His hair has also burned into a bald head, and he has no such elegant and harmonious temperament as before.

"Open a day! Break! "
Su Ying’s fist, palm and arm are like an axe to open the sky, and finally she comes to Xia Yu!
No words can shape him and no killer can resist Su Yingwei’s opening the seal of heaven!
His body was split in an instant and then smashed into a rotten meat.
Chapter 1219 Don’t be afraid, I am a good man.
Just a punch!
Su Ying fought thirty-six times as hard as he did, and he turned the mighty God into a giant genius, Jade Deficiency God, and smashed his summer feathers into a ball of meat sauce!
Who can imagine how tragic this scene is?
All the leaders of the remaining six sects were dumbfounded and couldn’t believe their eyes.
They deeply know that the power of Stephane’s terror god is almost the peak of his fighting power, and he may soon become the king of the gods.
Yuxiu Jingu is a great school of heavenly kings, with rich background. Tianquan in Longxiang Town is a peerless school.
No, the sun’s handprint comes out with one blow, like a peerless overlord, and everything in the world wants the dragon elephant to dare not move.
However, this juexue Su Ying was simply a child playing house and was directly defeated, with no aftermath left.
At first, the true gods of the remaining six masters were shocked and dull, and all of them screamed hysterically and lost their confidence in themselves.
It is also in the face of a punch that can crush Stephane’s gods into a paste. Their poor magical power is really difficult to continue
King dye at this moment in an anguo gawk at everything in sight.
The aftermath of the fight didn’t involve her either, because she was already protected all over.
Sue should have let her Tao Wen form a shield to protect her and let her watch her kill the quartet at the same time
Isn’t it a pity that there is no audience in such a hearty way?
"Sue should you what is this budo! I am not reconciled! Absolutely unwilling! God will be reborn as a heavenly king and reborn as Dan! "
Stephane, who was beaten into rotten meat, was unwilling to roar and oscillate. At the same time, a Dan medicine appeared on his body. This Dan medicine was shaped like a god, revealing Gaidai’s domineering spirit and turned out to be a deity-level elixir.
"Heavenly King Rebirth Dan?"
"Hum! How is it possible to condense Dan medicine again and return to its peak state? I won’t give you this chance. This elixir has some for me. You can rely on it. Bring it to me! "
Su Ying sneered at this deity-level elixir. Every one of them is extremely precious. You can get an ordinary true god to peek at the saying that the deity is the deity realm!
Sue should hand out the past to break heavy directly to the front of Stephane will give away the Dan medicine! Then his body moved, and the powerful pill reached his hand.
He was a shock dispersed 36 incarnations blessing.
At the same time, he swallowed this Dan medicine in one gulp, and his body became a vigorous cycle. The laws of Dan medicine evolved more and more laws to entangle his blood. chaos clock cut the fairy gourd, Jin Gangzhuo and Pangu Zan were about to be born
His body burned out a raging fire, and every flame was a sacred rune, and his skill was deeper and deeper.
Just now, the law shattered by his encounter with Stephane has been repaired again and is stronger and stronger.
Dan Stephane, who was robbed of the rebirth of the heavenly king, was first one leng and then went mad directly!
He was completely furious, and suddenly a breath of burning life came out of him, which was crazy and dangerous
In an instant, he was reborn again, and the disrupted flesh and blood condensed into a statue of flesh and blood, dressed in robes and majestic enemy, the overlord of the world.
"The dragon elephant ascended to heaven to pay tribute to the gods!"
Ho ho!
Two roars and screams came from Xia Yu’s body, and his whole body breath was even stronger than before, and it was ten times stronger!
This punch is to change the rules of the future boxing heaven, and one punch after another retreats, and the boxing wind and the rules retreat.
"Hum! Waste! "
Su Ying’s body stood still and raised his left fist. "If I don’t completely defeat you, you won’t be angry if you become a ghost after you die, but you will definitely be physically and mentally destroyed and even become a ghost after you die."
Speak Sue should once again hand yuan tire immortal seal!
Hit each other with one punch.
Su Ying’s whole person is in high spirits, and the wind and cloud are spinning in vitro, and the changes are endless. He is like the eternal king of gods, and he has a golden light and a little fairy flavor.
And Xia Yu’s breath was oppressed by a dozen, and the whole person was like a trapped animal fighting to the death.
"Still not dead?"
Su Ying strode forward and showed a tendency of repression. It’s really a long life. The sand is eternal. It means that there are flashes around his body, and his big hand flip is another blow to Xia Yu.
Stephane’s whole body was blown into a mass of flesh and blood, leaving a head to rise and fall in the flesh and blood. He wanted to restore his body again, and a pair of hatred eyes were glued to Su Ying, full of poverty and hatred.
Su Ying grabbed Stephane’s head with a big hand and bombarded it with golden heaven.
Hand without mercy.
"Su Ying, if you kill me, Yuxu Jingu will definitely retaliate against you. You can’t live in heaven." Stephane shouted.
"Even nonsense before he died! You and I will be afraid? "
Su Ying pinched Stephane’s head as soon as he grabbed it with his big hand, and then sealed all his thoughts, magical powers, spells and JingXie laws with his hands, turning it into a huge golden ball with great light.
Then open your mouth and suck it directly into your mouth to start refining.
The unsurpassed supervision of heaven made the level of genius of the Jade Immortal Shrine ruined.
Su should be refining and absorbing the laws of other gods, and even his physical precepts have been taken to his identity. There must be a lot of fairy tales, various materials and pills.
Su Ying came to heaven, poor and penniless, and plundered without killing a few "rich". It’s really hard to survive on her own.
"When I find a chance to refine Stephane thoroughly, I think my mana can go further. I’d like to see what Juexue there is in this celestial jade palace?"
After swallowing Xia Yu, Su Yingmeng turned around and faced the remaining six owners and smiled slightly. "Do you kill yourself or let me slay you? Of course, if you don’t want to kill yourself, I will blow you up like Xia Yu and let you watch your sects perish one by one. You never thought that your guild would be full of trouble. "
"You! You are really a demon! "
Yao Hai, the head of Wanbaotang, roared, "Let’s rush out!"
As soon as his voice fell, the whole person was beaten apart like a dismembered body, and the body was scattered all over the place.
Root is can’t see clearly how Fang Han moves.
"Give it to me"
Chaos clock emerged to put away this high-order true god.
The ferocity is suffocating
Even in the side shield, Ann Wang Ran couldn’t help but tremble with her legs. She never thought that Sue should be so cruel, but she walked out of the demon overlord in the oldest and most brutal era!
A statue of the true god kneels directly and Wang Ran knows him. His name is Sima Ye, and he is the patriarch of Jin Guangzong. There are more than ten masters of the true god in this sect, and they have a huge spiritual vein.
It’s a big force in Qingyang Mountain Range.
"Forgive me, Su Ying, my ancestors forgave me. It’s not easy for me to practice hard to be a true god. Please forgive me. I am willing to be your slave for the rest of my life and sign an eternal contract."
He begged and begged.
"It’s not necessary to sign an everlasting contract. I’ll refine it one by one!"

