"It’s not too difficult to find a greedy guy in a dirty place like Zuan, and it doesn’t need anything too complicated to say that it’s really simple to track a person in the snow." Caitlin’s tone was still so calm, and the three of them didn’t count as rhetorical questions and answered Galen’s questions

"Hey, big guy, you can question this chick’s figure, but don’t question her judgment. She is the best policeman in Picheng." The rose named Wei Wilderness waved her huge fist and slammed it, saying something that sounded vulgar but tough enough.
"Well, Miss Kettering, I apologize for my previous ceremony." Galen naturally can’t say much about what he is really dissatisfied with these four Pieterwoff reinforcements.
Besides Isoriel is really strong enough, Jess’s level of medicine is barely passable with those two women. He really doesn’t know what they have in the horde.
But fortunately, now that the overall situation has been set, the Noxas can also be said to be beaten by the beaten army, which will hurt a lot.
"What did you find?" Has been falling at the end of the team calcas suddenly to also at the end of the Chen Senran asked 1.
Chen Senran has been lost in thought for a long time since Kate Lin spoke. He seems to have caught something.
"She said … Zuan sold a large number of magic weapons." Chen Senran glanced at Caitlin again and touched his nose unconsciously.
"Is this … strange?" Although calcas is a monster who has lived for hundreds of years, he admits that he is really inferior to Chen Senran in some aspects.
Like intuition.
Chen Senran couldn’t tell what was strange. When he heard the news, he suddenly felt that he seemed to have overlooked something. Suddenly there was a flash in his mind, but he couldn’t catch it.
"How’s the girl?" Chen Senran shook his head as if he had fallen over this puzzling idea.
"She said she would kill you." There was a rare smile in calcas’s hoarse and ugly voice at this moment.
"Bite me to death ….." Chen Senran heart he probably can think of little Annie pouting that charming appearance when she said this sentence.
Thinking like this, he suddenly misses that little white tooth.
Let it all be over soon.
First watch went to eat.
Asking for a ticket today really makes me sad.
Page one hundred and seventy shame blood
"Do you have a problem?" Swein glanced at the crow sitting opposite him, puzzled, and Dreius continued to tease him.
It’s Dining Table Heights at the moment. Three hours after the battle, the place is 3,000 yards away from Dining Table Heights, the former Snow Mountain Alliance Barracks.
Noxas people have filled this base area that originally belonged to those barbarians, and the lights are on all over the camp, so there is a little warmth in this deep cold and snowy night.
"I am not white" After a long silence, Dreius finally said the first sentence tonight.
"Why not?" D because also don’t back some know perfectly well past ask to answer.
"I don’t understand why you gave up the Snow Mountain Alliance. At that time, the entire Demassia army was paralyzed and Tedmir held them back. Even if you said that Isoriel was very powerful, we could withstand the pressure to save those people." Dreyston seemed to feel a little stuffy in his chest. He pulled his scarlet armor and took a hard breath. "Even if you came to plan to wipe out the Snow Mountain Alliance, you wouldn’t do anything at this time. Now we are isolated to help back. How can we tell the general?"
"What else?" Svein was in no hurry to answer Dreius’ question. He combed the crow’s messy feathers slowly, as if he was sure that Dreius must have other questions.
Sure enough, Dreius was stunned for a while after hearing this sentence, but he was probably stunned by this scene.
"And why did you stop me from killing that hateful little thing called Isoriel?" When it comes to this question, Dreius is really annoyed. He wants to kill people, and there are very few people who can’t die. Unfortunately, like Zhao Xin, Izriel is listed as his target.
"First of all," Swein finally straightened out the crow feather. He rubbed his fingers and held out one, saying, "Tedmir has completely betrayed us."
"What’s so sure?" Dreius frowned. He tried to refute, "Didn’t you say that at most, it is 60% possible that your plan will be seen through?"
"Because calcas didn’t come to the other side, the layout must not have seen the real strength of calcas." Svein’s pupil contracted slightly, which seems to be thinking of something that even a monster like him would be afraid of. "Tedmir’s strength even with 500 people is absolutely not enough for ten minutes. Ten minutes is enough for the old monster to arrive."
