Tang Wenlong gazed at Collins and shouted at himself to cheer for himself when he heard his name.

"This game is still broadcast live on ESPN. Do your best and don’t be hacked by others." Iguodala secretly told Tang Wenlong before going out, which was a bit half-joking.
"Rest assured" Tang Wenlong made an OK gesture.
* * For the Heat’s season schedule, after all, there is nothing more eye-catching than the Heat gathering the Big Three all summer.
"Gathering the Big Three can’t summon the dragon to make a fuss." Tang Wenlong spoke silently in his heart
At this time, Clark Kellogg and Kevin Harlan formed the commentary array of this game in the studio hall. These two are very good narrators, and they are highly recognizable, especially Kevin Harlan, the commentator of 2k Game Company, a famous NBA game company, who impressed deeply on gamers’ hearts.
"Mr. Clark can evaluate the summer games of the two teams before the game? Because I have seen in many media that there are many opinions about the summer games of the two teams, "Kevin Harlan said with a smile."
Clark was obviously prepared and said unhurriedly, "Of course, the two teams took completely different ways in the summer. As we all know, LeBron James and Chris Bosh, two superstars, contributed 297 points, 73 rebounds and 6 assists per game as soon as the season started, and the latter scored 24 points and 1 rebound per game. Their strength grew almost explosively, and with the introduction of giants such as Mike Miller, Juwan, Howard, James Jones, Z, they became the favorites to win the championship, while the latter took the talent in the draft.
"It’s hard to say whether it’s good or bad, but it can be said that the two teams have completed the exercises to meet the needs of their respective teams in the summer," he added later.
Kevin Harlan continued to ask, "Which team do you think will win the game?"
Clark Kellogg scolded me for being so old that I might get hit in the face, but my face still showed a standard smile and said thoughtfully, "Let’s be enthusiastic."
"Can you tell me one of the reasons?" Kevin Harlan has been chasing Clark for a while today.
Tang Wenlong walked out of the player’s aisle and didn’t even walk into the stadium when he heard a buzz. It seemed that tens of thousands of people were talking in their ears at the same time.
"This" he quickly walked out of the channel with a facial expression.
Audience The audience sitting in the auditorium of the whole arena came to watch the game.
Tang Wenlong where have seen so many people suddenly surprised and uneasy.
"Some of them are our fans, some are Heat fans, and more are people who come to watch the game. It is also understandable to have some fun after work for a day." Nuo Sioni secretly explained in his ear when he saw Tang Wenlong looking around like a curious baby.
"There are so many, not to say that there are generally more than 50%. Now it seems that there are more than 70% before sitting down." Tang Wenlong told the truth
"bang!" He was hit in the back of the head by NoSioni. "Talking nonsense about playing well will naturally attract more people. Don’t say that today is because after the first game of the season, our seating rate is also going to catch up with Los Angeles, new york!"
Tang Wenlong blinked unjustly and felt as if he hadn’t said anything wrong.
The two of them left after talking kung fu. The floormen brought a basket and a basket of basketball, and then everyone wore long trousers of 76 people to do some simple warm-up training in their own half.
"Hey, there are a lot of fans wearing No.1! "When training, Noel Sioni came running fart Dian fart. This smooth operator and Tang Wenlong are very telling. Two people often secretly whisper together. Noel Sioni once patted his chest and told Tang Wenlong that he would teach Tang Wenlong all his small skills.
Tang Wenlong said I don’t want him. He’s aboveboard.
Ten minutes later, the stadium was already full of people. Looking around, I estimated that it could accommodate 20,000 people. There were 10,000 people missing in the Wachovia Center Stadium.
After receiving the referee’s arrangement, the on-site DJ wakes up the players according to the normal timetable and finishes the warm-up.
So I went to the scene and DJ introduced the player’s factory ceremony.
The visiting team is in front and the home team is behind.
On how big-name stars go to other people’s venues, they will always be booed, especially after James played such a farce in the summer, which became the object of many aggrieved fans. He hissed and stunned after his infamous appearance at this time.
However, he still looks the same. When he was in the North Shore Garden, every time he took the ball, he was booed, and he was used to this degree of ridicule.
Then came the appearance ceremony of the 76ers. First, there were seven substitutes among the 12 players, and everyone was applauded and cheered.
The appearance ceremony of the starting lineup has changed a little. Seven substitute players lined up in two rows in front of the bench, leaving one person through the aisle, which is also the most common appearance ceremony in the NBA.
Let’s welcome Tang Wen Long, a 6-foot-7 shooting guard from Syracuse University! “
Tang Wenlong’s heart thumped when he was called, and then he stood up from the bench and reached out from the aisle. His teammates clapped one by one and walked through the aisle step by step.
Many yellow-skinned fans in the audience cheered powerfully, and the cheers after adding them together were actually quite impressive.
Then came Zhu-Holliday Spencer-haweis Elton Brand and Andre Iguodala. When Iguodala appeared on the stage, the cheers reached the peak. All the fans either applauded or screamed and gave a high-decibel cheer that rang Skyquake. Iguodala naturally shook his hand and interacted with the audience, then clapped his hands with teammates on both sides of the channel and ran to the other side.
After everyone finished the appearance ceremony, their arms hooked together and surrounded into a circle, and Iguodala said rap words in this circle to encourage everyone’s morale.
Tang Wenlong is a little far away from this endless cheering and noisy mess. He didn’t hear what Iguodala said. He heard a few syllables, probably because the heat overturned something.
After the completion of this ceremony, the scene lights changed and the visibility was greatly improved before they became normal photos.
Several referees have already prepared basketball, and then when they look at it, they signal everyone to hurry to the court.
The Heat players are naturally ready long ago, and they are not at home. There is really not much need to interact with the audience. The 76ers are not particularly outward-oriented. After a while, they also arrived at the stadium. Tang Wenlong was beside Dwyane Wade with excitement.
"Hello Dwayne"
Tang Wenlong, a superstar like Wade, was the first time to meet a real person. At that time, in high school, there were a lot of fans who were infatuated with Wade Tang Wenlong, and he also had a pair of Wade sneakers. Now he is at home in Xiyang, and he is considered to be his favorite player.
Wade was slightly stunned. This guy who looks a little as handsome as him ran over and said hello to him.