"What sentenced to lose? We don’t! " Some viewers clamored to be continued.

Chapter 358 Natural enemies feel
What did Hanyue lose?
In fact, many viewers know it.
This single game is limited to 30 minutes in each game. If both sides live at the same time, the final fruit blood volume will be divided. The winner whose blood volume is higher than that of the cold month is naturally the treasure.
This is the rule, although the audience is dissatisfied, they can also complain, which has no effect at all.
"The master is lonely, and the natural enemy feels really uncomfortable. Who can beat me!" Just as the audience was rioting, a scene of Zunbao sighing upwards appeared on the big screen at the right time, and a line of words bubbled up from his head.
"Nima is shameless. You got a bargain!" The audience were very dissatisfied with the result when they quit. Now how can they stand shouting when they see Zunbao’s big talk?
Those reporters were secretly pleased and decided that the Great Devil was clamoring for the headlines.
The live broadcast personnel of Tianyu company obviously know that enough is enough. Although they really want to see what more big words Zunbao can release, they have to cut the camera away from Zunbao’s game map for the sake of the safety of the venue and prepare for a game. The audience shouted for a while before focusing on a game.
Cheyenne withdrew from the competition map and drank a glass of water. Looking back carefully on Bai Hanyue’s competition, in general, the development process of this competition was under Cheyenne’s control, including the way to win the competition, which was his intention.
Cheyenne had decided the blood volume before the game started, so as to arouse the enthusiasm of the audience. Otherwise, who would come to watch the game after he was too enemy? Cheyenne’s strength now, if it comes to directly attack Bai Hanyue, he won’t have to bear two sets of combo of Bai Hanyue, so naturally there won’t be such a big controversy.
Of course, there are also accidents. For example, Cheyenne is seen through by Bai Hanyue, but she is playing along to lead Cheyenne to defeat the first counterattack. This is also a warning for Cheyenne, and we should never underestimate the enemy.
Cheyenne still has four games to play, but before that, he will close his eyes and savor the gains and losses of that battle carefully in his mind, which is also his habit. Only in this way can he continue to get promoted, which is much more effective than watching others play.
On the other hand, this game consumes Cheyenne a lot. After all, he used puppet tactics for a long time.
Cheyenne’s skill system is a new and ever-changing tactic. Simply put, there is no fixed style. This tactic requires players to be extremely familiar with various professions and have superb operational skills and adaptability. Even Cheyenne can’t completely control it.
The ever-changing tactics is an idea of Cheyenne, which will integrate many tactics, including puppet tactics, Lingbo micro-step tactics, which Cheyenne has seen in other past lives, but these tactics cannot be completed overnight, and need to be perfected through fighting, just like Bai Hanyue did just now.
This battle is of great benefit to Cheyenne. Now he is constantly optimizing the battle in his mind and getting ready for the next battle. The most terrible thing about Cheyenne is not his exercise and skills, but that he is still making progress.
Once this progress is completed, Cheyenne will go beyond the realm of god-level masters and become a super-god player.
For example, when someone punches you, the average player may have a way to dodge, while the master has ten kinds and 100 kinds of god-level experts are trying to fight back with your fist. The top god-level experts can use several means to fight back, and the super-god player will beat his opponent with the most lethal and perfect blow. This is the realm that Cheyenne pursues.
To put it simply, this is a process from simplicity to complexity and then to simplification. Cheyenne is already looking for a simple way to simplify. If Cheyenne really completes the transformation from "everything is changed", he will be the first in the world!
Cheyenne’s two bodyguards have their own duties. They are silent like ghosts in the corner of the room, but that doesn’t mean they are not surprised. Both of them feel that this young man is not simple.
Soon a game in Cheyenne is about to start, which is still live broadcast, and Cheyenne closes his eyes as if he had an induction, just when he opens his eyes, it shows that a master has a subtle control over time.
In fact, the skills of playing in the game can also be shown in many ways in reality. For example, this ability to count seconds requires a strong ability to control the time before calculating the cooling time of the opponent’s skills.
It’s hard to be a master, especially a master of god. Some people are extremely sensitive to these things by nature, while others need to constantly exercise the master of god the day after tomorrow. The difference between ordinary masters is that they have more precise control ability, which is often impossible for many players.