"really?" Li Ruo looked at him seriously. "From knowing me to now, I am directing this. I was tortured by acupuncture and massage for more than half a month and was poisoned. I was obedient from beginning to end. You should have a deep hatred for me. Are you M?"

Yu don’t face "just hate you"
"You also helped me a lot. Let’s call it even." He paused. "Besides …"
"Say again?"
"When that thing is, is it false? Although I lied to do something, it’s nothing. I think it’s nothing if I don’t really hurt you. "
Li ruo stared at him without talking when he heard this sentence, which made his hair stand on end and turned to stare at him. "Why? What did I say wrong? "
"Ha, ha, ha" Li Ruo laughed intermittently because of chest pain, but it lasted for a long time before he recovered his strength and shook his head slightly. "Will you think that when you are afraid of hurting me, you have actually made a judgment on the truth of the matter?"
Yu chest a lag to hear him slowly say "whether you recognize it is true or not, but that thing … I am happy"
Lire stopped and looked at him quietly for a while, and his eyes suddenly became soft. His face did not change, but it seemed to slowly dye a warm smile.
Such eyes shrouded Yu seems to have been inexplicably manipulated and forgot whether it was true or not, and he should continue to pursue it.
Face to face is so quiet that it almost sounds like a hymn. Even the breathing rhythm of each other is gradually synchronized in the gaze.
So I heard the owner of those eyes say, "Yu, I lost you when I came back this time."
Yu’s spirit was attracted by his pale lips and his white teeth. It took a long time for the words to seep into his brain like water seeping into a sponge. Then he woke up and stopped slowly with his eyes wide open. "What did you say?"
"I like you like Qixing a long time ago, and I like you in my heart." Li Ruo suddenly moved his eyes slightly. "It’s a beautiful dream. If you think about you every day, you can sleep very well." He seemed to have smiled shyly and saw his eyes turn around again. It seemed that there was a soft and beautiful light floating in his eyes, and then it suddenly became silent, like the wind blowing softly in the lonely wilderness, and Li Ruo lay there whispering.
So he couldn’t help laughing, "What?"
"It’s so unreal that you are so kind to me." Li Re smiled, and her soft face seemed to glow instantly. The gorgeous light made his eyebrows jump and sparkle.
Yu also laughed. "Do I feel better now, too?"
Much better, but I don’t want to get up.
"Pillows are all your taste … let’s just do it here once!"
Yu leng immediately pushed him angrily, "Get up at once!"
Lire laughed at his specialty and blocked the building with him. Suddenly he came to the stranger and shouted angrily, "Yu, can you cook the meal before you forget yourself?" I haven’t eaten all day! Have you finished everything you have to do? Still reluctant to come? !”
When Li Ruo sat up, he laughed, "What should we finish?"
Nothing happened, but I don’t know why my uncle blushed involuntarily in front of him, and his uncle also looked at his eyes. They swept back and forth and ate a meal with trepidation. If a person was all smiles, it was very suspicious.
Stranger glance at him "chestnut if your family didn’t eat enough? You can eat so freely the first time you see me. You are the first one. "
"What? Everyone else is afraid of you? " He ate in his mouth and put a big clip of vegetables into the bowl, vaguely answering, "I want to eat more because of what Yu did."
Yu desktop kicked him hard. He didn’t prevent the rice from choking into the trachea. A mouthful of rice was sprayed directly on the opposite stranger’s face.
Yu was so scared that his face turned white that he quickly got up and helped Mo to pat his clothes. If Li Ruo coughed out of breath, he quickly pulled a tissue to wipe his face.
Mo reached out and touched his hand, took his paper towel and wiped it himself.
Li ruo apologized when he saw that he wouldn’t let him touch it, and so on. He looked at Yu Mo’s side in a hurry or was extremely nervous. He casually added, "Uncle, is that a burn?" This time, if Yu Gu doesn’t kick him, he can frequently signal to warn him with his eyes, and he can also look at the stranger with an invisible smile.
Stranger seemed to recognize Li Ruozhi faster than others. When he heard this question, he glanced at him and his mouth twitched a "yes".
"It must be a big accident to be so serious?"
The "big" stranger picked up the bowl and continued to eat. The tone gradually became low and Yu Xin was picked up again. This is a danger signal.
Li Re nodded his eyes as the scar on his face slipped to the neckline. After washing, he was given a long-sleeved shirt. It should be his "preparation", but he should have seen the undershirt. "It must be very beautiful before uncle," he said with a smile
Yu glanced at the stranger nervously and stared at him to stop talking.
Sure enough, the stranger stopped and looked at him with a shallow smile. "Then do you say that I am handsome or Xiao Yu is handsome?"
"Are you handsome or handsome?" Li Ruo doesn’t know how to look at most people. This nerve is really seriously evaluated. "You should have charmed many people before?"
"Li ruo!" Yu finally sat still and jumped up to pull his arm. "If you are full, go home!"
"I haven’t eaten anything yet …" Li Re clung to the table. "Ah, ah, don’t pull me. I haven’t finished eating …"
"I’m full" and "Xiaoyu’s guests haven’t finished eating yet. It’s rude of you. This is not our hospitality."
Yu hurriedly let go "yes"
"You slow down, I’ll go first." Then he stopped watching them turn around and go upstairs.
When he goes to Yu, he angrily sits back to his seat and eats stuffy.
Li ruo eats with relish as if nothing had happened. "Yu Zhen can’t see that you are so good at cooking."
"Hurry home after eating."
"What’s the matter? What, are you so nervous? I just praised my uncle for looking good. "
Yu felt that he was hopeless and looked at him. "Obviously the reason is not that you can understand."
"What’s your face? Can’t you understand it by explaining it to me? "

