Foxy disdainfully said, "I know that Xiao Wu likes you three in his heart. I have no place in his heart. Since he is so heartless, why should I care about him?" Don’t you have powers? Don’t you have an alchemist, a monkey rat? You can totally save him yourself. What are you doing here? Save him and you can be reunited. Can’t such an ending satisfy you? I’ll pretend I’ve never known Xiao Wu and I’ve never been married to him at all, so go away and leave me alone. "

"You …" Qin Keer instantly became crazy, and a red head was enchanting and beautiful in the sea breeze.
Xu Qingqing is also short of breath and soon enters a state of variation.
Foxy said with a smile, "Do you want to fight? See how many of my people are around? Are you confident that you can beat them? "
Although it is very anxious to drink the blood of sycophantic son and eat the meat of sycophantic son, Qin Keer and Xu Qingqing finally did not move.
Qin Keer said angrily, "Tell me, how can you save Xiao Wu?"
Be sycophantic son expression exaggerated to make people hate way: "what? Can’t you save him? Even the alchemist Monkey Rat can’t save him? "
Xu Qingqing said, "If we can save us, will we come to you again? Tell me, how can you save Xiao Wu? "
"This ….." Foxy hesitated. "It’s really hard to do?"
Qin Chloe and Xu Qingqing are nervous watching be sycophantic son waiting for her offer. In fact, Qin Keer, Xu Qingqing, Qitian Rat, Panhu and Zhenwuxiang boarded the Yellow Sea and started to treat Xiao Wu and Tang Lan Tang Lan. After getting rid of the poisonous blood in her body, the injury stabilized and it was only a matter of time before she recovered, but Xiao Wu was different. No matter what he did, he could not force a drop of poisonous blood out of his body, and he has been in a coma.
After thinking for a moment, the sycophantic son said, "I know how to save Xiao Wu, but as soon as I cure him, you will leave me with him, and I will get nothing, and my life will be in danger during the treatment. Maybe I will die because of this. I really don’t know. Please give me an idea. What should I do? Should I spend my life to fulfill you, or should we all not get what we love? "
Qin Keer and Xu Qingqing looked at each other before they came to look for a sycophant. They guessed that the sycophant would use it as a threat, but they didn’t expect that the sycophant could make the threat sound so beautiful as if she had become a victim.
Qin Keer and Xu Qingqing didn’t say anything. The fox added, "It’s hard for you to say. Let me say it. All four women like the same man. This is a very troublesome thing. Now there are only two ways in front of us. You should take the initiative to leave and never appear in front of me and Xiao Wu."
Before the sycophantic son could say the second way, Qin Keer and Xu Qingqing said at the same time, "No! If you want to retreat, you can only retreat! "
Foxy said with a smile, "Then I’m sorry. You can only stay with Xiao Wu’s body."
Qin Keer gritted his teeth and said, "What is the second way?"
Foxy is still smiling. "The second way is more reasonable. None of us will retreat. If I am lucky enough to survive in the process of treating Xiao Wu, we four women will serve a husband together. I am big and you are small."
"You …" Qin Keer and Xu Qingqing’s face was red with anger.
"This is not allowed?" Foxy spread out her hands. "It seems that we have nothing to talk about. Take Xiao Wu and leave so that you don’t think I’m blackmailing you."
"Me, me …" Xu Qingqing suddenly stamped his foot. "I promise you!"
Qin Keer glanced at Xu Qingqing and said helplessly, "Well, I agree."
Be sycophantic and cuddle with Qin Keer and Xu Qingqing’s shoulders. "That’s good. If I can survive in the future, we will be a family. We will live together in a round and round way."
Qin Chloe and Xu Qingqing hate their teeth itch. They are sure that if the fox can be killed in the process of treating Xiao Wu, the fish can fly in the sky, but what can be done about it?
Foxy whispered again, "In order to show your sincerity, after I saved Xiao Wu, the five of us will have a reunion sleep in the big bed."
"What …"
"You! How can … "
Fox show quietly covered her mouth, and ginger was always old and spicy. She knew that the next thing to give three proprietress, including Xiao Wu, would fall on her or Fox Yang and Fox Yue.
The night sky swept away the haze, and a full moon rose to the sky, and there was a silver wave on the vast sea.

Chapter eighty-six Cunning than a fox
Xiao Wu is lying in the bridal chamber with his fox son. His wounds and part of his skin are black and purple. His eyes are closed and his breathing is a little messy. Other than that, I can’t see anything unusual.
Monkey Rat, Pan Tiger and Zhenwuxiang are frowning at the bedside. Tang Lan, who has been treated by Monkey Rat, is slightly better. She is lying on the side of Xiao Wu with tears and looks at the ceiling. I don’t know what’s going on.
As soon as the fox entered the room, all eyes focused on her.
