Sister Qie practices the soul-taking technique just for fun, but you don’t really have to use these things to kill the enemy.

Situhao wiped a cold sweat on his forehead. What is the ninth realm? It must be very powerful.
This question mouth ZhuGeQingLan body feeling can’t help but tremble a face slightly change mastermind ninth realm is really strong, and it is said that I haven’t heard of people to the ninth realm.
What exactly is the ninth realm? Seeing the change of Zhuge Qinglan’s look, Situhao became more looking forward to the ninth realm and eagerly asked her.
Alas, after talking for so long, sister, I’m thirsty again and my voice is hoarse.
Grandma is a bear, why don’t you die? Situhao cursed at the bottom of his heart, but his face was filled with laughter and handed Zhuge Qinglan a wild hand.
This time ZhuGeQingLan more thoroughly took the wild just throw it away.
Today’s Saturday is a big show of friendship, brothers. It’s the end of the horse. Let’s see if you still have the gold medal in your number. Don’t give it away. Just vote for the next month’s unification meeting. Of course, it’s best to vote for me. Hehe, hehe. Chapter 46 The realm of soul-taking
In this ninth realm, well, Zhuge Qinglan sold a crazy feeling in Situhao’s heart at the most critical moment.
Although his face is still full of laughter, his tone of voice can’t be more gentle. Qing Lan, tell me what is the ninth realm of the mastermind technique.
Really want to know
Situhao even nodded his head.
Since you want to know so much, how about telling my sister not to change her mind?
Situhao is going to faint, this, this.
If you don’t want to scream, then I won’t say it
Situhao doesn’t mind calling her sister and not losing meat. Okay, I promise.
Then ask the two sisters to listen. If it makes me feel better, I’ll tell you.
Situhao wants to rush to give ZhuGeQingLan two sisters Situhao patience and gentleness, which is called adding honey.
Zhuge Qinglan nodded with satisfaction. Well, it’s good and good. Here, her face looks terrible again. The ninth realm of the soul-taking technique is the soul-taking.
Is it really terrible to worship the ancestors?
You have absorbed thousands of souls, ghosts have melted away those weak souls through soul refining, and only a hundred powerful souls are left. Do you think it’s scary that you can unite these soul forces?
When I heard that, Situhao’s body also shuddered, which was really terrible, but it was impossible for a person to absorb the souls or ghosts of hundreds of masters no matter how powerful he was.
Don’t just say ten, let’s not say that these ten soul departments are all ninth-order weapons. Even if you unite their strength departments, do you think it’s scary?
Situhao wiped a cold sweat on his forehead and nodded his head. It’s really horrible. Will this person’s strength become permanent after he absorbs the soul force department and condenses it into his own strength?
Bang Zhuge Qinglan’s right hand thumped on Situhao’s head. This kind of power can achieve a kind of permanence. It’s not in every enemy. I’m afraid even the fairy and magic circles can’t find your opponent.
I didn’t say it was me. That’s what I asked. Situhao said very grievance.
Through the use of the ninth realm of soul-taking, the terrorist force can not last forever, but it will also be constrained
What constraints?
Anyone who exerts the power of all souls to hold a column of incense when a column of incense is used, and after this operation, the whole body will last for 6636 days, and after 36 days, the strength will slowly condense.
Shit, isn’t it worth the loss?
What do you say? Isn’t it a law of heaven that allows a person to have the most powerful power at any time?
Situhao nodded silently. Well, you’re right.
ZhuGeQingLan is very heart smiled and then said that anyone who practices the mastermind will have a weapon that helps to control the soul. The people in the Ghost Castle will use either peach wooden swords or copper coins to grow swords.
Can other weapons be used instead of these two? Situhao immediately asked.
Zhuge Qinglan nodded heavily, of course, as long as your weapon can make ghosts feel afraid, and the stronger they feel, the better, so that they can work harder when they are controlled by the necromancer. After all, being controlled by the necromancer absorbs souls or ghosts has their own thoughts, and they are also afraid of being controlled. It is said that the owners of the Castles of Sorrow Castle in the past dynasties have not used peach swords or copper swords, but the thunderbolt sword of the Castles of Sorrow Castle.
You know a lot about Qinglan. Just listening to this name makes people feel domineering.
Zhuge qinglan was photographed by Stuart Hao’s timely flattery, and she smiled smugly. Of course, did you know that this thunderbolt Excalibur was tempered?
Situhao immediately shook his head. I don’t know
Then you should have seen a place that is always struck by lightning.
Situhao nodded. Well, it’s not surprising that this is often seen.
The refined gold and iron ore of thunderbolt Excalibur came from a place that was always thunderbolt. It is said that the refined gold and iron ore in that place reached tens of thousands of kilograms at first, and the refined gold and iron ore was mined because of the thunder power accumulated in it. Not 5,000 people died, and tens of thousands of kilograms of refined gold and iron ore were collected by the Ministry. Finally, 30 kilograms of refined gold with blazing thunder were refined and refined, and the 30 kilograms of refined gold were cast into thunderbolt Excalibur with the same weight.
Situhao listened to these secrets and got distracted.
Looking at SiTuHao’s dull appearance, Zhuge Qinglan became more and more energetic. It is said that the thunderbolt Excalibur will change color when people are against the enemy, and the dark clouds will cover it. The thunderbolt is very powerful, and even those thunderbolts are enough to make people fly away.
This weapon is an artifact, said Situhao with horror.