The middle-aged woman couldn’t help frowning away a pair of beautiful eyebrows slightly. We can’t say it so full. Don’t we still think that Wansheng Dan was stolen after the two of us guarded it?

Ma ‘am, you don’t know that all the younger brothers in the Tang Clan are down’s poison sutras. Actually, otherwise, it is impossible for them to steal the root of down’s poison sutras.
Ah, come on, that’s the way it is. If you don’t tell me, my generation will think that Down’s Poison Classic is an entity secret book.
The Tang Clan is not very profound and powerful in martial arts, but it is only the seventh order. Even the ninth order martial arts are very fresh. The Down’s Poison Sutra is really an entity. I’m afraid it has already been stolen.
Well, that’s right. It’s difficult for us in the Tang Clan to practice martial arts when we have been studying poison all our lives. This time, Jun ‘er can capture Situ Hao alive and get the ancient secrets from him, which may have a cross-generational significance for us in the Tang Clan. After all, Situ Hao has reached the ninth-order martial arts level with a set of ancient remnants for several years. The ancient remnants must be a set of quick martial arts secret methods, which is simply the most perfect secret method for us in the Tang Clan. Maybe from now on, Tang Clan’s younger brother will not advance and become a road martial arts.
Alas, Situhao is famous for being difficult. Now I’m worried about Jun ‘er, said Tang Wanshan with a long sigh.
It’s not bad that a loving mother loses more children. After hearing Tang Wanshan’s words, the middle-aged woman’s face is more radiant than a bright smile. Wanshan Jun is extremely intelligent, and you have sent more than ten powerful brothers to accompany him. I’m sure he will finish it smoothly. Then you will be ready to give him the Tang Clan Poison Classic as a candidate for becoming a householder.
Mom knows that the fool deserves it. Your husband doesn’t do it. You have to solve Situhao’s problem. Listening to the middle-aged woman, she is angry than dark scold a way.
I’m not the only one in charge of the house. As you know, although I’m the house owner now, I’m also worried that if several uncles want them to join hands to let me stand, I’ll have to stand. This is also a kind of supervision for the house owner. If you want your son to be a house owner, you have to pass several uncles first. If this fails, everything will be in vain.
I don’t care, you must find a way to make your son the master.
Let’s talk about it when he comes back. It is also an outstanding achievement for him to capture Situhao. Then I personally urged him to do a good job in diamond poisoning, and asked him to improve in this respect. Plus, it is impossible for me to make him the master.
It’s a pity that Tang Bojun, his parents’ heart, has been destroyed by Situhao, but his parents are also here. He planned Chapter 9 People’s Purgatory.
Situhao knows very well that the biggest resistance to destroy the Tang Clan is not from Tang Clan’s younger brother. After all, he has stolen Wansheng Dan and won’t be afraid of the level of Tang Clan’s entering poison without invading his body roots.
The greatest resistance to destroy the Tang Clan today comes from those crazy and poisonous weapons guarding the Tang Clan.
Situhao learned about Down’s Poison Sutra from Tang Wanshan’s mouth, but it was only in his mind that he never thought about stealing Down’s Poison Sutra again. After all, it was a harmful thing, but it was a curse to destroy Tang’s Down’s Poison Sutra, and it would be annihilated from now on. It was impossible for Situhao to rely on virulence to cause a wide range of poisoning to all creatures in the world, but he was not annoyed that he could not steal Down’s Poison Sutra.
Situhao turned into a flea and stayed with Tang Wanshan every day. He had a clear understanding of all kinds of refined poisons in Tang Clan. Those poisons would die directly, which would make people feel miserable. He was very clear about those antidote and those that didn’t. Now he just wanted to find a way to know how to deal with those crazy poisons before he could take action.
People in the Tang Clan use poison to kill all creatures and poison the people, so he wants to treat them humanely. He has deeply remembered the poison that has no antidote and can make people feel miserable. He will use these ready-made poisons to make people in the Tang Clan pay the heaviest price.
Such a delay is more than ten days for Situhao.
He followed Tang Wanshan everywhere every day, but he didn’t hear the way to deal with those crazy poisonous weapons. After all, Tang Wanshan couldn’t discuss the way to deal with crazy poisonous weapons with others.
In this process, Situ Hao has also seen the poison test process of Tang’s younger brother, Li Gu, and the people. He has lost his libido resistance and wants to act against him. These crazy poison weapons will not harm his illusory form, but they are not afraid of being hurt.
