But if they are brother and sister, then this child …

Can’t even think about it!
No matter this child, she must be born!
No matter what it is, she will bear it all her life!
"Well, don’t worry! I am measured! "
Lou Zhan breathed a sigh of relief when it fell on Xiao Yu’s snow. He got up and was about to go to the room, but he suddenly stopped. "Ling … still no news?"
Smell this Lou Zhan shook his head "no! It’s like people have evaporated! I think if Su Ling really intends to hide, no matter how we look for it, we can’t find it! "
"well! I’m going to sleep! "
Shinohara snow mood no change should be 1!
But her increasingly lonely figure makes Lou Zhan feel a little unbearable!
He felt that Su Ling’s departure must have been short-lived, so arrogant and aggressive, how could God be willing to let her leave!
I have to say that Lou Zhan has been with her all day since Shinohara was pregnant!
And during this period, he was indeed a qualified waiter!
Whether it’s diet or national affairs, he helps Shinohara to deal with it!
It is also from this time that Lou Zhan will rarely be involved in his struggle for the throne!
However, it is also the first step for Lou Zhan to get in touch with the imperial government to play a few times a day!
There are no ups and downs, and the days go by like wind and scars, which can’t lift the waves in Xiao Xue’s life!
The only thing that can make her feel happy is that her belly is getting bigger!
It’s hard to hide it until one and a half months later when her morning sickness becomes more and more obvious!
At this time, nearly two months have passed since Su Ling left!
And Shinohara Snow still never gave up the idea of looking for her!
However, her physical condition now really doesn’t allow her to go out of the palace to look for what Lou Zhan can do to arrange people to investigate in various countries all the time!
On this day, Xiao Xue’s morning sickness was too severe in the early morning, which eventually led to syncope, which also attracted Xia Fei Mian’s attention!
Originally in Shinohara snow and Louzhan to discuss the consequences, she didn’t want to publish her pregnancy so soon!
After all, people in the dark are still eyeing her, and her physical condition is getting worse now!
I can’t eat much, but the frequency of vomiting is increasing!
In this case, she can’t afford to be framed by secret people!
In order to protect herself and the baby in her belly, she wants to hide it as much as possible!
Nai, everything is still missing!
This is a chapter six nine six [Shinohara Snow Fanwai] four.
At that time, Xia Fei Mian, who was in the bedroom of Tainv Temple, looked surprised and looked at the soft couch with a faint and inexplicable look. Cure too much!
"What? Cher is really pregnant? "
Female cure too much face lit up again and again and got up "report to the holy temple is really pregnant for more than a month! Congratulations to the Saint Congratulations Hall! "
These words of congratulations didn’t make Xia Fei Mian show much joy!
However, she kept looking at Shinohara Snow with an indistinguishable look, and she smiled at Lou Zhan with the same smile!
In her heart, I didn’t expect Louzhan and Cher to be together!
After all …
As the saying goes, putting on a show and Lou Zhan is a man with a deep talent who wants to show something deliberately. It is also difficult to distinguish between true and false!
He pulls Shinohara’s hand in front of him, and the two of them have a relatively deep sense of love. Oh, no, it’s a passionate drama!
And lying flat on the soft couch, Shinohara’s snow eyes also hold Lou Zhan’s hand with water light, and nodded with a moved face. "Waiter, thank you!"