Well, since you’re moved, it’s easy to handle Wu Chi’s exultation. "The benefits will naturally be conditional and there will be, but that’s nothing compared with the future. I’m just the first-time worker in wu-tang clan. I’ll talk to the person in charge when the big troops behind Wudang arrive."

It’s such a big deal that I’m in charge of the work, and I’ve finished it. All that’s left is the blue-faced beast hero A. Wu Chi said a few more words about the scene and then walked to the man
All the players in the village are whispering about joining Wudang, but the man stands with a sneer at the corner of his mouth and quietly watches the hot scene.
Wu Chi also noticed that there were not even players around this person. I wonder if no one would like Wu Chi to go over to him and say, "Friends go over and talk?"
The two men walked to the old buttonwood tree in the right corner of the village. The man looked at the words "Wudang Mountain’s big brother is a prostitute" on Wu Chi’s head and couldn’t help laughing. "You are a prostitute? Wanted order number two? Yes, it’ s very prosperous. "
"Hey, hey, everyone patronizes everyone and feels guilty." Wu Chi is not afraid that this person is after him. Look at him. He is a newcomer. He is afraid of squeezing out the news. The root of the song is in Wudang. Everyone knows that the problem is that you can find Wudang Station. Do you have the ability to kill me?
"Just now, you know that I am wu-tang clan? I didn’t start the sect attribute interface at first. Can you tell me why? "
The man hesitated for a moment and then said, "This is no secret. I tell you that you just urged the spell. I have seen the 9911 ball of light before, except that Wudang poles are mysterious and clear, and the thunder is not like this."
"Have you passed?" Wu Chi’s eyes are wide open and it’s incredible that nearly 100 players in Wudang’s three generations have their own Xuande Lei Yin Sword, but no one has it. Look, this person is obviously a player and it can’t be Wudang hiding NPC. What’s going on?
"You don’t have to make a fuss about it. After all, it’s worthless. I’m a test player. I once went to wu-tang clan and took the Xuande Lei Yin sword." The man laughed lightly.
Test the player!
Wu Chi immediately thought of the game played in Tamsui Tsing Yi, and this is the second player he met.
"So that’s it. Your tester is a cow. There was a tester in the village where I was born. He was the strongest player in our village."
"Oh, what’s your name?" The man asked casually. He despised the fact that hundreds of thousands of players met a test in the whole world. What’s the fuss?
"That guy’s name is Danshui Tsing Yi."
"Freshwater Tsing Yi?"
This man’s long and narrow eyes shot out and his face looked strange, which made Wu Chi think for a while, "Do you know him?"
"Yes, of course, I know an old acquaintance, an old acquaintance."
The man immediately asked Wu Chi about his specific appearance, expression and behavior. Wu Chi told him in detail one by one. Finally, he said, "You test that players are really strong. Tamsui Tsing Yi is better than me, but I don’t like that guy who likes to show off too much."
"Oh, you think so?"
"Yes, that’s my opinion. Although you know him for a long time, I want to say it."
"Ha ha, good, good friend. You have a good eye. This person does have this problem. Even I don’t like him."
When they came to this freshwater Tsing Yi, they immediately found a common topic. As soon as they got closer, they talked a lot about it. They demoted the freshwater Tsing Yi into a half-money, worthless and broke. Finally, the man told Wu Chi his name.
This is the name of this person.
"Maple leaf, since you are a test player, how did you fall to such a point that even I am now at level 25? You are still a newcomer? You compare with Tamsui Tsing Yi, that’s a real difference. "
Maple leaves suddenly look ugly. "Hum, that guy is a fart. If it weren’t for me … if it weren’t for … there’s always another reason, so I won’t say it now."
He was also depressed in his heart. For some reason, he entered the game late, and then he touched the major sects to stop enrolling students. Many of his friends were frustrated by this, and they quickly helped him, but it was unexpected that his plans were delayed again and again.
Man is not as good as heaven. It really makes him hate to bite his teeth.
"Well, since there are other reasons, I won’t ask. How do you plan to join me in Wudang now?" Wu Chi really hopes that this person can join Wudang to test the player’s toughness. He has already seen the maple leaves in Danshui Tsing Yi. If he can join Wudang, it will definitely help him a lot.
"Wudang? Wudang … It’s really not so good … The obscene song "Maple Leaf with a knife and a wry smile" He said that Wu Chi knows this. Since people don’t want to, they can’t impose their partnership.
Wu Chi looked back and found that the number of players in the village had been greatly reduced.
"How come everyone is gone?"
"It’s almost evening, so it’s time for them to prepare for the activities." Maple leaves pointed to the sunset on the falling ridge and replied that it was already dusk.
"Are you not online?"
"Why am I hungry?" Wu Chi asked strangely.
"What day is it today?"
"What day?"
"February 14th Valentine’s Day"
On February 14th, it was appropriate for Gu Hua to get married, travel, bathe and trade on the first day of the lunar calendar-Valentine’s Day, an ancient festival in Pan-Western Administrative Region of the Alliance.
(End of volume)
The first volume Floating clouds gather in Wan Li. The fifth chapter Thunder refined Excalibur
The first land temple incense
Have you ever had Valentine’s Day yourself?
Wu Chi suddenly remembered the night a long time ago, the night when the thunderous mecha engine roared, the night when the air was full of blood and fragrant smell, and the night when happiness and pain were integrated-if that was calculated according to the league calendar, that night would be the clearest Valentine’s Day in my memory.
The two men were silent, and the spread of Mo Yan’s emotion in moist air made people feel bored and suffocated.