42 to 39, Tang Wenlong has scored four points in a row, and his personal score has reached 19 points, which feels like a scoring maniac.

He really didn’t mean to pursue scoring, but there were many opportunities today. According to his basketball IQ, he certainly won’t get a high score in the blink of an eye because of some negative comments from the outside world.
Then Curry suddenly jumped up and shot as soon as he crossed the arc top position at half-court.
The ball scored a super unreasonable three-pointer to help the Warriors stabilize their position. Mark Jackson has already left the bench and sat down again for a timeout. Sometimes it is not that the more the better. Curry’s shooting is unreasonable, but it is a good goal to score.
The audience waved flags, shouted and clapped their hands.
Curry vomitted to stick out braces, shook his head and retreated. Looking at Tang Wenlong, his eyes were full of fighting spirit.
Tang Wenlong couldn’t help laughing. A fire was burning in his chest. Can he understand that this is a challenge to him?
Chapter three hundred and ten Score crazy ()
Curry does have his talent to steadily enter the league’s top point guards this season.
The Warriors’ record is not bad, and he often has some wonderful games. He and Thompson form a double gun and often score high points in the backcourt. It is really worthwhile to score.
Tang Wenlong felt Curry’s provocation and entered the NBA one year earlier than him. For the first time, the seniors showed sharp and aggressive fangs.
He chose to accept the real enemy, the king dared to face up to every challenge to the weak.
Tang Wenlong’s eyes changed, and his personal desire to attack became stronger than before. After half time, the main question was Lori for the ball.
Lori gave him a surprised look and then gave him the ball. After Tang Wenlong got the ball, three teammates threatened to give him a one-on-one Barnes opportunity outside the three-point line.
One-on-one is sometimes the simplest and most effective tactic. Tang Wenlong leans over to dribble, and the long arm controls the basketball and serves as a hip guide.
After two, he suddenly stepped and changed direction to break through, and his right hand and right foot suddenly made a weak side breakthrough.
Barnes had to prevent the center of gravity from deviating from Tang Wenlong, so he took back the long arm of the basketball with his right hand, and the soft bone grabbed the basketball and wrapped it around his back. Then the thunder turned to Curry’s best dribbling way behind his back, passed Barnes’ defense and killed Barnes in the line.
In the middle distance, Tang Wenlong stopped the jumper and David Lee couldn’t make up for it. Watching Tang Wenlong hit the third goal in a row.
"What a horrible scoring ability!" Bob, the teaching assistant, praised him from the heart.
"Yes, I didn’t expect Tang Wenlong to become so understanding one day." Head coach Collins nodded. He was a man who coached Jordan, but now he can’t even choose a better scoring ability in Tang Wenlong and Jordan.
Curry missed a 3-pointer in the half-court ball control and single-block cover.
Rebound a little far. Tang Wenlong and Barnes both jumped up and grabbed the rebound at the same time. Tang Wenlong’s arm was longer. He looked out of the corner of his eye and gently grabbed the ball. Iguodala grabbed the rebound.
There are not many fast break opportunities in field 76. Tang Wenlong and Iguodala are like two wolves, just like two arrows, instantly killing to the front!
The first time there was a retreat in the Warriors’ field, it was just one person in the three-point library.
Iguodala split the ball in the fast break and shot a basketball in Tang Wenlong, Tang Wenlong, watching the basket bottom library approach rapidly! Two people can see each other’s pupils constantly expanding!
Tang Wenlong’s eyes flashed a sly, and suddenly he threw the ball into the sky!
It’s too high for Culligan to break.
On the other hand, the flatterer rushed to Iguodala, just jumping up and catching the ball before, crossing a distance like a big bird, and filling the box with both hands! 45 to 4,376 people blink and catch up to 2 points.
Mark Jackson’s heart thumped-Tang Wenlong was a scoring maniac, and the Warriors’ defensive strategy against him gradually became a bit chicken-ribbed, which destroyed the team’s original defensive chemistry.
He resisted the urge to call a time-out, but he had already left unconsciously. Once the team was in any worse condition, he would stop immediately.
At this time, Curry didn’t give the ball to David Lee at the top of the arc directly after half-time.
David Lee handed the ball to Thompson. Thompson caught the ball, then made a reverse breakthrough and ran around the three-point line. Barnes picked up Barnes’ ball and then distributed it to the elbow. David Li Dawei Lee’s position belongs to his middle distance.
West reached out and interfered slightly-his shot was still 47-43.
Tang Wenlong adjusted a breathing position. In the attack, Barnes, the position card was very good this time. Tang Wenlong’s back jumper was seriously disturbed and failed to make it.
Later, when Tang Wenlong broke through the basket, Barnes made a third foul and scored two goals from the free throw line. He scored 23 points at half-time.
Mark Jackson chose to protect Barnes and put Wesley Johnson to defend Tang Wenlong.
