There are countless petals flying out of the flower plant, as if countless sharp arrows are dense.

Every petal is no less than a blow from the royal sword of the late fix-true person then. The number of petals is hundreds, and the momentum is no less than that of Karady.
Australian sacrifice!
This is a group of practitioners who are infinitely close to nature and are extremely good at controlling the power of nature, and have incredible combat power.
Five Berserker, blessed by runes, each one’s strength increased from the initial stage of Yuan Ying to the peak of Yuan Ying’s middle stage. They were like knights of the Holy See, standing in front of the sacrifice and jointly attacking with those plants.
Unfortunately, residual blood posture is too strange, a virtual shadow erratic, let the attack range covers Fiona Fang dozens of meters, it is difficult to lock his figure. Occasionally, some attacks hit, and in the face of his strong strength, he could not do effective killing.
"Karady, president of Gesa Group, there are eight commissions to kill you. The highest commission is as high as 300 million, with a total price of 1.5 billion US dollars."
"Dolozaya, vice president of Gesa Group, there are six commissions to kill you, with a maximum of 200 million, which adds up to 800 million dollars."
"I have no reason not to kill you, do I?"
The voice of the remnant blood is not the slightest murderous look, but the attack power is strong, the posture is strange, and the sword style is sharp and sinister. It is hard to say: "The combination of Berserker and sacrifice is really strong, but it is a pity that your speed is too poor, and you can only remain invincible at most. At your current consumption rate, your strength will drop by 30% in half an hour, and I will be able to break them one by one. "
The fighting capacity of seven people joining hands is definitely more than that of any one of the four big families, even if two owners join hands, they can only be evenly matched.
However, in the face of residual blood, this combination reveals a trace of horror. God knows how powerful the killer ranked fifth in the global killer list is.
"How about I give you five billion dollars and give up the entrustment?" Karady snapped loudly.
He is not really afraid of residual blood, but the task is too important to have any mistakes. Five billion dollars is nothing to him.
A sword light hit the most vulnerable part of the vine, and it was ground. When more attacks nullified the past, there was only a virtual shadow left.
The scene was full of residual blood, and he said faintly, "Five billion dollars? Hand over what you have, plus 100 billion dollars, and I can consider taking the initiative to cancel the entrustment for the first time in my life. "
"You … damn it! You already know, not for entrustment? "
"Both, both are indispensable."
Residual blood constantly consumes each other’s fighting power with strange posture, that is, this kung fu, a few forces that are playing in full swing in the hall, and stop fighting under the cold world.
Blood clan, werewolf, dark wizard, and light Vatican, four forces add up to more than 20 people, and the strongest one has the fighting capacity of Yuan Ying in the middle period.
In fact, when they rushed over, they found that there was already a fight here, but they just didn’t know who was attacking. From the perspective of energy fluctuation, it can’t be cold. When I saw the wandering residual blood and the powerful combination of Australian sacrifice and Berserker, I found that the original inference was completely wrong.
I thought that the Australian practitioners who escorted antiques were even less powerful than them. How could I have thought that they were extremely strong at the priest level?
Even if they put aside their differences, they can’t be the opponents of either side on the spot!
Residual blood seized a flaw and launched a big move. A Berserker was cut off from his right arm and screamed and flew back dozens of meters. However, in the blink of an eye, a piece of blue rune disappeared into his broken arm, muscles and meridians grew rapidly, and soon a brand-new arm grew.
The shock wave produced by the big-move confrontation was wantonly agitated, and the place where it passed was dust, and the cruise ship that was 100 meters long made an unbearable moan.
The aftermath of the firm but gentle wave is long on the hull, leaving a long and narrow sword mark as deep as more than ten meters, and the sea water swarms out of the cracks drilled into it for hundreds of meters.
Booming …
More aftermath smashed the engine room of the cruise ship, explosions came and went, large flames rose from different places, thick smoke filled the torn ceiling, and you could see the starry night sky.
This is only the result of the aftermath, even if the master of the then period exerts himself with all his might, the whole cruise ship can be chopped into ashes in an instant.
It’s over …
Looking at many tourists, sailors and waiters who fled earlier and ran away in lifeboats, hiding in a corner of a room and waiting for the benefits of fishermen, I immediately thought of a terrible question: "I don’t think I can fly with a sword, can I?" What if the ship is sinking? "
Wind curse!
Karady and Dolozaya’s tattoos on the body surface shine more brightly. With more runes pouring out, five Berserker’s bodies are wrapped in a piece of blue light and shadow, and they also have a short-term ability to resist the air.

If you stay in this universe all the time, you will face irreversible extinction one day. It is better to get out as soon as possible than that.

At least, there will be no such thing as reincarnation in the field of fix true, and it can develop all the way endlessly.
Chapter 488 Draw up plans
Chen Han didn’t say that he had laid the heaven and earth in the fix true boundary, and all the people closest to him were present. Anyway, if he didn’t, he would know later. Now it’s a bit of a show-off.
However, the development here is beyond his expectation, because the rules of heaven and earth were extended again more than 100 years ago, and the bondage to the practitioners of truth was reduced again.
In the past, it could only be promoted to the late Mahayana, but now the diameter of the planet has increased by 50%, and some special areas have gradually formed a thin fairy gas. It is with the help of this faint fairy spirit that some people have broken through from Mahayana to the realm of immortals, although the number is small, there are also dozens of people.
This Chen Han knew from the beginning that he found that the breath of Duanmu dome, knife, residual blood and others was clearly pure fairy power.
What really surprised him was the improvement of overall strength.
As the aura of heaven and earth becomes more intense, the bondage of the rules of heaven and earth is greatly reduced, and the speed of improving the true is obviously accelerated.
The planet has become bigger and the land has increased. The federal encouragement of childbearing has caused the population base to skyrocket, and the proportion of civilians born with self-cultivation physique and civilians with special physique has increased significantly. As a result, after hundreds of years of development, the strength of the amazing cloud club has been enhanced by more than 100 times.
In those days, there were only a handful of experts in the Mahayana period, and almost all of them were in the early stage of Mahayana. In the middle stage of Mahayana, there were only a few people, such as Duanmuqiongtian.
You know, ten times the speed of ascension of the essence of the earth’s mind can only last until the Mahayana period. After entering the Mahayana period, the cultivation speed has returned to the normal state. After years of consumption, there are few massive resources left in the Jingyun Club. Based on the difficulty of ascension during the Mahayana period, it is impossible to ascend to the fairy realm without a thousand years.
However, the rules of the earth changed again, the purity and richness of the aura of heaven and earth rose, and even a thin fairy gas appeared gradually, and the cultivation speed was obviously accelerated.
Today’s JingYun Club and Duanmu Family have nearly 30 masters in the early days of fairy tales.
These people, whether they were the strongest Duanmu dome or the last Duanmu Ting who broke through the fairy period, were all in the early days of the fairy without exception. After all, only a few places have the spirit of fairy, which is not only rare in quantity but also of low quality. In just a few hundred years, fairy stones have not been bred in nature. In addition, the highest cultivation method is only in the early days of fairy, and the follow-up method does not exist at all.
Although the number of immortals is very small, there are many people who fix the truth under the immortals. The Mahayana master alone is tens of thousands, and the Du Jie period has reached an astonishing two hundred thousand.
"how about it? We have not been lazy in these years. In the key new generation of little guys, the proportion of special physique is several times higher! " Qin Yang’s face is full of pride.
"Brothers are all good!"
Chen Han had a deep smile on his face, and he thought to himself, "Indeed, it will be much stronger than the amazing cloud of that year, but if they know that there is also an amazing cloud meeting in the fix-true world, and it will be ten thousand times stronger than this amazing cloud, and there are many experts in special physique, I wonder if they will be scared to death?"
Duanmu dome, the first seat at the banquet, frowned and asked, "Xiao Han, do you have to leave?"
I nodded solemnly, and Chen Han said with a deep voice, "In order to develop without danger, I must leave this universe. Only in this way can I feel at ease."
"Not to say that a reincarnation will take many years, and it will not decline until it reaches the level of the immortal statue? Why don’t we wait until then to leave? " The knife could not help but ask.
"You think it’s too simple. Heaven lies in balance and restriction. Do you think Heaven will make you develop safely and carefree to that extent?"
"What do you mean?"
"That is to say, as we are now, there is no development of foreign enemies, which does not conform to the balance restriction rules of heaven, so heaven will deliberately create equally powerful opponents. I can’t wait for that time at all. If I stay here all the time, I will face a powerful enemy. On the other hand, as long as I don’t have a monopoly in the field of repair, I can continue to develop safely. "
"So, you have to leave this road?"
"That’s right!"
Chen Han thought of the dark chess that had been arranged in another universe. Fortunately, it was unintentional at that time. In order to promote the accelerated development of reincarnation, he made the iron queen Xin Ying create an opponent. Otherwise, only her power will develop at a high speed, and in the end, it will definitely be checked and balanced by heaven, and it’s really hard to say who will win in the end.
Leaving has become an inevitable result, and at the same time, it will face a more serious problem, that is, dozens of people who have ascended to the realm of immortals in this universe can’t soar in the realm of repairing truth.
Once they enter the transmission beam of the South China Sea, they will go directly to the celestial world. They are not scattered immortals but real immortals.
On the other hand, Chen Han, who is familiar with the common sense of the celestial world, must return to the realm of the fix-true, because there is a huge cloud-shocking meeting there. As a brand-new force, it has no foundation in the celestial world, not even the ascending platform of the sects. As a palm teacher, he must build a ascending platform in the celestial world.
The so-called soaring platform is the coordinate that echoes the sects corresponding to the fix true world. With the soaring platform, all the masters who will soar in the future will fly to the same place.
On the contrary, these masters will appear randomly when they soar to the celestial world, and countless masters will be scattered in the vast celestial world, which will not only be difficult to gather, but also bring them great danger.
On the one hand, there is the whole cloud meeting, and on the other hand, there are dozens of people. You can’t have your cake and eat it.
"Xiao Han, you don’t have to worry about us. The whole family and sect are the most important things. We can’t miss the overall situation for dozens of us." Duanmu dome knows the worries in his heart.
"Don’t worry, you still don’t believe me?" Knife self-confidence is extremely inflated.
"Maybe when we meet, we will get along better than you." Residual blood ha ha laughs, but everyone knows that he is comforting Chen Han.
"You must pay attention to safety and try to find out about each other, and I will try my best to find you."
Chen Han gently nodded and kept telling them: "Similarly, you should let more people know about you as much as possible. Only in this way can you find each other from the vast celestial world. Keep a low profile, don’t be strong, be patient when necessary, and being alive is fundamental! "
Duanmu Yunhai, the speaker of the Asian region, frowned and said, "Xiao Han, do you mean that only our family and Jingyun will go there, or will everyone go there?"
"We have to go there. As for the others … just tell them. It’s up to them to choose whether to go or not."
"What shall we do with everything here after we leave?"
"The lower-level disciples of Jing Yun will stay, and they can continue to inherit the best here. If we really can’t live, there is nothing we can do."
"It seems only so, alas …"
Duanmu Yunhai sighed for no reason, and muttered in a voice that no one could hear: "The wonderful enjoyment of the high-tech world … beauty, red wine, warships and yachts are all gone. What’s the point of the backward technology in the field of fixing the true?"
The whole general policy was decided at the banquet, and the banquet didn’t end until midnight. Chen Han didn’t rush to make love with his wives, but came to a secret room in the family backyard with numerous prohibitions.
On the jade bed made of the best wood property jade, Jill lay quietly on it, her big eyes, once pure as water, closed.
She is not dead, nor is she awake.
For hundreds of years, the magic fire has been burning her soul all the time, suffering from endless pain, but on the surface it seems so calm and serene.
Chen Han put her hand gently on her cheek, her eyes full of guilt and sadness, and muttered, "Jill, you have suffered over the years …"
Looking at that flawless little face, his heart is as gentle as water: "I will definitely try my best to win the gambling contract, and I will definitely end this endless suffering, and I will definitely … wait until that day, I will take good care of you and treat you well, and I will never fail you again!"
Sitting beside the jade bed for more than two hours, when he left, his eyes were already wet.
"Chen Han, are you okay?" The gentle voice sounded when he left the chamber of secrets.
"Well, how about you?"
Chen Han’s dim eyes fell on the beautiful face and looked at the obviously shy Xueyun: "I met a man in the fix-true world who claimed to be the head of your clan."
Originally, there were some timid snow clouds. When he said this, he immediately looked up and his look was full of surprises: "Really?" My memory is very vague, and I didn’t take shape until I broke through the early days of the fairy. Many inherited memories have not been fully recovered. I only remember that my mother told me when she left that this race is a very powerful race, stronger than any beast. She also told me to follow the trend, don’t force it, don’t back down, don’t give up, and everything will be clear in the future. "
"You don’t even know?" Chen cold is not surprised.

