Chen Mo is sitting in the brain chair in front of the glass, and there is a huge desk in front of him. Chen Mo is slowly enjoying the night sea with his back to me and a cup of tea or coffee in his hand.

Next to Chen Mo, there are two people who are similar to bodyguards in suits and sunglasses. It’s cool to wear sunglasses at night.
The secret named Fang walked beside Chen Mo and leaned down carefully and said a few words in Chen Mo’s ear.
Chen Mo gently nodded his head and then waved his hand at both sides. Then two bodyguards with Fang came up to me. I still want to hit me with this momentum, but they didn’t just walk out the door and quietly shut the door.
Zhong Yi and I came to Chen Mo.
Chen Mo turned the chair around. His hair is still combed to the back of his forehead, just like the elder brother in the gambling god. He is only twenty-seven years old. This hairstyle is slightly mature, and there are some looming lines on his forehead. He may be too tired at ordinary times. His eyebrows are a little pale, but his eyes are bright and his facial features are beautiful. Compared with before, he seems to have lost some weight. Chen Mo’s temperament is as gentle as jade, graceful as it is written in it. When he turns around, he feels that he is a gentleman, but he is not arrogant and arrogant. Just from the surface, he can see the
"Come on, sit in front." Chen Mo looked at me with a smile and motioned for me to sit at his desk.
I nodded and sat face to face with Zhong Yi.
"Wang Tong, I haven’t seen you for a long time. Remember when we first met?" Chen Mo asked with a smile.
I thought about it and said, "I remember you asked me to join you in the city Internet cafe."
Chen Mo nodded and smiled, "Good memory."
I haven’t met you several times in total. Of course I remember.
Chen Mo added, "Do you know what I want to see you today?"
I said, "Because of Zhong Yi?"
Chen Mo nodded and shook his head and said, "It’s not mainly because of me … I just want to talk to you and give you some advice."
Zhong Yi’s face changed slightly, but she was worried and looked at Chen Mo without speaking.
I feel the atmosphere is a bit weird.
Chen Mo said, "Don’t be nervous. If you have any questions, just ask and say what you want."
Chen Mo said to Zhong Yi, "Xinxin will make a cup of tea for Wang Tong."
Zhong Yi frowned and said, "I can’t sleep after drinking tea at night."
Chen Mo laughed and said, "If you can’t sleep, you can’t sleep. You have to sleep for a long time."? After all, it is a good thing for young people to have spirit, which is better than knowing to sleep all day. Go, Xinxin, and make a cup of tea. "
Zhong Yi sighed and pushed the chair to make tea.
Chen Mo’s right hand is on the table, and four fingers, except his thumb, are banging on the desktop one by one. Chen Mo seems to have always had this habit.
"Wang Tong, I came to see you specially today mainly because I want to tell you something. Zhong Yi won’t tell you, but I think it’s no harm for you to wonder about men." Chen Mo said brightly.
"Brother Hao Mo" seems that Chen Mo is going to reveal any important information to me today.
Chen Mo thought for a moment and then said, "What do you think of this room, Wang Tong? Is it big? Is it beautiful? "
Chen Mo suddenly asked such a question, and I don’t know what he wanted to express.
Chapter 439 Lucky arrival
I honestly said, "It’s luxurious and beautiful."
Chen Mo smiled and said, "That’s right. I bought this room in this hotel. It’s impossible for me to live alone, but I don’t have time to stay several times a year."
I said, "Well, who told you to be rich?"
Chen Mo laughed. "That’s right. Men are taller and more handsome before the age of 30. After the age of 30, they are more likely to be in a position of power and economy. I have understood this truth since I was twenty-five. I have been working hard. What do you think you will be like when you reach my age? Can you sit on the top floor of this hotel? "
I frowned for a moment and then said, "I don’t know."
Chen Mo opened his eyes wide and said, "No, you know and you can."
Chen Mo’s words are a little puzzling unless I win a national championship or a world champion and then retire to make a lot of money to become a winner in life. Otherwise, it won’t be so easy. The top floor of this hotel is an important area of the house and the sea. I don’t know if it is millions or tens of millions. How could I be so stupid as to spend money here? I used to buy a villa and a sports car. Which one is better than this?
"You are actually a little confused now because you don’t know how to struggle," Chen Mo went on to say.
I nodded and said "yes"
Chen Mo suddenly got up and said to me, "I’ll show you the way now! I can give you anything you want if you can beat EDJ in the game and then enter the playoffs and beat my Myh team! "
Chen Mo stare big eyes and turned red, talking heavily and panting.
I don’t know why Chen Mo suddenly became so excited and lost his previous calm appearance, and his speech was difficult for me to understand.
Chen Mo took a deep breath and then sat in the chair and said, "I’m sorry I overreacted just now."
I am ashamed to say, "Well, actually, I don’t quite understand the meaning of every word you say."
Chen Mo said with a smile, "Actually, you don’t need to tell me my story first. I graduated from college at the age of 22, and I took my father to give me a sum of money to start a business. First, I set up a workshop, and with my contacts in the university, I recruited several talents, and then I asked them to do cracking software and make various game plugins, and then I made a fortune. Then I expanded my company and made plugins. This kind of thing can’t last long, and I can’t see the table. In that year, mobile apps just emerged, and I made them make money again.
I’m listen carefully to Chen Mo’s story. He told me there must be something else.
Chen Mo went on to say, "Then I went into the online world to invest in all kinds of online games while making the APP, and then started a team to start a club DOA StarCraft. Now in LOL, I started Myh Lee Myh, and I started a peripheral store, a food store and a live broadcast platform Myh Shantou, which was a great success."
"Do you think if the wind is very strong?" Chen Mo suddenly asked
Ruofeng is really a talent from a business point of view.
I nodded my head irrefutably.
Chen Mo showed a confident and proud expression and said, "I can recreate ten ruofeng if I want!"
"Now my company has countless large-scale online games spanning dozens of fields, such as Internet cafes, live broadcast platforms, page tours, physical stores, online stores, mobile phone apps … I’m too lazy to count too many, but it can be said that I built an online empire that belongs to me and asked me to stamp my feet. The whole field of China competitive games must tremble!" Chen Mo is still talking about his achievements.
In our field, there are really three strongest rich and young men.
Chen Mo Qin Guohui Wang Niancong
Commonly known as the Big Three.
"Don’t you understand why I want to tell you this?" Chen Mo asked
"I tell you that Zhong Yi’s father is a real estate tycoon, and I bought him dozens of real estate zones, which are his closest partners. I also own a large number of shares in his company, and I want to give these to you. Think about it. Is it possible for Zhong Yi’s father to refuse you? Can he still keep his daughter from marrying you? Have you thought about this? !” Chen Mo looked at me with his hands on the desktop and his eyes wide open.
"Well …" My heart beat faster and my breathing accelerated.
"Why did you give these to me?" I asked.
Chen Mo seems to be very tired, sitting in a chair and waving his hand at me, saying, "You don’t need to know that I can give you an empire, and I can create another empire. These are my toys. You need to know that if you win Myh, I will build an enemy team by myself. Of course, if you can’t do it, then you can’t even think about it. It’s impossible for you and Zhong Yi. Is this fair enough?"
It is fair.
It’s a big loss