Chapter one hundred and fourteen The final battle (

"Hey!" Madison Yao scored another 3-pointer in the pick-and-roll to chase the score to 11119-the Rockets are one point behind! And there are 56 seconds left!
At this moment, every fan watching the game held his breath and watched the game intently, because at this last minute, a goal could decide the outcome of the game, and a small mistake could affect the outcome of the game! No one will want to miss this last wonderful moment!
And those fans who support the Rockets and Lakers are silently praying for their favorite team to score more goals to win the game!
Bryant dribbled the ball over half-court, and when he ran out of the three-point line, he suddenly started to enter the line from McGrady’s right, so that Swift had to run out to make up for it and double-team Kobe with McGrady!
Kobe Bryant, who was double-teamed, got the ball to Odom on the outside at the first time, but there was no one in front of Odom at this moment-Odom got the shot!
Since people are defending, of course, we must seize the opportunity to shoot! Odom didn’t wave this shot. He shot a three-pointer immediately after receiving Kobe’s ball!
But I don’t know if it was because of the pressure or the lack of touch. Odom interfered with a three-pointer and missed it-the ball hit the basket and bounced out!
Look at this situation, if God is not helping the Rockets, the Lakers are too unlucky to let Odom miss this key goal!
But it seems that the sky is still waiting for the Lakers, because Odom missed this rebound and fell into Kwame Brown’s hands!
Just when the Lakers were going to make a second attack, Aauto Quicker appeared in front of Kwame Brown like a ghost and hit the ball out with a strong clap. Just when the ball was about to fall out of bounds, a yellow-skinned player wearing the No.51 rocket jersey flew out of bounds and saved the ball and threw it to rocket player Hyde when he was about to fall to the ground!
"Well done!" Hyde shouted excitedly and immediately turned around and took the ball to the Lakers to defend the half! Fast break with Hyde and McGrady and Yao.
On the Lakers side, although Kobe Bryant and Marsh Parker rushed back to the backcourt, could they prevent Yao Maihai from launching a fast break?
Hyde immediately hit the ground when he stepped into the three-point line and handed the ball to McGrady. After receiving the ball, McGrady patted it and ran into the penalty area. However, instead of attacking himself, he hit the ground from behind and handed the ball to Yao who came from behind!
When Yao got the ball, the basket was in front of him. Who can stop the 2.29-meter giant at this moment?
Yao took three big steps, took the ball with one hand, and made a one-handed dunk at Mashpak’s head!
12119! The rocket is in the lead again! !
"flute ~ ~ ~" Lakers coach Phil Jackson immediately called a timeout because the score was overtaken at this moment, which had severely damaged the morale of the players! If you don’t find a way to stabilize the situation and morale, you will lose the game!
"Zeng ~ ~ ~" Yao and other players excitedly ran to Zeng Feiyang, who had just got up from the ground, hugged and high-fived him and walked back to the rest area together. Those substitute players in the rest area also took the initiative to pass towels to Zeng Feiyang-each of them was sincerely grateful to Zeng Feiyang for his last-minute fighting spirit and that desperate steal to save the ball!
Even Van Gundy, who is usually unsmiling, showed a knowing smile, because this fighting spirit of Zeng Feiyang was Van Gundy’s favorite!
"Audience friends in Zeng Feiyang’s key steal and save the ball, the Rockets finally took the lead again. Now there are 436 seconds left before the end of the game. I wonder if the Rockets can win the final victory? But whether we can win or not, I think everyone has seen Zeng Feiyang’s strength! Even though he is not as good as Kobe Bryant and other superstars, his fighting spirit is by no means worse than those superstars, and he used to fly, and now he is 2 years old and still very big! What height will he achieve in the future? I think this is what all the fans think … "
"Listen, all of you, it’s the last moment. You must be slow and steady, okay? Once you have the opportunity, you must make a decisive move! Don’t make mistakes again! This victory must belong to us, you know? " JVG said his last words to his brothers!
"Yes!" All the players gave the same answer! Then the whistle sounded and the two teams left the stadium again!
At the critical moment, the superstar played again-Kobe Bryant stopped the jumper after the breakthrough, and the Lakers scored two points again, giving the Lakers a lead again!
The whole home fans are jubilant, as if they were excited at Kobe Bryant and wanted to disturb the Rockets through the buzz! However, the Rockets have always been the best away team, so how can the noise affect them? And JVG also said that Rockets ace McGrady is the best away player!
The same superstar McGrady also played his due role as the leader of the team-Li Yao’s pick-and-roll cover broke through the restricted area of the Lakers, but someone still blocked his way in the basket. This person is called Kwame Brown, the top parallel importer!
McGrady’s eyes are still those blurred eyes that didn’t wake up. He stared at Kwame Brown’s face in front of him and didn’t know what he was thinking.
