"really?" Li Ruo looked at him seriously. "From knowing me to now, I am directing this. I was tortured by acupuncture and massage for more than half a month and was poisoned. I was obedient from beginning to end. You should have a deep hatred for me. Are you M?"

Yu don’t face "just hate you"
"You also helped me a lot. Let’s call it even." He paused. "Besides …"
"Say again?"
"When that thing is, is it false? Although I lied to do something, it’s nothing. I think it’s nothing if I don’t really hurt you. "
Li ruo stared at him without talking when he heard this sentence, which made his hair stand on end and turned to stare at him. "Why? What did I say wrong? "
"Ha, ha, ha" Li Ruo laughed intermittently because of chest pain, but it lasted for a long time before he recovered his strength and shook his head slightly. "Will you think that when you are afraid of hurting me, you have actually made a judgment on the truth of the matter?"
Yu chest a lag to hear him slowly say "whether you recognize it is true or not, but that thing … I am happy"
Lire stopped and looked at him quietly for a while, and his eyes suddenly became soft. His face did not change, but it seemed to slowly dye a warm smile.
Such eyes shrouded Yu seems to have been inexplicably manipulated and forgot whether it was true or not, and he should continue to pursue it.
Face to face is so quiet that it almost sounds like a hymn. Even the breathing rhythm of each other is gradually synchronized in the gaze.
So I heard the owner of those eyes say, "Yu, I lost you when I came back this time."
Yu’s spirit was attracted by his pale lips and his white teeth. It took a long time for the words to seep into his brain like water seeping into a sponge. Then he woke up and stopped slowly with his eyes wide open. "What did you say?"
"I like you like Qixing a long time ago, and I like you in my heart." Li Ruo suddenly moved his eyes slightly. "It’s a beautiful dream. If you think about you every day, you can sleep very well." He seemed to have smiled shyly and saw his eyes turn around again. It seemed that there was a soft and beautiful light floating in his eyes, and then it suddenly became silent, like the wind blowing softly in the lonely wilderness, and Li Ruo lay there whispering.
So he couldn’t help laughing, "What?"
"It’s so unreal that you are so kind to me." Li Re smiled, and her soft face seemed to glow instantly. The gorgeous light made his eyebrows jump and sparkle.
Yu also laughed. "Do I feel better now, too?"
Much better, but I don’t want to get up.
"Pillows are all your taste … let’s just do it here once!"
Yu leng immediately pushed him angrily, "Get up at once!"
Lire laughed at his specialty and blocked the building with him. Suddenly he came to the stranger and shouted angrily, "Yu, can you cook the meal before you forget yourself?" I haven’t eaten all day! Have you finished everything you have to do? Still reluctant to come? !”
When Li Ruo sat up, he laughed, "What should we finish?"
Nothing happened, but I don’t know why my uncle blushed involuntarily in front of him, and his uncle also looked at his eyes. They swept back and forth and ate a meal with trepidation. If a person was all smiles, it was very suspicious.
Stranger glance at him "chestnut if your family didn’t eat enough? You can eat so freely the first time you see me. You are the first one. "
"What? Everyone else is afraid of you? " He ate in his mouth and put a big clip of vegetables into the bowl, vaguely answering, "I want to eat more because of what Yu did."
Yu desktop kicked him hard. He didn’t prevent the rice from choking into the trachea. A mouthful of rice was sprayed directly on the opposite stranger’s face.
Yu was so scared that his face turned white that he quickly got up and helped Mo to pat his clothes. If Li Ruo coughed out of breath, he quickly pulled a tissue to wipe his face.
Mo reached out and touched his hand, took his paper towel and wiped it himself.
Li ruo apologized when he saw that he wouldn’t let him touch it, and so on. He looked at Yu Mo’s side in a hurry or was extremely nervous. He casually added, "Uncle, is that a burn?" This time, if Yu Gu doesn’t kick him, he can frequently signal to warn him with his eyes, and he can also look at the stranger with an invisible smile.
Stranger seemed to recognize Li Ruozhi faster than others. When he heard this question, he glanced at him and his mouth twitched a "yes".
"It must be a big accident to be so serious?"
The "big" stranger picked up the bowl and continued to eat. The tone gradually became low and Yu Xin was picked up again. This is a danger signal.
Li Re nodded his eyes as the scar on his face slipped to the neckline. After washing, he was given a long-sleeved shirt. It should be his "preparation", but he should have seen the undershirt. "It must be very beautiful before uncle," he said with a smile
Yu glanced at the stranger nervously and stared at him to stop talking.
Sure enough, the stranger stopped and looked at him with a shallow smile. "Then do you say that I am handsome or Xiao Yu is handsome?"
"Are you handsome or handsome?" Li Ruo doesn’t know how to look at most people. This nerve is really seriously evaluated. "You should have charmed many people before?"
"Li ruo!" Yu finally sat still and jumped up to pull his arm. "If you are full, go home!"
"I haven’t eaten anything yet …" Li Re clung to the table. "Ah, ah, don’t pull me. I haven’t finished eating …"
"I’m full" and "Xiaoyu’s guests haven’t finished eating yet. It’s rude of you. This is not our hospitality."
Yu hurriedly let go "yes"
"You slow down, I’ll go first." Then he stopped watching them turn around and go upstairs.
When he goes to Yu, he angrily sits back to his seat and eats stuffy.
Li ruo eats with relish as if nothing had happened. "Yu Zhen can’t see that you are so good at cooking."
"Hurry home after eating."
"What’s the matter? What, are you so nervous? I just praised my uncle for looking good. "
Yu felt that he was hopeless and looked at him. "Obviously the reason is not that you can understand."
"What’s your face? Can’t you understand it by explaining it to me? "

Qin Guangmin is now the only true lover of Qin Duoduo.

