But even so, Ye Yu did not adapt to such a busy world as always, which made him feel a little out of place and had an impulse to turn around and leave.

But just as he was thinking this way, a sound came on.
"Ye Yu, you’re here."
Turned around and hill didn’t know when he appeared beside him.
"Ah … I’m coming"
"Well, welcome."
Hill dressed in the same outfit this morning is very formal etiquette received Ye Yu.
Pull quite some Nai Ye Yu into the wide open entrance and shout in a clear voice.
"One guest!"
It seems that I can’t leave now if I want to.
The first chapter looks good when you smile.
Ye Yu’s heart is slightly resistant, but he soon calmed down his mood and followed the hill.
Since I have decided to integrate into this world, I can’t keep refusing to contact outsiders like this. Although the lively place makes him a little uncomfortable, it is also an important part of interpersonal communication.
After all, it’s decided to make Hessia famous all over the world, and the only representative of Hessia’s family can’t set an example.
In my heart, I thought about Ye Yu’s face and returned to nature, so I followed Heer to the store.
"Then please sit down."
Be taken to the counter to sit.
After sitting down, Ye Yucai noticed that he was right in the middle of the counter, which was arranged like a straight line. The place where he turned right was behind the corner of the winery, which was the wall.
Because there is no seat next to the corner seat, no one will come here to sit like a person facing the boss at the counter. It seems that Hill’s choice of this seat is also meaningful.
But not in the noisy crowd is also what Ye Yu expected.
But just as he was thinking this way, his ears rang like thunder.
"Are you a guest? You can’t put on a smelly face! You have to be happy to drink when you come to my pub! "
Ye Yu emitted a black line from his forehead.
"I heard that you are a let’s cry and eat big han! I will give you the dishes assiduously, so you can rest assured that you will save money assiduously! "
Hear the wife of shop-owner Ye Yu revealed a face of surprise.
Turned around to see the hope that she would stay beside her and move her eyes to the side.
Look away! This man looked away!
"What is this situation?"
"… hey hey"
Ye Yu asked some in distress situation. However, Hill gave a playful laugh.
"Well, I told Mia’s mother that I wanted to entertain a guest I just met and helped me a lot … and that’s the case."
"Okay, okay, hurry up and order. Look at your thin little body. You must eat more."
Generous wife of shop-owner said as she clapped her hands on Ye Yu’s shoulder.
That kind of feeling Yuzryha royal don’t know how to shape like a huge stake in the body looking at the wife of shop-owner that burly some outrageous plate Ye Yu some nai shook his head.
It seems that one’s physical fitness is still a problem. Even if a powerful mage walks a few steps and recites a string of spells, he will be breathless. Isn’t it good?
Of course, the biggest problem now is that this powerful mage can’t release spells at will as he wishes.
"Hill, you come."
Didn’t look at the hand order single leaf imperial sword handed it to the side with a cheerful embarrassment and son.
"Hey … I … shall I?"
Took the menu and looked at Ye Yu slightly puzzled by one leng.
"Don’t you remember? I’m here today to invite you to dinner. It’s up to you to order."
"What … what ah I also you are just kidding?"