Chapter 38 Rescue from adversity
Whew! Whew! Whew!
The pale gray cold awn is constantly sprayed and sprayed, leaving Chen Han to exert the four styles of Tianli Seal, Immortal Seal and Kaitian to the limit. Under the insurmountable strength gap, it is only passively beaten.
The flesh beyond the strength of alloy, under the attack of pure truth, is like tofu to the peerless magic, vulnerable.
The phantom of the residual blood flickered and moved, just being torn open by the finger force and deeply scarred by the cold, and before it could fall to the ground, it hit head-on and pointed. He just threw it back and forth in the air, and didn’t even have a chance to land. The wound on his body increased at a horrible speed, and a large amount of blood and rain filled the pungent smell of blood.
Every wound can be seen deeply in the bone, and every time it brings heartbreaking pain, it happened that every wound is not fatal, and the other party simply wants to torture him to death.
The true qi is vigorous, and the finger strength is like a mountain.
Fast as lightning, inevitable.
Not the kui is a top killer in the world. Even if it takes only 20% to fix it, it still makes Chen Han unable to fight. It is totally one-sided cruelty!
The pain spread all over every inch of the skin, the bones seemed to be cracking, the blood was constantly losing, and he felt that his body function was declining at a terrible speed. It won’t be long before this goes on, and excessive blood loss alone can make him die. After all, the cardiac phase is not a real fix-true person, and it is impossible to be like the fix-true person in Yuan Baby-Yuan Baby is immortal.
Several towering trees were knocked off in a row, and Chen Han was obliquely whipped down by Juli, and his body fell into the ground for half a meter, and a trench with a length of more than ten meters was cut on the ground.
The residual blood appeared in front of him like a ghost, and the cold and cold mountain flashed at his fingertips: "I should thank you for frustrating Ao Xue, but your injury to her is enough to make you suffer the most cruel punishment in the world. Now is just the beginning. Have you ever heard too much muscle and bones? Next is a hundred times more cruel means-refining the soul! "
Dislocation of tendons and bones is a punishment belonging to the world of fighters, which makes the victim’s bones and muscles translocate, and those who are not mentally firm enough can’t stand the pain of being alive.
However, it is far from the means of fixing the truth.
The pain of the body is far less than the torture from the soul. As the name implies, refining the soul is to achieve a certain effect of life than death through the control of the soul.
"Stop it!"
At the moment when the residual blood was ready to start, a black shadow floated to the face without a black towel, which exuded fatal attraction.
Such as waterfall with black hair floating in the wind, palm-sized white face, can’t see the slightest trace of powder, like Bai He in lotus pond. The tall figure, slender waist and picturesque eyes all outline the most perfect appearance, except Jing Aoxue, who once had a cold spring breeze with Chen?
The action of residual blood didn’t stop, and his right hand pressed on the top of Chen Han’s head. He shouted coldly, "As a killer, you can’t complete the entrustment, that’s a complete failure. I will do it for you. This is your only chance to stay in the killer world!"
"I will be responsible for my own failure, but the commission I accept cannot be completed by others."
When Jing Aoxue spoke, her lips trembled obviously, her eyes fell on Chen Han’s wound, and her eyes flashed a complicated look. She whispered, "Master, as a killer, if I need someone else to complete the task for me, what qualifications do I have to continue to be a killer? I will kill him myself! "
"oh? Are you sure you can kill him? "
"I … I’ll kill him by hook or by crook. The killer doesn’t have to kill by personal strength, that’s what you told me!"
"Very good!"
There was a loud bang, and Chen Han was thrown in front of Jing Aoxue by the residual blood: "Now is the best opportunity. He was seriously injured and had no resistance. The killer killed by hook or by crook. Don’t tell me that he didn’t have resistance to win."
Jing Ao Xue’s heart was not tightened, and she looked pale because of a large amount of blood loss, and one foot had already stepped into the cold of hell.
For a long time, there was a dark dagger in her hand out of thin air, and she bent down almost one minute, but the dagger could not help but tremble as it advanced a little.
"Still stare blankly? Do it! " Residual blood tone is extremely cold.
She suddenly put away her dagger, and big drops of tears welled up in her eyes and cried, "I can’t kill him, I can’t!" I … I … He is my first man, I can’t do it! "
"Fucking thing! He spoiled you like that, and you turned to help him and have feelings for a stranger. You don’t deserve to be a killer! "
"I’m not in love with him, no … just …"
"What is it? Say! "
"I am pregnant with his child. I don’t want the child to be born without a father!"
