After he checked, of course, he knew about the affection between Prissy and Yun Qing in the past.

I don’t mind if I put it before, but now this person is his imperial concubine, even if I have a lover in private, it is really out of line.
"What are you afraid of?" From Yun Qing a supercilious look inclined in the past and rubbed his wrist. "I’ve done a great job in the main hall. If you don’t believe me, I don’t have no explanation."
Say it! Left and walked towards the inn.
Sweep the wind in late spring with the color of fallen flowers and the fragrance of beautiful grass
Li Yunqing strode across the circuitous corridor to the front door of the inn.
Their courtyard is not big, but it is extremely elegant. Let the soldiers of Feiqi Camp have a good rest, but she spent a lot of money to package the whole inn.
Of course, one thing is the same, so it’s safer to avoid being mixed up and unable to distinguish the enemy.
"What is this?" Baili Yi saw that some angry people from Yun Qing walked quickly forward and quickly changed their smiling faces behind her.
"I didn’t say what the imperial concubine did when she met my brother. It’s not that you are aggressive?"
He didn’t say anything but asked him if they had met. It’s from Yun Qing’s own words about his lover at the night party, and now he’s to blame him
"This ….." Think about it from Yun Qing, and it seems that he suddenly turned his head and looked serious. "I don’t want to explain why the temple sent someone to follow me?"
Bailiyi was speechless and coughed a few times. "I’m just worried about you. Don’t be ignorant of the good people. It’s not good to let you go alone in Rongcheng."
That’s perfectly true!
Li Yunqing is not prepared to ignore him and continue to walk "to meet with General Yun to discuss plans for tonight"
Bai Liyi laughed and said, "Don’t meet my second brother privately without telling me."
"What nonsense" is a little unexpected from Yun Qing. "I don’t have to worry about my name being ruined by my imperial concubine if I meet the second emperor privately for no more than once."
She longed to stay away from prissy.
Bai Liyi felt very wrong when she heard her words behind her. Did she misunderstand something?
When he tried to explain, he saw the clouds coming, and finally he had to swallow it back.
It seems that they have added another misunderstanding.
Make up for more than ten more than the last two is to persevere to see this reader, especially tore heart crack lung this girl impressed me deeply. Chapter 194, 194, the forefront (1)
From Yun Qing to Ya, I immediately saw Yun Yong waiting for this.
"You dare not act rashly, even if you want to go to the king of Zhou, you have to take me." Yunyong saw someone coming and complained quickly, thinking about yesterday.
"I don’t want the general to rest for a while." Sit down before Yun Qing and take out the map of Huan River water transportation that has been prepared from the cuff.
Yunyong probe comes over and looks over the map.
From Yun Qing stretched out his slender fingers and pointed to several places. It is rare to face seriously and slowly said, "General, do as I say …"
When the two of them heard her arrangement, it was incredible-it was quite appropriate.
The three men secretly planned a night, and it was nearly noon when the operation dispersed.
Bai Liyi walked out of Ya and prepared to go to Huan River to see a terrain. As soon as she walked out of the door, she bumped into a nearby city wearing a black suit.
"Lord" salutes when he meets people in the city.
Bai Liyi nodded and asked, "Did you do everything yesterday?"
"Completed" is a simple statement with a terrible meaning.
His face is like this forever, and he never reveals a trace of emotional flaw. However, this time, there is a trace of incomprehensible emotional line. He hesitates and asks, "Do you understand …? Do you want to do this? This is not going to make the Lord a target again. "
It’ s hard to smile at the public’ s blessings and gradually fade away from everyone’ s field of vision, and then act rashly?
Fengcheng doesn’t really understand, but he knows that the Lord always does things for a reason.