Qin Duoduo got up and said, "But I really don’t have the strength to climb the mountain again. This mountain is too big, so you can carry me or I can walk slowly."
Lin Yi nai recited Qin Duoduo.
Tonight, Lin Yi killed a bunch of important people in the cat house. His heart was really evil, and his heart was also very carefree. Lin Yi carried Qin Duoduo to display his flying skills and left for the mountains.
But let Lin Yi didn’t think that things were far from simple tonight.
Shortly after he left the basement, three people entered the basement.
Two men in their fifties, one dressed like a fisherman, the other of medium build and dark complexion.
And the third person looks like a teenager.
He wears a hat, his face is covered, his eyes are covered with a scarf, and his hands are covered with gloves, and he always shows no skin.
Appear extremely mysterious
The three men stood in a bloody stone room and looked at a house full of dead bodies, each of whom didn’t know what the mood was.
The fisherman dressed up and twitched his face. "Is it really what Lin Yi did?"
The dark man dressed up as a humanitarian for the fisherman. "The fish shopkeeper was expected by Lin Yi that the palace master would suffer Lin Yi’s revenge. I didn’t expect Lin Yi’s revenge to be so quick, huh?" Is it right for you to find an excuse not to participate in the proceedings recently? If it weren’t for you, now you are also a bloody corpse in this stone room. You will serve the public well in the future. "
The fish shopkeeper said, "Zhong Liang, you are right."
Then the fish shopkeeper plopped on his knees at the foot of the mysterious boy. He knocked his head and said, "I will be driven by a dog from now on."
The mysterious boy raised his hand and gently put on two lazy voices. "Zhong Liang, you took people to kill all the people in the house, asking the chickens and dogs to leave no fish. The shopkeeper asked you to go to the cat to cancel the killing order for Lin Yi and Zeng Tengyun. This matter is over and then put an end to it. All the cat disciples are hidden to recuperate and must not rock the boat."
Two people should be a then out of the stone.
The mysterious boy went to the body of the cat.
He squatted down and saw that the cat’s eyes were still open, so he dug out the cat’s eye and pointed it at him.
The mysterious young man said to himself, "I just made some moves in some links of the small skill and led the disaster to you, making you confused, master."
Chapter seventy-three Mysterious boy (2)
The boy gloated to himself in the eyes of the cat, but the cat was hard to hear. If he knew that he had carefully selected, cultivated and hoped that the talented boy turned out to be a poisonous snake, I don’t know that he would feel something.
Mysterious boy added, "You must want to know how I tampered with it. I can’t let you know that you are a ghost before you died. I’ll let you be a ghost in vain. I tampered with two keys. The fish shopkeeper is in charge of the news. He and Zhongliang had better let Zhongliang buy him off … On New Year’s Eve, people found Lin Yi and Zeng Tengyun’s whereabouts. After they reported them, the fish shopkeeper deliberately concealed Lin Yi’s identity, causing Xiaofeng to be your only son. If he dies, you will lose your mind even more." I want to kill Zeng Tengyun and Lin Yi for revenge. Hum, but who is Lin Yi? Qin Dingfang has no choice but to take Lin Yi. Of course, Lin Yi will pursue him. He knows that you are precious. Of course, he won’t let it go. Later, Lin Yi asked the hunter to warn you that the fish shopkeeper would tell me first. Then I ordered people to kill all the hunters. The killing order continued and finally angered Lin Yi completely … "
Speaking of which, the teenager smashed the cat’s eye "bang"
His voice is full of resentment, too
"Your ambition is too great to be shallow, and you don’t want to cheer up the cat’s nest in one thousand! And you always nag me! Bother me! You just want me to fulfill your dream. In your eyes, I am your slave. You manipulate puppets, and I hate being a slave. I want to be the master. If you die, I will be the master of the secret palace! There are so many secrets and martial arts cheats in the secret palace. I will take good care of them and learn from them. When I was born, I will ask who can compete with me in intelligence and martial arts! After the Jianghu is me … "
The mysterious boy vented all his grievances on the body of the cat and then lit the body in the kerosene pouring room prepared in advance.
The mysterious boy took one last look at nine bodies braving fireworks, and then he walked out of the stone room and put the stone door again.
In the corridor, he hummed a nursery rhyme to show a scholar. I don’t know how to show filial piety and honesty. My father lives in a cold place, and his innocence is as muddy as mud.
The stone gallery of nursery rhymes echoes endlessly …
Lin Yi took Qin Duoduo over the mountains overnight and entered Fengxiang Road again. Lin Yi and Qin Duoduo were very careful. They also simply changed their ways and didn’t let the people in Beifu find them.
At noon, they left Fengxiang domain.
They were hungry, so they found a small pub and ate something.
While eating, they heard the diners chatting at the next table.
A man exaggerated and said, "Do you know that something big happened in Beifu!"
The deskmate hurriedly asked him what had happened.
The man sold enough. "I have a relative who works in the North Mansion. He told me that the wife of the King of Qin, Qin Duoduo, had an affair with a groom. Yesterday, the people in the North Mansion ran away with the groom, but they didn’t catch up with you until it was dark. Do you think that the wife of the King of Qin made Ma Ri stupid and did such a stupid thing to the king of Qin?"
Another humanitarian said, "I’m still what turned out to be this. I heard early in the morning that Fengxiang is now in the city. That Qin Duoduo is a person who can do his best. At the beginning, the king of Qin was really blind. It is said that she not only had an affair with the groom, but also had an affair with the toilet. She always had an affair with a slave …"
After listening to it, more diners also said that Qin Duoduo was an unscrupulous slut and slut.
It turned out that Qin Dingfang knew that yesterday’s incident could not be concealed, so that people in the government would not criticize him privately. He simply let people smear Qin Duoduo, and Qin Dingfang knew the result of numerous criticisms.
He wants to make Qin Duoduo notorious.
Qin Duoduo’s face was green with anger. If Lin Yi hadn’t held her down, she would have beaten up these guys.
Two people from the town of Qin Duoduo big scold a way "Qin Dingfang is a beast! Is a pervert! How dare he slander his wife like this? Does this make his face glorious? I’ve been more virtuous than his mother since I married him! In this way, in a few days, my name will be all over the rivers and lakes. I am so angry … "
Lin Yi said, "Anyway, your name is not very good. The so-called lice don’t bite."
Lin Yi’s words almost choked Qin Duo to death. She suddenly couldn’t speak again. She stared at Lin Yi with her mouth open. I really wanted to pounce on Lin Yi’s meat and bite two pieces.
A little Qin Duoduo hated and said to himself, "Mom didn’t say that the old lady is a man who can be a bitch? I’ll show you the bitch. Even if the old lady can’t kill you, she will let the cuckold buckle you to death …"
Lin Yi said, "Don’t go on the rampage. Fengxiang didn’t come out until someone came in front. Don’t betray me."
Qin Duoduo looked ahead and saw who was there.
But soon the three riders appeared in front and ran towards this side.
Qin Duoduo toward Lin Yi murmured 1.
"Dog ears can’t compare with you."
Stay three riding Qin Duoduo peeked at them.
After three rides, Qin Duoduo was busy. "Second brother, they are Li Tian werewolves. That fat man is Li Tian Wolf’s cronies. His name is Bukui Li Tian Wolf. He often sends him to the western regions …"
Qin Duoduo’s voice has not yet fallen. Lin Yi’s figure has disappeared before her eyes.
Qin Duoduo quickly turned to look.
She saw Lin Yi chase the three riders and killed them, then captured Bukui.
Lin Yi threw two bodies on a slope by the side of the road and returned to Bukui.
Qin Duoduo knew that Lin Yi was going to try Bukui, and she seemed a little excited.
Lin Yi found a secluded place nearby and then threw Bukui to the ground.
Qin Duoduo is full of anger and can’t find a place to vent at the moment.

Beauty is amazing.

Xia Huai, who has never stayed in the research room and dance for the longest time, can’t help but be slightly surprised and open his mouth.
Rainbow is just the formation of light dispersion, but when you really see it, how do you feel particularly beautiful …
These are things that I have never had before.
The breeze gently blows up Xia Huai’s black hair, and a pair of golden eyes are full of joy and suddenly the corners of her mouth evoke a natural and beautiful smile, just like a goddess.
Kunimitsu Tezuka saw all this in his eyes and kept it in his heart.
The other side of the rainbow is the most precious thing.
Mother, I think I found it.
That is …
Staggered rainbows meet in the courtyard. It’s amazing how beautiful it is. Turning around, there is another Kunimitsu Tezuka and Xia Huai holding two people together like a crescent moon on their heads.
He should know that the most precious thing is that that person smiles, but she can’t do it.
"Guoguang thanks" thanks and sincere smile blooms like a flower. Her facial paralysis seems to be in front of him. No matter what, who told him that he is stronger than himself? Ah …
"Salad for dinner today" adjusted her glasses and Kunimitsu Tezuka’s mouth rose a little.
"Forget it, don’t cook or eat salad. I’ll do something else."
"Well …"
"How about fish? Braised fish "
"Well …"
"Steaming is also good, don’t you think?"
"Well …"
A man and a woman just walk home chatting without getting bored.
The woman looks very happy while the man is spoiled under his eyes.
"You seem to be very kind …" A dark shadow appeared in an inconspicuous corner of the courtyard, and deep eyes were fixed on the girl in white as if he had something different. He had her in his eyes.
Who is he?
Xiao Xiao revealed that he is not the king of the net, and the king inside is not original ~
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After he checked, of course, he knew about the affection between Prissy and Yun Qing in the past.

