with it at this time, he went to the stream to find out the actual situation. If any spirit beast monster happens to catch and swallow it, it is better to make up for the lost JingXie today.
After simply dealing with the injury, the demon monk followed the mord with his hand. At this time, the call was getting louder and louder, and he hurried away. There was a strange turn in a creek for two or three miles. The creek surface was getting wider and wider to the back, and it was almost the end. The demon monk looked ahead and saw a cliff standing steeply, fearing that it would be a thousand feet high and a half, and hundreds of fine waterfalls would be hung sparsely in the concave part of the cliff. It seemed that someone had left a forbidden surface. A square pool was about dozens of acres.
Although there are hundreds of waterfalls in that pool, it is not noisy. There is a huge stone in the center of the pool, which is only twenty feet high. Fiona Fang has several acres of strange stone combs, which are more exquisite than the peak. There is a grotto with a high height. This peak is surrounded by clear waves and ropes, which makes it more and more beautiful. It is also an excellent abode of fairies and immortals.
At this time, the monster started again. After listening carefully, the demon monk said vaguely in the cave, "Who will save me two benefits?" If you abandon me, you will die … "Western wild demons are strange and hesitant. I don’t know if I should go into the cave. On weekdays, this devil is naturally not afraid. But today, after eating a big loss, I have left a one-dragon mord, and I dare not be careless and quietly approach the mouth of the cave to observe that it is dark and there are two green lights flashing. I don’t know what monster it is.
"I’m a western wild demon. What kind of monster are you? Don’t show up and come out of the hole and bring yourself to ruin!" Before the demon monk could speak, there was an evil wind in the cave and he couldn’t see my fingers at once.
At this time, the western wild demon has become a frightened bird. Just as he was about to sacrifice his mord and turn away, he suddenly heard the monster say, "Don’t be afraid that I will never hurt you. If you are kind to me, I can help you a lot. Otherwise, you can’t live today."
The western wild devils suffered a fiasco and were ridiculed. They could not help but yell at each other with anger. "Knowing that monsters don’t know that your Buddha is powerful, how dare you say that you came from our Buddha and don’t kill famous ghosts!" The evil wind has not stopped yet, but it is still light. The western wild devil will see the hole not far away. In addition to those two green lights, there is even one more column. The western wild devil has broken his heart today, and it is so strange that he dare not make a move. He has already risen and retired.
The demon monk didn’t dare to go into the cave, so he retreated. He didn’t quit for a few feet. It was not a good feeling that the evil wind burst behind his head. When he turned around, he startled the western wild magic. Unexpectedly, there was a small half of his body and a huge man’s head and beard twisted like a mess, and his eyes shone bright green just now.
The half body with a big head to see the western wild magic face was afraid. The big mouth laughed unexpectedly, but it made people uncomfortable to laugh. After a while, the big head looked at the western wild magic Gherardini with a ferocious look. I don’t know what I was thinking. At this time, the western wild magic knew that this monster was not easy to provoke, and today it lost its magic weapon to suppress anger and said, "Are you a person?" Fall into this image? " The monster smell speech seems to be a little angry. Two purple eyebrows shrug their heads, and their beards stand upright like hedgehogs. At the same time, their eyes are round and green, which makes them look scary.
But it is laughed and said, "You don’t want pot calling the kettle black, the monk of Xifan. Both of us are almost the same. Have you just eaten somebody else’s big losses recently and ended up like this?" Time is precious now, and my villain will come back soon. You and I are helping others in trouble, that is, helping ourselves. If you can do me a small favor first, you will have your benefits in the future. You probably don’t know my origin yet, but if I say that I won’t leave if I can’t help you today, will you listen? "
Seeing the monster’s tone is so loud that he can’t figure out his way, the western wild demon replied secretly, "You can’t help but contribute to the origin theory … If you are treacherous, don’t blame the Buddha for being cruel and let you know that I am not easy to mess with."
The monster smell speech exclaimed "oh? Are you the Venerable West Wild Devil? It’s no wonder that you and I are famous for each other and have never met. How can you end up in such a mess when you smell that your magic is mysterious and you can unleash a thousand miles of evil fire? " That strange reason may be heart-felt, but the western wild devil was touched by pain and growled, "You should Mo Wen me first and tell me what you are to change."