This time, the host who came to record Tang Wenlong’s program was a new CBS host named Benson Brown. It seems that he is in his thirties and has a good image and temperament in a suit and tie

Tang Wenlong came to the show that night, met the talk show director, and learned some matters needing attention.
The name of the talk show is simply "The Midnight Show". It is said that there are many loyal fans, and CBS regularly invites some celebrities to participate in the recording of the program, attracting many fans to watch.
Benson Brown’s English sounds like another serious one with a slight rap. He is very concise and has a unique sense of humor. "Good evening, everyone watching the program, please sit up straight. Don’t look weak. Today, we invited Tang Wenlong, the star of the City 76ers. He is a China native who has made amazing achievements in the United States and just won the NBA Eastern Conference Player of the Month! Let’s welcome him! "
After that, he took the lead in applauding, so the audience cheered and applauded with a few loud whistles.
The DJ switched to live music, and Tang Wenlong came out from behind the stage wearing the training of the 76 ers, waving to the audience as he walked, acting like a leader.
Benson Brown went to shake hands with Tang Wenlong and bumped his shoulder. Then they sat on the sofa side by side.
Benson Brown asked with a smile, "Your way of playing is very old. I seem to see Caesar waving to us in ancient Rome. Is this your first time to participate in a variety show?" “
"Yes" Tang Wenlong nodded. He still didn’t understand what the talk show should say.
"Wow, how precious! I am deeply honored for the first time!" Benson exaggeratedly grew up and said it seriously, but it seemed to mean something. Americans like to listen to some dirty stories.
The audience immediately burst into laughter.
"I think your accent is a little new york. You must have gone to see Broadway wonderfully?" Benson talk show style is nonsense. Tang Wenlong can’t help but roll his eyes.
He smiled in disguise, but instead of answering, he joked with the host, "I hear your accent has a little London style. Are you a Manchester United fan?"
Haha, the audience laughed, and Benson laughed himself.
"I still prefer Cristiano Ronaldo," he replied, and then Ma returned to the topic. "Let’s talk about your business!"
The last sentence talks about you. It’s a bit like interrogating a prisoner.
Benson laughed. "I heard that you were ranked sixth and seventh before the draft at that time, but later you became the second place. At that time, everyone thought that the city 76 ers must be crazy."
Tang Wenlong shrugged. "Yeah, it’s crazy. You know, I participated in the trial city training camp, the Washington training camp and the Nets training camp. I met the president Stefanski and the coach Collins. They both appreciated my talent and they decided that I must be worthy of the second place."
"It turns out that you are a very good basketball player. You are only in your second season, but you are already the soul of the city. Your name is outstanding in all NBA lists." Benson Brown immediately flattered Tang Wenlong.
On-site city fans immediately sent their hands.
"You have made great progress in defense this season. I heard that you trained with Cameron Anthony in the summer. Is that true?" Benson continued
"yes!" Tang Wenlong nodded. "At that time, I happened to go to Los Angeles to attend a special training camp for famous trainers. In the special training camp, I met Cameron. You know Cameron is my senior. We are very close in private. I said that both of us are here to train and need to improve ourselves. It is better to train together, which is very helpful for everyone’s high level."
"So you are together?" Benson brown asked solemnly, do you feel like asking you in a second?
"Yes," Tang Wenlong blinked as if something was wrong.
The audience roared with laughter. The host and Tang Wenlong were so funny.
Benson also smiled and admired Tang Wenlong. It is very rare that young people are eager to continue to improve themselves after winning a successful rookie season.
He thought for a moment and then asked, "Let’s talk about things in your life! You know we ordinary people are very interested in things in your sports star life. "
Tang Wenlong shrugged his shoulders. "That’s just like what everyone usually does."
"Really? But speaking of which, you are really the most disciplined NBA player I have ever seen. You haven’t even had an affair!" Benson looked unbelievable.
It’s not a good thing for Tang Wenlong to talk about gossip.
Benson talked about Fang’s early summer. "I heard that your little girlfriend Ma from China is going to graduate. She seems to be high flyers from Columbia University, right? You must love each other very much! "
Speaking of Fang’s early summer, Tang Wenlong unconsciously showed warmth and laughed. "It’s not easy for us to be together because we love each other very much, but she hasn’t graduated yet. There are still two years before graduation."
Benson suddenly played a hexagram star and asked, "Can you tell me how you met at that time? I’m curious about this. "
Tang Wenlong’s mind immediately recalled that wonderful encounter in the sunny afternoon.
"In fact, at that time, I accidentally hit her by cycling."
"Ah, this M can also be that I have been dating so many times or am I single?" Benson’s face is so unfair. It’s a good thing not to quarrel. How can it be better?
A hilarious laugh
Chapter one hundred and ninety-two In a hurry
Gasol returns in February.
However, the 76ers’ record showed a slippery trend, losing to the Bulls, Spurs and even the league trusteeship Hornets.
In the record ranking, the Eastern Bulls came from behind, surpassing the Heat and the 76 ers and ranking first in the league.
However, at this time, Ross, the core of the Bulls’ team, injured his knee in a recent game. According to the Chicago Sentinel reporter, Ross is likely to be absent for one or two months. This is a very tight schedule throughout the season, which has a great impact on the Bulls’ impact record.
Ross became the first injured superstar in the tight schedule, and the Bulls overtired the schedule and so on.
This horse sounded the alarm for Collins. At present, when the 76ers came out, Tang Wenlong averaged at most 367 minutes per game, which was also a career high for Tang Wenlong. After this game, Collins thought that it was more important to reduce the regular season when Tang Wenlong came out.
On February 4th, when the Knicks played against the New Jersey Nets, Chinese point guard Lin Hao came off the bench and scored 25 points, 5 rebounds and 7 assists. The Knicks fell to the tenth place and beat the Nets 99-92! Then the next day Anthony missed Stoudemire due to injury and attended his brother’s funeral, which forced him to despair. D ‘Antoni boldly put Lin Hao in the starting position and scored 2 assists against Jazz and won the final victory!
The league hasn’t noticed this sudden rookie, but Knicks fans themselves are not calm. Lin Hao’s two games are like a spring breeze blowing new york fans’ hearts.
In the third game, Lin Hao scored 23 points and 1 assist against Wall and led the Knicks to win three consecutive victories, which instantly detonated the whole Madison!
"This is the madness of Lin. It’s crazy!" Netizens and fans gossip, so Lin’s crazy name instantly rises on the East Coast.
A reporter found Tang Wenlong and asked him what he thought because Tang Wenlong knew Lin Hao and they had simple contact.
He’s excellent, he’s fast, he trains hard, and his pick-and-roll attack is always sharp. I think the Knicks have found a very good point guard.
This is an inspirational story. The outbreak of Tang Wenlong seems to tell the story of every talented young man in this alliance, and the strong exposure of new york market has quickly raised this matter to an alliance. All of them were laid off in the draft and were laid off for ten days. How many stories can be found in it?
Before the fourth Lakers away game against the Knicks, there was a media interview. Will Kobe Bryant have a special defense against Lin Hao?
Kobe immediately replied, "Who is Lin Hao? I don’t know him. "
He told the truth that the Lakers were swept by the Mavericks in the season, and Jackson became the scapegoat for the Lakers. In the season, the Lakers changed their head coach, Mike Brown, who was nicknamed the nanny coach James by fans.
Mike Brown likes to emphasize the defensive coach. He thinks that the biggest problem for the Lakers to lose to the Mavericks this season is defense, so he asked the Lakers players to slow down their offensive rhythm and try to drag the game into the offensive position. So the Lakers scored 973 points per game and their opponents scored 959 points per game.
Compared with the last season, the opponent scored 954 points and the Lakers averaged 115 points per game. Shortening the difference will lead to many games deciding the outcome in the last three minutes, so Kobe Bryant has increased from playing less than 34 minutes per game to 37 minutes so far this season.
And Kobe Bryant’s season is so far in the West, and the Lakers are only ranked fourth. There are magic spurs and young thunder rising clippers
Seeing the rise of bitter rivals in Los Angeles, Kobe Bryant is upset. Besides training and competition, how can he bet on a player who has only played three good games?
As a result, Lin Hao scored 3 points and 7 assists in this game. After losing his physical strength in the last quarter, he forced himself to turn around and hide from Bynum to block the basket, which became a classic! And Kobe just scored 34 points, which is not as good as Lin Hao!
So after this game, Lin Hao was completely angry and stepped on Kobe’s shoulder to get angry.
Sports Illustrated even took a photo of Lin Hao roaring in the No.17 jersey. Everywhere he went, he was talking about this magical Chinese. It was like an unrecorded dream. Everyone was amazed at Lin Crazy!
Stern didn’t expect that there will be another yellow-skinned athlete rising in Tang Wenlong today, and it looks more inspirational and easier to declare NBA dreams than the story of Lin Hao, a talented Tang Wenlong.
Lin Hao beat Timberwolves to be the best in Eastern Week! On February 14th, Valentine’s Day, Lin Hao led the Knicks and Raptors to make a nearly buzzer-killing three-pointer at the last second, once again detonating the new york market.
The market value of new york Knicks has changed dramatically, and his jerseys have been sold out of stock. Director Spike Lee has also become a fan of Lin Hao.
D’ Antoni, thank God that broken cans and broken falls will still have such an effect. The Knicks have returned to the playoff team after seven consecutive victories for no reason.
At this time, the record of the 76 ers tends to be stable, higher than that of the Heat and one victory below the Bulls.
In a hurry, the horse played July 7 in February. Tang Wenlong didn’t play as long as last month, and the number of shots decreased, and the average score dropped slightly.
Before the start of the game, Tang Wenlong led the 76ers to defeat the Bulls without Ross. Tang Wenlong scored 56 points, 7 rebounds and 9 assists in the middle of 27 shots, 11 free throws and 12 free throws in this focus game. The two teams were still very good without Ross Bulls. At the last minute, Tang Wenlong hit a three-pointer and the 76ers gradually took the initiative.