I don’t mind if I put it before, but now this person is his imperial concubine, even if I have a lover in private, it is really out of line.
"What are you afraid of?" From Yun Qing a supercilious look inclined in the past and rubbed his wrist. "I’ve done a great job in the main hall. If you don’t believe me, I don’t have no explanation."
Say it! Left and walked towards the inn.
Sweep the wind in late spring with the color of fallen flowers and the fragrance of beautiful grass
Li Yunqing strode across the circuitous corridor to the front door of the inn.
Their courtyard is not big, but it is extremely elegant. Let the soldiers of Feiqi Camp have a good rest, but she spent a lot of money to package the whole inn.
Of course, one thing is the same, so it’s safer to avoid being mixed up and unable to distinguish the enemy.
"What is this?" Baili Yi saw that some angry people from Yun Qing walked quickly forward and quickly changed their smiling faces behind her.
"I didn’t say what the imperial concubine did when she met my brother. It’s not that you are aggressive?"
He didn’t say anything but asked him if they had met. It’s from Yun Qing’s own words about his lover at the night party, and now he’s to blame him
"This ….." Think about it from Yun Qing, and it seems that he suddenly turned his head and looked serious. "I don’t want to explain why the temple sent someone to follow me?"
Bailiyi was speechless and coughed a few times. "I’m just worried about you. Don’t be ignorant of the good people. It’s not good to let you go alone in Rongcheng."
That’s perfectly true!
Li Yunqing is not prepared to ignore him and continue to walk "to meet with General Yun to discuss plans for tonight"
Bai Liyi laughed and said, "Don’t meet my second brother privately without telling me."
"What nonsense" is a little unexpected from Yun Qing. "I don’t have to worry about my name being ruined by my imperial concubine if I meet the second emperor privately for no more than once."
She longed to stay away from prissy.
Bai Liyi felt very wrong when she heard her words behind her. Did she misunderstand something?
When he tried to explain, he saw the clouds coming, and finally he had to swallow it back.
It seems that they have added another misunderstanding.
Make up for more than ten more than the last two is to persevere to see this reader, especially tore heart crack lung this girl impressed me deeply. Chapter 194, 194, the forefront (1)
From Yun Qing to Ya, I immediately saw Yun Yong waiting for this.
"You dare not act rashly, even if you want to go to the king of Zhou, you have to take me." Yunyong saw someone coming and complained quickly, thinking about yesterday.
"I don’t want the general to rest for a while." Sit down before Yun Qing and take out the map of Huan River water transportation that has been prepared from the cuff.
Yunyong probe comes over and looks over the map.
From Yun Qing stretched out his slender fingers and pointed to several places. It is rare to face seriously and slowly said, "General, do as I say …"
When the two of them heard her arrangement, it was incredible-it was quite appropriate.
The three men secretly planned a night, and it was nearly noon when the operation dispersed.
Bai Liyi walked out of Ya and prepared to go to Huan River to see a terrain. As soon as she walked out of the door, she bumped into a nearby city wearing a black suit.
"Lord" salutes when he meets people in the city.
Bai Liyi nodded and asked, "Did you do everything yesterday?"
"Completed" is a simple statement with a terrible meaning.
His face is like this forever, and he never reveals a trace of emotional flaw. However, this time, there is a trace of incomprehensible emotional line. He hesitates and asks, "Do you understand …? Do you want to do this? This is not going to make the Lord a target again. "
It’ s hard to smile at the public’ s blessings and gradually fade away from everyone’ s field of vision, and then act rashly?
Fengcheng doesn’t really understand, but he knows that the Lord always does things for a reason.

Elves can directly upgrade your strength from the sixth level to the seventh level. It should have recognized you. It is very likely that it will choose you as its owner and guard elves. In the history of a fairy continent, it will never exceed three digits. Do you think it is a blessing to say that you are small?