"You …"
The residual blood flashed in front of Jing Aoxue, and a slap in the face whipped her away. She snapped, "Do you think I’m crazy?"? Children? Where did you get the child? "
He pointed his finger at Chen Han, who was half dead, and his eyes shone brightly: "For him, you dare to cheat as a teacher!" "
Jing Aoxue, who was slapped several meters away, was clutching her swollen face and her eyes showed incredible stubbornness.
The figure flashed in front of Chen Han and said slowly, "Yes! I am in love with him, so what? If you want to kill him, kill me too. Are you satisfied? "
The bloody slap waved again, but it didn’t fall in the end, and sighed deeply: "Leave him and go back as a teacher, and this matter will end. I won’t be entangled with him again, and I won’t kill him as a teacher. This is my bottom line. Don’t forget the mission you shoulder. Love will make you lose yourself, and there is no possibility of realizing your dream. Your surname is Jing, Jing of Jing Ke! "
Jing Aoxue, who had a stubborn face, heard the residual blood say these words, and her eyes were obviously dimmed a lot, and her stubbornness was replaced by the depth that did not belong to her age.
Silently took out a small jade bottle, and put a bean-sized Dan medicine with a light blue color and fresh medicine fragrance into Chen Han’s mouth.
Finally, I saw his one eye deeply, and turned away without looking back. I could vaguely see two drops of crystal tears behind her …
The medicine spread out in the chest, and there was a sense of numbness from the wound. You can really feel that the blood lost in the body is constantly being reborn.
Fix true world Dan medicine!
Although it is only a low-quality Dan medicine used to treat physical injuries, it is obviously not in the same grade compared with the last hundred years of intermittent use. Now Chen Han is almost certain that the residual blood is not a fighter who breaks through the peak of budo, but a real fix true person.
"Don’t forget your mission …"
"Your name is Jing, Jing of Jing Ke!"
Lying on the ground and letting the drug effect circulate in the body, the last sentence of residual blood came to his mind, and a strange idea surprised him.
The wind is rustling and the water is cold, and the strong man is gone and never comes back!
The man who said goodbye to yan dan Xiao, the prince of Yan, the assassin who left a strong mark in history, and the hero who let the later generations spread the idiom "Seeing the end of the hole", his name is Jing Ke!
Jing Ke …
Jing Aoxue …
What kind of secret is hidden in her? What is the so-called mission in the remnant blood mouth? And … Is she really in love with herself?
One question mark hovered in his mind, and another sentence came out unconsciously. When he was surprised at how the other party knew what happened on Qixingling, Residual Blood said: This is the most basic ability as a killer. What the four great families can’t do doesn’t mean that I can’t do it, understand?
He didn’t know exactly what degree the residual blood was cultivated, maybe it was the then period, maybe it was the Yuan baby period, because he didn’t use all his strength from beginning to end.
But one thing is certain, his power is definitely not comparable to the four big families!
However, he can know what happened on Qixingling in the dark, and even the other three families can’t find it under the cover of Duanmu Family.
Who is the murderer who killed his parents?
Why would they do that?
Can we get clues through other channels about this unsolved case that Duan Muting has been unable to solve for eleven years?
The killer’s power is far less than that of the four big families, but they have their own set of survival rules. With these, they can accomplish things that even the big families can’t do. Perhaps this will be the breakthrough to solve the death of their parents. Of course, after losing contact with the family, there are still many problems to consider, such as how to contact the killer organization and how to get enough capital to reward the murderer.
Shaking his groggy head, he felt much better. He took out a Dan medicine from the storage ring and stuffed it into his mouth.
The recovery speed of the body hit hard by the finger force has accelerated a few minutes. After about two hours, the injury has recovered by more than 70%. Looking at the faint moonlight cast from the dense canopy, he stood up with a sigh and ran rapidly in the direction of China.
I temporarily put down those confusing questions, and the beautiful face rose in my memory. Looking back on the lingering night more than ten days ago, I felt a sense of sadness in my heart.
That old deathless word actually made her give up her stubbornness. Is there no chance to meet again?
Although the first meeting between the two men was the relationship between killer and prey, what happened afterwards made Chen Han not kill her. Especially when he was pretending to sleep, I thought she would take the opportunity to assassinate him, but I didn’t expect to be like a wife, gently smearing him for a hundred years.