Foxy smiled indifferently. "Please rest assured that I will take care of the rest, but I can’t be disturbed by others when I am casting spells. Please wait outside."
Although they don’t want to, but since be sycophantic son said so, there is no way to care about each one who took a look at Xiao Wu and left the room. Even Tang Lan was carried out by Xu Qingqing.
It was not until the door was closed that the sycophantic son chuckled, took off his shoes and socks and climbed into bed, lying on Xiao Wu’s chest mountain like a kitten.
"Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu, if you have no conscience again, I will castrate your bad guy." Not in a hurry to detoxify Xiao Wu, but he felt his fingers on Xiao Wu’s chest.
Shaw five but still no response.
Be sycophantic and touched it at random for a while before pinching Xiao Wu’s jaw and feeding Xiao Wu a white Dan medicine. As soon as the Dan medicine met Xiao Wu’s mouth, Tianjin immediately turned into a warm current and slipped into Xiao Wu’s throat.
Just a moment later, there was a low groan between Xiao Wu’s throat and his brow moved. Looking at Xiao Wu, there was a movement, and the fox son gathered his mouth to his wound. She used her unique magic method to suck two poisonous blood, and when the blood reached her mouth, she followed suit and took a pick then.
"Innocent and indissoluble pick then no matter how much poison is, it won’t help." The sycophantic son’s hand stroked Xiao Wu’s cheek and muttered, "In fact, even without my pick then, with your dragon blood and Qinglong Neidan’s little poison, you will sooner or later resolve the pity for those three stupid women but don’t know giggle …"
If Qin Keer, Xu Qingqing and Tang Lan hear what the sycophant is saying, they must regret it to death, but even if they know the inside story, it is impossible for them to take away Xiao Wu because the sycophant is determined to eat Xiao Wu and what they call the second way is actually just to give them the steps for Xiao Wu’s mutual affection.
The three proprietresses, Zhenwuxiang, Panhu and Qitian Rat are honestly waiting outside the door, and the waiting process is like a year.
It was two hours before the fox opened the door.
Qin Chloe and Xu Qingqing are about to rush into the room, but when their feet are soft, they fall to the door.
"Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu, he, he … it’s okay." A pretty face of sycophantic son is so pale that there is not even a little color in it.
Fox Show immediately threw herself at the fox-flatterer’s side and said anxiously, "Miss! Miss big! Don’t scare me, get up quickly! "
Qin Kerr, Xu Qingqing and Tang Lan look on coldly. It’s a general state of mind for three women. If only she had died.
However, the fox is not dead. She is extremely weak. Her life is hanging by a thread, but she is still talking. "You, you leave me alone. Go and see Xiao Wu quickly."
Some people blame her. Three proprietresses and others rushed into the room quickly.
Xiao Wu was really all right when everyone came in to see him. He got out of bed and sat up.
"What’s the matter?" Shaw five asked his head is still a mess.
The three proprietresses looked at Xiao Wu, who was full of energy. You looked at me, I looked at you, and looked back at the sycophantic son who was still "struggling" on the ground. They suddenly felt cheated.
Xiao Wu looked at Tang Lan and said, "Tang Lan, are you all right?"
"I, I’m fine." Tang Lan is really weak. Her voice is so weak that she has no strength.
Xiao Wu added, "Who detoxified me?"
The three proprietress didn’t speak, but they all turned their eyes to be sycophantic.
Foxy groaned in pain. She didn’t speak, but Fox Xiu stood up and straightened her chest and said, "It’s our young lady who sucked the poisonous blood out for you. Why are you still sitting there? Come and see her! She’s dying! "
"eh?" Xiao Wu didn’t believe that being sycophantic would have a "no" time, but he still went over.
Qin Chloe and Xu Qingqing want to stop but words to the mouth and swallow it down.
Xiao Wu squatted beside the fox and touched the fox’s forehead with his hand. The fox’s forehead was so hot that his brow wrinkled. "It’s really serious. What poison did Du Qisheng make?"
Qin Kerr, Xu Qingqing and Tang Lan looked at each other suspiciously. Is it true? Inexplicably, the three proprietress gave birth to a little sympathy for the sycophant, and they all came to the side of the sycophant and looked at the sycophant with pity.
The voice of the sycophantic son is getting weaker and weaker. "Xiao Wu, sisters, I have one last request. We, we …"
"We what? What do you want? Tell me and I will do it for you. " Xiao Wu was also sad.
Be sycophantic son squirming mouth skin "we, our sisters …"
"Tell me what you want!" Xiao Wu was in a hurry. He was really worried that the fox son suddenly hung up without saying a word.
"We, us, our sisters ….." The patience of the sycophantic son is not generally good.
"my god!" Xiao Wu was so anxious that his palms were sweating.