Their offense and defense are very layered.

G3 moves to Brooklyn Nets home court.
This is the semi-finals in the eastern part of new york, which has raised the whole city’s enthusiasm for sports, steel manufacturing cities and fans wearing nets and Knicks jerseys can be seen everywhere in the city.
Although both teams are 2-0 behind the enemy at present, there are two home games now, aren’t there?
The advantage at home is imaginable. If the NBA can get help from the referee whistle and the momentum of the home fans, the strength is not one point or two.
G3 became the hope of new york people, which is similar to the final battle. If it is still lost to the 76ers, it is equal to direct GG.
The home bonus strength state bonus Nets played the best game in the list-14 to 3!
76 people feel drowned in the super decibel waves of new york fans, and there is nothing after Collins called a timeout while the iron is hot.
At the end of the first quarter, the Nets led the 76ers by 11 points 2-17.
This is a very rare scene. The 76ers’ season, including the regular season, is not so embarrassing. As a result, Tang Wenlong directly reduced the rest time and returned to the game just two minutes after the second quarter.
The game penalty is biased towards the Nets, and there will always be various situations when the 76ers are on the rise.
The score gap was very hard to chase. Tang Wenlong gritted his teeth and kept sending shells to his teammates. Only 76 people could catch the score to 1 point before half time.
Until the last quarter, the Nets’ physical strength dropped, and 76 people took a big four and a small fight.
The referee didn’t dare to blow too much at such a special moment. The 76ers seized a wave of defensive opportunities to fight back. Tang Wenlong hit a three-pointer, then hit two shots and scored seven points in a row to chase the score.
Finally, it is a demonstration of personal ability. When teammates feel bad, they get up alone and carry the banner of the team’s attack.
The orange basketball is finally in Tang Wenlong’s hands, dribbling behind his hip, turning around and taking a step back to shoot. His skill is perfect, and Hayward and Joe Johnson’s double-team defense can’t stop him
Three minutes before the end of four minutes, Tang Wenlong made Hayward’s fourth foul and made two free throws.
This was his 34th point in his personal game, and the 76ers finally tied the Nets for the first time since the game.
The mentality of the two teams has fundamentally changed. After the 76 ers changed to experienced players such as Ray Allen and Iguodala, the control of the stadium became stronger.
At 1 minute and 7 seconds, Tang Wenlong gave the ball to Igor Dalay Godala, and he didn’t stop to transfer the ball to the bottom corner. Ray Allen hit a three-pointer worth thousands of dollars.
Nets player icehouse was in the lead all night, but was overtaken by his opponent at the last minute.
Since then, the Nets have failed to score in a row. At the crucial moment, they fell into the pressure of the 76ers’ peak-to-peak defense. Hayward, Joe Johnson and others missed shots one after another.
The 76ers won the G3 battle base 11-97, announcing their promotion to the Eastern Conference.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-six Advance to the East and fight the Heat again
The Nets finally lost the semi-final, and being tough before the start of the series seemed like a big joke.
New york people are delighted to find that this season, two teams in the city are particularly long-faced and rushed to the playoffs, and both have passed the first round in the playoffs. They once imagined that if the Eastern Conference finals were Knicks versus Nets, it would be a lucky and beautiful thing.
But now it’s all gone.
The Knicks fell behind the Nets 1-3 in the heat’s peak-to-peak attack, and the 76 ers were swept away and failed to win a game.
The whole big apple city has become teetering in chaos, such as the battlefield, and the playoff stage is about to quit its play.
So embarrassed.
In the third season of his career, Tang Wenlong has been a superstar in offense and defense, and it is conceivable that he will occupy such an honor for a long time to come. Last year, he brought the championship to the city, and this year, he quietly broke through and entered the Eastern Conference finals, which can be described as a tough record.
In the west, there is a lack of Wei Shao thunder, and its combat power has dropped significantly.
In the second round against the Clippers, Paul played well and led the Clippers to win four games in a row after losing the first game. It was also the first time in his career that Paul reached the Western Conference finals.