On this night, Situ Haoli sneaked into the Tang Clan and put the poison in the warehouse. He firmly remembered the poison in his mind and put it into the Gankun Ring. Only then did he turn into tiny flying insects and enter the Tang Clan’s brother’s room to poison them.
Situ Hao has a deep understanding of these poisons in advance. He knows that the medicinal properties of these poisons will take two hours to play, and he is not worried that his actions will be discovered in advance.
Situhao is an expert in assassination because of practicing the secret method. His action rate is faster than that of every Tang’s brother. He flew in phantom for more than an hour, and Tang’s brother was quietly poisoned by him. Then he lurked in the tallest building in Tangmen, waiting for their toxic hair.
This will be a crazy night. With the toxicity of Tang Mendi, the lonely peak of Xuanyin Mountain is bound to fall into a scream, and the ghosts in the west will rest in peace in these screams.
Situhao didn’t feel guilty about his own line, and his heart was filled with a feeling of revenge.
Of course, this great hatred is not due to himself, but to several people who have been poisoned. Tangmen will pay the heaviest price for them for thousands of years tonight.
At the easternmost point of the squeal scream, it constantly spread to the west, which is also specially arranged by Situ Hao to let several ghosts in the west rest in peace.
The shrill scream was still very simple, and it didn’t take long for it to become more noisy and more gloomy than horrible.
The piercing scream is really like a spectre screaming at night
With the screams, those toxic things haven’t been sent yet. Tang Mendi has woken up from his sleep and quickly ran to the place where he screamed. With their arrival, the piercing screams in the west are getting bigger and bigger, rippling in the night. It sounds really chilling.
As time went by, all the Tang Clans were immersed in fear. One by one, Tang Clans screamed, and Tang Clans became a purgatory.
In the night, some birds were awakened by the piercing screams and fled in all directions. Situ Hao lay in the tallest building in Tangmen and looked at it coldly. He silently prayed in his heart that he was killed by Tangmen. Today, I will avenge you. You can rest in peace.
The piercing screams are endless, and a kind-hearted person can’t bear to listen to them. But these screams are different from people’s most moving listening to music in Situhao’s ears. His heart is surging than his thoughts are rushing in his eyes. Looking at those Tang brothers, they are desperately struggling in pain. The scene of hundreds of thousands of people being killed in the city flashed across the pile of mountain bones west of Tang Gate, and his heart was a kind of shock.
As time goes by, the squeal ratio is from weak to strong, and from strong to weak, until the last Tangmen, it tends to calm down.
The only people alive in Tangmen are those who are caught and those who are crazy and poisonous.
When all the lonely peaks were quiet, a very weak strange sound sounded a moment later.
Strange sound into the ear Situhao couldn’t help being frightened to disgrace. He had already heard the strange sound, that is, Tang Wanshan read a spell before giving orders to Mad Poison Force.
Situhao’s heart was flooded with horror, and at the same time, tiny flying insects flashed to the hair place and ran away.
Leave ten people to protect me, and the rest of the department will kill the people in the government to win the weak voice, which seems to be strength, but the murderous look is more horrible than terror. With the command of Tang Wanshan, the Tang government immediately sounded more crazy than the panic screams, and the crazy poisonous body shape was madly killing those people in the Tang government.
It seems that Tang Wanshan has sneaked into the outside world for nothing. His order is to let the mysterious man who poisoned hundreds of lives in Tang Clan be killed together.
Situhao flew down a secret beam and quickly came back to the body. He flew down the front of Tang Wanshan and poisoned Tang Mendi hundreds of meters. He always wanted to kill me, so he called those crazy poisonous weapons to come over. Situhao said coldly that Chapter 1 was destroyed.
Tang Wanshan saw Situhao’s appearance through the corridor lights. His face couldn’t help but change immediately. He roared back and was surrounded by him. The figure flashed through Situhao and immediately surrounded by dozens of crazy poisonous weapons.
Surrounded by crazy poison force, Situhao immediately felt a stronger sense of oppression coming from all directions, but also a strong stench made him want to vomit.
Tang Wanshan looked at SiTuHao in crazy poison force surrounded by poisonous incredibly nothing, his face look was even more frightened to disgrace, you are SiTuHao Tang Wanshan weak than Yin is extremely extremely asked.
Situhao gave a grimace of a grin and nodded heavily. It’s always Situhao.