Everyone else welcomes the strong in the city. Xiao Lingyu also knows the sloppy God King of the terms, and Jihongxuan beside the sloppy God King, as well as the city guard commander.

Ask for gold medals, collections, recommendations, clicks, comments, red envelopes, gifts, all kinds of requests, whatever you want, come here!
Xiaofei has written a lot of books, and his character is absolutely reliable.
Chapter 724 All stay
? Chapter 724 All stay
Although the boulder is very eye-catching, the monk who is crossing his legs to close his eyes and meditate on the boulder seems a bit dazzling.
The monk should be a burly figure, but his face is moist as jade, his nose is high and his eyebrows are slightly higher, which makes his eye socket look a little deep.
Judging from his face, the monk is no different from a human monk, but his …
Chapter 725 Evil spirit heart
? Chapter 725 Evil spirit heart
Guan Yiwei has the best artifact, and it is not difficult to take over an arm, but Xiao Lingyu has to rely on the sacristy if he wants to deal with the attack of the God King.
Hallows can’t be used. Xiao Lingyu doesn’t have much time to think about countermeasures at this moment. Looking at the seemingly illusory arm with strong power, he swung silver moon’s broken knife and chopped it up. ……
Chapter 726 mutually assured destruction 1
? Chapter 726 mutually assured destruction 1
This sentence is like a rope tightly around everyone’s neck, which makes everyone feel a little suffocated. At that time, no one dared to look directly at the stare of the strong shura.
The static girl who has been staring at the white aperture above the head of the strong shura is calling Xiao Lingyu: "When he attacked, ShaQi sword light just shot, and his head …
Chapter 727 mutually assured destruction 2
? Not only was he bloodied and scarred, but the face of the strong shura was ferocious and terrible, but he was also deeply tired.
"I’m here to recuperate, and I’ve never hurt you. Why are you here to disturb Lao Tzu’s meditation?" The shura strong lips trembling asked.
Natural no one will answer, everyone is frowning, keeping a close eye on the shura strong.
"I know that you see that Lao Tzu is in a bad state now, and you want to take away Lao Tzu’s baby while Lao Tzu is in a bad state, but Lao Tzu wants to remind you that after all, Lao Tzu is a strong man in the period of the Emperor of God, and you are the strongest man in the middle of the King of God. Once you push Lao Tzu into a hurry, even if Lao Tzu fights this desperate struggle, you will all be dragged to the mat!" The shura strong resentment and with a somewhat threatening tunnel.
These strong men in Duhucheng couldn’t help looking at each other at this time, and everyone tacitly chose to get together.
Things have come to such a point that everyone naturally has no intention of leaving.
Anyone can see that this shura strong man is not practicing shura, but he must be recuperating, or imprisoned here. Once he breaks through the restrictions, no one can guarantee that he will enter Duhucheng and kill all the people who disturb him and bring him harm today.
A powerful shura in the period of the Emperor of God was furious, and even if he poured all his strength into the city, he could not resist it.
"If you don’t kill this, everyone will wait for the collective to move out of Duhu City and hide from now on!" The city guard commander said.
"There is nothing to sum up. Let’s go together and destroy him. Judging from his appearance, it is estimated that he will not last long." The sloppy god king of the terms said.
After the words, the scruffy God King of terms swung his golden sword in his hand and chopped a golden sword light toward the shura strong man wrapped in white light.
This golden sword light is no different from the sword light that once chopped off the chain bridge outside Duhu, just like a golden rainbow, with a huge and sharp momentum.
The strong shura shouted, waved a ShaQi lightsaber, and defeated the golden sword light.
Once again, the white aperture above the head of the shura strong man was shining again, and thick white light poured down. After flowing around him, it turned into a small white laser scalpel and gouged it out on him, and suddenly there was a deep blood stain on him.
Seeing this situation, everyone also made moves in succession, and even Guan Yiwei let his folding fan shoot more than ten streamers.
Xiao Lingyu has not been idle, and he bombards with chaotic seals at a distance.
The shura strong although almost mad with anger, but also can only continue to hit ShaQi sword light to resist, natural scars more and more.
Because the frequency of shots is too fast, the white light dropped from the white aperture above his head has become much thicker, and his figure has gradually disappeared in front of everyone.
It has been found that those white lights seem to be released only to limit the shura strong man, and will not hinder everyone’s attacks, so everyone’s attacks have not stopped.
"In that case, mutually assured destruction!"
Boom !
First came the desperate roar of the strong shura, followed by a deafening exploding.
Everyone feels that the red light flashes in front of them, and a circle of red and white momentum shock waves has swept over.
Everyone seems to have thought of this, so when attacking, they did not forget the defense itself. Even though this circle of shock waves easily destroyed the defense jointly arranged by everyone, it also weakened the power by less than half. Plus, everyone used the defense artifact to protect themselves, which made them just spit a few mouthfuls of blood and suffered injuries of different degrees, and few people died on the spot.