"hmm?" Deep and remote days ghost accident way

-What is this situation? Why did they fight by themselves?
The evil spirits wait for a while watched this scene.
"What do adults do now?" An evil spirit asked quietly.
The ghost in the sky fell silent, and there was a strange emotion in my heart that could not be suppressed gradually.
The dragon king of this sin prison drinks with you for a while, takes a lamp to install his head for a while, and then casually swings a life charm.
Now he had a fight with his companions around him.
You ask me, I don’t know what to do now! ! !
You day ghost to pick up a mood suddenly produced an idea in my heart.
The life symbol is the root of the ghost saint.
This man has mastered the charm of life. Maybe he has something to do with the ghost Lord.
The ghost in the sky looked across the street.
Seeing that the Dragon King of the Guild Prison is attacking another assassin and the map manager.
Maybe …
What can he not let these two know?
The ghost in the sky thought of this and ordered, "Let’s wait and see."
"Yes, my Lord"
The evil spirits just stood still and silently watched the three men fight.
Seeing them, you come and I drink and play happily.
Count interest in the past
Dozens of breath in the past
Suddenly it came in waves of dragons.
A dragon fell from the sky.
"I feel that someone is fighting with our leader. Is this to provoke our dragon?" The dragon looked at the crowd humming said
Chapter three hundred and sixty-five They cheat ghosts
When the dragon speaks, the ghost is ready to fight.
Dozens of evil spirits on their side don’t have to panic if they are a dragon-
One second, I saw another dragon, and I looked at everyone with my eyes coming out.
It looked around Zhoukou murmured
"What happened here? What is full of poverty and murder and all kinds of death omens? It’s going to take you from far away to come here and fight a ah yi ~ "
It began to sing.
When the evil spirits stay,
-This dragon is stupid?
Suddenly another dragon fell from the sky.
"Knowing that he is our eldest brother, he still dares to bully him here. It was a dragon who looked down on us." The dragon said with anger.
See one dragon after another fall to squat down in the jungle and look at Gu Qingshan.
One, two, three … Twenty-nine dragons!
This is an overwhelming force!

At this time, Liu Yue’s heart is still not white. "What a little hands and feet are really slow. Just now, they are flirting here. It seems that this is not the first time. Hey, I don’t know what that girl looks like. I want to see it clearly." Unconsciously, Liu Yue actually took Collins as his own child.

Collins waited for a moment, but he couldn’t wait until he wanted to see people scratching their heads. Liu Yue was so funny that he forgot that he had not been much better at the beginning. After a while, he listened to a silvery smile outside the window. Collins was so happy that he quickly poked his head out and looked around, but he was stunned.
"Good!" Suddenly, Collins was hanging upside down at the window, and the man almost bumped into him.
Liu Yue looked intently at it, but it was a girl in a tight red dress. She looked quite petite and felt a little smaller than ordinary girls, but her figure ratio was very good. She simply tied a ponytail with blonde hair, which looked a bit playful, although not stunning, but the youthful girlish atmosphere always made people enchanted.
I can see that this girl still has a little effort, but what makes Liu Yue a little strange is that most of the guests tonight are noble giants or representatives of major temples, and he doesn’t know anyone who wants to train his daughter into a thief, so this girl’s identity is somewhat interesting.
Collins was surprised at first and then rushed to take the girl into the room to meet the little lover. The two of them had their own whispers, and Liu Yue didn’t want to eavesdrop, but he didn’t want to leave like this because of the girl’s body. He felt a little familiar.
Liu Yue jumped out of the window and found a place that was not easy to be found, and sat down to sort out a thought.
First of all, what happened tonight can’t be an accident. Obviously, it’s the result of some forces’ behind-the-scenes manipulation. Rooney’s strength is not very strong after being enchanted, but the forces behind him are not underestimated. The earth is still a fantasy technology, but it is not incredible in a high-magic world like Flange. There are many ways to achieve this effect.
For example, sacrifice is the best and fastest methodology, and neither gods nor demons will express their dissatisfaction with this method. The only difference is that gods prefer devout believers, while demons have nothing to pay attention to. They don’t care whether you are willing or forced, and some of them are particularly evil. They will also ask believers to torture these sacrifices and aggravate their fear and pain. The purpose of doing this is to make their souls burn to the extreme. According to them, this will make their souls more delicious.
There is also why they do this or what benefits it has for them. On the surface, Rooney has been subordinate to Lovelli’s family for many years. They must be very passive. They believe that this incident will make a fuss about it early in the morning and it will be a big blow to Lovelli’s family.
Could it be Ling Lijie? Liu Yue thought of this "old friend" unexpectedly, but it seems to be too serious. Do they think that it is not easy to deal with the mage’s guild by knocking over Lovelli’s house in one fell swoop? Besides, summoning demons is not a common thing for wizards, but it is nothing new. Of course, a level like Rooney is not something that ordinary wizards can do.
However, Roger’s performance is too outstanding, that is, it is impossible for his father to end the battle so quickly. Even a child prodigy can’t be so miserable and humane. Although I haven’t figured out what is going on, Liu Yueke can be sure that Roger has some kind of power dormant in his body and it is very powerful, which can make Liu Yue feel a little palpitation.
All kinds of mysteries are entangled in Liu Yue’s mind. He must be alert to these things. Only people who can see the truth clearly can be born in this dangerous world and always be led by the nose. Sooner or later, something will happen.
Actually, it’s not that he hasn’t considered throwing everything away and taking Szelesi Ya and Jacques with him. People like him don’t have to be afraid of not being born anywhere. Wealth or power are all available to him. But for Collins, he finally has a part to give up. Although he hasn’t been together for a long time, he has already regarded Collins as his own student in his heart. Can the teacher ignore the students’ problems?
It wasn’t long before Collins, the girl, came to the courtyard and happened to go to Liu Yue’s side to listen to Collins. "You should go home quickly. I have to help my father clean up the mess after so many things happened tonight. My father will be angry if he doesn’t go back just now."
The girl seemed to be reluctant to jump into his arms and whisper to him for a while, only then did she step back and leave Collins where she had been watching the girl disappear.
"well, Collins, my dear student, when are you going to arrive?" Liu Yue coughed and laughed together. "I didn’t eavesdrop beforehand. You came to me by yourself."
Collins was shocked by Liu Yue and turned red again. I don’t know what to do there.
Liu Yue noticed a bruise on his neck and naturally knew that "young people are normal, but pay attention to their health." Then he left without letting him explain.
Collins blushed for a long time before he reacted and shouted at his back, "Why take care of yourself? I didn’t do anything?"
He naturally won’t know that he can’t see the angle at this time. Liu Yue’s gloomy face seems to indicate some bad things.
Chapter 26 temptation
The night when Liu Yue walked alone in the long street was doomed to be restless. All forces must make a new measure of the strength of Li Dian, and the position of weismann’s family is even more suspicious. It is conceivable that those "big shots" may not be able to sleep now.
In fact, Liu Yue tasted otherwise. He has never been a person who is good at intrigue. The only thing he can rely on in the face of complicated situations is his strong strength, but Roger’s performance today has sounded the alarm for him.
He is not familiar with Roger, but he is sure that when he first met him, he was definitely not as strong as he is now. If seeing Roger once was a genius, this time Roger could miraculously form a ten-year-old wonder. What is the concept?
You know, it’s only been less than a month. Can Li Dian master some unknown technology that can make people strong in a short time?
Liu Yue immediately denied his own speculation. After all, although Flange is a magical world, it is also subject to some rules. Strange people may not be rare thousands of years ago, but now it is different. If you casually create a chaos, of course, if Los Angeles hands it personally, there is nothing impossible. But what is the problem now?
"What person?" Liu yue suddenly stopped and said
"Applauded …" In the dark, there came a crisp moonlight, and a graceful figure appeared in front of Liu Yue.
"Are you …" Liu Yue looked at this unknown woman suspiciously. Those girls with high noses and deep eyes are different from the eastern ones. Her face is closer to the orientals, and her long blue hair and casual shawl add a little wildness to her. She is quite tall and half a head shorter than Liu Yue. Even the earth is extremely big and proud. With her pace, a belt made of ichthyosaur skin gently vibrates, and the waist is more slender and cold. The moonlight seems to be like a dream spirit. If it is not the six snake whips in her hand that really spoil the atmosphere, it should be a perfect encounter.
Yes, except for Britney Israel, the famous tyrant of Truth Gate, the martial arts master of Umberlee Church, I am afraid that no normal woman is willing to walk all day with this weapon. Of course, those Zall women in the dark area cannot be measured by normal people’s eyes.
"Good evening, Lucifer. I’m Britney Israel. The moonlight is so charming tonight. Can you take a walk with me?"
"It’s my honor to be invited by an attractive woman like you." Liu Yue bowed slightly and Britney took her arm. They were like a pair of friends reunited after a long separation and didn’t see any disharmony at all.
"Mr. Lucifer is not a native, is he?" Two people walk for a while Britney seems to inadvertently asked.
Liu Yue smiled and said, "Yes, my hometown is very far away from here."
The two chatted ramblingly for a while, and Britney realized that the other party was not as easy to deal with as she thought. After half a day, she got a lot of information, but this guy was always vague at the crucial moment. Fortunately, she still had a killer in her hand.