"So …" Dreius couldn’t refute it at once. He knew that Svein and calcas had fought many times. It is said that once he almost died and came back, he didn’t even know where his crutches were thrown. He had a serious illness and it took half a year to recover. That was the only time that Svein was forced so badly.
"What’s the second point?" He can continue to ask questions.
"The second point" is that Swein held out two fingers, which were long and sharp all the year round. In the dim oil lamp, there is a kind of unspeakable mystery. "The third rule of the Noxas Code of War is not to make unnecessary sacrifices, and it is shameful to bleed because of the glory."
This sentence was the most important war concept of the first generation of king Nokesas, and it was usually the basis for historians to praise the emperor for loving his soldiers.
"What do you mean?" But Dreius understood Svein’s answer root method with great thinking leap.
Svein, on the other hand, seems to be tired of answering Dreius’ questions. He turns his head again, takes out a worm from his pocket and feeds it to the crow’s mouth.
However, it was probably poor Dreys brain cell Svein who finally gave an indication that he said.
"what do you think is our ultimate goal?"
The ultimate goal? Dreius seems to have finally caught a firefly in the dark.
"what is Svein’s ultimate goal?"
Two hours later, the location was changed to Avarosa camp.
The night has been deep and the snow has fallen again.
Snow fell on the top of the tent and there was a slight rustling in the air.
During the day, the war has exhausted everyone’s energy, and the situation has been intensified. Even Galen did not call any late-night military meeting, but let the tired people go back to rest and prepare for the follow-up offensive the next morning.
Chen Senran did have a good rest … Well, actually, he was tortured by the angry little girl for more than three hours. He must take her to the front line after leaving one arm with a small white tooth, or he will bite Chen Senran’s arms and watch her sleep peacefully after the unequal treaty.
Chen Senran had enough trouble and finally fell asleep. Little Annie tucked in and was blown out by the horn. Two bright magic lamps in the tent left a dim oil lamp shining on a military map. He lit the military map and said that sentence to himself.
He can’t grasp the whole idea of Svein. He speculates from all aspects, but he can’t do anything about it. He always feels that the situation is still under Svein’s control.
Is it an illusion? Chen Senran kept asking himself this question, trying to calm himself down, but that kind of uneasiness kept on. He knew that his intuition was very clever.
This intuition made him avoid danger several times, and the most serious one was the one before he died alone, the one when he didn’t care.
"why don’t you think about what Noxas’s ultimate goal is?"
Just at the moment when Chen Senran once again fell into self-debate, a voice suddenly sounded in his ear. He was shocked for a while, and then he remembered that Lao Du had been sitting in the corner of this tent and he had just ignored him consciously.
While lamenting that his vigilance is getting worse and worse, Chen Senran keenly sensed the meaning of Lao Du’s sentence just now.
What is that ultimate goal of Noxas?
At first glance, it seems to be a concept of what Svein’s ultimate goal is, but from a big picture, it is completely different.
Former Chen Senran has been entangled in the fact that Svein’s goal is actually a small-scale strategy, thus ignoring the most important point, that is, the real goal, in other words, the benefit.
What is the ultimate benefit of his doing this?
This is really a wake-up call. Chen Senran looked at Lao Du in the corner with some surprise. At this time, the lights were dim, and the old guy lowered his head again. It seemed that he could not see his expression clearly after catnap.
But Chen Senran still said "thank you"
Then when he saw the military map again, he got up and walked outside the tent. He was going to see Galen because he thought of some possibilities.
Second, I slept more.
Page one hundred and seventy-nine Svein’s cause
When everyone was pulled out of the warm bed, yawned and braved the heavy snow again to get to Zhongjun’s tent
Chen Senran has lit up the whole tent oil lamp, making the whole tent as bright as day.
The military map that was originally placed on one side was placed in the center of the tent by Chen Senran, and every seat was placed with a rough horn cup.