It is still very difficult to defend. Tang Wenlong suddenly broke through the Warriors’ defense line with several personal attacks. However, today, other players of the 76ers feel really ordinary, so the score is still in a state of anxiety.
At half-time, Tang Wenlong scored his 29th point, and the 76ers overtook the Warriors by 1 point, 57 to 56.
Curry shook his head and entered the locker room. Tang Wenlong scored fiercely in the second half of the second quarter. Although his score was not far from that of the first quarter, it was actually more encrypted because he appeared in the second half. It seemed that he had been scoring in the second half and he hit the fourth three points and got 15 points. Although he was in good shape, he was far from Tang Wenlong.
Tang Wenlong fouled Barnes in a breakthrough at half-time, and Barnes got the fourth foul.
The audience shouted "referee’s black whistle" at the scene. Although Tang Wenlong took the free throw line and scored his 31st point, the referee was hard to be influenced by the emotion of the home audience. After that, the game was blown to favor the Warriors.
During this period, the feel of the rest of the 76 ers recovered, but for other reasons, they could not pull the score.
Tang Wenlong’s basketball IQ is extremely high. As soon as he calculated, he knew that he could not win the Warriors if he continued to fight like this, so he gave up his personal attack and changed his teammates’ tactics to cooperate with the offensive end. He used the ball cover to get several misplaced attack opportunities.
Two of them faced Clay Thompson.
Thompson’s physical fitness is general. Although the second position is a little tonnage, its speed and explosiveness are not as good as Tang Wenlong’s defense of Tang Wenlong. It is also very difficult for him. Tang Wenlong hit a jumper in front of him three times. Once Thompson’s palm almost covered Tang Wenlong’s face, but he was shot by Tang Wenlong.
By the end of the third quarter, Tang Wenlong had already scored 42 points and 20 rebounds without deliberately pursuing scoring.
Tang Wenlong’s average rebounds per game has also increased this season. There is a need in the team’s tactics for him to grab the backboard in the backcourt and push it to the fast break center. What the coach wants to see most is that the backboard in the backcourt is grabbed by Tang Wenlong or Iguodala. If these two people grab it, it is the enemy’s push.
As opposed to Tang Wenlong, Clay Thompson averaged only three rebounds this season, which is not as good as Curry’s. Instead, Thompson didn’t grab the backboard in the team’s tactical arrangement. Even if he grabbed the backboard in the backcourt, his opponent’s ball control and propulsion speed could never be forced to retreat.
Scoring fanatic Tang Wenlong scored 42 points crazily in the third quarter of Oracle Bone Inscriptions Arena, but what’s even more embarrassing is that the team didn’t lead much because of this. He will play in the fourth quarter, and he still has a chance to score more points in a single game!
Chapter three hundred and nineteen 6+
The only belief in the Warriors’ hearts is to win the 76 ers, and the rest are just clouds.
However, Tang Wenlong’s high score hung above his head, and when he looked up, he saw the dazzling score, and he would be red-eyed if he didn’t feel it.
Tang Wenlong’s chest is undulating and sweaty, and his physical exertion in the third quarter is still quite large
Four minutes after the fourth quarter, he sat on the field and had a rest.
It’s chilly outside, people are buzzing, and the atmosphere is warm. There will still be a bit of cold wind coming in from the outside in Oracle Bone Inscriptions Arena. Tang Wenlong sat for a while and his sweat dried up. Then the staff handed him his training coat and he put it on his body.
Garrett Jack is in very good shape, strong in body, tough in ball control, steady in ball control and wide in vision.
He organized the Warriors’ second array and was able to connect with the first one. He always found opportunities to score points and complete his own attack intermittently.
In 17 seconds, Carl Landry, the warrior substitute, hit a three-pointer, 9 points to overtake the 76 ers and 2 points.
Three points is not Landry’s ability to run and jump with conventional weapons, but his stable middle distance. In the first few years of his NBA career, he never made a three-point shot. After this unconventional shot hit, the fans in Oracle Bone Inscriptions Arena immediately got up and applauded and fell into the ocean of joy.
The 76 ers suspended the Tang Wenlong replacement field.
The Warriors didn’t have the other right flank defenders to see that a wave of Mark Jackson’s hand in Tang Wenlong field would allow Wesley Johnson to continue defending Tang Wenlong.
Before the game, Collins and Tang Wenlong exchanged views and pointed out the defensive weakness of the Warriors. "Wesley’s strength is not good. Barnes moves laterally. Generally, although both of them can defend well, they are far from reaching the standard of excellent low-post defenders. If you attack them at a low position, you can also have better physical strength."
So after the game, the 76ers attacked Tang Wenlong and took the initiative to turn around and lean on Wesley Johnson.
"Back-to-back singles Tang again. After you entered the NBA, your offensive style has changed more and more," Wesley Johnson said in Tang Wenlong’s ear with his arm bent against Tang Wenlong’s waist.
Tang Wenlong smiled and caught the basketball with his hands.