Qin Guangmin is now the only true lover of Qin Duoduo.

Qin Duoduo got up and said, "But I really don’t have the strength to climb the mountain again. This mountain is too big, so you can carry me or I can walk slowly."
Lin Yi nai recited Qin Duoduo.
Tonight, Lin Yi killed a bunch of important people in the cat house. His heart was really evil, and his heart was also very carefree. Lin Yi carried Qin Duoduo to display his flying skills and left for the mountains.
But let Lin Yi didn’t think that things were far from simple tonight.
Shortly after he left the basement, three people entered the basement.
Two men in their fifties, one dressed like a fisherman, the other of medium build and dark complexion.
And the third person looks like a teenager.
He wears a hat, his face is covered, his eyes are covered with a scarf, and his hands are covered with gloves, and he always shows no skin.
Appear extremely mysterious
The three men stood in a bloody stone room and looked at a house full of dead bodies, each of whom didn’t know what the mood was.
The fisherman dressed up and twitched his face. "Is it really what Lin Yi did?"
The dark man dressed up as a humanitarian for the fisherman. "The fish shopkeeper was expected by Lin Yi that the palace master would suffer Lin Yi’s revenge. I didn’t expect Lin Yi’s revenge to be so quick, huh?" Is it right for you to find an excuse not to participate in the proceedings recently? If it weren’t for you, now you are also a bloody corpse in this stone room. You will serve the public well in the future. "
The fish shopkeeper said, "Zhong Liang, you are right."
Then the fish shopkeeper plopped on his knees at the foot of the mysterious boy. He knocked his head and said, "I will be driven by a dog from now on."
The mysterious boy raised his hand and gently put on two lazy voices. "Zhong Liang, you took people to kill all the people in the house, asking the chickens and dogs to leave no fish. The shopkeeper asked you to go to the cat to cancel the killing order for Lin Yi and Zeng Tengyun. This matter is over and then put an end to it. All the cat disciples are hidden to recuperate and must not rock the boat."
Two people should be a then out of the stone.
The mysterious boy went to the body of the cat.
He squatted down and saw that the cat’s eyes were still open, so he dug out the cat’s eye and pointed it at him.
The mysterious young man said to himself, "I just made some moves in some links of the small skill and led the disaster to you, making you confused, master."
Chapter seventy-three Mysterious boy (2)
The boy gloated to himself in the eyes of the cat, but the cat was hard to hear. If he knew that he had carefully selected, cultivated and hoped that the talented boy turned out to be a poisonous snake, I don’t know that he would feel something.
Mysterious boy added, "You must want to know how I tampered with it. I can’t let you know that you are a ghost before you died. I’ll let you be a ghost in vain. I tampered with two keys. The fish shopkeeper is in charge of the news. He and Zhongliang had better let Zhongliang buy him off … On New Year’s Eve, people found Lin Yi and Zeng Tengyun’s whereabouts. After they reported them, the fish shopkeeper deliberately concealed Lin Yi’s identity, causing Xiaofeng to be your only son. If he dies, you will lose your mind even more." I want to kill Zeng Tengyun and Lin Yi for revenge. Hum, but who is Lin Yi? Qin Dingfang has no choice but to take Lin Yi. Of course, Lin Yi will pursue him. He knows that you are precious. Of course, he won’t let it go. Later, Lin Yi asked the hunter to warn you that the fish shopkeeper would tell me first. Then I ordered people to kill all the hunters. The killing order continued and finally angered Lin Yi completely … "
Speaking of which, the teenager smashed the cat’s eye "bang"
His voice is full of resentment, too
"Your ambition is too great to be shallow, and you don’t want to cheer up the cat’s nest in one thousand! And you always nag me! Bother me! You just want me to fulfill your dream. In your eyes, I am your slave. You manipulate puppets, and I hate being a slave. I want to be the master. If you die, I will be the master of the secret palace! There are so many secrets and martial arts cheats in the secret palace. I will take good care of them and learn from them. When I was born, I will ask who can compete with me in intelligence and martial arts! After the Jianghu is me … "
The mysterious boy vented all his grievances on the body of the cat and then lit the body in the kerosene pouring room prepared in advance.
The mysterious boy took one last look at nine bodies braving fireworks, and then he walked out of the stone room and put the stone door again.
In the corridor, he hummed a nursery rhyme to show a scholar. I don’t know how to show filial piety and honesty. My father lives in a cold place, and his innocence is as muddy as mud.
The stone gallery of nursery rhymes echoes endlessly …
Lin Yi took Qin Duoduo over the mountains overnight and entered Fengxiang Road again. Lin Yi and Qin Duoduo were very careful. They also simply changed their ways and didn’t let the people in Beifu find them.
At noon, they left Fengxiang domain.
They were hungry, so they found a small pub and ate something.
While eating, they heard the diners chatting at the next table.
A man exaggerated and said, "Do you know that something big happened in Beifu!"
The deskmate hurriedly asked him what had happened.
The man sold enough. "I have a relative who works in the North Mansion. He told me that the wife of the King of Qin, Qin Duoduo, had an affair with a groom. Yesterday, the people in the North Mansion ran away with the groom, but they didn’t catch up with you until it was dark. Do you think that the wife of the King of Qin made Ma Ri stupid and did such a stupid thing to the king of Qin?"
Another humanitarian said, "I’m still what turned out to be this. I heard early in the morning that Fengxiang is now in the city. That Qin Duoduo is a person who can do his best. At the beginning, the king of Qin was really blind. It is said that she not only had an affair with the groom, but also had an affair with the toilet. She always had an affair with a slave …"
After listening to it, more diners also said that Qin Duoduo was an unscrupulous slut and slut.
It turned out that Qin Dingfang knew that yesterday’s incident could not be concealed, so that people in the government would not criticize him privately. He simply let people smear Qin Duoduo, and Qin Dingfang knew the result of numerous criticisms.
He wants to make Qin Duoduo notorious.
Qin Duoduo’s face was green with anger. If Lin Yi hadn’t held her down, she would have beaten up these guys.
Two people from the town of Qin Duoduo big scold a way "Qin Dingfang is a beast! Is a pervert! How dare he slander his wife like this? Does this make his face glorious? I’ve been more virtuous than his mother since I married him! In this way, in a few days, my name will be all over the rivers and lakes. I am so angry … "
Lin Yi said, "Anyway, your name is not very good. The so-called lice don’t bite."
Lin Yi’s words almost choked Qin Duo to death. She suddenly couldn’t speak again. She stared at Lin Yi with her mouth open. I really wanted to pounce on Lin Yi’s meat and bite two pieces.
A little Qin Duoduo hated and said to himself, "Mom didn’t say that the old lady is a man who can be a bitch? I’ll show you the bitch. Even if the old lady can’t kill you, she will let the cuckold buckle you to death …"
Lin Yi said, "Don’t go on the rampage. Fengxiang didn’t come out until someone came in front. Don’t betray me."
Qin Duoduo looked ahead and saw who was there.
But soon the three riders appeared in front and ran towards this side.
Qin Duoduo toward Lin Yi murmured 1.
"Dog ears can’t compare with you."
Stay three riding Qin Duoduo peeked at them.
After three rides, Qin Duoduo was busy. "Second brother, they are Li Tian werewolves. That fat man is Li Tian Wolf’s cronies. His name is Bukui Li Tian Wolf. He often sends him to the western regions …"
Qin Duoduo’s voice has not yet fallen. Lin Yi’s figure has disappeared before her eyes.
Qin Duoduo quickly turned to look.
She saw Lin Yi chase the three riders and killed them, then captured Bukui.
Lin Yi threw two bodies on a slope by the side of the road and returned to Bukui.
Qin Duoduo knew that Lin Yi was going to try Bukui, and she seemed a little excited.
Lin Yi found a secluded place nearby and then threw Bukui to the ground.
Qin Duoduo is full of anger and can’t find a place to vent at the moment.