The only way to crack this uncle’s shameless is to be more shameless than him.

Now that the crowd is in a high atmosphere, people who are lovers are naturally very happy to see such a good thing that can be fixed. They all shouted, "Promise him! Promise him! Promise him! "
I took a panoramic view of the crowd and strode towards that uncle Hu with a positive color. I was surprised and said, "Hey, isn’t this uncle Hu?" Why are you kneeling here? Stand up "
When the crowd saw me moving forward, it suddenly became the focus of the field, and suddenly it was very quiet and waiting to read the article.
That uncle Xiao Hu can bend and stretch and say to me, "Isn’t this Wang Tong’s eldest brother Mr. Wang?" The past is the past, and I hope you can witness my true feelings for Zhong Yi today. "
I have a chill in my heart. You look much older than me. Do you still think that everything was over before I became a big brother? So two out of three doesn’t count? In the face of such a person, I can really break my word. Is it a man?
I was surprised and quickly saluted, "Don’t dare, don’t call me Brother Wang Tong, just call me Brother Wang Xiaodi. Do you want Zhong Yi to be your girlfriend after all this ostentation and extravagance today?"
That uncle Xiao Hu said with a face of honest and frank, "Of course, please ask Wang Tong to be a witness."
Say back straight look more proud.
Grandma, a shameless person, is going to refresh my three views
I waved to Zhong Yi for her to come over.
Zhong Yi walked over with a confused face. I gently put my arm around her shoulder and started to feel soft and fragrant. This feels like cocoa.
I thought about it carefully, so I wondered and said, "Wife, will you promise him?"
Zhong Yi looked at me with a surprised face. I blinked at her hard. Zhong Yi immediately turned white and said nothing.
Everyone is in an uproar. It turns out that this sweet and beautiful chick actually has a boyfriend.
The crowd looked at Uncle Xiao Hu, and their eyes turned to disdain. Some people found it interesting, and their faces showed schadenfreude, hoping to see how this uncle ended up.
So I said generously, "Honey, people can tell you their true feelings. Listen, you can’t live up to their kindness. I’ll take a message first."
Everyone gave me a thumbs-up when they saw that I was so broad-minded.
Uncle Xiao Hu’s face turned red and white with dark clouds, and suddenly he said, "That man is not his boyfriend, he is a fake me … I am … I am the real pursuit of Zhong Yi."
Because of what I said earlier, the people present obviously believed me more in watching monkey tricks and looked at this "crossing the knife to win love" and "mistress"
At the same time, I dialed a word "hello wujun? Tell your men to come to Maple Grove. Someone here is suspected of disturbing couples to enjoy maple leaves and causing serious social chaos. I told you to come here quickly with a warm heart, otherwise the credit will be robbed by others. "
Wujun, my roommate, has been hanging out with the school guards for a long time, specializing in all kinds of public places.
"Oh, my good brother gave me a love song, and my horse brought someone." Then I hung up in a hurry and seemed to have set off.
Seeing that Uncle Xiao Hu was still talking about Zhong Yi’s face, he was so helpless that he didn’t know what to do. He kept saying, "Don’t do this … You get up quickly. I … I have a boyfriend."
My heart is funny. If there were not so many people and Zhong Yi in a bodhisattva mood, I would like him to kneel down and die here for a few days and nights. I think there will be a headline the next day. A college student kneels angrily for three days and three nights, and a couple is exhausted and dies.
How fucking touching and infatuated! Your wish has come true.
After thinking for a while, I went over and said, "Uncle, are you finished? After that, Zhong Yi and I are going to see the maple leaf."
Uncle Xiao Hu ignored me with a deep feeling and indignation and repeated again, "Zhong Yi, if you don’t promise me today, you won’t get up."
I shook my head and chased girls. I’m bold, but cautious, and thick-skinned. This eldest brother’s last one is not thick-skinned, but shameless. For this eldest brother, it’s a thing of the past. Well, I haven’t done enough in this respect, and I have to learn more from him.
"Where is someone disturbing public places?"
At this time, I saw wujun wearing the dark and deep team of the school guard and leading him with a group of school guard lackeys. Oh, no, the brothers of the school guard came here in an aggressive manner and said with fierce eyes.
"That’s the man." At this time, an unknown beauty jade hand knelt down and pointed at Uncle Xiao Hu.
Wujun came and saw me, smiled and nodded at me, and his eyes were deeply grateful, and then his expression became ferocious, leading a group of people towards uncle.
Chapter 24 Zhong Yi is going to have a birthday?
"What! Confess? How romantic! I want to promise you! Is the whole thing finished? Let’s go when we’re done! Don’t delay others to see the maple leaf! " Wujun expression speaks quite imposing manner bold said.
Wujun didn’t wait for Uncle Xiao Hu to answer when he sang the bad COP. Another school guard brother spoke. "Brother Jun, don’t be so fierce. Others are also infatuated. It’s not easy to put so many leaves on the table. Don’t make it difficult for the cleaning lady to share her worries. This classmate will go by yourself, right?"
Uncle Xiao Hu’s face is red and white again, and he doesn’t know whether to insist on kneeling or walk away.
At this time, wujun showed a fierce look and grinned. "Our school guard is a famous German!"
At this time, I heard a school guard brother behind him say, "The other day, despite our dissuasion, the boy’s legs were discounted and he is still lying in the hospital. I heard that he will lie for a month."
Another hey hey smiled. "This person looks infatuated and won’t leave. Just break his leg."
The two of them have a modest voice, which can be heard by Uncle Xiao Hu anyway.
My heart is full of panic. Is he a school guard student? He is a group of social hooligans. wujun deserves to be my roommate’s good hand. This cajoling and cheating has my style. I like it
Just say it and see that Uncle Xiao Hu got up and gave me a gloomy look and walked out of the crowd without saying anything.
Wu Jun came towards us with his men and smiled at me and said, "Things are done, brother. Why don’t you watch the maple leaves at ease?"
I nodded and gave a thumbs-up and said, "Brother, this wave is yours, CARRY."
Although wujun, the captain of the school guard, seems to offend many people, in fact, he is very cheerful and peaceful. Anyone can make friends with him when he gets along. Otherwise, how does the captain of the school guard get along?
Wujun looked at me and looked at Zhong Yi. Suddenly it dawned on me that a man knows how to laugh. "Brother, I was calculated by you. It seems that you didn’t help me this time. It seems that I helped you?"
I ha ha a smile and said, "You, I, who and who bow their heads and don’t see each other. I’ll treat you to dinner another day. You’re welcome. Just order whatever Sashido wants to eat."
Wu Junnai gave me a look and said, "Well, I’ll wait for you two to have fun."
Wujun’s word "play" was particularly heavy. Before he left, he showed a wave of laughter and left with everyone.
I shook my head and chuckled, pulled up Zhong Yi’s hand and left in front of everyone.
Rustling trees flow outside the forest, and half of the autumn mountains take the sunset.
Time flies quickly. It used to rain, but the maple forest has now shone with the sunset, which is fresh and smells good, adding a little warmth. Birds flapping their wings overhead fly by quickly, like an old-fashioned camera, trying to record all this intermittent time.
"You … what are you doing holding my hand?" Zhong Yi bowed her head and said softly with a reddish cheek.