The Hunger said this, and Situhao couldn’t help greeting the ten generations of ancestors of the elves again in his heart.
Now he doesn’t expect the elves to become their own guardians. He hopes to kill the elves this day and not make waves in himself.
Although the heart is full of hatred for the elves, Situhao’s face is full of longing instead of half performance. He immediately asked Grandpa if the elves possessed by me are very weak, even if he becomes my guardian elf, what?
The Hunger gave Stuart a bloody stare, but the colorful elf is the most powerful. Even if it doesn’t practice to a very strong level now, its strength will not be lower than that of the seventh order martial arts. Since this elf can make your strength advance from the sixth order to the seventh order, it is equivalent to the order martial arts.
Even if its strength is equal to that of the martial arts and the fairy magic, the martial arts of the mainland are numerous, and the ninth-order martial arts abound. It has become my guardian ghost. If I meet a powerful ninth-order martial arts, can it help me in a different way?
Stupid! You are such a stupid pig! Situ Haoli’s conscious voice fell. The Hunger immediately yelled at him and scolded the elves, but they were generated by the purest essence of heaven and earth, and their practice also depended on the essence of heaven and earth. They can be shaped, but the shape is that even if they are at the first-order martial arts level, they can kill the ninth-order martial arts masters. You can’t deviate now. When you are fighting, an elf disturbs your ability to kill the enemy? You are so old that you can’t imagine that the most rare colorful elves in the world will choose your body to dive in and still stay. Is this a female
Situhao for men and women that’s limited vision The Hunger voice fall to the ground, he immediately interface asked grandpa elves also male and female points.
Everything in heaven and earth is opposite to that in yin, yang, sun, moon, men and women. The dark elves are born by the essence of heaven and earth, but it is also difficult to get rid of this law.
Ahem, grandpa, you said that elves are the most pure in heaven and earth, that is, they are male and female and intimate with the opposite sex
The Hunger heard this question from Situhao, and his face turned green with anger. Come on, you’re such a slut.
Hey, hey, hey, Situ Hao gave a wry smile. For a normal man, we can all define it as a prostitute, because both men and women love things and need to say grandpa. It is a big mistake for you to define me like this.
Crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked crooked
Grandpa, you haven’t answered me yet. Because they are condensed by the essence of heaven and earth, there should be no entity. How can they make out with the opposite sex?
The Hunger saw SiTuHao entangled with himself on this issue, and he was even more white. This guy is a prostitute.
Glancing at Situhao, The Hunger shook his head naively. Then he said that at the beginning of the flood, heaven and earth were a mess, and there were no living plants. But heaven and earth gave birth to a chaotic gas, and it was also because of this chaotic gas that plants gradually changed the chaotic gas of heaven and earth after several years of accumulation, and after several months of deduction, heaven and earth gradually became clear. Plants were born with various plants, and the essence of heaven and earth became more and more chaotic, and finally evolved into various creatures, in other words, heaven and earth made all living things in the world today. All living things can be said to have evolved from the essence of heaven and earth, which will form different species. It is because of different qi that I can tell you with certainty that elves are physical and that elves can get the favor of fairies at a higher level than humans. That is a blessing that you can’t repair even a thousand generations younger.
If only my elf were really a woman. After listening to The Hunger, Situhao’s face was full of longing and muttered
A slight pain came from a light ringing of the head. The Hunger actually knocked on Situhao’s head a little. Don’t think about it. Even if your body ghost is a woman, even if she is willing to be your guardian ghost, it is more difficult than going to heaven if you want to hold her body.
What ah SiTuHao incredibly asked.
Now I ask you to go to a bitch and love you, will you?
Situhao didn’t expect The Hunger to ask this question, but this kind of thing simply doesn’t even consider your old man’s problem. Would you like it?
Don’t you have to compare the elves to be human beings? In their eyes, we people are just like livestock. They are willing to be adults to protect the sky. It is also because of a win-win situation. Because people can make them improve faster, even if they are lonely, elves will choose elves to love real people. That is equivalent to people and animals. Generally, The Hunger said directly that Chapter 18 is more affectionate than bitter feelings.
Isn’t there a good thing about elves in the history of fairy magic mainland? Situhao still asked some people who were unwilling to give up.
The Hunger took a farewell look at Situhao and shook his head naively. Because elves practice true love by relying on the essence of heaven and earth, people’s strength can be improved, and people’s physique can be changed. This is much faster than simple practice. This is something that Wudu knows, but it has never been heard that people want to have the purest body to love the elves. This is something that everyone dreams of, which is a fatal temptation and can increase their strength. How many people can resist it? It is said that some people once wanted to protect the elves’ black hands. Because they broke this balance, they eventually died in the hands of the elves, so few ghosts will choose the guardian ghost of Chengwu, that is, choose the guardian ghost of Chengwu. That is also a man to a man and a woman to a woman. Don’t make any wrong ideas when you are young. I want to enter your body. The ghost is probably a male ghost. I just said something about the female ghost, which is just an expression.
The Hunger’s suspicion is that he poured a pot of cold water on Situhao.
He doesn’t want to tangle with The Hunger on this issue. Okay, okay, let’s not talk about this now, Grandpa. I want to discuss something with you now.
The Hunger looked at Situhao with a puzzled frown. What do you want to discuss with me?
As you know, I’ve caused several troubles in Xianmo Road now, and I can fight with talented people at any time, and I hold the split lightning blade, which has a powerful damage to the ghost. I will summon your ghost at the right time every day in the future to get some air, and then I will summon your ghost into the mixed heaven ring, so that I can ensure that the split lightning blade will not hurt you. What do you say?
Situhao is telling the truth. Although the lightning blade will not cause fatal damage to The Hunger’s ghost, the damage caused by the lightning blade over time must be great.
The Hunger pondered for a while, but Nai nodded. Well, it’s better than not dumping me a few months younger than you. It’s a good thing that the split lightning blade has done me a lot of damage. Fortunately, you haven’t let the split lightning blade recognize you yet. If the split lightning blade recognizes your master, I’m afraid I can’t get close to you. If you are promoted to a certain level, the split lightning blade will probably form a water fire.
Alas, the sky-splitting thunder blade is an excellent artifact, and it can easily recognize me here. Okay, Grandpa, I’m going to Cangling Sect now. You’ve had enough gas today, so hurry back to the sky-splitting thunder blade, or I’ll kiss you in.
I heard that you only chopped the arm of the patriarch of Cangling Sect in the Battle of Fengyun Jianzong, and now why are you going to Cangling Sect?
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
I think you are a typical animal to mutter to The Hunger that his ghost has disappeared on the spot.
Seeing that The Hunger agreed to his own statement, Situhao was completely relieved.
The Hunger can come to get some air every day, which will be a good thing for him to practice his martial arts after practice.
There are still many secrets about himself. The Hunger really wants to bite himself after he doesn’t know why The Hunger got it completely. These are also his ways to deal with The Hunger root. He must never let The Hunger know.
Gal The Hunger can control in SiTuHao willing to let him now range even if he will make a martial arts world turned upside down, he can’t know, let alone hide some secrets.
Get The Hunger Situhao to fly to one side and take Zhuge Qinglan from his own knowledge. At the beginning, he was easy to prepare things and dressed himself as a woman in a place where he was alone.
In order to reach Cang Ling Zong’s complete support for Mu Ling and grieve Mu Tianfeng, the first step of this great plan is that Situhao must let himself reach Cang Ling Zong as smoothly as possible.
The thought of Mu Ling’s heart sutra will be a great success. Situhao immediately flashed twice in his mind. The scenes of Mu Qinglan’s dry addiction flashed in his mind. His body immediately changed subtly, and his mouth was greatly swallowed by body fluid.
Changing women’s clothes will turn you into a woman, but looking at your chest, the airport doesn’t look like a woman at all. Situ Hao flew in the dense forest and found two suitable sizes and fixed them on his chest as two round twin peaks.
Looking at his slightly graceful body and somewhat curvy beauty, Situhao is quite satisfied.
Looking at yourself like this, Situhao couldn’t help thinking of that lovely and naughty Zhuge Qinglan, and she was full of thoughts and thoughts, thinking about GongSunReLin Ye Xueyue and violently attacking my heart.
He really misses them at this time, not only because of bad thoughts, but also because they want to see them and keep them by their side forever.

There is a leisure to find your qq number one by one in the winners list.

At the moment, the update also added four dungeon pairs.
They are the foggy city of Heis, where gbl‘’ female’ temple tree’ essence’ breeds, and the Ardennes Highlands.
As that new pair is adde, the corresponding Lord pow is also added.
Speaking of Lord powder, the most sought after by the majority of players at this time is a pair of shoes named "improved rocket man boots"
Therefore, it will be sought after by various professional players, mainly because it belongs to’ sex’, especially in pk.
This shoe is the product of bss Rocket Man in Hot Blood Sanfan Street. The powder base of 55-level lords is similar to fake purple, but with the addition of a gender, the Y-axis movement speed is +1.
This genus’ sex’ is definitely a fate in the pk field.
Because even if the angular’ color’ moving speed is faster, the Y-axis moving speed is still increased by its own data.
I feel different when I walk with these shoes. It’s like the devil’s pace …
Ahem, that’s far away. Pull it back.
The first two of these four pictures are relatively low-level pairs, and the last two are 65-level pairs, which is considered as the final pair of ordinary pictures at that time.
In addition to these, this update has the most important one.
That is out of the "Su Nan City"
This update is the hometown of fighters in the second chapter of the third season.
The so-called fighters’ hometown is the capital of Suran City.
There are four new np in this area.
Players are certainly familiar with this area, because this is the sub-area of Shimen.
However, during this period, eight schools have not been opened, and none of these pairs have yet been born.
"The Xuzu capital area has been updated. It seems that it is not far from 8!" Tianyu heart sighs ()
Although there is no new city in Xuzu capital, there are two deputy cities and one system.
Compared with the regular city vice, these two vice are not the same.
There are two martial arts conferences: Huanglong martial arts conference and Qinglong martial arts conference.
Tickets to enter these two martial arts conferences need to be exchanged at the newly added np iron pillar, which is a heroic destiny and a red crystal.
Every opponent at the Huanglong Wudao Conference will randomly drop a strong atmosphere;
Each of the four opponents of the Qinglong Wudao Conference must lose a strong breath (later changed to random)
In addition, tickets for Shuanglong Club can also be exchanged with two strong smells at Aska’s’ female’ king.
However, the strong breath is not to exchange tickets for the’ door’, but the strong breath is precisely the player’s brush with two dragons.
So what is the strong breath?
In the third season, you can see the independent attack values of characters in the character panel.
And strong breath is an essential material for forging weapons.
Players can choose to forge in the small iron column, which is the new system updated this time.
Once forged successfully, the weapon will increase its independent attack power.
Forging is divided into six stages, and the more difficult it is.
When forging to the sixth stage, whether it fails or not, the unified message will be displayed on this channel, as will the seventh stage.
There are already many full-level players in this period.
After the full level, the player does everything except brush the real wild boar and ghost pair for daily activities.
Once the ancient equipment is made and you don’t want to brush words, the game will have no pursuit.
It is precisely because of this that the game will be constantly updated and new elements will be added to attract players to continue to struggle in the game.
This is the purpose of Shuanglong Club.
These two deputies have two daily days.

