The most striking thing is that his eyes are as dazzling as stars, which is more beautiful than a good gem and enviable.

Tang Luoling’s eyes hovered for a moment as if heaven had personally created beautiful lines. "What are you going to do with this turtle in the fierce sky?"
"Take it away"
Yunlie, God knows this Linggui is basaltic, and its defense is very abnormal. If there is such a good shield, it’s all for nothing!
Four people glanced at the cave and didn’t miss anything when they turned to leave.
Yunlie day holding Tang Luoling waist directly with them toward the valve export.
After the two dragons play Pearl Cliff, they stretched out their hands and then took the cloud home Yu Pei. Four people came out and came forward to the white fog jungle.
"Come on, it’s time to go back to the villa. We haven’t been home for forty-nine days and I don’t know if they will care about us!"
Xia Houlian directly leads the way, and the three people disagree to find the teleport wood to go back.
At forty-nine days, many things happened in Sichuan Waterfall Villa. First of all, the four brothers successively stabilized the realm of seven martial arts. Even Zhuang Qi was able to walk happily and rest for three days. Then the other three brothers went to Sichuan Waterfall to exercise together.
The Lord protector of Zhuang Lao was bored every day because of human chess, and he saw that his brothers also followed him to practice on a whim during training.
In this way, it is very enjoyable for their grandchildren.
But a month later, there was no news of Tang Luoling’s four people. They were a little fidgety. Chapter 485 Uncle 1
Zhuang Lao Guo just wanted four suns to send them to get Tang Luoling back, but he didn’t expect to find him himself.
Zhuang Yong ‘an, the only son of Zhuang Lao, is a typical prodigal family.
It’s more than enough to lose. The old Lord protector of Zhuang always dared not give him the world position, and because this aunt had three or four first wives, there were seven other concubines in Zhuang Luochuan.
The old Lord protector of Zhuang valued his first daughter, Tang Luochuan, and grew up with the old lady of Zhuang.
If at this moment, Chuan Waterfall Villa has come to Zhuang Yongan’s family.
It can be said that even the old ladies and handmaiden have followed several carts. They have stayed in this Sichuan Waterfall Villa for half a month and don’t leave.
Zhuang Lao came because the old lady felt bad about this son, so she thought that this son would only stay for a few days at most and should go back to his mansion.
But I didn’t expect to really stay here.
Zhuang Ji can’t even train himself in front of people. Naturally, he has no affection for this dad!
Don’t expect your father to help him. Don’t drag your feet in an emergency.
Of course, this idea is not unique to Zhuang Qi, but also to his three younger brothers.
Zhuang Hao’s dark red hair became bright at this time, and a pair of deep and wise eyes became more powerful. He raised his desktop teacup. "Eldest brother, how did dad come to Sichuan Desert Villa at this time? He will never come to this place before. "
"Before! What else can happen? It’s definitely trouble. Otherwise, how can I come to this terrible place! "
Zhuangshun shook his hand and the breeze raised his dark hair and his desert eyes with disgust.
Andy Zhuang shook his fist. "Why don’t I kick them all out?"
Zhuang Qi raised his hand and advised, "Fourth brother, don’t be impulsive. Anyway, he is our own father, and where is his grandfather?"
"But they’re here. We can’t go out and look for Sister Linger. Is that so good?"
Andy Zhuang is really worried that Tang Luoling and his party said they would come back in a month. Now it’s fifty days and there is still no news of their return. If you don’t worry.
Zhuang Shun patted him on the shoulder with confidence. "Fourth brother, they will be fine. The strength of the world is not weak, and the fierce day is even stronger. He followed Zhu Yi in a few minutes to shine, and there are all kinds of Dan medicine. Nothing will happen. It is estimated that there is any trouble to worry about."
"I hope so"
Andy Zhuang is still no way to rest assured.
Three brothers glance at each other just words is not only to comfort Andy Zhuang but also to comfort themselves.
The old lady in the south courtyard Zhuang Lao Guo Gong Zhuang sat at the head, and at the first, a middle-aged man was kneeling. The middle-aged man looked like Zhuang Lao Guo Gong Gong, but the old lady Zhuang seemed to have scored five points.
"Parents, you can buy me another house. If not, you and your daughters-in-law can sleep in the street!"
Zhuang Yong’ an wronged and sad face begged their parents.
Zhuang Lao frenzy coldly looking at without saying a word.
On the contrary, the old lady Zhuang sighed long "Yong ‘an, do you know how much silver there is in the frenzy? Chapter 486 Uncle.
"Niang! I know there must be money in the Lord protector’s house. You are going to buy me a big house. I promise I will never go out fooling around again after listening to you! "
Zhuang Yongan immediately hit the snake and got up with the stick, and then walked to the side of Mrs. Zhuang, pretending to give Mrs. Zhuang a shoulder and continue to talk nonsense. "Mom, you and dad are not young. If you don’t buy me a mansion, it’s better for me to go back to the government and live in Chloe. It’s better for you to honor your parents at your knees, isn’t it?"
Lao Zhuang’s popularity is not light. "Yong ‘an, you are not small now. You were clamoring to divide the house and your father agreed to your request. The property was also divided into half for you. It was only a few years later? You’re thinking about going back to the government. Are you losing half your fortune? "
"Mom, how can I spend so much money?"
ZhuangYongAn a face of displeasure a fat visual absolutely two hundred jins.
He is absolutely a top two old lady Zhuang beside her.
He just exported his mixed words, and it was really unbearable for him to smash the teacups on the table and split it in an instant.
Zhuang Lao Guo-fu rubbed up and blushed, and his neck was thick. He wanted to slap the child to death. "You are a black sheep. You said that millions of silver are not enough for you to spend? What have you done in these twenty years! Have you ever done anything serious by eating, drinking and having fun every day? Give you a shop for ten! If you want to save your life, you can live a rich life! There is no way to go back to Zhuang Guogong! "
"Dad! I am your son. If you don’t let me go back to Zhuang Guogong House, are you forcing your son to die in front of you with his wives and concubines? "
Zhuang Yong’ an also showed no weakness, and his bravery and long hair actually yelled at Zhuang Lao’s frenzy.
Zhuang Lao pointed to the unfilial son and was about to continue to curse when he found that the door was pushed open.
Then came in dozens of women, who knelt on the ground in unison and cried, and became the first wife of Zhuang Yong ‘an, and even cried like a crybaby. "If you don’t let us go back to Zhuang Guogong’s house, once we go back to Kyoto, we will fall into the flower lane. This is driving our daughter-in-law to a dead end! Blare … "
"Lord protector Zhuang, please let your concubines go back to Lord protector Zhuang, or they will all be prostitutes!"
Flower lane geisha?
Zhuang Lao’s eyes were dark, and it was hard to calm down. Some people couldn’t believe it. "Do you mean to sell all of you here?"
This inverse is to piss him off alive!
Even wives and concubines are sold. Do you know what cheek is?
As soon as he came out of the room for questioning, dozens of women cried even more sadly!
ZhuangYongAn is on the side with a cold face "cry what! It’s my business that you can still sell when you are old! "
As soon as this was said, not only did Zhuang Lao’s patriotism make him want to be chopped to death with a palm, but even the old lady Zhuang got up and slapped him with a big slap in the face.