On-site NBA official staff prepare for the championship award ceremony

Thunder players left in a daze. However, Durant, Westbrook and others hugged Tang Wenlong before leaving.
"Congratulations on a perfect season," Durant said bitterly.
Tang Wenlong patted Durant on the back with a backhand. The latter showed enough respect in this series, including his opponent Tang Wenlong Tang Wenlong. The aggressive situation became humble and gentle. "Kevin, you are a strong opponent. I know that you were selected for the US team in the Olympic Games in July this year. Let’s have another contest."
Speaking of the Olympic Games, Durant’s eyes lit up and his expression faded a little. By the way, he still has the Olympic Games to avenge. Does he believe that he can’t win Tang Wenlong with this year’s Dream Ten Team terrorist array?
"Then I’ll wait for you in London at the Olympic Games."
Tang Wenlong smiled, and the competitive competition was like this. Although it was cruel, the winner was always a reincarnation challenge. No one was a ever-victorious general and no one was always at the peak.
The two men spoke a few more words. In the relay lens, two superstars in appreciate each other exchanged views. This scene was very precious.
Then Tang Wenlong hugged Westbrook, and Westbrook still looked no.
"I must beat you once!" His eyes are particularly round and his appearance is amazing, but there is always an indescribable fighting spirit and domineering, as if nothing can ever knock him down
Tang Wenlong hey hey smiled and gave him a light hammer on the chest. "If you call your three brothers together, I will surrender directly."
Westbrook root couldn’t understand Tang Wenlong’s ridicule and said simply, "Mad, wait for me to train myself hard in the offseason and fight again in the next year."
"Okay, I’ll wait for you." Tang Wenlong gladly accepted the challenge.
After Ibaka and Gasol greeted and hugged, I didn’t know what to say at the side. Tang Wenlong saw Hu Harden coming and hugging himself, and his face was also full of bitterness and disappointment
"I was badly defended by your data in this series, and maybe the Thunder won’t renew my contract in the summer." Harden told Tang Wenlong half-jokingly that only the two of them could hear the volume.
Tang Wenlong rolled his eyes and blamed me?
Harden was so bitter that he hardly burst into tears. He hugged Tang Wenlong and turned around in a bleak way. It looked so bleak.
Durant and others left the scene quickly after greeting. For the first time in history, they wanted to escape from their home so quickly.
Durant met his mother who raised him alone in the player’s tunnel, waiting for him. After all, he couldn’t hold back his tears and cried.
On the contrary, 76 people in the sky were smiling from ear to ear with ribbons and flowers.
When the long-lost President Stern walked on the podium, when famous celebrities like Bill Russell appeared in front of him, he felt that it was the glory of the champion. At that moment, the black ball 76 ers felt as if they were plated with a layer of brilliant gold.
"You did a good job, young man." Bill Russell and Tang Wenlong shook hands and smiled aside.
Then the staff handed over the championship trophy and the finals MVP individual trophy to 76 people. All the players saw the trophy with hot eyes. It was the O ‘Brien Cup, which represented the highest glory and the most valuable NBA trophy!
Stern took over the microphone field, and there were thousands of people left, some of whom were Thunder fans. On the one hand, they didn’t want to go out so early and get stuck outside, on the other hand, they wanted to witness the 76 ers climb to the top of the city. Although they didn’t support and love the team themselves, they were praised when their opponents performed well.
"Congratulations to the 76ers for winning the 21112 NBA championship. They have played a wonderful role in this year’s struggle and defeated several powerful opponents."
Although the number is small, there is still a loud applause at the scene. Behind Stern, the 76 people in the city can’t help clapping.
"At the same time, we also want to congratulate the MVP winner of the 21112 season finals-"
Tang Wenlong!’
The 76ers made strange calls and pushed Tang Wen forward, and then several paws grabbed his head and kneaded it.
Bill Russell handed Tang Wenlong the trophy representing FMVP, which looked like the smaller O ‘Brien Cup.
Tang Wenlong stretched out his hand and took the trophy. Finally, there was a flash in his calm eyes. He couldn’t hide his fiery hair, but he was still in good spirits. Bill Russell, the "Lord of the Rings", looked at the super star who was nearly 60 years younger than him, as if he had seen the shadow of the man who was as good as a god in Chicago.
"Boy, you are amazing. Even in my time, you will certainly succeed."
Tang Wenlong shook hands with Bill Russell, and Ma replied modestly and tactfully, "If you were in our time, I don’t think there would be anything for us."
This is not a big deal. Bill Russell is very happy. He laughs and the more he looks at Tang Wenlong, the more pleasing he is. "Maybe you can rule the league in the future. You have such potential. I like you."
The two exchanged a few commonplaces, then grabbed the trophy together and posed for the flashing camera.
At this time, the championship trophy is in everyone’s hands, and everyone touches it, which makes several heroes in the league eager for glory.
The field workers handed the cap and T-shirt representing the championship, and everyone couldn’t wait to put on the white champion T-shirt without some wet jerseys.
The trophy made Louis Williams hold his hands high, so that everyone could touch the championship trophy with his arms. Tang Wenlong even touched the O ‘Brien Cup with one hand and held the FMP trophy high with the other. Everyone gathered in a pile of fireworks and ribbons to freeze it into the most joyful and happy picture.
It belongs to the success of the city. On the one hand, head coach Collins couldn’t help but burst into tears.
Chapter two hundred and sixty Parade to celebrate
It’s the second season, but Tang Wenlong has already made achievements that have stunned several superstar predecessors.
In his body, he can’t be shaped by potential, but by words like horror and horror, which is more than a solution to Tang Wenlong’s playoff performance this year.
In the finals, he averaged 355 rebounds and 5 assists, among which the three-point shooting percentage was as high as 4%, and the overall shooting percentage was a little over 50%. The scariest thing was that his steals averaged 35 times per game throughout the finals. Most of Thunder’s mistakes were forced by Tang Wenlong’s cooperation, especially when the ball controllers cooperated with each other, there would be a lot of mistakes.
But once you go it alone with your personal ability, you fall into the city and want to see the situation.
Tang Wenlong has broken a lot of records, especially because he has become the strongest Asian basketball player in history. It is controversial that his influence in Asia is increasing day by day. After winning the championship, he has reached a peak and become the first superstar in Asia, including sports and entertainment. Several young Tang Wenlong fans have sprung up in Singapore,, South Korea and other places. They have imitated Tang Wenlong’s skills and Tang Wenlong’s basketball habits in the street basketball court and become new fans and fans in Tang Wenlong.
The on-site award ceremony didn’t last long. After the most videos and photos were taken, the city players left the energy arena.
"Holiday!" Tang Wenlong roared how wonderful the holiday was after winning the championship! I’m excited to think about it
Back to the city, Louis and Tang Wenlong chatted blindly.
"Have you decided where to spend your holiday?"
Tang Wenlong shrugged. "I don’t know. Maybe go to South America? Andres this guy can always invite me to their country? "

If you put Q first when Annie is dizzy, it is easy to be blocked by the Yasuo wind wall. If Annie wants to stun Yasuo, it is best to start with W.