Cheyenne’s mastery of manipulation is the peak level, otherwise he would not have been able to practice puppet tactics in his previous life. This superb tactic of anticipation and control entered the game. Cheyenne’s opponent appeared at the other end of the map. It was Cheyenne who once met the savage royal boss Raytheon Hammer in Poseidon Palace.
Cheyenne may not have paid attention to his opponent, but Raytheon Hammer already knew who his opponent was. He held his breath and wanted to make his reputation soar by smashing the Great Devil. This is what many god-class masters think, and so far no one has really done it.
Raytheon Hammer is a shield warrior’s profession. Although Cheyenne exploded one of his suits, he has now replenished it. He has great confidence in his own defense and feels that he can completely defeat the Great Devil.
At the beginning of the battle, both sides naturally gathered at the center of the map, and finally they met by a small river. Both sides did not talk nonsense and directly got into the business and began to fight.
Cheyenne is still the standard to summon a hunter to use a gold and silver bear as a meat shield. Raytheon Hammer Shield fighters launched a fierce battle. Compared with a battle scene, it was very boring. This is also because Raytheon Hammer is destined to be a hard-hitting slow-paced battle.
The fighting scene continued to be hot, which finally aroused the interest of many enthusiastic audiences. They liked to watch this kind of hand-to-hand collision. It was also at this time that the audience discovered how terrible it was for the Great Devil to hunt for gold and silver bears to attack and defend, and to shield the soldiers from being equally divided.
Chapter 359 Return to Dwarf Village
It is well known that the shield soldiers are strong in defense.
Raytheon Hammer Body Power God Suit not only greatly improves the defense, but also has a terrible power bonus, which naturally greatly increases the attack power.
Cheyenne didn’t play anything fancy. It’s very simple to play with piles. Raytheon Hammer was angry at this situation, but he couldn’t get past the gold and silver bear. It seems that the only way is to kill Zunbao’s pet gold and silver bear first.
On the other hand, Cheyenne’s attack is also blocked everywhere. It’s really a headache to have a powerful suit of Raytheon hammer and add a shield to the professional defense bonus of soldiers. Raytheon hammer is like carrying a turtle’s shell and its defense is as hard as a mountain, and it can rebound and hurt thorns.
Cheyenne Lei’s hammer is like this. You come and I attack the gold and silver bear, just like a shield in Cheyenne’s hand, which perfectly stops Raytheon’s hammer from attacking the gold and silver bear. Although it can resist Raytheon’s hammer for a short time, its attribute is slightly worse than that of equipping a powerful suit of Raytheon’s hammer, and the blood volume gradually bottomed out.
The gold and silver bear has completed himself perfectly. In this process, Raytheon’s hammer attack rarely hits Cheyenne, but Cheyenne wears off Raytheon’s hammer blood a little bit.
Cheyenne recalled the gold and silver bear, and he changed his long-range shotgun. Obviously, it was intended to take advantage of the long-range advantage to grind the Raytheon hammer to death. The audience was very interested to see this situation, and they were almost predictable.
When Cheyenne was about to be withdrawn, the big shield in Raytheon’s hammer suddenly slammed into the ground, and the fluctuations visible to the naked eye instantly enveloped Cheyenne, and he was dizzy directly.
Shield warrior level 30 skill shakes the ground.
Shaking the ground does damage to the target, and at the same time, it can make the target dizzy. Thor’s hammer suddenly came to Zunbao’s side, and the shield weapon launched an attack flagrantly. This is the first time that he hit Zunbao without hindrance.
The audience saw Zunbao hurt and changed his lifeless state just now, and suddenly burst into loud cheers. Then, in every attack of Raytheon Hammer, the audience cheered and encouraged Raytheon Hammer.
No matter how popular Raytheon Hammer is, it must be seen by insiders. In fact, the audience knows better than anyone that they just want to see the big devil beaten, that’s all.
Raytheon’s hammer beat Zunbao violently, but Zunbao finally escaped. He is a shield warrior with limited control skills. After playing three axes, he can entangle his opponent by doing exercises. Does the devil’s level of exercises really limit others?
Thor hammer can watch the distance between Zunbao and his shield. Unless the shield is thrown to the ground, the root method will catch up with Zunbao in terms of moving speed.
The audience expected exactly the same thing in the next drama. The Great Devil has been hanging the Raytheon hammer from the distance between the two sides, but the Raytheon hammer was not successfully shot by random guns, and at the same time, it was bombed by the frost dragon. His blood was just worn away a little bit.