"Taoist friends don’t want to export and hurt people. I’m not a famous person. I’m the green bodhi old zu of Baiman Shanyin Wind Tunnel."
When the western wild demon heard it, he was shocked. How could this old demon be here when he died in Ciyun Temple? The green-robed bodhi old zu said, "Since that year, I went back to the mountain to practice martial arts in western Yunnan, and I haven’t lived on earth for many years. Last year, the venerable one sent me a letter asking me to go to Ciyun Temple in Chengdu to help his apprentice Yude Emei Sect fight martial arts, so I took a magic weapon to Chengdu, but I didn’t expect it … in two days, I was tricked into destroying the poisonous golden silkworm method and the poisonous shura sail to pity my hundred thousand golden silkworm methods!"
"oh? People are so powerful? "
"That’s the old deathlessly …" The green-robed bodhi old zu gnashed her teeth. "Later, they set up a poison to seduce me, and then there was that terrible person hiding by the side. A golden light flew like lightning to cut my waist. Fortunately, my brain contained a Xuanzang bead that was not damaged by the enemy. Otherwise, it could still be cultivated for revenge in the future."
"Since Taoist friends escaped, how could they end up like this?"
"Thanks to my evil disciple, the situation was urgent at that time. My eldest brother Wei Huxin arrived from the evil wind cave to save me here. I was surprised that he didn’t save me back to the mountain but came here. Later, I learned that he didn’t save me because I was his master. He took a fancy to the bead, which was cultivated by the external incarnation method of my second yuan god. Although I lost half of my body, I had to find a qualified body to make me practice together for three years and six months. Who can return to the face?
"Look at the Taoist friends, although they are still constrained, they still don’t escape?"
"But you don’t know that the evil ACTS blocked this mountain before me. He can live in this mountain but can’t live here. You can’t go back. He is still not enough. He hangs a magic spring on the cliff to prevent me from escaping. If you see dozens of fine waterfalls on the cliff, it will turn into dozens of white dragons to surround you and stab nine female Yuan Yang needles in my body."
Western wild monsters looked up at this time, and sure enough, the design here was full of mystery.
"The evil ACTS not only want the orb to me, but also the Yuan God. He will unite me into one, and the second Yuan God will help him resist the disaster. More importantly, he will take me from the magic ancestor. How poisonous is his heart? Strange Yi Yu was blind at that time … "
When the Western Wild Devil heard that this humanoid monster turned out to be a fierce and famous founder of the Southern Magic Sect, Baiman Shanyin Wind Tunnel, the green-robed bodhi old zu was surprised. He naturally knew that the green-robed bodhi old zu was fierce and powerful, and he knew that the murderer and the venerable man could not strike a deal without fighting, and that they both had the same interests and were decent common enemies such as Emei. Seeing here today, they must be rescued.
Forty-three Back Nine Mother Yuan Yang Needles
Western wild demons really want to save him. I have long known that the green-robed bodhi old zu is vicious, but his word is true. A few months ago, I heard that he had died in Chengdu. Today, if this mountain is not saved, I may have to really respond to his words.
But at this time, the western wild magic treasure has been lost and disabled, and the one-armed Wei huxin Chen has been as powerful as the green robe bodhi old zu for a long time. What if he can’t resist it? It took me a while to figure it out all the way. I replied, "The green robe Taoist friend is not that I don’t want to save you. The Taoist friend’s strength is still subject to the fact that I have tried several powerful magic weapons before Taoist friend. I haven’t met a few opponents in my life. I don’t want to meet a few famous players today. The magic weapon is completely ruined. If the enemy is not only a disciple, wouldn’t it be both sides?" I’m afraid I’ve delayed Daoyou myself … "
The green-robed bodhi old zu said, "If you have a Taoist friend, you can escape this mountain and save me. It is not difficult to ask you if you are sincere and really intend to save me from danger. I didn’t mean to intimidate Taoist friends just now. If you don’t believe me, you can try to walk and see if you can get away from it."