The only way to crack this uncle’s shameless is to be more shameless than him.

Now that the crowd is in a high atmosphere, people who are lovers are naturally very happy to see such a good thing that can be fixed. They all shouted, "Promise him! Promise him! Promise him! "
I took a panoramic view of the crowd and strode towards that uncle Hu with a positive color. I was surprised and said, "Hey, isn’t this uncle Hu?" Why are you kneeling here? Stand up "
When the crowd saw me moving forward, it suddenly became the focus of the field, and suddenly it was very quiet and waiting to read the article.
That uncle Xiao Hu can bend and stretch and say to me, "Isn’t this Wang Tong’s eldest brother Mr. Wang?" The past is the past, and I hope you can witness my true feelings for Zhong Yi today. "
I have a chill in my heart. You look much older than me. Do you still think that everything was over before I became a big brother? So two out of three doesn’t count? In the face of such a person, I can really break my word. Is it a man?
I was surprised and quickly saluted, "Don’t dare, don’t call me Brother Wang Tong, just call me Brother Wang Xiaodi. Do you want Zhong Yi to be your girlfriend after all this ostentation and extravagance today?"
That uncle Xiao Hu said with a face of honest and frank, "Of course, please ask Wang Tong to be a witness."
Say back straight look more proud.
Grandma, a shameless person, is going to refresh my three views
I waved to Zhong Yi for her to come over.
Zhong Yi walked over with a confused face. I gently put my arm around her shoulder and started to feel soft and fragrant. This feels like cocoa.
I thought about it carefully, so I wondered and said, "Wife, will you promise him?"
Zhong Yi looked at me with a surprised face. I blinked at her hard. Zhong Yi immediately turned white and said nothing.
Everyone is in an uproar. It turns out that this sweet and beautiful chick actually has a boyfriend.
The crowd looked at Uncle Xiao Hu, and their eyes turned to disdain. Some people found it interesting, and their faces showed schadenfreude, hoping to see how this uncle ended up.
So I said generously, "Honey, people can tell you their true feelings. Listen, you can’t live up to their kindness. I’ll take a message first."
Everyone gave me a thumbs-up when they saw that I was so broad-minded.
Uncle Xiao Hu’s face turned red and white with dark clouds, and suddenly he said, "That man is not his boyfriend, he is a fake me … I am … I am the real pursuit of Zhong Yi."
Because of what I said earlier, the people present obviously believed me more in watching monkey tricks and looked at this "crossing the knife to win love" and "mistress"
At the same time, I dialed a word "hello wujun? Tell your men to come to Maple Grove. Someone here is suspected of disturbing couples to enjoy maple leaves and causing serious social chaos. I told you to come here quickly with a warm heart, otherwise the credit will be robbed by others. "
Wujun, my roommate, has been hanging out with the school guards for a long time, specializing in all kinds of public places.
"Oh, my good brother gave me a love song, and my horse brought someone." Then I hung up in a hurry and seemed to have set off.
Seeing that Uncle Xiao Hu was still talking about Zhong Yi’s face, he was so helpless that he didn’t know what to do. He kept saying, "Don’t do this … You get up quickly. I … I have a boyfriend."
My heart is funny. If there were not so many people and Zhong Yi in a bodhisattva mood, I would like him to kneel down and die here for a few days and nights. I think there will be a headline the next day. A college student kneels angrily for three days and three nights, and a couple is exhausted and dies.
How fucking touching and infatuated! Your wish has come true.
After thinking for a while, I went over and said, "Uncle, are you finished? After that, Zhong Yi and I are going to see the maple leaf."
Uncle Xiao Hu ignored me with a deep feeling and indignation and repeated again, "Zhong Yi, if you don’t promise me today, you won’t get up."
I shook my head and chased girls. I’m bold, but cautious, and thick-skinned. This eldest brother’s last one is not thick-skinned, but shameless. For this eldest brother, it’s a thing of the past. Well, I haven’t done enough in this respect, and I have to learn more from him.
"Where is someone disturbing public places?"
At this time, I saw wujun wearing the dark and deep team of the school guard and leading him with a group of school guard lackeys. Oh, no, the brothers of the school guard came here in an aggressive manner and said with fierce eyes.
"That’s the man." At this time, an unknown beauty jade hand knelt down and pointed at Uncle Xiao Hu.
Wujun came and saw me, smiled and nodded at me, and his eyes were deeply grateful, and then his expression became ferocious, leading a group of people towards uncle.
Chapter 24 Zhong Yi is going to have a birthday?
"What! Confess? How romantic! I want to promise you! Is the whole thing finished? Let’s go when we’re done! Don’t delay others to see the maple leaf! " Wujun expression speaks quite imposing manner bold said.
Wujun didn’t wait for Uncle Xiao Hu to answer when he sang the bad COP. Another school guard brother spoke. "Brother Jun, don’t be so fierce. Others are also infatuated. It’s not easy to put so many leaves on the table. Don’t make it difficult for the cleaning lady to share her worries. This classmate will go by yourself, right?"
Uncle Xiao Hu’s face is red and white again, and he doesn’t know whether to insist on kneeling or walk away.
At this time, wujun showed a fierce look and grinned. "Our school guard is a famous German!"
At this time, I heard a school guard brother behind him say, "The other day, despite our dissuasion, the boy’s legs were discounted and he is still lying in the hospital. I heard that he will lie for a month."
Another hey hey smiled. "This person looks infatuated and won’t leave. Just break his leg."
The two of them have a modest voice, which can be heard by Uncle Xiao Hu anyway.
My heart is full of panic. Is he a school guard student? He is a group of social hooligans. wujun deserves to be my roommate’s good hand. This cajoling and cheating has my style. I like it
Just say it and see that Uncle Xiao Hu got up and gave me a gloomy look and walked out of the crowd without saying anything.
Wu Jun came towards us with his men and smiled at me and said, "Things are done, brother. Why don’t you watch the maple leaves at ease?"
I nodded and gave a thumbs-up and said, "Brother, this wave is yours, CARRY."
Although wujun, the captain of the school guard, seems to offend many people, in fact, he is very cheerful and peaceful. Anyone can make friends with him when he gets along. Otherwise, how does the captain of the school guard get along?
Wujun looked at me and looked at Zhong Yi. Suddenly it dawned on me that a man knows how to laugh. "Brother, I was calculated by you. It seems that you didn’t help me this time. It seems that I helped you?"
I ha ha a smile and said, "You, I, who and who bow their heads and don’t see each other. I’ll treat you to dinner another day. You’re welcome. Just order whatever Sashido wants to eat."
Wu Junnai gave me a look and said, "Well, I’ll wait for you two to have fun."
Wujun’s word "play" was particularly heavy. Before he left, he showed a wave of laughter and left with everyone.
I shook my head and chuckled, pulled up Zhong Yi’s hand and left in front of everyone.
Rustling trees flow outside the forest, and half of the autumn mountains take the sunset.
Time flies quickly. It used to rain, but the maple forest has now shone with the sunset, which is fresh and smells good, adding a little warmth. Birds flapping their wings overhead fly by quickly, like an old-fashioned camera, trying to record all this intermittent time.
"You … what are you doing holding my hand?" Zhong Yi bowed her head and said softly with a reddish cheek.