Shield fighters are also really resistant to beating. Even if Cheyenne hangs like this until the half-hour game, Cheyenne just knocked out Raytheon’s hammer with less than a third of his blood.
The winner is still Zunbao, whose blood volume is higher than that of Raytheon’s hammer.
Although it was also a blood score game, the audience didn’t have any emotional fluctuations except to send boos to the big devil. Obviously, the result was that they could accept that the scene of Raytheon’s hammer being suppressed was too bad, and there was no chance to get close to Zunbao except the opening.
If Raytheon hammer finally wins such a game, the audience will not be happy. The situation is so obvious. The audience is so natural. Although they don’t like the big devil, if he loses to a passerby casually, they will definitely rebel. In short, the big devil can lose to their idols.
After the game, Thor Hammer’s face was gloomy, and he wanted to avenge himself, but he was so abused by the Great Devil, which really made his face hang up. He struggled throughout the game, and everyone saw it. This was not only caused by professional differences, but also by the strength gap.
Cheyenne then met the Devastator, the Demon Summoner, and battlemage, all of whom were easily solved by him. These games were not broadcast live, and Cheyenne’s most powerful attack quickly ended the game.
After finishing all the games, Cheyenne went straight back to the hotel to take a nap. After a meal and a bath, Cheyenne entered the game world. Nowadays, the game world is full of excitement with more and more players entering the third level.
Cheyenne summoned the team members to brush a few times to improve their mutual cooperation and familiarity, and then entered the forgotten battlefield alone. With the battlefield situation showing little by little, Cheyenne appeared in the Dwarf Valley Fiedler Village, where he left the forgotten territory for the second time.
Xiao Bing and Xiao Jin, two followers, immediately surrounded Cheyenne, especially Xiao Bing, whose personality is more vivid than Xiao Jin’s, and kept chattering. Now the situation in the forgotten land has been completely stabilized, and the rebels led by Desa and Van Cana have started a face-to-face battle.
When players enter the battlefield for the first time, they can choose DeSal camp and Fankerana camp. Fankerana camp is composed of many races. Allied players can choose to enter small battlefields such as Dwarf Valley, Elf Village and other DeSal camps. Players can choose to transform animals, transform people, armored animals and other different shapes with different abilities.
Cheyenne is the only one who created this situation. He doesn’t need to choose a camp player. He has two rebirth cloaks with dwarf and elf shapes respectively. At the same time, he also has an armored beast, the nine-tailed fox, which is super fast. It can be said that he has both camp identities but is beyond the two camps.
After a tour of the dwarf village, Cheyenne found that all the young and strong dwarfs had resisted the power of Desa. The village was very quiet. Even Anthony, the little boy, didn’t know where to go. He unconsciously went to the mine. Cheyenne wanted to dig some ore and forge two pieces of equipment, but found that there were a large number of transformed animals in it.
The reformed animals in the mine won’t take the initiative to go out, which is also the reason why the dwarves didn’t provoke these reformed animals. Now they are fighting against the reformed animals around the village. When can they pay attention to the mine? Cheyenne saw the situation.
It seems that there is a lot of pressure to resist the Allies. The dwarves don’t even dig mines, and Xia Anxin thinks that it is to be continued.
Chapter 36 Skill variation
Mine-hole-transforming animals are all about 40-level attributes, which is simply a welfare for Cheyenne.
Cheyenne naturally won’t let him go. He summoned the gold and silver bear and three zombies to rush to Xiao Bing Xiaojin. He didn’t want to lag behind. Before helping him, a large group of transformed beasts gathered around them, and Cheyenne started the preparation for the frost dragon skill singing.
The huge body of Frostbite Dragon appeared in the mine, and Cheyenne was preparing to let Frostbite Dragon wash away the fruit. There, Xiao Bing and Xiao Jin suddenly shone, and the two colors of Xiao Bing and Xiao Jin reflected each other. Xiao Bing was pulled by inexplicable forces and instantly thrown into Frostbite Dragon.
What the fuck is this?
Xia Anxin was surprised that the frost dragon ate Xiao Jin and Xiao Bing.
At this moment, the unified show turned Cheyenne into a happy one.
The unification of ice and fire has produced a wonderful reaction. A brand-new creature appears in front of you. It is a powerful frost dragon with ice and fire. It will be your loyal guardian to protect you.