In the half area, the Spurs got rid of the Warriors 4-2, and they didn’t like the Warriors at the end of this series. After all, the Warriors theory doesn’t look like a team that can beat the old defensive team. It’s already surprising that a team can win two games.
However, in the series of Warriors and Spurs, they had two overtime games, one for Warriors and one for Spurs. In the two games, Thompson scored 34 points and the Warriors beat the Spurs by force.
The Warriors’ defense is not as bad as people expected. It seems that the playoff stage has further inspired this team’s tenacity. They have a unique quality.
In order to wait for the end of the Western Conference and the heat Knicks battle here in the Eastern Conference.
The 76 ers rested for a total of six days, and it was not until May 23rd that the Heat arrived in the city that the playoff journey ended in the Eastern Conference finals.
This is an old rival and the strongest stumbling block.
Last year, the two teams also met in the Eastern Conference finals. Although the 76ers beat the Heat 4-2, several of the games were very thrilling. It can be said that the goddess of victory and the goddess of luck quietly took care of the 76ers at the most crucial time.
Before the dust was lifted, the two sides were already at daggers drawn.
Heat fans didn’t last year, if the heat had a little advantage in several key balls or if Tang Wenlong didn’t play in the fourth game, it might be the heat in the finals, and Miami fans have 10 thousand reasons to believe that once they win the trophy in the finals, 100% will be their own team
Everything is thanks to the city, and the hatred is great.
Professional players themselves are not as bad as they thought. At the Houston Star Game this year, Tang Wenlong was also set up by Anthony to go to nightclubs with the little emperor Flash and others. In fact, James and Wade are still very generous and frank people.
Facing the 76ers, coach Spoelstra couldn’t sleep without thinking about tea and rice.
Anthony bug, who fought against the Knicks for six games before, generally single-handedly made the Heat suffer. Fortunately, the overall strength of the Knicks was slightly weaker, and the forward position was increased. However, Anthony’s defense was always a defensive loophole, and the Heat had a slight advantage in the offensive battle.
The key is that Wade is injured this year.
When Wade finished the Knicks, the team doctor had already issued a red light warning that his knees were plagued by injuries, and he was no longer allowed to make high-intensity movements and confrontations. He always insisted that the fighting capacity was not enough at the peak, and the overall strength of the Heat was not as strong as last year.
The thought of playing against the 76ers, the strongest offensive position in the league, made the head coach really worried. The only tactic he could think of was to give the ball to LeBron.
The Corinthian layout is more targeted, "the line low position attacks the main"
After the Heat lost to the 76ers last year, they searched all over the world for a line shield. As a result, the high-quality line failed to find itself as the strongest outside combination in the league, but something went wrong.
It’s raining all night. This year, Tang Wenlong is an outside attack with a sharp knife. Is LeBron really going to defend Tang Wenlong?
Spoelstra shuddered. He was almost 100% sure that the 76ers would definitely use Iguodala to consume James. If the defensive end still lets James go to Tang Wenlong, it is estimated that James will not be able to bear it even if he is like Iron Superman, right?
It’s too difficult.
On the evening of the 23rd, the city was brightly lit.
This city with a long history has ushered in the Eastern Conference finals. The central area of Wachovia Center Arena has become a sea of fans’ joy. A large number of fans gathered here with posters, painted faces and 76 ers jerseys waiting for the first game of the Eastern Conference finals.
Tang Wenlong was greeted by a flood of spectators when he walked out of the players’ tunnel.
This game is not only reported by many media in the United States, but also broadcast live in various countries around the world. In particular, the Chinese government directly sent Zhang Weiping and Yu Jia, such old partners, to the Wachovia Center Arena to explain it.
"The 76ers entered the playoffs with great morale. So far, they have not lost a game." Zhang Weiping said that the 76ers expressed their firm position as soon as they sang a hymn.
There is nothing to say about this. Every step taken by a China player like Tang Wenlong in is a national glory.
Yu Jia didn’t feel anything wrong either. He symbolically explained the voice and said, "The Heat’s inside line problem has not been completely solved in the past year. They found" Bird Man "Anderson to be the backup line rescuer, but it still seems to be stretched."