It’s raining harder and harder

Suddenly from behind to a "it’s time to go … Chapter 418 418 confrontation in the rain (7)
Helan Xun heard someone calling him to turn around behind him. At that moment, he looked at the man’s soft long hair and hooked a soft arc. The silver armor was so cold that he couldn’t open his eyes.
"I didn’t tell you not to come. You didn’t listen to me?"
Zhong Li did not expect that when he saw Helan Xun again.
It was so thrilling that he could look straight at the color of the snowy feather coat.
"I don’t trust young master."
When he looked up, Helan Xun saw that Chongli was full of worries, and gently lifted his forehead with a sigh, motioning with his hand, and said, "Go home."
Zhong Li doesn’t ask, although he really wants to ask where the young master went. Would be so embarrassed
His eyes fell to the shocking red and he took a step forward to hold him.
Helan Xun closed his eyes and lay quietly in the carriage.
The wheels of the horse and cart made him tired, half dreaming and half waking, and the street was noisy and prosperous, and the old plot was everywhere in the dream.
The nightingale city forgets to cross the mountain. It is snowing heavily in the extremely cold ground. It is difficult to walk in that snowstorm with who holding hands.
He wanted to look at the old dream from a distance, but he was unconsciously lonely.
"Little master-"
He was called to the dream spot.
Fuzzy figure can’t really see and want to pursue.
Only to find that I can’t get up any more, and the freezing chill passes through my back.
The pain crept slowly like an unknown demon forcing him to wake up.
Open your eyes and embroider the curtain and throw it into the corner. People hang palace lanterns.
He lowered his eyes and said, "Yes?"
"What is the purpose of the young master’s visit to Beijing?" Heavy Li asked carefully.
Helan Xun closed his eyes deeply, but it was beside the point. "Forget … she forgot … forget the mission … forget the oath and forget everything about crossing the mountain …! All this will eventually have a result, and she will eventually come back to her side. Everything is always importuned. "
What’s wrong with the export words? His pale face is full of bitterness.
Old memories are always too good, but now the heartache is getting stronger and stronger.
The cold wind poured into the curtain, and he looked up at the heavy rain pouring into the street. "They are coming … this day will be a bonfire because of her smoke. Will she forget?"
"Who are they?" Chongliwen
Helan Xun’s eye method condenses the cold and faint word "her creditor"
Heavy Li inexplicably raised his head and looked at the palace in front of him as if it were a fairyland, not far away
"No matter what happens, I will always protect the young master."
He has never seen Helan Xun look so absent, not once in more than twenty years.
If not, there was one time … but it was three years ago.
He is keenly aware that something great is about to happen.
Helan Xun sneered bitterly. "I’m just an outcast picked up by the fort owner. It’s only because of an accident that you will inherit the position of the fort owner. You are the blood of the heavy fort. Is it that ten thousand people admire the noble position and Sir Zhong is so bitter to follow? This position should be you. "
"I have vowed that I will never turn my back on you in this life." I have made a serious decision on the reins. Chapter 419 Stay in the Four Emperors’ Mansion (1)
Helan Xun heard the sound of the middle string collapsing in his brain, and cool thin spat out the word "whatever you want".
Heavy Li outside the carriage heard the cold words and sighed. He finally walked into Helan Xun’s heart.
Helan Xun stretched out his finger like white porcelain to stir up the curtain and looked at the sudden stop of rain. He said, "I want you to burn down the palace immediately."
Zhong Li stared blankly at the reins in one hand and almost couldn’t hold them. He asked, "Do you want to burn the palace?"
However, the palace was specially built by the emperor for envoys and distinguished vassals in Beijing. How can it be burned casually? Besides, why should he burn it?