"What does this mean?" Jingxuan’s water-insoluble fantasy city has been found. He can help Yan Qingluo solve the problem!

"He won’t solve the problem for Miss Yan San." Chu Dai ‘an didn’t have so many concerns as Shen Menglu and told Jingxuan the truth bluntly, including Yan Qingtang, a water city, for the holidays.
JingXuan big scary a pair of fists grip tightly "sin is not his wife and children! How can he be so extreme in Water Fantasy City! " Luckily, he thought this water city was a good man before, but I didn’t expect him to be such a cold-blooded paranoid.
"If the temple wants to change back to the emperor or save Miss Yan San, you and I have to go back to Beijing as soon as possible." The security law of the Chu Dynasty gave Jingxuan an exact answer. At present, only when Yan Qingtang came to Fanzu as soon as possible can he help Yan Qingluo.
"Are we going to Yanmen?" Jingxuan soon guessed the answer.
"Yes, we’re going to Yan Gate to find Yan Qingtang." Chu Daian secretly touched the chest. It’s not too convenient for the token owner of Yan Gate to get in and out of the valley of sorrow.
"Okay, I understand. I’ll get ready. Let’s go when everything is ready!" Jingxuan didn’t do it again and insisted on sinking.
After Zhu Yinzhen and Yan Qingluo, he will tie Yan Qingtang even if it is tied! Jingxuan secretly determined.
When Shen Menglu came to Zhu Runyue’s residence palace with the Water Fantasy City, he sat staring blankly on the steps, while Zhu Runyue was sleeping as Jing Xuan said.
"I’m back, son." Shen Menglu called a captain. He hasn’t seen me for a few days. The whole person has lost a lot of weight and looks haggard.
"Empress!" It was not until Shen Menglu came up to her that he reacted and suddenly felt overwhelmed with excitement. "You … you came back? Are you all right? " Wei Wei took Shen Menglu’s hand and looked at her back and forth with great joy.
"Well, I’m fine when I’m back. Don’t worry." Shen Menglu simply appeased a sign that Wei Heng should be calm. Now is not the time to catch up with the past. "This is the owner of Shuigu, an imperial aquarium, who specially came to Runyue to solve the problem. She is sad and beautiful.
Wei Yu glanced at the frosty water fantasy city and quickly avoided his eyes. "Run Yue is resting inside. Go in and see her quickly!"
Shen Menglu nodded and turned to talk to Water Fantasy City. "Please go inside the Water Valley Master!"
Water city snorted and stepped into the threshold without saying a word.
Little Zhu Runyue is sleeping in a soft couch for a few days, and she is thin and emaciated. Zhu Runyue looks all the more sallow and emaciated. She is a noble princess, but she is as skinny as an African refugee.
Looking at Zhu Runyue’s deeply sunken face, Shen Menglu’s heart ached bitterly, and her nose turned red easily when she was sour. "Did Yan Runyue have a good breast-feeding these days?"
Shen Menglu’s beautiful eyes are tearful, which makes her feel sad. "The empress and the little princess have been sleeping most of the time these two days, and occasionally they eat something and always throw up."
Zhu Runyue’s condition is very bad these days. He is always asleep, but he can’t wake up. Sometimes he wakes up, and Zhu Runyue is also very painful. It is also very difficult to feed her. It’s hard to drink two mouthfuls and spit it out. He is too scared to feed again.
Several times when Zhu Runyue was asleep, it was as if she had no breath, which scared the captain. Later, the captain stayed with Zhu Runyue day and night. She went to visit her every other day to make sure she was okay, so that she could feel at ease.
Shen Menglu and Zhu Yinqi are under great psychological pressure these days. While worrying about their safety, she is also worried about Zhu Runyue’s situation. Zhu Runyue’s spirit is also facing collapse. She can’t imagine that Zhu Runyue will accidentally fall asleep before Shen Menglu comes back …
From time to time, this thought coiled in the captain’s mind, which made her sleepless. Today, the captain was also bored in his heart before he went to the door to get some air, but finally Shen Menglu came back safely!
However, when looking at Shen Menglu and Zhu Runyue, his face was sad and his heart was full of guilt. "I’m sorry that I didn’t take care of the little princess."
"It’s none of your business." Shen Menglu swallowed hard and choked. She knew that Wei Yi had tried her best to take care of Zhu Runyue like this. It was really her body and ghost.
Shen Menglu clung to the hand of Water Fantasy City. "Water Fantasy City, please! My daughter must solve the poison!"
When Shen Menglu said this, a pair of moving eyes were amazing. She grabbed the water city hand and was so strong that she seemed to embed her fingers in the palm of the water city.
Water Dream City cast a glance at the bony Zhu Runyue, and suddenly he felt a little pity for this poor thing. The situation is really bad. If you don’t drive away the poison, you will really sleep.
The Water Fantasy City was pinched by Shen Menglu. "How can I check for your daughter if you hold it like this?"
Shen Menglu smell speech quickly loosen and take two steps back to give way to water supply fantasy city.
Water Fantasy City raised my hand and touched Zhu Runyue’s pale face. There was once such a dying child waiting for him to lend a helping hand, but he refused it cruelly. As a result, he lost his favorite woman.
Now, Shen Menglu and Zhu Runyue, with a sad face, seem to reappear yesterday, causing a dull pain in the heart of Water Fantasy City. Did Zhu Yinzhen say that Water Fantasy City only after his negotiation was successful? That’s not the case. Even if Zhu Yinzhen didn’t show up, he would still save Zhu Runyue even without the negotiation.
In fact, Water Fantasy City was intended to quietly solve Zhu Runyue’s problem. It was Zhu Yinzhen’s sudden intrusion that turned his selfishness into a deal.
In the past, when Shen Menglu was in Wuling Castle, the Water Fantasy City disappeared for two days. No one knew where he went and what he did. In fact, he came to this clan palace to inquire about the real situation of Zhu Runyue and Natalia.
Shen Menglu told him that she promised to treat Zhu Runyue when he was in Water Dream City. However, he had selfishly wanted Zhu Runyue as an excuse to let Shen Menglu stay with him for a few more days.
Shen Menglu won’t know that the Water Fantasy City said that he was looking at her, but he really liked Shen Menglu. When he first saw a sad face holding Zhu Runyue Shen Menglu, his heart was moved. The same beauty as the extreme beauty made the Water Fantasy City frozen for many years and his heart was instantly melted.