Finally, McGrady reached the basket and jumped up at the first time, and Kwame Brown followed suit and jumped up with his hands up.
In this case, McGrady will never score if he dunks! What if it caused Kwame Brown a foul? Can he guarantee that he will hit 1% of the free throws? The answer is of course no! Tracy McGrady chose another way to attack!
See McGrady suddenly turn around in the middle of 3 degrees 6 degrees 9 degrees 1 degree …
Finally, after completing the 36-degree middle turn, McGrady finally swayed Kwame Brown in the middle of the game, but by this time he was about to fall to the ground! However, at this moment, McGrady lifted the ball, and the wrist of his right hand was very comfortable. The ball flew out by force and slipped into the basket without bias!
"Good shot!" Yu Jia, the host of CCV5, and Zhang Zhi called one excitedly! Not only did they all groan when they saw the goal, because it was so perfect-China McGrady not only released his super explosive power and sluggish ability, but also showed his super physical quality, flexibility and perfect touch! This is no worse than Kobe Bryant’s passing Yao and Swift’s pull-rod basket in the middle of the game!
Zeng Feiyang looked at a relaxed face, and McGrady’s heart was full of sighs.
Too strong! These people’s personal ability is really terrible, although I am confident to complete the 36-degree spin basket in the middle of the game, but that is in the case of human defense! It’s absolutely impossible for me to get past a person in the game and pull the basket successfully … is this the scoring champion?
Thought of here, Zeng Feiyang turned his attention to the body of Kobe Bryant, who was compared with McGrady in contemporary NBA.
Kobe Bryant … Tracy McGrady … is really the strongest couple, but so what? One day, I will definitely surpass you. I will definitely …
At this moment, Zeng Feiyang found his first pursuit goal in the NBA, a definite goal, a goal he hasn’t had for a long time …
Chapter one hundred and fifteen From heaven to hell
"Audience friends, there are 36 seconds left before the end of the game. Although the Rockets lead by one point, the ball belongs to the Lakers! Therefore, the Rockets must not be careless about the success or failure depending on how the two teams played at this last moment, but I think this final game must belong to Kobe and McGrady-if I were a coach, I would entrust the team’s success or failure to them! Well, now that Kobe has the ball over half-court, will he attack … "
This time, Kobe Bryant didn’t rush for success, but kept dribbling outside the three-point line and slowly consumed time.
Everyone in the audience has their eyes on Kobe Bryant. They hold their breath and their hearts are beating violently, because this attack is likely to determine the outcome of the game!
As time goes by, people’s heart rate becomes faster and faster, and some people have even caught their breath and their palms are full of cold sweat!
Finally, with 1 second left, Kobe Bryant suddenly started to swing around at a 9-degree angle outside the three-point line, and then his speed broke through McGrady’s defense and went straight into the restricted area of the Rockets!
Yao and Swift rushed back to make up the defense, but Kobe suddenly jumped up like a fighter plane after stepping into the restricted area and flew to the basket with great momentum!
In "Yay ~ ~", Kobe gave a raging roar. He held the ball in one hand and raised his right arm in the middle of the game. He flew higher and higher, and his eyes were flush with the basket. Finally, he flew through the gap between Yao and Swift and smashed the basketball into the basket!
"bang!" The speed is simply overbearing and there is no regret. The tomahawk dunk was completed in Kobe’s hands!
"dong! Knock! Dong ~ ~ ~ "Basketball fell to the ground, and the hearts of the audience were beating with the falling basketball. At this moment, people had Kobe Bryant’s former enemy in their minds!
Even if that dunk lasted for a second or two, it was as long as centuries in the hearts of fans, because this dunk is that basketball should be wonderful, crazy and passionate-it is that people are eager to see basketball games!
15 seconds left, 122123, the rocket is behind again!
At this time, JVG didn’t call a timeout because there was enough time left for the players to make an attack! And he believes that McGrady will definitely lead the Rockets to victory again! Because McGrady is a great player who can work miracles!
Rockets ball, McGrady controls the ball, and Lakers take a tight approach!
People’s hearts are hanging in the air again, and everyone is praying silently. Their difference is to support Lakers fans and pray that the Lakers can prevent the Rockets from attacking. The fans who support the Rockets hope that the Rockets can complete this attack! What they have in common is that they hope the team they support can win the game!
When walking quickly, the audience has been silently counting down!
The Lakers are pressing Madison to dribble easily to the frontcourt!
Zeng Feiyang came to meet!
After Zeng Feiyang helped McGrady finally take the ball through the half-court, he carefully protected the ball and delayed the last time …
Rockets players have run to Madison to pull a road.
Mcgrady, start a breakthrough!
Kobe Bryant killed McGrady and didn’t give him a chance to break through and shoot!
Yao ran out and McGrady blocked Kobe!