Annie W is an instant skill with cast animation and no forward shaking.
Annie W seems to have raised her hand once. In fact, when she raised her hand, the injury had already reached the opposite side. Raven W’s skills were similar, but they were all instant, but there was a magic animation.
Generally, Yasuo is difficult to react unless he can estimate the scope of Anne W’s skills. When you are ready to release W’s skills, press W to release the wind wall, and then you can’t react. Typing W’s skills out can just be resisted by the wind wall.
However, the opposite Feng Shanze obviously didn’t react, and directly ate a faint from Anne’s shield, and then Anne took a Q and successfully consumed a wave of Yasuo’s blood.
But Yasuo woke up without saying anything and came directly to E soldier E.
I have a faint feeling in my heart.
Chapter 36 Show the enemy weak assassin sophistry
This wave is still dominated by Anne’s soldiers. Yasuo E will definitely beat Anne if he comes to play indiscriminately.
Yasuo e killed a melee soldier, then AQ killed an Annie sword and surrounded a layer of wind, and then e long-range soldier passed by.
Anne Q’s pre-CD has about three seconds, and the CD is very short. Anne is also welcome to directly Q a shot of Yasuo.
Yasuo relies on the flying Q skill to directly EQ Annie to fly, then A reflexes her, and then E soldiers go back and beat Annie into half blood, and her blood volume is not much and half blood.
It’s really not worthwhile for Yasuo and Anne to exchange blood, because Yasuo, the hero, belongs to the continuous consumption type AD in the early stage, while Anne belongs to that kind of outbreak, which is single and consumptive. Yasuo’s half blood is once again taken by Anne Q, and then annika’s skill CD ensures that his hand is dizzy. WQ Yasuo plus a igniting Yasuo is estimated to die.
Anyway, I didn’t understand Feng Shanze’s exercise. If I were playing Yasuo, I would settle down and make up for the soldiers. If there is no blood, I will go back to the outfit and wait for the wild to catch the line. I really can’t beat Annie when I play Yasuo.
"I want to kill Feng Shanze Yumu alone, and you can help me with my vision." Ai Shi suddenly popped up with such a sentence.
It turned out that another Q in front of her consumed Feng Shanze to a third of her blood.
Now Feng Shanze will be 100% dead if Annie flashes WQ and ignites it. I don’t know if Annie hurts, it’s very likely that WQ Yasuo will die …
Feng Shanze finally knew at this time that he was unintelligent and never confronted Annie again. He kept walking in a place where she couldn’t flash.
It’s very difficult for Yasuo to catch Yu Mu to help now. It’s definitely impossible to help her get a good view and let her kill alone, as Aishi said. I also think this wave of single killing has a good chance, which makes Feng Shanze behave very ordinary.
The soldier line enters Tayassota to mend the knife. Anne dare not flash into Tayassota casually. If Yasuo is blocked by his wind wall, it will be GG.
Yasuo also blew his strength in the tower and hit Aishi once.
Aishi’s blood volume is not much now
"You just left …" I was dissatisfied with Ai Shi and said that I could hide Q by leaving.
Aishi said, "I let him win the Q on purpose."
"Oh?" I looked at Aishi with a puzzled face.
"Don’t talk, you don’t know how to kill alone," Aishi said.
Now two people in the middle of the road are already level 4.
The fight between the two men in the back became fierce. Both Aishi and Yasuo finished taking Xiaohong’s medicine. Aishi had a third of the blood, and so did Yasuo.
Yasobo saved another layer of hurricane in his hand and leaned over to Anne.
If Anne is hit by this hurricane, it is very likely that she will pay a blood.
Annie walked left and right, and Yasuo hung the hurricane at Annie’s feet.
Annie’s hand is dizzy. When the hurricane is about to reach her, it will flash directly to ignite WQ!
But …
Yasuo seems to know that she is doing this, and at the same time she flashes, she releases the W skill, WQ, and two skills are resisted by the number.
Then it was ignited. Yasuo directly EQ to add an ignition and then retreat to the wind wall.
“Firsblood!” Aishi was killed alone …
"I depend!" Ai Shi looked at the screen with amazement.
"This person has suddenly become so conscious after being stunned by Level 4!" Ai Shi said
It’s true that the previous waves of Aishi WQ consumed Yasuo when he was recruiting soldiers, but he didn’t release W skills to resist. Now this wave flashes WQ, but he can resist the W wind wall.
"Is this a sign of weakness …" I said.
"I don’t know." Aishi shook his head in dismay.
"Can the middle road be stabilized?" I asked Aishi
"The middle road can be stabilized …" Ai Shi said weakly.
I said, "it’s okay. I’ll take it, CARRY."
This wave of blood hurt Yasuo. When he came home, he took out a yellow fork and shoes. Anne, the hero, couldn’t support blood. When he got to level 6, he had a flash ignition base to take away. For example, Yasuo had no flash ignition in this crispy skin, but Yasuo still had a flash. This is a bit difficult. Yasuo will definitely get to level 6 first, and then maybe he can find a chance to kill Anne again, and the middle road will collapse completely.
Middle road Yasuo level 6 Annie level 5
"Ai poetry how long do you have six? I’ll help you catch a middle road, "Yu Mu said.
"He has flashes that are not easy to catch," said Aishi.
"Is he still flashing?" Yu Mu incredible said that it was obviously unexpected that Yasuo killed Annie without even handing in the flash.
"Well, I was blocked by his wind wall when I flashed him in front, and then an EQ ignited me and I died …" Aishi was quite embarrassed to say.
"It’s all right" Yu Mu’s coordination and assistance have been reversed several times across the street. If it weren’t for the fact that Yasuo in the middle of the road was really wretched and showed weakness in the early stage, Yu Mu and Zhong Xin would have taken care of him several times in the early stage.
At this time, Yasuo was very fierce. E soldiers always grabbed Annie and played a set of Annie’s position. It was very careful, but they couldn’t beat Yasuo’s CDE soldiers to push Q, and when a crit came out, it simply dropped a tube of blood. Annie’s blood volume was half in an instant.
"Good this wave I came to the middle of the road to squat down. You Yasuo will definitely kill you if you see less blood." Yu Mu squatted down in the grass on the right side of the middle of the river. Yasuo seems to be unaware that he has retired the line of soldiers and is still crushing Anne.
Now all our soldiers have been successfully cleared by Yasuo. Although Yasuo sword has accumulated a layer of hurricane, this wave is an excellent GANK opportunity.
And Annie’s hands are dizzy, too. Annie’s blood volume is still two-fifths and Yasuo is half-blood.
To avoid Yasuo’s Q, then Emperor EQ provokes Annie to explode and Yasuo will be 100% dead.
The most important thing is Annie’s blood volume. Even if Yasuo Q comes over and blows her and takes a big move, Annie will immediately faint when landing, and then a set of explosions will hit Yumu and then EQ and control the total. How can Yasuo die unless his Q skill can blow Yumu and then flash and run? This may run away.
But this Yasuo seemed oblivious to the fact that Yu Mu appeared for two seconds before retreating.

Well, since you’re moved, it’s easy to handle Wu Chi’s exultation. "The benefits will naturally be conditional and there will be, but that’s nothing compared with the future. I’m just the first-time worker in wu-tang clan. I’ll talk to the person in charge when the big troops behind Wudang arrive."

It’s such a big deal that I’m in charge of the work, and I’ve finished it. All that’s left is the blue-faced beast hero A. Wu Chi said a few more words about the scene and then walked to the man
All the players in the village are whispering about joining Wudang, but the man stands with a sneer at the corner of his mouth and quietly watches the hot scene.
Wu Chi also noticed that there were not even players around this person. I wonder if no one would like Wu Chi to go over to him and say, "Friends go over and talk?"
The two men walked to the old buttonwood tree in the right corner of the village. The man looked at the words "Wudang Mountain’s big brother is a prostitute" on Wu Chi’s head and couldn’t help laughing. "You are a prostitute? Wanted order number two? Yes, it’ s very prosperous. "
"Hey, hey, everyone patronizes everyone and feels guilty." Wu Chi is not afraid that this person is after him. Look at him. He is a newcomer. He is afraid of squeezing out the news. The root of the song is in Wudang. Everyone knows that the problem is that you can find Wudang Station. Do you have the ability to kill me?
"Just now, you know that I am wu-tang clan? I didn’t start the sect attribute interface at first. Can you tell me why? "
The man hesitated for a moment and then said, "This is no secret. I tell you that you just urged the spell. I have seen the 9911 ball of light before, except that Wudang poles are mysterious and clear, and the thunder is not like this."
"Have you passed?" Wu Chi’s eyes are wide open and it’s incredible that nearly 100 players in Wudang’s three generations have their own Xuande Lei Yin Sword, but no one has it. Look, this person is obviously a player and it can’t be Wudang hiding NPC. What’s going on?
"You don’t have to make a fuss about it. After all, it’s worthless. I’m a test player. I once went to wu-tang clan and took the Xuande Lei Yin sword." The man laughed lightly.
Test the player!
Wu Chi immediately thought of the game played in Tamsui Tsing Yi, and this is the second player he met.
"So that’s it. Your tester is a cow. There was a tester in the village where I was born. He was the strongest player in our village."
"Oh, what’s your name?" The man asked casually. He despised the fact that hundreds of thousands of players met a test in the whole world. What’s the fuss?
"That guy’s name is Danshui Tsing Yi."
"Freshwater Tsing Yi?"
This man’s long and narrow eyes shot out and his face looked strange, which made Wu Chi think for a while, "Do you know him?"
"Yes, of course, I know an old acquaintance, an old acquaintance."
The man immediately asked Wu Chi about his specific appearance, expression and behavior. Wu Chi told him in detail one by one. Finally, he said, "You test that players are really strong. Tamsui Tsing Yi is better than me, but I don’t like that guy who likes to show off too much."
"Oh, you think so?"
"Yes, that’s my opinion. Although you know him for a long time, I want to say it."
"Ha ha, good, good friend. You have a good eye. This person does have this problem. Even I don’t like him."
When they came to this freshwater Tsing Yi, they immediately found a common topic. As soon as they got closer, they talked a lot about it. They demoted the freshwater Tsing Yi into a half-money, worthless and broke. Finally, the man told Wu Chi his name.
This is the name of this person.
"Maple leaf, since you are a test player, how did you fall to such a point that even I am now at level 25? You are still a newcomer? You compare with Tamsui Tsing Yi, that’s a real difference. "
Maple leaves suddenly look ugly. "Hum, that guy is a fart. If it weren’t for me … if it weren’t for … there’s always another reason, so I won’t say it now."
He was also depressed in his heart. For some reason, he entered the game late, and then he touched the major sects to stop enrolling students. Many of his friends were frustrated by this, and they quickly helped him, but it was unexpected that his plans were delayed again and again.
Man is not as good as heaven. It really makes him hate to bite his teeth.
"Well, since there are other reasons, I won’t ask. How do you plan to join me in Wudang now?" Wu Chi really hopes that this person can join Wudang to test the player’s toughness. He has already seen the maple leaves in Danshui Tsing Yi. If he can join Wudang, it will definitely help him a lot.
"Wudang? Wudang … It’s really not so good … The obscene song "Maple Leaf with a knife and a wry smile" He said that Wu Chi knows this. Since people don’t want to, they can’t impose their partnership.
Wu Chi looked back and found that the number of players in the village had been greatly reduced.
"How come everyone is gone?"
"It’s almost evening, so it’s time for them to prepare for the activities." Maple leaves pointed to the sunset on the falling ridge and replied that it was already dusk.
"Are you not online?"
"Why am I hungry?" Wu Chi asked strangely.
"What day is it today?"
"What day?"
"February 14th Valentine’s Day"
On February 14th, it was appropriate for Gu Hua to get married, travel, bathe and trade on the first day of the lunar calendar-Valentine’s Day, an ancient festival in Pan-Western Administrative Region of the Alliance.
(End of volume)
The first volume Floating clouds gather in Wan Li. The fifth chapter Thunder refined Excalibur
The first land temple incense
Have you ever had Valentine’s Day yourself?
Wu Chi suddenly remembered the night a long time ago, the night when the thunderous mecha engine roared, the night when the air was full of blood and fragrant smell, and the night when happiness and pain were integrated-if that was calculated according to the league calendar, that night would be the clearest Valentine’s Day in my memory.
The two men were silent, and the spread of Mo Yan’s emotion in moist air made people feel bored and suffocated.

"What sentenced to lose? We don’t! " Some viewers clamored to be continued.