There is no doubt that Water Dream City wants Shen Menglu, and there is no doubt that he wants to save Zhu Runyue. Although Bai Shen Menglu’s so-called minister is just an excuse, Water Dream City also claims that he decided to quietly save Zhu Runyue, a bad karma child, and then delay tactics to keep Shen Menglu with him as long as possible, even for a few days or even a few hours, which is enough to make him full of joy.
But in the end, hope falls! Before he came to Zhu Runyue to remove the poison, Zhu Yinzhen took back his mother, but what about that? Because of that long-lost throb, he will still save Zhu Runyue because she is Shen Menglu’s daughter.
Zhu Runyue can’t afford to sleep for two days, and it’s also the water fantasy city that secretly moved his hands and feet. Zhu Runyue’s body and ghost method are growing rapidly. Only by slowing down Zhu Runyue’s function can we stabilize the ghost method. Otherwise, I am afraid that Zhu Runyue would have died early.
It’s time to force the ghost method out, or Zhu Runyue will be hopeless!
"You all go out!" Shen Menglu and Wei Da were ordered to drive away the method, which should not be seen by outsiders.
Shen Menglu looked at Zhu Runyue anxiously. "I can stay and help."
"Don’t delay if Queen Shen doesn’t want your daughter to have an accident!" Water Fantasy City coldly replied that he doesn’t need help, and his greatest need is an absolute privacy and absolute independence!
Shen Menglu’s eyes were dark and he didn’t insist on holding the commandant without saying a word. He walked towards the door.
"Send someone to guard the door. I didn’t say that when I came in, people can’t disturb without authorization! Shen Huang, you too! It is not appropriate to interrupt the process of flooding, otherwise … I am not responsible for any mistakes! " When Shen Menglu stepped out of the threshold, Water Dream City was coldly charged again.
Shen Menglu’s back is tight. "Well, I know that no one will come to disturb you and help my daughter solve the problem. I’ll wait for your good news."
Shen Menglu said, and pulled the commandant, Da Da, out of the door and pushed the door.
"Empress, can she …?" Looking at the closed door of the temple, the captain asked anxiously about the water fantasy city, which made people feel very insecure!

Xu and others seem to be these beasts.

See Xu stopped snow shine nature also stopped.
Baihe ferry stopped at Xu and asked strangely, "Brother Xu, what are you doing here? If we go too late, Emperor Wudi will be robbed."
Xu frowned and shook his head. "Brother, do you believe me?"
Xu eyes flashing flames at this moment.
Baihe ferry paused. "What’s the matter? I naturally believe you. "
Xu Shen said, "If you believe me, we won’t go there."
Baihe Ferry Road "What?"
Xu Kui said, "Would you believe me if I said there was a trap danger waiting for us?"
Baihe ferry to detain shocked Baihe Ali also stopped.
Baihe ferry twisted his eyebrows and said, "Brother, do you have any evidence?"
Xu shook his head and smiled bitterly. "I hope you can believe me because there is no evidence."
Shili Baihe won’t be very, very dependent on Emperor Wudi, but this time, after all, I came to ask Emperor Wudi to take the Baihe ferry and I can’t decide.
Baihe ferry doesn’t want to disappoint his family.
The Baihe ferry frowned.
Baihe Ali hasn’t come to talk yet. Baihe Xiaoqing has been cold. "If you are afraid of death, why do you want to come to the Three Gorges? You don’t have any evidence, so you say it’s dangerous there? Do you feel it all? "
Xu sighed, "I really feel it."
Baihe Xiaoqing disdained, "This is even more ridiculous. The danger is actually felt by you. Then others ask you to feel where there is danger, so you can rest easy." That’s ridiculous! You must be afraid of death before you speak. After all, Wuyingshan people will appear there. When you offend the baili family and there are four people, you are worried about being killed by them, aren’t you? Weak coward "
Xu Zheng
Xu smiled bitterly because he suddenly found that if a woman hates you, she must be very good if she can make you feel uncomfortable.
Said the Baihe Xiaoqing has pulled up the Baihe Amobaihe ferry hand and said, "We’ll ignore him."
Xu, after all, is a one-sided word, and it’s hard to believe it when you say it. Baihe Ali didn’t listen to his elders and took Baihe Xiaoqing and others through the jungle to the other side of the mountain.
Baihe ferry looked at Xu apologetically. "I’m sorry, brother, if there is no danger there, it’s all right. If there is danger, I can’t leave my family alone!" "
This is what a man should stick to. How can you blame him?
Xu laughed. "It’s just my feeling, and it’s really hard to win people’s trust without real evidence, but since you’ve gone to your friends, of course I’m going."
Said Xu has stepped in the previous step to fight side by side with Baihe Ferry.
Baihe Ferry looked at Xu gratefully and patted him on the shoulder and said, "You are really a good friend."
Xu laughed.
It’s nice to have friends.
So even if I feel that there is a trap ahead, I have no scruples.
So Xu followed the Baihe ferry into the jungle and went to the other side of the mountain.
Although the sound is far away, the fighters’ aura can strengthen the sound broadcasting station, and everyone can hear the approximate location.
Snow shine also closely followed.
She is going wherever she is allowed to go now.
Chapter seven hundred and fifty Three magic teaching traps
They have now passed through the jungle and come to the other side of the mountain.
According to the calculation, it is strange that there will be stone forests, streams or the other side of the mountain in the jungle.
But although everyone feels strange, they will never give up this opportunity.
No one will let go of the opportunity given by Emperor Wudi.
On the other side of the mountain is a ravine surrounded by mountains.
Most people have come to this place except some who are still looking for their successors.
Everyone asked in the ravine, "Who just said that he had found Wu Decheng?"
No one answered this question.
People seem to be a little impatient and want to go back to the jungle at least.
It was at this moment that the earth suddenly shook and the mountain suddenly shook …
A series of dark gray iron walls suddenly emerged from the ground, and some of them flew from the mountains.
As soon as these iron walls appeared, they were firmly fixed on the ground. I don’t know what material they were forged from. They are harder than even the fighters in the early days of birth.
As soon as these iron walls appeared, everyone suddenly understood that it was a trap.
For a moment, strange smiles have sounded.
"Jie Jie …"
Several figures appeared on the tall iron wall overlooking the Wulin experts trapped in several iron walls.

