Ling Yu has always looked awkward since Yan Shuhan got cold. At this moment, Yan Shuhan told him to say, "It’s madam … madam’s business."

Su Mo?’ Yan Shuhan squinted. "Did I ask you to check him?"
Ling Yu changed his look. "No, it’s me …"
Ling Yu has been with him since he was rescued from the battlefield at the age of 16. Over the years, Yan Shuhan has seen in his eyes that people are loyal to him. He considered checking it without authorization and wanted to really find something.
"Just" Yan Shuhan continued to change his equipment. "You say it."
"Yes, madam … madam is an excellent ega"
Su Mo is an excellent ega. Now it is estimated that there is nothing clearer than Yan Shuhan.
Yan Shuhan looked up somewhat inexplicably. "Where?"
"Excellent EGA-"
Lingyu suddenly lived again. It seems very difficult.
Yan Shuhan’s "Straight, Connected and Spoken"
Ling Yu takes a deep breath. "It belongs to the extremely excellent ega. The estrus period is as regular as the extremely excellent alpha susceptibility period. The stable lady is extremely excellent ega, so how can he …"
How can you make a fool of yourself by estrus on your wedding day
Smell speech Yan Shu Han meal obviously also thought of this.
"I felt strange after I knew yesterday that Sue’s family lied about the level of Mrs. Pheromone. I checked the lady’s file, but I also found that Mrs. was really excellent. Yes, but it may be unstable when she was suddenly differentiated at the age of sixteen …"
"But there is another situation. In recent years, many poison dart frogs have issued illegal drugs on the market. Brother Han, you should know that those things can be …"
It can make the pheromone disorder, thus stimulating the serious estrus of ega, which may directly lead to the dying or death of ega.
Yan Shu cold eyes suddenly sank.
If it’s really because of the latter, it seems that he has been really kind in the past two years, which has made some people have the illusion that they dare to make trouble in his territory.
Just then, driving ahead, alpha roared to the ground.
"I see. Take the bus first."
Chapter 4 poached eggs in syrup
When I went back to Yanfu, I entered the house at nearly two o’clock in the afternoon. Yan Shu was cold and let Ling Yu go back to the room to rest. I went to the fifth floor.
When Wang Chengduan cut the fruit, the screen in front of alpha showed that an email was successfully sent.
Think of as early as in the base Wang Cheng suddenly said that it was time to return home. Did Yan Shuhan ask people and Su Mo?
Wang Chengwei said, "I didn’t say that my wife should know."
It’s the dinner table, but Yan Shuhan is not too relieved. It’s better to have a bite, because ega obviously doesn’t know about it at present.
"What did Sir … say just now?"
I don’t know what Su Mo did this day. His eyes were all red. He could clearly see that there were so many bloodshot eyes in ega’s eyes as if he had cried bitterly.
Yan Shu was chilling and frowned slightly. "You don’t know if you want to go back to your mother’s house if you want to go back tomorrow?"
"Well just … just know"
"That’s knowing. Go to bed early at night."
Yan Shu cold finished and got up. Even he didn’t know what he was doing.
Did Su Mo cry? What does he have?
be rather baffling
And see the alpha this go toward outside walk Su Mo heart suddenly a unter den what YanShu cold sulking?
However, he is inexplicably guilty. Although he is not interested in this marriage, he will go back to the door, and he has not prepared anything and even soaked in the library for a whole day.
However, since the in-laws took the initiative to go back to the house, they naturally showed a little respect for him, and he just behaved a little shamefully.
Besides, how long did it take to move chopsticks for dinner? He hasn’t eaten enough ega yet, but Yan Shuhan left directly.
If he put the popularity to go hungry for a night without eating … Su Mo was very guilty and looked at the servant and got up.
"Why did the young master come back?"
Wang Chengzheng, the office building on the fifth floor, changed water for flowers in the water and was surprised to see Yan Shuhan come back.
When I looked at my eyes, I found that it was only ten minutes since I left his young master’s building, and I heard Yan Shuhan say that I was full.
What can I eat in ten minutes? Wang Cheng doesn’t believe it. "Did the young master and his wife quarrel?"
"No" Yan Shuhan sat open and continued to work. "Ok, if you have nothing to do, just go out."
Wang cheng is full of doubts, but it’s better to open the door and go out if you look at Yan shuhan.
In the office room, there was a sudden silence. Yan Shuhan stopped typing and leaned back.
The second sudden differentiation of Sumo S-class excellent ega is years old.
Pheromones are rose-scented eyes … Yan Shuhan got up and walked to the wall and touched a wall lamp. Then the mahogany cabinet was immediately removed to reveal a framed painting on the dark wall.
Draw an ega teenager wrapped in a thorn vine in rosa multiflora to show his face.
And Su Mo’s eyes are very similar to those in the painting.
Yesterday afternoon, in broad daylight, ega Su Mo was in love.
Today, Su Mo knows nothing about Huimen.
Is it true that a noble family in the Su family taught themselves such a precious and excellent ega?
This makes Yan Shuhan have to wonder if all this is aimed at him.
Abrupt door was banging.
Yan Shu-Han frowned slightly and restored the cabinet to its original state. After ten seconds, I didn’t see the figure, but I heard the sound of twisting the door. alpha Wei went to open the door.
Although he knew it couldn’t be an outsider, he was a little surprised.
"You …"
Su Mo, what is he doing here?
"Me? Yes, it’s me. I’ll bring it to my husband. "