Chapter 358 Natural enemies feel
What did Hanyue lose?
In fact, many viewers know it.
This single game is limited to 30 minutes in each game. If both sides live at the same time, the final fruit blood volume will be divided. The winner whose blood volume is higher than that of the cold month is naturally the treasure.
This is the rule, although the audience is dissatisfied, they can also complain, which has no effect at all.
"The master is lonely, and the natural enemy feels really uncomfortable. Who can beat me!" Just as the audience was rioting, a scene of Zunbao sighing upwards appeared on the big screen at the right time, and a line of words bubbled up from his head.
"Nima is shameless. You got a bargain!" The audience were very dissatisfied with the result when they quit. Now how can they stand shouting when they see Zunbao’s big talk?
Those reporters were secretly pleased and decided that the Great Devil was clamoring for the headlines.
The live broadcast personnel of Tianyu company obviously know that enough is enough. Although they really want to see what more big words Zunbao can release, they have to cut the camera away from Zunbao’s game map for the sake of the safety of the venue and prepare for a game. The audience shouted for a while before focusing on a game.
Cheyenne withdrew from the competition map and drank a glass of water. Looking back carefully on Bai Hanyue’s competition, in general, the development process of this competition was under Cheyenne’s control, including the way to win the competition, which was his intention.
Cheyenne had decided the blood volume before the game started, so as to arouse the enthusiasm of the audience. Otherwise, who would come to watch the game after he was too enemy? Cheyenne’s strength now, if it comes to directly attack Bai Hanyue, he won’t have to bear two sets of combo of Bai Hanyue, so naturally there won’t be such a big controversy.
Of course, there are also accidents. For example, Cheyenne is seen through by Bai Hanyue, but she is playing along to lead Cheyenne to defeat the first counterattack. This is also a warning for Cheyenne, and we should never underestimate the enemy.
Cheyenne still has four games to play, but before that, he will close his eyes and savor the gains and losses of that battle carefully in his mind, which is also his habit. Only in this way can he continue to get promoted, which is much more effective than watching others play.
On the other hand, this game consumes Cheyenne a lot. After all, he used puppet tactics for a long time.
Cheyenne’s skill system is a new and ever-changing tactic. Simply put, there is no fixed style. This tactic requires players to be extremely familiar with various professions and have superb operational skills and adaptability. Even Cheyenne can’t completely control it.
The ever-changing tactics is an idea of Cheyenne, which will integrate many tactics, including puppet tactics, Lingbo micro-step tactics, which Cheyenne has seen in other past lives, but these tactics cannot be completed overnight, and need to be perfected through fighting, just like Bai Hanyue did just now.
This battle is of great benefit to Cheyenne. Now he is constantly optimizing the battle in his mind and getting ready for the next battle. The most terrible thing about Cheyenne is not his exercise and skills, but that he is still making progress.
Once this progress is completed, Cheyenne will go beyond the realm of god-level masters and become a super-god player.
For example, when someone punches you, the average player may have a way to dodge, while the master has ten kinds and 100 kinds of god-level experts are trying to fight back with your fist. The top god-level experts can use several means to fight back, and the super-god player will beat his opponent with the most lethal and perfect blow. This is the realm that Cheyenne pursues.
To put it simply, this is a process from simplicity to complexity and then to simplification. Cheyenne is already looking for a simple way to simplify. If Cheyenne really completes the transformation from "everything is changed", he will be the first in the world!
Cheyenne’s two bodyguards have their own duties. They are silent like ghosts in the corner of the room, but that doesn’t mean they are not surprised. Both of them feel that this young man is not simple.
Soon a game in Cheyenne is about to start, which is still live broadcast, and Cheyenne closes his eyes as if he had an induction, just when he opens his eyes, it shows that a master has a subtle control over time.
In fact, the skills of playing in the game can also be shown in many ways in reality. For example, this ability to count seconds requires a strong ability to control the time before calculating the cooling time of the opponent’s skills.
It’s hard to be a master, especially a master of god. Some people are extremely sensitive to these things by nature, while others need to constantly exercise the master of god the day after tomorrow. The difference between ordinary masters is that they have more precise control ability, which is often impossible for many players.
Cheyenne’s mastery of manipulation is the peak level, otherwise he would not have been able to practice puppet tactics in his previous life. This superb tactic of anticipation and control entered the game. Cheyenne’s opponent appeared at the other end of the map. It was Cheyenne who once met the savage royal boss Raytheon Hammer in Poseidon Palace.
Cheyenne may not have paid attention to his opponent, but Raytheon Hammer already knew who his opponent was. He held his breath and wanted to make his reputation soar by smashing the Great Devil. This is what many god-class masters think, and so far no one has really done it.
Raytheon Hammer is a shield warrior’s profession. Although Cheyenne exploded one of his suits, he has now replenished it. He has great confidence in his own defense and feels that he can completely defeat the Great Devil.
At the beginning of the battle, both sides naturally gathered at the center of the map, and finally they met by a small river. Both sides did not talk nonsense and directly got into the business and began to fight.
Cheyenne is still the standard to summon a hunter to use a gold and silver bear as a meat shield. Raytheon Hammer Shield fighters launched a fierce battle. Compared with a battle scene, it was very boring. This is also because Raytheon Hammer is destined to be a hard-hitting slow-paced battle.
The fighting scene continued to be hot, which finally aroused the interest of many enthusiastic audiences. They liked to watch this kind of hand-to-hand collision. It was also at this time that the audience discovered how terrible it was for the Great Devil to hunt for gold and silver bears to attack and defend, and to shield the soldiers from being equally divided.
Chapter 359 Return to Dwarf Village
It is well known that the shield soldiers are strong in defense.
Raytheon Hammer Body Power God Suit not only greatly improves the defense, but also has a terrible power bonus, which naturally greatly increases the attack power.
Cheyenne didn’t play anything fancy. It’s very simple to play with piles. Raytheon Hammer was angry at this situation, but he couldn’t get past the gold and silver bear. It seems that the only way is to kill Zunbao’s pet gold and silver bear first.
On the other hand, Cheyenne’s attack is also blocked everywhere. It’s really a headache to have a powerful suit of Raytheon hammer and add a shield to the professional defense bonus of soldiers. Raytheon hammer is like carrying a turtle’s shell and its defense is as hard as a mountain, and it can rebound and hurt thorns.
Cheyenne Lei’s hammer is like this. You come and I attack the gold and silver bear, just like a shield in Cheyenne’s hand, which perfectly stops Raytheon’s hammer from attacking the gold and silver bear. Although it can resist Raytheon’s hammer for a short time, its attribute is slightly worse than that of equipping a powerful suit of Raytheon’s hammer, and the blood volume gradually bottomed out.
The gold and silver bear has completed himself perfectly. In this process, Raytheon’s hammer attack rarely hits Cheyenne, but Cheyenne wears off Raytheon’s hammer blood a little bit.
Cheyenne recalled the gold and silver bear, and he changed his long-range shotgun. Obviously, it was intended to take advantage of the long-range advantage to grind the Raytheon hammer to death. The audience was very interested to see this situation, and they were almost predictable.
When Cheyenne was about to be withdrawn, the big shield in Raytheon’s hammer suddenly slammed into the ground, and the fluctuations visible to the naked eye instantly enveloped Cheyenne, and he was dizzy directly.
Shield warrior level 30 skill shakes the ground.
Shaking the ground does damage to the target, and at the same time, it can make the target dizzy. Thor’s hammer suddenly came to Zunbao’s side, and the shield weapon launched an attack flagrantly. This is the first time that he hit Zunbao without hindrance.
The audience saw Zunbao hurt and changed his lifeless state just now, and suddenly burst into loud cheers. Then, in every attack of Raytheon Hammer, the audience cheered and encouraged Raytheon Hammer.
No matter how popular Raytheon Hammer is, it must be seen by insiders. In fact, the audience knows better than anyone that they just want to see the big devil beaten, that’s all.
Raytheon’s hammer beat Zunbao violently, but Zunbao finally escaped. He is a shield warrior with limited control skills. After playing three axes, he can entangle his opponent by doing exercises. Does the devil’s level of exercises really limit others?
Thor hammer can watch the distance between Zunbao and his shield. Unless the shield is thrown to the ground, the root method will catch up with Zunbao in terms of moving speed.
The audience expected exactly the same thing in the next drama. The Great Devil has been hanging the Raytheon hammer from the distance between the two sides, but the Raytheon hammer was not successfully shot by random guns, and at the same time, it was bombed by the frost dragon. His blood was just worn away a little bit.
Shield fighters are also really resistant to beating. Even if Cheyenne hangs like this until the half-hour game, Cheyenne just knocked out Raytheon’s hammer with less than a third of his blood.
The winner is still Zunbao, whose blood volume is higher than that of Raytheon’s hammer.
Although it was also a blood score game, the audience didn’t have any emotional fluctuations except to send boos to the big devil. Obviously, the result was that they could accept that the scene of Raytheon’s hammer being suppressed was too bad, and there was no chance to get close to Zunbao except the opening.
If Raytheon hammer finally wins such a game, the audience will not be happy. The situation is so obvious. The audience is so natural. Although they don’t like the big devil, if he loses to a passerby casually, they will definitely rebel. In short, the big devil can lose to their idols.
After the game, Thor Hammer’s face was gloomy, and he wanted to avenge himself, but he was so abused by the Great Devil, which really made his face hang up. He struggled throughout the game, and everyone saw it. This was not only caused by professional differences, but also by the strength gap.
Cheyenne then met the Devastator, the Demon Summoner, and battlemage, all of whom were easily solved by him. These games were not broadcast live, and Cheyenne’s most powerful attack quickly ended the game.
After finishing all the games, Cheyenne went straight back to the hotel to take a nap. After a meal and a bath, Cheyenne entered the game world. Nowadays, the game world is full of excitement with more and more players entering the third level.
Cheyenne summoned the team members to brush a few times to improve their mutual cooperation and familiarity, and then entered the forgotten battlefield alone. With the battlefield situation showing little by little, Cheyenne appeared in the Dwarf Valley Fiedler Village, where he left the forgotten territory for the second time.
Xiao Bing and Xiao Jin, two followers, immediately surrounded Cheyenne, especially Xiao Bing, whose personality is more vivid than Xiao Jin’s, and kept chattering. Now the situation in the forgotten land has been completely stabilized, and the rebels led by Desa and Van Cana have started a face-to-face battle.
When players enter the battlefield for the first time, they can choose DeSal camp and Fankerana camp. Fankerana camp is composed of many races. Allied players can choose to enter small battlefields such as Dwarf Valley, Elf Village and other DeSal camps. Players can choose to transform animals, transform people, armored animals and other different shapes with different abilities.
Cheyenne is the only one who created this situation. He doesn’t need to choose a camp player. He has two rebirth cloaks with dwarf and elf shapes respectively. At the same time, he also has an armored beast, the nine-tailed fox, which is super fast. It can be said that he has both camp identities but is beyond the two camps.
After a tour of the dwarf village, Cheyenne found that all the young and strong dwarfs had resisted the power of Desa. The village was very quiet. Even Anthony, the little boy, didn’t know where to go. He unconsciously went to the mine. Cheyenne wanted to dig some ore and forge two pieces of equipment, but found that there were a large number of transformed animals in it.
The reformed animals in the mine won’t take the initiative to go out, which is also the reason why the dwarves didn’t provoke these reformed animals. Now they are fighting against the reformed animals around the village. When can they pay attention to the mine? Cheyenne saw the situation.
It seems that there is a lot of pressure to resist the Allies. The dwarves don’t even dig mines, and Xia Anxin thinks that it is to be continued.
Chapter 36 Skill variation
Mine-hole-transforming animals are all about 40-level attributes, which is simply a welfare for Cheyenne.
Cheyenne naturally won’t let him go. He summoned the gold and silver bear and three zombies to rush to Xiao Bing Xiaojin. He didn’t want to lag behind. Before helping him, a large group of transformed beasts gathered around them, and Cheyenne started the preparation for the frost dragon skill singing.
The huge body of Frostbite Dragon appeared in the mine, and Cheyenne was preparing to let Frostbite Dragon wash away the fruit. There, Xiao Bing and Xiao Jin suddenly shone, and the two colors of Xiao Bing and Xiao Jin reflected each other. Xiao Bing was pulled by inexplicable forces and instantly thrown into Frostbite Dragon.
What the fuck is this?
Xia Anxin was surprised that the frost dragon ate Xiao Jin and Xiao Bing.
At this moment, the unified show turned Cheyenne into a happy one.
The unification of ice and fire has produced a wonderful reaction. A brand-new creature appears in front of you. It is a powerful frost dragon with ice and fire. It will be your loyal guardian to protect you.