"It’s not too difficult to find a greedy guy in a dirty place like Zuan, and it doesn’t need anything too complicated to say that it’s really simple to track a person in the snow." Caitlin’s tone was still so calm, and the three of them didn’t count as rhetorical questions and answered Galen’s questions

"Hey, big guy, you can question this chick’s figure, but don’t question her judgment. She is the best policeman in Picheng." The rose named Wei Wilderness waved her huge fist and slammed it, saying something that sounded vulgar but tough enough.
"Well, Miss Kettering, I apologize for my previous ceremony." Galen naturally can’t say much about what he is really dissatisfied with these four Pieterwoff reinforcements.
Besides Isoriel is really strong enough, Jess’s level of medicine is barely passable with those two women. He really doesn’t know what they have in the horde.
But fortunately, now that the overall situation has been set, the Noxas can also be said to be beaten by the beaten army, which will hurt a lot.
"What did you find?" Has been falling at the end of the team calcas suddenly to also at the end of the Chen Senran asked 1.
Chen Senran has been lost in thought for a long time since Kate Lin spoke. He seems to have caught something.
"She said … Zuan sold a large number of magic weapons." Chen Senran glanced at Caitlin again and touched his nose unconsciously.
"Is this … strange?" Although calcas is a monster who has lived for hundreds of years, he admits that he is really inferior to Chen Senran in some aspects.
Like intuition.
Chen Senran couldn’t tell what was strange. When he heard the news, he suddenly felt that he seemed to have overlooked something. Suddenly there was a flash in his mind, but he couldn’t catch it.
"How’s the girl?" Chen Senran shook his head as if he had fallen over this puzzling idea.
"She said she would kill you." There was a rare smile in calcas’s hoarse and ugly voice at this moment.
"Bite me to death ….." Chen Senran heart he probably can think of little Annie pouting that charming appearance when she said this sentence.
Thinking like this, he suddenly misses that little white tooth.
Let it all be over soon.
First watch went to eat.
Asking for a ticket today really makes me sad.
Page one hundred and seventy shame blood
"Do you have a problem?" Swein glanced at the crow sitting opposite him, puzzled, and Dreius continued to tease him.
It’s Dining Table Heights at the moment. Three hours after the battle, the place is 3,000 yards away from Dining Table Heights, the former Snow Mountain Alliance Barracks.
Noxas people have filled this base area that originally belonged to those barbarians, and the lights are on all over the camp, so there is a little warmth in this deep cold and snowy night.
"I am not white" After a long silence, Dreius finally said the first sentence tonight.
"Why not?" D because also don’t back some know perfectly well past ask to answer.
"I don’t understand why you gave up the Snow Mountain Alliance. At that time, the entire Demassia army was paralyzed and Tedmir held them back. Even if you said that Isoriel was very powerful, we could withstand the pressure to save those people." Dreyston seemed to feel a little stuffy in his chest. He pulled his scarlet armor and took a hard breath. "Even if you came to plan to wipe out the Snow Mountain Alliance, you wouldn’t do anything at this time. Now we are isolated to help back. How can we tell the general?"
"What else?" Svein was in no hurry to answer Dreius’ question. He combed the crow’s messy feathers slowly, as if he was sure that Dreius must have other questions.
Sure enough, Dreius was stunned for a while after hearing this sentence, but he was probably stunned by this scene.
"And why did you stop me from killing that hateful little thing called Isoriel?" When it comes to this question, Dreius is really annoyed. He wants to kill people, and there are very few people who can’t die. Unfortunately, like Zhao Xin, Izriel is listed as his target.
"First of all," Swein finally straightened out the crow feather. He rubbed his fingers and held out one, saying, "Tedmir has completely betrayed us."
"What’s so sure?" Dreius frowned. He tried to refute, "Didn’t you say that at most, it is 60% possible that your plan will be seen through?"
"Because calcas didn’t come to the other side, the layout must not have seen the real strength of calcas." Svein’s pupil contracted slightly, which seems to be thinking of something that even a monster like him would be afraid of. "Tedmir’s strength even with 500 people is absolutely not enough for ten minutes. Ten minutes is enough for the old monster to arrive."
"So …" Dreius couldn’t refute it at once. He knew that Svein and calcas had fought many times. It is said that once he almost died and came back, he didn’t even know where his crutches were thrown. He had a serious illness and it took half a year to recover. That was the only time that Svein was forced so badly.
"What’s the second point?" He can continue to ask questions.
"The second point" is that Swein held out two fingers, which were long and sharp all the year round. In the dim oil lamp, there is a kind of unspeakable mystery. "The third rule of the Noxas Code of War is not to make unnecessary sacrifices, and it is shameful to bleed because of the glory."
This sentence was the most important war concept of the first generation of king Nokesas, and it was usually the basis for historians to praise the emperor for loving his soldiers.
"What do you mean?" But Dreius understood Svein’s answer root method with great thinking leap.
Svein, on the other hand, seems to be tired of answering Dreius’ questions. He turns his head again, takes out a worm from his pocket and feeds it to the crow’s mouth.
However, it was probably poor Dreys brain cell Svein who finally gave an indication that he said.
"what do you think is our ultimate goal?"
The ultimate goal? Dreius seems to have finally caught a firefly in the dark.
"what is Svein’s ultimate goal?"
Two hours later, the location was changed to Avarosa camp.
The night has been deep and the snow has fallen again.
Snow fell on the top of the tent and there was a slight rustling in the air.
During the day, the war has exhausted everyone’s energy, and the situation has been intensified. Even Galen did not call any late-night military meeting, but let the tired people go back to rest and prepare for the follow-up offensive the next morning.
Chen Senran did have a good rest … Well, actually, he was tortured by the angry little girl for more than three hours. He must take her to the front line after leaving one arm with a small white tooth, or he will bite Chen Senran’s arms and watch her sleep peacefully after the unequal treaty.
Chen Senran had enough trouble and finally fell asleep. Little Annie tucked in and was blown out by the horn. Two bright magic lamps in the tent left a dim oil lamp shining on a military map. He lit the military map and said that sentence to himself.
He can’t grasp the whole idea of Svein. He speculates from all aspects, but he can’t do anything about it. He always feels that the situation is still under Svein’s control.
Is it an illusion? Chen Senran kept asking himself this question, trying to calm himself down, but that kind of uneasiness kept on. He knew that his intuition was very clever.
This intuition made him avoid danger several times, and the most serious one was the one before he died alone, the one when he didn’t care.
"why don’t you think about what Noxas’s ultimate goal is?"
Just at the moment when Chen Senran once again fell into self-debate, a voice suddenly sounded in his ear. He was shocked for a while, and then he remembered that Lao Du had been sitting in the corner of this tent and he had just ignored him consciously.
While lamenting that his vigilance is getting worse and worse, Chen Senran keenly sensed the meaning of Lao Du’s sentence just now.
What is that ultimate goal of Noxas?
At first glance, it seems to be a concept of what Svein’s ultimate goal is, but from a big picture, it is completely different.
Former Chen Senran has been entangled in the fact that Svein’s goal is actually a small-scale strategy, thus ignoring the most important point, that is, the real goal, in other words, the benefit.
What is the ultimate benefit of his doing this?
This is really a wake-up call. Chen Senran looked at Lao Du in the corner with some surprise. At this time, the lights were dim, and the old guy lowered his head again. It seemed that he could not see his expression clearly after catnap.
But Chen Senran still said "thank you"
Then when he saw the military map again, he got up and walked outside the tent. He was going to see Galen because he thought of some possibilities.
Second, I slept more.
Page one hundred and seventy-nine Svein’s cause
When everyone was pulled out of the warm bed, yawned and braved the heavy snow again to get to Zhongjun’s tent
Chen Senran has lit up the whole tent oil lamp, making the whole tent as bright as day.
The military map that was originally placed on one side was placed in the center of the tent by Chen Senran, and every seat was placed with a rough horn cup.