"I have amnesia. Will you give me some time to adapt?" Think of your feelings of missing your mother. Yan is frivolous and soft-spoken to Xie Wanzhen.

"You … really don’t blame your mother?" Xie Wanzhen is still worried
"I swear it’s not weird." You blame yourself. Yan is frivolous and condescending. "Don’t cry. Your eyes are swollen. It’s really not beautiful."
Xie Wanzhen smell speech stopped crying and pulled out a far-fetched smile.
Yan frivolous some can’t bear to change the topic "where are we now?"
Xie Wanzhen shook her head. She had no idea about their current situation.
Yan frowns wildly, and the imperial edict says that they should be taken into the prison, but this is obviously not the prison. "How long have I been in a coma?"
"One day and one night" Xie Wanzhen realized what "Dream, don’t touch your mother’s medicine" and lifted Yan’s frivolous clothes to hurt her back.
A cool feeling came and the back pain didn’t seem so obvious. Yan was frivolous and wondered what medicine was so magical.
"Rub the medicine, let me see." Yan frivolous took the ointment handed by Xie Wanzhen and put it on his nose. It smells fragrant and pleasant, and the color is bright. It is a good thing at first sight.
"Is this just given by the doctor too much?" You should have more copies for skin care.
Xie Wanzhen shook her head. "It’s a bodyguard around Mu Wang Ye."
Hearing Zhu Yinzhen’s name, Yan frivolously frowned unhappily. Zhu Yin Zhen’s bodyguard, that is to say, they also returned Zhu Yin Zhen’s territory. "We still have Muwangfu?"
"It doesn’t look like it." Xie Wanzhen is not sure.
Yan frivolous and carefully looked at the wing decoration Mu Wangfu room should be more gorgeous! "Where is the bodyguard?"
"I just dreamed of looking for him outside?" Xie Wanzhen is suspicious.
"Well, you go and ask him to come in" Yan frivolous back.
Xie Wanzhen looked at Yan frivolous with a strange face. Previously, she felt that Dream hit the column and became different when she woke up. At that time, she was still too stimulated by Dream to change her temperament.
But now Xie Wanzhen’s doubts are getting heavier and heavier. "Are you really my daughter?" It’s a dream face, a dream sound, but it seems that I have lived in another dream, a completely different soul.
Yan frivolous leng leng how to answer? Frankly speaking, she is not her daughter. Shen Menglu estimates that Xie Wanzhen will faint with fright.
Yan bit her lip lightly and tried to show a trace of sadness. "I didn’t know that the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was you. I remember that after I passed out after hitting the column, I met a fairy who told me that I had not finished my life, and I didn’t care about myself, so I was guided back. The fairy knew that our Shenyang was in great trouble and thought my original character was too weak, so she gave me a chance to transform myself, make me brave and strong, and save Shenyang from fire and water. The fairy took away all my memories .."
Yan frivolous secretly glanced at Xie Wanzhen. Can such nonsense lie to this ancient man? "So I forget who I am and what I was like before."
Xie Wanzhen’s face is dull and Yan’s frivolous pie pie is such a bad excuse that probably no one believes it.
"I said it’s hard to believe, right? Now I don’t seem to be very popular "Yan frivolous self-mockery.
"Silly child’s mother believes in you. You are so good now. My mother likes it very much. No matter what you become, you are a good child." Xie Wanzhen suddenly hugged Yan’s frivolous back injury and was pulled to tears. "I’m sorry, my dream is too oversensitive."
Yan is frivolous and dizzy, so this ancient people also believe this nonsense? ! This ancient man is so gullible! Call Zhu Yin Zhen to see me! Recommended 5 overtime
Liang prospect heard Yan frivolous this nonsense can’t help but laugh at a.
Someone in the room caught the sneer lightly and sensitively.
Thankfully, although she crossed into this fragile Shen Menglu body, her body was frivolous and her intuition and sensitivity were still
"I’m hungry, please help me see what I can eat!" Yan frivolous found an excuse to Xie Wanzhen.
"Good mother confused mother went to the kitchen to see" Xie Wanzhen left according to the words.
"Come out! Liang Junfei is a hero! " Yan frivolous tone coldly shouted a prospect smell speech fall to the ground.
Yan gave him a frivolous look. "Are you Zhan Yang?" It was with Zhu Yinzhen’s bodyguard. She listened to Zhu Yinzhen and told him to show Yang.
Looking forward to nodding, he always borrows Zhan Yang’s identity.
Yan frivolous looked at him for a while, feeling wrong. Intuition told her that the person in front of her was not the same person as the Zhanyang she had seen before. "Are you sure?"
Outlook still nodded, and I was a little surprised at Yan’s frivolous suspicion that others had never been seen through playing Zhanyang before.
You say yes! Yan frivolous does not expose "where are we?"
An answer to the prospect of "Western Suburb"
Yan looked at him with a frivolous Gherardini. "Zhu Yin Zhen has a lot of guts!"
Looking forward to a black line, he also thinks that the Lord’s trip is outrageous, but this Shen Menglu is too fat to call the Lord by his first name!
"Miss Shen is bolder!" Outlook can’t help but ridicule.
If it weren’t for Shen Menglu’s inappropriate image, Yan frivolous really wanted to laugh wildly. Three of her frivolous advantages are few, and the biggest advantage is boldness. "Where is Shenyang?"
"in prison"
Yan frivolous pull pull corners of the mouth obviously the emperor didn’t change his mind to cut their heads, so what does this Zhu Yin Zhen want? "Zhu Yin Zhen privately detained our emperor?"