Chapter one hundred and fourteen The final battle (

"Hey!" Madison Yao scored another 3-pointer in the pick-and-roll to chase the score to 11119-the Rockets are one point behind! And there are 56 seconds left!
At this moment, every fan watching the game held his breath and watched the game intently, because at this last minute, a goal could decide the outcome of the game, and a small mistake could affect the outcome of the game! No one will want to miss this last wonderful moment!
And those fans who support the Rockets and Lakers are silently praying for their favorite team to score more goals to win the game!
Bryant dribbled the ball over half-court, and when he ran out of the three-point line, he suddenly started to enter the line from McGrady’s right, so that Swift had to run out to make up for it and double-team Kobe with McGrady!
Kobe Bryant, who was double-teamed, got the ball to Odom on the outside at the first time, but there was no one in front of Odom at this moment-Odom got the shot!
Since people are defending, of course, we must seize the opportunity to shoot! Odom didn’t wave this shot. He shot a three-pointer immediately after receiving Kobe’s ball!
But I don’t know if it was because of the pressure or the lack of touch. Odom interfered with a three-pointer and missed it-the ball hit the basket and bounced out!
Look at this situation, if God is not helping the Rockets, the Lakers are too unlucky to let Odom miss this key goal!
But it seems that the sky is still waiting for the Lakers, because Odom missed this rebound and fell into Kwame Brown’s hands!
Just when the Lakers were going to make a second attack, Aauto Quicker appeared in front of Kwame Brown like a ghost and hit the ball out with a strong clap. Just when the ball was about to fall out of bounds, a yellow-skinned player wearing the No.51 rocket jersey flew out of bounds and saved the ball and threw it to rocket player Hyde when he was about to fall to the ground!
"Well done!" Hyde shouted excitedly and immediately turned around and took the ball to the Lakers to defend the half! Fast break with Hyde and McGrady and Yao.
On the Lakers side, although Kobe Bryant and Marsh Parker rushed back to the backcourt, could they prevent Yao Maihai from launching a fast break?
Hyde immediately hit the ground when he stepped into the three-point line and handed the ball to McGrady. After receiving the ball, McGrady patted it and ran into the penalty area. However, instead of attacking himself, he hit the ground from behind and handed the ball to Yao who came from behind!
When Yao got the ball, the basket was in front of him. Who can stop the 2.29-meter giant at this moment?
Yao took three big steps, took the ball with one hand, and made a one-handed dunk at Mashpak’s head!
12119! The rocket is in the lead again! !
"flute ~ ~ ~" Lakers coach Phil Jackson immediately called a timeout because the score was overtaken at this moment, which had severely damaged the morale of the players! If you don’t find a way to stabilize the situation and morale, you will lose the game!
"Zeng ~ ~ ~" Yao and other players excitedly ran to Zeng Feiyang, who had just got up from the ground, hugged and high-fived him and walked back to the rest area together. Those substitute players in the rest area also took the initiative to pass towels to Zeng Feiyang-each of them was sincerely grateful to Zeng Feiyang for his last-minute fighting spirit and that desperate steal to save the ball!
Even Van Gundy, who is usually unsmiling, showed a knowing smile, because this fighting spirit of Zeng Feiyang was Van Gundy’s favorite!
"Audience friends in Zeng Feiyang’s key steal and save the ball, the Rockets finally took the lead again. Now there are 436 seconds left before the end of the game. I wonder if the Rockets can win the final victory? But whether we can win or not, I think everyone has seen Zeng Feiyang’s strength! Even though he is not as good as Kobe Bryant and other superstars, his fighting spirit is by no means worse than those superstars, and he used to fly, and now he is 2 years old and still very big! What height will he achieve in the future? I think this is what all the fans think … "
"Listen, all of you, it’s the last moment. You must be slow and steady, okay? Once you have the opportunity, you must make a decisive move! Don’t make mistakes again! This victory must belong to us, you know? " JVG said his last words to his brothers!
"Yes!" All the players gave the same answer! Then the whistle sounded and the two teams left the stadium again!
At the critical moment, the superstar played again-Kobe Bryant stopped the jumper after the breakthrough, and the Lakers scored two points again, giving the Lakers a lead again!
The whole home fans are jubilant, as if they were excited at Kobe Bryant and wanted to disturb the Rockets through the buzz! However, the Rockets have always been the best away team, so how can the noise affect them? And JVG also said that Rockets ace McGrady is the best away player!
The same superstar McGrady also played his due role as the leader of the team-Li Yao’s pick-and-roll cover broke through the restricted area of the Lakers, but someone still blocked his way in the basket. This person is called Kwame Brown, the top parallel importer!
McGrady’s eyes are still those blurred eyes that didn’t wake up. He stared at Kwame Brown’s face in front of him and didn’t know what he was thinking.
Finally, McGrady reached the basket and jumped up at the first time, and Kwame Brown followed suit and jumped up with his hands up.
In this case, McGrady will never score if he dunks! What if it caused Kwame Brown a foul? Can he guarantee that he will hit 1% of the free throws? The answer is of course no! Tracy McGrady chose another way to attack!
See McGrady suddenly turn around in the middle of 3 degrees 6 degrees 9 degrees 1 degree …
Finally, after completing the 36-degree middle turn, McGrady finally swayed Kwame Brown in the middle of the game, but by this time he was about to fall to the ground! However, at this moment, McGrady lifted the ball, and the wrist of his right hand was very comfortable. The ball flew out by force and slipped into the basket without bias!
"Good shot!" Yu Jia, the host of CCV5, and Zhang Zhi called one excitedly! Not only did they all groan when they saw the goal, because it was so perfect-China McGrady not only released his super explosive power and sluggish ability, but also showed his super physical quality, flexibility and perfect touch! This is no worse than Kobe Bryant’s passing Yao and Swift’s pull-rod basket in the middle of the game!
Zeng Feiyang looked at a relaxed face, and McGrady’s heart was full of sighs.
Too strong! These people’s personal ability is really terrible, although I am confident to complete the 36-degree spin basket in the middle of the game, but that is in the case of human defense! It’s absolutely impossible for me to get past a person in the game and pull the basket successfully … is this the scoring champion?
Thought of here, Zeng Feiyang turned his attention to the body of Kobe Bryant, who was compared with McGrady in contemporary NBA.
Kobe Bryant … Tracy McGrady … is really the strongest couple, but so what? One day, I will definitely surpass you. I will definitely …
At this moment, Zeng Feiyang found his first pursuit goal in the NBA, a definite goal, a goal he hasn’t had for a long time …
Chapter one hundred and fifteen From heaven to hell
"Audience friends, there are 36 seconds left before the end of the game. Although the Rockets lead by one point, the ball belongs to the Lakers! Therefore, the Rockets must not be careless about the success or failure depending on how the two teams played at this last moment, but I think this final game must belong to Kobe and McGrady-if I were a coach, I would entrust the team’s success or failure to them! Well, now that Kobe has the ball over half-court, will he attack … "
This time, Kobe Bryant didn’t rush for success, but kept dribbling outside the three-point line and slowly consumed time.
Everyone in the audience has their eyes on Kobe Bryant. They hold their breath and their hearts are beating violently, because this attack is likely to determine the outcome of the game!
As time goes by, people’s heart rate becomes faster and faster, and some people have even caught their breath and their palms are full of cold sweat!
Finally, with 1 second left, Kobe Bryant suddenly started to swing around at a 9-degree angle outside the three-point line, and then his speed broke through McGrady’s defense and went straight into the restricted area of the Rockets!
Yao and Swift rushed back to make up the defense, but Kobe suddenly jumped up like a fighter plane after stepping into the restricted area and flew to the basket with great momentum!
In "Yay ~ ~", Kobe gave a raging roar. He held the ball in one hand and raised his right arm in the middle of the game. He flew higher and higher, and his eyes were flush with the basket. Finally, he flew through the gap between Yao and Swift and smashed the basketball into the basket!
"bang!" The speed is simply overbearing and there is no regret. The tomahawk dunk was completed in Kobe’s hands!
"dong! Knock! Dong ~ ~ ~ "Basketball fell to the ground, and the hearts of the audience were beating with the falling basketball. At this moment, people had Kobe Bryant’s former enemy in their minds!
Even if that dunk lasted for a second or two, it was as long as centuries in the hearts of fans, because this dunk is that basketball should be wonderful, crazy and passionate-it is that people are eager to see basketball games!
15 seconds left, 122123, the rocket is behind again!
At this time, JVG didn’t call a timeout because there was enough time left for the players to make an attack! And he believes that McGrady will definitely lead the Rockets to victory again! Because McGrady is a great player who can work miracles!
Rockets ball, McGrady controls the ball, and Lakers take a tight approach!
People’s hearts are hanging in the air again, and everyone is praying silently. Their difference is to support Lakers fans and pray that the Lakers can prevent the Rockets from attacking. The fans who support the Rockets hope that the Rockets can complete this attack! What they have in common is that they hope the team they support can win the game!
When walking quickly, the audience has been silently counting down!
The Lakers are pressing Madison to dribble easily to the frontcourt!
Zeng Feiyang came to meet!
After Zeng Feiyang helped McGrady finally take the ball through the half-court, he carefully protected the ball and delayed the last time …
Rockets players have run to Madison to pull a road.
Mcgrady, start a breakthrough!
Kobe Bryant killed McGrady and didn’t give him a chance to break through and shoot!
Yao ran out and McGrady blocked Kobe!