"Are you? He Dian has a lot of cars, and maybe he gave them to others. Besides, He Dian never comes to school. "Another girl Naiyin said that the tone is like losing millions.

Not coming to school? Yan Xiaosu turned his head and looked at Mo Ling Yue with a puzzled face. Then why did he bring himself to school and talk about nothing to do? Still too much money?
Too much money? Yan Xiaosu doesn’t know where Mo Ling needs money to study! He came to study because the principal gave him money! I don’t know how many women he attracted when he came, but it was more than enough to burst the school.
"He, you are very idle today." The lazy man sounded in Yan Xiaosu’s ear. Looking back, it was Su Jinchen’s immoral playboy [meow, if Su Jinchen heard it, would it be swollen? ! Baa hahaha let you bully me! Baa hahaha ~]
"Looking for you a little things" is really when he is full? He’s busy enough in the plane temple.
"oh? Go to the’ lonely’ and say, "Su Jinchen threw a glad eye at Yan Xiaosu and then looked at Mo Ling, he said.
Solitary Mo Ling Yue Su Jinchen Magic Dust Secret Base looks like a shabby hut, and it is really luxurious to an amazing apartment.
"Master, if you go like this, you can go out in a week." A gloomy place started with a strange sound.
"Ha, ha, ha ….." Another voice laughed wildly and disappeared with the wind passing by …
The sixth watch is la la ~
Today, the department takes care of lesbians ~
Still want to read Wen?
Recommend collecting messages ~3
[Arrest 64] Collection plus more
【 dear friends today in addition to add more ten more! Dear friends, there are red envelopes, red envelopes, no red envelopes, recommended collection messages, all over! It’ s even more 15 when it’ s so cool, and there’ s no problem! ! ! 】
"Master, if you go like this, you can go out in a week." A gloomy place started with a strange sound.
"Ha, ha, ha ….." Another voice laughed wildly and disappeared with the wind passing by …
"You’re not hungry? There’s a restaurant over there. You go by yourself first, and we’ll go later. "Mo Ling he leaned over and bit Yan Xiaosu’s ear at the bottom of everyone’s eyes and persuaded him to be extremely ambiguous.
"But but …" Yan Xiaosu’s words haven’t finished yet, and Mo Ling and Su Jinchen’s magic dust disappeared.
Oh, my god! aah! Mo Ling Yue, you want her to be shi Bae! Didn’t you see so many women’s sharp eyes?
He must have done it on purpose It must be intentional! a
"That girl … how have never seen"
"Yes! I have lived for 250 years and have never seen her. "People from other places have a very strong memory. If you want to see a person, you can completely remember her appearance in your mind, even after a year, you will not forget it."
"222 … two hundred and fifty! ! !” Yan xiaosu’s big fall was incredible and she cried, oh, my god! Aliens are monsters!
[Meow didn’t tell you that aliens are human beings. Despise! 】
"She’s coming …" Suddenly, a woman shouted, and everyone looked at it in succession. All the girls escaped in one minute, leaving boys all over the playground holding roses and risking their hearts.
Want to make meow people explode and let you see it for the first time?
Then smash a red envelope, a gift, a recommendation, a collection and write a message at me!
I haven’t gone to class yet, so I’ll come back and see a lot of collection messages and recommendations. Meow will definitely explode! Dear friends, give strength ~
[Arrest 65]
"She’s coming …" Suddenly, a woman shouted, and everyone looked at it in succession. All the girls escaped in one minute, leaving boys all over the playground holding roses and risking their hearts.
"You are very annoying!" A familiar and Nai-yin sounded outside the school gate. Yan Xiaosu turned her head quickly and then turned back stiffly.
I saw a long flaxen hair fluttering in the wind, and the owner’s beautiful face with this hair showed a bit of unpleasantness. The black pupil narrowed rapidly and the arch eyebrows wrinkled up. I was dissatisfied and looked at the boy who was as black as an ant.
It’s her! Su, Xiao and Yin! ! Yan Xiaosu took a deep breath and turned her head mechanically to move forward step by step.
She didn’t see me! She didn’t see me! She didn’t see me! Yan Xiaosu prayed slowly in her heart …
"You get out of my sight in three seconds! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude! " Su Xiaoyin raised his hand and a purple ball of light appeared in his hand, sending out a dangerous smell and said to a group of boys in front of him
"Sou-"is summer, but Mao Yan Xiaosu feels so cold!
Looking back, the dusty crowd, which was just dark, was running in the blink of an eye.
YanXiaoSu swallow a mouthful of saliva lift calf hurriedly ran to the restaurant …
"Yan-small-element-! !” Su Xiaoyin suddenly appeared in front of Yan Xiaosu and looked at her with a black face.
"Oh ha ha Xiao Yin! What a coincidence! Are you going to eat, too? " Yan Xiaosu dodged Su Xiaoyin’s horrible eyes and his mouth thinking about excuses.
First watch ~
What a god! What a god!
Meow people will explode!
[Arrest 66]
"Oh ha ha Xiao Yin! What a coincidence! Are you going to eat, too? " Yan Xiaosu dodged Su Xiaoyin’s horrible eyes and his mouth thinking about excuses.
"Yes what a coincidence! You’re here, too. "Su Xiaoyin’s smile stimulated Yan Xiaosu’s every pore. Yan Xiaosu hit a tingle. Forget it and admit your mistake! It’s better to admit your mistake than to be beaten first, right?
"Blare-Xiaoyin, I was wrong." Yan Xiaosu said that she shed tears and grabbed Su Xiaoyin’s sleeve.
"say! Where have you been! " Su Xiaoyin was so angry with Yan Xiaosu that she didn’t tell herself where to go and didn’t come home for a night! Even my brother didn’t tell himself!
"Xiao Yin wow! I really didn’t mean to be that Mo Ling He! He took me and said that he would sell me! " Yan Xiaosu’s face is not red and she doesn’t jump. She said some lies against her conscience. Whatever! Just don’t bomb yourself. a [meow, I’m not sure if I just bombed. What about now? Hey-]
"what! You said that Mo Ling was pulling you! " Su Xiaoyin excitedly grabbed Yan Xiaosu’s hand, so he knew Yan Xiaosu? !
"yeah!" Yan Xiaosu’s eyes are shining. Forgive me! You forgive me! !
"Where is he? Take me to see him! " Su Xiaoyin shook YanXiaoSu arm flush said,
"yeah!" Is sauce purple YanXiaoSu led Su Xiao audio-visual head flies around the whole SangYue college walked a circle … a circle … and a circle …
"Xiao Su seems that we are back to the original point." Su Xiao’s audio-visual watching aliens seems to look at Yan Xiaosu. Does she know the way = =
"Well, it seems so!"
The second watch ~
Want to make meows explode? Let you see it together?
no problem
Have a red envelope and smash it.
There’s a gift. Hit a gift.

Their offense and defense are very layered.