Gu Qingshan almost certainly this matter must involve the whole six worlds-even more than six.

How many people are prepared for this?
What on earth will that evil ghost’s body bring?
In this era, I don’t know how many people are hiding behind the scenes and plotting secrets that I don’t know at all.
No one who can take part in such a thing is a fool.
Perhaps their confrontation will determine the future of all worlds.
Unfortunately, there is too little information.
These people have been here for many years and they are new here.
Gu Qingshan suddenly felt a sense of strength.
But he soon called himself up and said
"Then let me ask you, what are you most inclined to do with this group of people?"
Suddenly a woman rang.
"We tend to explore the secret that The six great divisions in the wheel of karma was shattered in the past."
Gu Qingshan didn’t look back.
This is the Qixia sound of mountains and seas.
She actually came back from the tomb herself.
Big elders urgent way "how do you come back? Without you in our people there, I’m afraid I will suffer. "
"Why don’t we all come back?" Shan Hai Qixia stared at Gu Qingshan and said slowly.
Seven people of different ages and different dresses scattered behind her and surrounded the whole room.
The old man who holds the bone is also in the middle of the fight.
Gu Qingshan does not move.
This place is completely closed by the other party, and you must never give a flaw.
His eyes followed these people.
"Who are you?"
He looked at shanhai Qixia and asked in a commanding tone.
Shan Hai Qixia smiled and made a gesture.
When those people saw it, they chanted incantations and released the isolation method to completely close the highest floor of the whole black tower.
From this moment on, the outside world can no longer know the information inside.
Shan Hai Qixia went to him and knelt down and said, "I immediately felt this kind of fluctuation as soon as’ thoughtlessness’ came out. I didn’t expect the priest’s adult to awaken earlier than I calculated."
She seemed a little excited and continued, "I knew it was an adult when the child used’ inch solution’."
Gu Qingshan was silent for a moment.
He simply said, "It was you."
-these monsters are isolated from the end of the tomb and should not know each other.
What is going on in front of you?
Gu Qingshan’s thoughts fly.
"Yes" Shanhai Qixia looked up at Gu Qingshan. "Priest, I didn’t expect you to pick one of my disciples to meet me."
Gu Qingshan stared at her and whispered, "It’s a coincidence. I take a fancy to this person’s identity …"
He seemed to remember something that he didn’t say at the moment.
-how can this woman say this when she suddenly comes looking like an acquaintance and she doesn’t know anything?
Rao is Gu Qingshan, who has been through many battles. I didn’t expect things to develop to this point.
The only thing I can do now is to control the topic as much as I can.
Otherwise, once the leak comes out, all previous efforts will be wasted.
Gu Qingshan’s words really aroused everyone’s curiosity.
People looked at Gu Qingshan together but also dare not ask.
Asking is asking for death
After all, these things are adults’ private affairs and their power.

The corner of the blue silk robe was instantly transformed into silvery white by the cold blowing ink like deep pool black hair.

The silver shawl on his shoulders echoed and gave off a dark light.
Zhong Li was surprised to open his eyes wide, almost consciously holding an umbrella in his hand, and he fell off unsteadily, splashing rain and raindrops all over the floor, but instantly condensing into ice.
He couldn’t speak. He looked at Helan Xun in horror.
For the first time in his life, even if he died in heavy snow, he was never so shocked.
Powerful spell with silver hair … Have that clan?
Helan Xun took a deep breath, the light faded, and the hair color gradually returned to ink.
The ice cubes melted into rain again, and the ground was wet, and he was dressed in white.
"You still want to protect me? Or do you want to stay and die? " Helan Xunyin is harsh but bitter, and he doesn’t want to reveal his identity.
But Zhong Li has always known that he is Gu Gen, and there is no need to get involved in things.
Zhong Li was still surprised to hear Helan Xun’s heart thumped when he heard this sentence
"… Young Master, do you have a spell to drive the Snow Clan?" His voice shook with shock, and all these methods expressed his true thoughts.
For thousands of years, the Snow Family has been forgetting to cross the mountain and it is extremely cold, which is a dangerous place that no one can set foot in.
Even he is a literature reader who has read everything about the Snow Family.
"It’s the blood of the snow clan that has been hostile to you for thousands of years. If it weren’t for our clan, you wouldn’t be extinct now and you wouldn’t be ordinary people with swords." Helan Xun’s face suddenly turned pale, which may be caused by a spell just now.
However, he remained calm and continued, "Do you remember the family instructions of Chongjiabao?"
Heavy Li look is very fuzzy in this rainy night at that time can’t tell the difference "swear not to leave the snow family life … Chapter 498, 498 You are not a person? (3)
"Don’t you always want to know whether I killed those three candidates with high martial arts like this weak body?" Helan Xun corners of the mouth with a sneer at inscrutable looking at heavy li.
Heavy Li Bu answer by the cold rain beat the body.
Helan Xuntan palm rune once again revealed a pair of ice cast into a transparent bow and arrow.
"Is that a cold bow? You are cold bow killed them "heavy Li cool thin asked.
According to the literature, the cold bow was originally held by a god in heaven, and it was so powerful that people could not fight it. After that, the god committed a crime and was sent into the world.
Then the Snow Family was founded, that is to say, the ancestor of the Snow Family was a deity and the cold bow was always held by his descendants.
Those who hold the cold bow are even more honored as the high priests of this clan.
So it means that Helan Xun is a descendant of the fallen god and a high priest of the Snow Family who owns the cold bow?
"I know the little master is uncommon, but I didn’t expect to be the high priest of the snow family with fairy souls falling into the office." He has been deceived by this man with a wry smile.
Hand cold bow into a steam Helan Xun smile "don’t you go? Want to be killed by me? "
Witch and Snow have been killing each other for thousands of years.
Witch people are indispensable to snow people. After thousands of years of fighting, they finally reached an armistice agreement.
However, in their generation, for some reason, there is something indispensable to the witch tribe.
So he turned the spell into ordinary people’s silver hair and black hair.
Sneaking into the heavy fort, but it did him great harm.
Well, he has a ten-thousandth fairy spirit to last until now.
Just like he said that not only Chongjiabao owed brocade, but he also owed brocade.
If the snow family is heavy, she will die.
But three years ago, something went wrong at the top of the snowy mountain.
Now he has to get involved in these days.
Because a person …
Heavy Li suddenly choked up and didn’t know what to say.