"It’s not too difficult to find a greedy guy in a dirty place like Zuan, and it doesn’t need anything too complicated to say that it’s really simple to track a person in the snow." Caitlin’s tone was still so calm, and the three of them didn’t count as rhetorical questions and answered Galen’s questions

"Hey, big guy, you can question this chick’s figure, but don’t question her judgment. She is the best policeman in Picheng." The rose named Wei Wilderness waved her huge fist and slammed it, saying something that sounded vulgar but tough enough.
"Well, Miss Kettering, I apologize for my previous ceremony." Galen naturally can’t say much about what he is really dissatisfied with these four Pieterwoff reinforcements.
Besides Isoriel is really strong enough, Jess’s level of medicine is barely passable with those two women. He really doesn’t know what they have in the horde.
But fortunately, now that the overall situation has been set, the Noxas can also be said to be beaten by the beaten army, which will hurt a lot.
"What did you find?" Has been falling at the end of the team calcas suddenly to also at the end of the Chen Senran asked 1.
Chen Senran has been lost in thought for a long time since Kate Lin spoke. He seems to have caught something.
"She said … Zuan sold a large number of magic weapons." Chen Senran glanced at Caitlin again and touched his nose unconsciously.
"Is this … strange?" Although calcas is a monster who has lived for hundreds of years, he admits that he is really inferior to Chen Senran in some aspects.
Like intuition.
Chen Senran couldn’t tell what was strange. When he heard the news, he suddenly felt that he seemed to have overlooked something. Suddenly there was a flash in his mind, but he couldn’t catch it.
"How’s the girl?" Chen Senran shook his head as if he had fallen over this puzzling idea.
"She said she would kill you." There was a rare smile in calcas’s hoarse and ugly voice at this moment.
"Bite me to death ….." Chen Senran heart he probably can think of little Annie pouting that charming appearance when she said this sentence.
Thinking like this, he suddenly misses that little white tooth.
Let it all be over soon.
First watch went to eat.
Asking for a ticket today really makes me sad.
Page one hundred and seventy shame blood
"Do you have a problem?" Swein glanced at the crow sitting opposite him, puzzled, and Dreius continued to tease him.
It’s Dining Table Heights at the moment. Three hours after the battle, the place is 3,000 yards away from Dining Table Heights, the former Snow Mountain Alliance Barracks.
Noxas people have filled this base area that originally belonged to those barbarians, and the lights are on all over the camp, so there is a little warmth in this deep cold and snowy night.
"I am not white" After a long silence, Dreius finally said the first sentence tonight.
"Why not?" D because also don’t back some know perfectly well past ask to answer.
"I don’t understand why you gave up the Snow Mountain Alliance. At that time, the entire Demassia army was paralyzed and Tedmir held them back. Even if you said that Isoriel was very powerful, we could withstand the pressure to save those people." Dreyston seemed to feel a little stuffy in his chest. He pulled his scarlet armor and took a hard breath. "Even if you came to plan to wipe out the Snow Mountain Alliance, you wouldn’t do anything at this time. Now we are isolated to help back. How can we tell the general?"
"What else?" Svein was in no hurry to answer Dreius’ question. He combed the crow’s messy feathers slowly, as if he was sure that Dreius must have other questions.
Sure enough, Dreius was stunned for a while after hearing this sentence, but he was probably stunned by this scene.
"And why did you stop me from killing that hateful little thing called Isoriel?" When it comes to this question, Dreius is really annoyed. He wants to kill people, and there are very few people who can’t die. Unfortunately, like Zhao Xin, Izriel is listed as his target.
"First of all," Swein finally straightened out the crow feather. He rubbed his fingers and held out one, saying, "Tedmir has completely betrayed us."
"What’s so sure?" Dreius frowned. He tried to refute, "Didn’t you say that at most, it is 60% possible that your plan will be seen through?"
"Because calcas didn’t come to the other side, the layout must not have seen the real strength of calcas." Svein’s pupil contracted slightly, which seems to be thinking of something that even a monster like him would be afraid of. "Tedmir’s strength even with 500 people is absolutely not enough for ten minutes. Ten minutes is enough for the old monster to arrive."
"So …" Dreius couldn’t refute it at once. He knew that Svein and calcas had fought many times. It is said that once he almost died and came back, he didn’t even know where his crutches were thrown. He had a serious illness and it took half a year to recover. That was the only time that Svein was forced so badly.
"What’s the second point?" He can continue to ask questions.
"The second point" is that Swein held out two fingers, which were long and sharp all the year round. In the dim oil lamp, there is a kind of unspeakable mystery. "The third rule of the Noxas Code of War is not to make unnecessary sacrifices, and it is shameful to bleed because of the glory."
This sentence was the most important war concept of the first generation of king Nokesas, and it was usually the basis for historians to praise the emperor for loving his soldiers.
"What do you mean?" But Dreius understood Svein’s answer root method with great thinking leap.
Svein, on the other hand, seems to be tired of answering Dreius’ questions. He turns his head again, takes out a worm from his pocket and feeds it to the crow’s mouth.
However, it was probably poor Dreys brain cell Svein who finally gave an indication that he said.
"what do you think is our ultimate goal?"
The ultimate goal? Dreius seems to have finally caught a firefly in the dark.
"what is Svein’s ultimate goal?"
Two hours later, the location was changed to Avarosa camp.
The night has been deep and the snow has fallen again.
Snow fell on the top of the tent and there was a slight rustling in the air.
During the day, the war has exhausted everyone’s energy, and the situation has been intensified. Even Galen did not call any late-night military meeting, but let the tired people go back to rest and prepare for the follow-up offensive the next morning.
Chen Senran did have a good rest … Well, actually, he was tortured by the angry little girl for more than three hours. He must take her to the front line after leaving one arm with a small white tooth, or he will bite Chen Senran’s arms and watch her sleep peacefully after the unequal treaty.
Chen Senran had enough trouble and finally fell asleep. Little Annie tucked in and was blown out by the horn. Two bright magic lamps in the tent left a dim oil lamp shining on a military map. He lit the military map and said that sentence to himself.
He can’t grasp the whole idea of Svein. He speculates from all aspects, but he can’t do anything about it. He always feels that the situation is still under Svein’s control.
Is it an illusion? Chen Senran kept asking himself this question, trying to calm himself down, but that kind of uneasiness kept on. He knew that his intuition was very clever.
This intuition made him avoid danger several times, and the most serious one was the one before he died alone, the one when he didn’t care.
"why don’t you think about what Noxas’s ultimate goal is?"
Just at the moment when Chen Senran once again fell into self-debate, a voice suddenly sounded in his ear. He was shocked for a while, and then he remembered that Lao Du had been sitting in the corner of this tent and he had just ignored him consciously.
While lamenting that his vigilance is getting worse and worse, Chen Senran keenly sensed the meaning of Lao Du’s sentence just now.
What is that ultimate goal of Noxas?
At first glance, it seems to be a concept of what Svein’s ultimate goal is, but from a big picture, it is completely different.
Former Chen Senran has been entangled in the fact that Svein’s goal is actually a small-scale strategy, thus ignoring the most important point, that is, the real goal, in other words, the benefit.
What is the ultimate benefit of his doing this?
This is really a wake-up call. Chen Senran looked at Lao Du in the corner with some surprise. At this time, the lights were dim, and the old guy lowered his head again. It seemed that he could not see his expression clearly after catnap.
But Chen Senran still said "thank you"
Then when he saw the military map again, he got up and walked outside the tent. He was going to see Galen because he thought of some possibilities.
Second, I slept more.
Page one hundred and seventy-nine Svein’s cause
When everyone was pulled out of the warm bed, yawned and braved the heavy snow again to get to Zhongjun’s tent
Chen Senran has lit up the whole tent oil lamp, making the whole tent as bright as day.
The military map that was originally placed on one side was placed in the center of the tent by Chen Senran, and every seat was placed with a rough horn cup.