G3 moves to Brooklyn Nets home court.
This is the semi-finals in the eastern part of new york, which has raised the whole city’s enthusiasm for sports, steel manufacturing cities and fans wearing nets and Knicks jerseys can be seen everywhere in the city.
Although both teams are 2-0 behind the enemy at present, there are two home games now, aren’t there?
The advantage at home is imaginable. If the NBA can get help from the referee whistle and the momentum of the home fans, the strength is not one point or two.
G3 became the hope of new york people, which is similar to the final battle. If it is still lost to the 76ers, it is equal to direct GG.
The home bonus strength state bonus Nets played the best game in the list-14 to 3!
76 people feel drowned in the super decibel waves of new york fans, and there is nothing after Collins called a timeout while the iron is hot.
At the end of the first quarter, the Nets led the 76ers by 11 points 2-17.
This is a very rare scene. The 76ers’ season, including the regular season, is not so embarrassing. As a result, Tang Wenlong directly reduced the rest time and returned to the game just two minutes after the second quarter.
The game penalty is biased towards the Nets, and there will always be various situations when the 76ers are on the rise.
The score gap was very hard to chase. Tang Wenlong gritted his teeth and kept sending shells to his teammates. Only 76 people could catch the score to 1 point before half time.
Until the last quarter, the Nets’ physical strength dropped, and 76 people took a big four and a small fight.
The referee didn’t dare to blow too much at such a special moment. The 76ers seized a wave of defensive opportunities to fight back. Tang Wenlong hit a three-pointer, then hit two shots and scored seven points in a row to chase the score.
Finally, it is a demonstration of personal ability. When teammates feel bad, they get up alone and carry the banner of the team’s attack.
The orange basketball is finally in Tang Wenlong’s hands, dribbling behind his hip, turning around and taking a step back to shoot. His skill is perfect, and Hayward and Joe Johnson’s double-team defense can’t stop him
Three minutes before the end of four minutes, Tang Wenlong made Hayward’s fourth foul and made two free throws.
This was his 34th point in his personal game, and the 76ers finally tied the Nets for the first time since the game.
The mentality of the two teams has fundamentally changed. After the 76 ers changed to experienced players such as Ray Allen and Iguodala, the control of the stadium became stronger.
At 1 minute and 7 seconds, Tang Wenlong gave the ball to Igor Dalay Godala, and he didn’t stop to transfer the ball to the bottom corner. Ray Allen hit a three-pointer worth thousands of dollars.
Nets player icehouse was in the lead all night, but was overtaken by his opponent at the last minute.
Since then, the Nets have failed to score in a row. At the crucial moment, they fell into the pressure of the 76ers’ peak-to-peak defense. Hayward, Joe Johnson and others missed shots one after another.
The 76ers won the G3 battle base 11-97, announcing their promotion to the Eastern Conference.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-six Advance to the East and fight the Heat again
The Nets finally lost the semi-final, and being tough before the start of the series seemed like a big joke.
New york people are delighted to find that this season, two teams in the city are particularly long-faced and rushed to the playoffs, and both have passed the first round in the playoffs. They once imagined that if the Eastern Conference finals were Knicks versus Nets, it would be a lucky and beautiful thing.
But now it’s all gone.
The Knicks fell behind the Nets 1-3 in the heat’s peak-to-peak attack, and the 76 ers were swept away and failed to win a game.
The whole big apple city has become teetering in chaos, such as the battlefield, and the playoff stage is about to quit its play.
So embarrassed.
In the third season of his career, Tang Wenlong has been a superstar in offense and defense, and it is conceivable that he will occupy such an honor for a long time to come. Last year, he brought the championship to the city, and this year, he quietly broke through and entered the Eastern Conference finals, which can be described as a tough record.
In the west, there is a lack of Wei Shao thunder, and its combat power has dropped significantly.
In the second round against the Clippers, Paul played well and led the Clippers to win four games in a row after losing the first game. It was also the first time in his career that Paul reached the Western Conference finals.
In the half area, the Spurs got rid of the Warriors 4-2, and they didn’t like the Warriors at the end of this series. After all, the Warriors theory doesn’t look like a team that can beat the old defensive team. It’s already surprising that a team can win two games.
However, in the series of Warriors and Spurs, they had two overtime games, one for Warriors and one for Spurs. In the two games, Thompson scored 34 points and the Warriors beat the Spurs by force.
The Warriors’ defense is not as bad as people expected. It seems that the playoff stage has further inspired this team’s tenacity. They have a unique quality.
In order to wait for the end of the Western Conference and the heat Knicks battle here in the Eastern Conference.
The 76 ers rested for a total of six days, and it was not until May 23rd that the Heat arrived in the city that the playoff journey ended in the Eastern Conference finals.
This is an old rival and the strongest stumbling block.
Last year, the two teams also met in the Eastern Conference finals. Although the 76ers beat the Heat 4-2, several of the games were very thrilling. It can be said that the goddess of victory and the goddess of luck quietly took care of the 76ers at the most crucial time.
Before the dust was lifted, the two sides were already at daggers drawn.
Heat fans didn’t last year, if the heat had a little advantage in several key balls or if Tang Wenlong didn’t play in the fourth game, it might be the heat in the finals, and Miami fans have 10 thousand reasons to believe that once they win the trophy in the finals, 100% will be their own team
Everything is thanks to the city, and the hatred is great.
Professional players themselves are not as bad as they thought. At the Houston Star Game this year, Tang Wenlong was also set up by Anthony to go to nightclubs with the little emperor Flash and others. In fact, James and Wade are still very generous and frank people.
Facing the 76ers, coach Spoelstra couldn’t sleep without thinking about tea and rice.
Anthony bug, who fought against the Knicks for six games before, generally single-handedly made the Heat suffer. Fortunately, the overall strength of the Knicks was slightly weaker, and the forward position was increased. However, Anthony’s defense was always a defensive loophole, and the Heat had a slight advantage in the offensive battle.
The key is that Wade is injured this year.
When Wade finished the Knicks, the team doctor had already issued a red light warning that his knees were plagued by injuries, and he was no longer allowed to make high-intensity movements and confrontations. He always insisted that the fighting capacity was not enough at the peak, and the overall strength of the Heat was not as strong as last year.
The thought of playing against the 76ers, the strongest offensive position in the league, made the head coach really worried. The only tactic he could think of was to give the ball to LeBron.
The Corinthian layout is more targeted, "the line low position attacks the main"
After the Heat lost to the 76ers last year, they searched all over the world for a line shield. As a result, the high-quality line failed to find itself as the strongest outside combination in the league, but something went wrong.
It’s raining all night. This year, Tang Wenlong is an outside attack with a sharp knife. Is LeBron really going to defend Tang Wenlong?
Spoelstra shuddered. He was almost 100% sure that the 76ers would definitely use Iguodala to consume James. If the defensive end still lets James go to Tang Wenlong, it is estimated that James will not be able to bear it even if he is like Iron Superman, right?
It’s too difficult.
On the evening of the 23rd, the city was brightly lit.
This city with a long history has ushered in the Eastern Conference finals. The central area of Wachovia Center Arena has become a sea of fans’ joy. A large number of fans gathered here with posters, painted faces and 76 ers jerseys waiting for the first game of the Eastern Conference finals.
Tang Wenlong was greeted by a flood of spectators when he walked out of the players’ tunnel.
This game is not only reported by many media in the United States, but also broadcast live in various countries around the world. In particular, the Chinese government directly sent Zhang Weiping and Yu Jia, such old partners, to the Wachovia Center Arena to explain it.
"The 76ers entered the playoffs with great morale. So far, they have not lost a game." Zhang Weiping said that the 76ers expressed their firm position as soon as they sang a hymn.
There is nothing to say about this. Every step taken by a China player like Tang Wenlong in is a national glory.
Yu Jia didn’t feel anything wrong either. He symbolically explained the voice and said, "The Heat’s inside line problem has not been completely solved in the past year. They found" Bird Man "Anderson to be the backup line rescuer, but it still seems to be stretched."