"It’s a coincidence, but that’s what I want to ask you. How did you get here and who are those people?"

"I don’t really know that the largest group of mercenaries are from Sodoma. I don’t know who is sneaking around all day and it doesn’t look like a good thing."
Liu Yue couldn’t help but get angry. After talking a lot of this nonsense, he didn’t get to the point. The most outrageous thing is that he actually took risks with a group of guys who didn’t know where he came from. Is it true that he can’t kill Xiaoqiang?
However, on second thought, Jacques’ realistic power is not without a fight even when he meets a strange character, but it is just experience. His wings are always unfavorable, and his growth is even worse. He is surrounded by masters like Black Wings, but he can still escape, so he doesn’t have to worry too much. He might as well wait and see.
At this time, the volcano rumbled, but strangely, people were not nervous but brightened up when they heard the sound.
"Gee, it seems that I’m seeing my old friends again. Interesting, but it’s a strange thing!" Liu Yue’s mouth showed an intriguing smile.
Chapter 17 Old friends (in)
At the head of the procession is a masked man. He is obviously the leader of those mercenaries who claim to be from Sodoma, but judging from his dress, he seems to be more like a caster.
Jacques knows very well that these people can never be mercenaries, because no mercenary group can afford so many high-ranking figures. Generally speaking, they can enter high-ranking figures. Whether they practice martial arts or cast spells is enough, unless they have difficulties, people like this can’t be mercenaries
Although some novels describe the mercenary career as romantic and magnificent, it is just a novel after all. A simple comparison shows that the same army has the opportunity to become a nobleman and the mercenary group has only got some money at most. If there is a chance to become a regular army, those mercenaries will not refuse it, but such opportunities are rare.
Generally speaking, the army would rather recruit those untrained farmers than those with mercenary experience. The reason is simple. It seems that a farmer who does what he says honestly is far better trained than those who are used to mercenaries freely. After all, it is good to pay attention to team spirit in the battlefield and reduce one more unstable factor.
According to the facts, according to the information he obtained, the mainland of Flanders is not the kind of super-large mercenary group. Generally speaking, it is great that there can be hundreds of people. After all, some big cities, such as the standing army of Truth Gate, have only one or two thousand people, and it is impossible to support too many people by proper means. The army was originally a "monster" that devoured money. Even big noble could not support too many private soldiers except the country. Of course, if it is going to rebel, it is another matter.
Like the front array, even if all the mercenary groups in the whole eastern soil are pulled out, they may not be able to gather together one to Sodoma, which is even less likely to be a relatively stable country. Mercenaries are extremely small, but adventurers or gangs can like a duck to water.
Suddenly, there was another rumbling sound in the depths of the volcano, and the whole island seemed to tremble, and it seemed that you could still hear the roar of some huge creature.
The masked man raised his left hand to signal everyone to stop and listen to him. "Let’s take a rest here. This action is important and there can’t be any mistakes."
Behind him, many people are looking for places to sit and check their bodies, while the weapons and equipment spellcasters are meditating while recovering their physical strength and striving for the best state to meet the battle.
Taking this opportunity, Jacques told Liu Yue at the end of this matter.
It turns out that about seven days ago, there was a shocking news in the eastern part of the country. It is said that someone once saw a seriously injured red dragon in the sea. When they heard the news, all forces immediately stirred up. What does a white red dragon represent? It not only means extreme danger, but also symbolizes a lot of treasures. In addition to the so-called "Red October" dragon, where are there other red dragons in the Golden Sea?
People are shocked who can hit this dragon hard and have the idea of killing it at the same time. After all, such an opportunity can be said to be once in a blue moon, but even the gods dare not despise it. If it can be killed, the benefits will be unimaginable. The most important thing is that if this dragon is found, it will already be seriously injured and died. At that time, the Golden Sea is lively. tight encirclement vowed to put the title of dragon slayer in the bag.
However, it is also troublesome to have a large number of people. In the past few days, various casualties have emerged in an endless stream, and many people have not touched the starting line. So after coordination, all the participants were divided into dozens of groups, each of which searched Jacques according to different routes. It happened that the other two groups of people got together. Now it seems that their luck seems to be very good. Not surprisingly, most of the "Red October" is here.
To find the trail of the red dragon according to the agreement, the team will inform others. Of course, no one will actually do this. They have already given each other a face without fighting first. I hope they will give their mouths to others to report their roots. Don’t even think about it. There is no maneuverability. This agreement is naturally forgotten by everyone selectively.
To put it bluntly, Liu Yue was surprised by these three groups of people who didn’t fight first. It seems that they have already made an agreement on their way, but everyone knows in their hearts that this agreement is bound to be torn, and they don’t know how long it will last.
It’s like a joke that a team with hidden dangers wants to slaughter Longgen, even if Christopher? Yan Feng, the old red dragon, was seriously injured, but not everyone can provoke it. Liu Yue is very surprised that these people don’t look stupid. There is no reason to come and die specially unless they can be sure that Yan Feng is really dying or they can’t root.
Compared with Liu Yue, I would rather believe the latter is another strange thing, that is, what kind of red crescent mercenary group will come to join in the excitement. Even if Yan Feng is killed, it is not their turn to pick up cheap goods. With the least number of people, they may be forced into cannon fodder by many people. After all, compared with snipe mussels, it is naturally not so easy for human beings to be clever and want to be fishermen.
Schroeder is not stupid. On the contrary, he is a very wise man, and now he is still a leader of a small mercenary group. It seems that his birth is not noble enough, and his luck is a little bit worse.
He came from a farmer’s family. If he hadn’t witnessed a murder at the age of seven, maybe he would have spent half his life in the farmland like his ancestors, but everything was completely changed that rainy afternoon.
It was almost a perfect murder, if not a little mistake in the end. It was almost a perfect country road. It was always muddy in rainy days. The killer in the lurking grass made a little mistake at the moment of shooting, but the dagger in the back of the target was stabbed in the shoulder. Although the target was still highly toxic and died quickly, it gave him a chance to fight back, so the assassin’s own goal went to the loess and everything in them became Schroeder’s battle.
He didn’t know how lucky he was until a long time later when he could understand the pamphlet left by the killer. If it hadn’t been for the fierce struggle that triggered and destroyed all the small machine parts of the killer’s body, maybe he would have been buried with him at the first time, and Schroeder also completed his transformation with the knowledge of these two people. He knew that his future world would never be confined to a famous village.
Perhaps it is because he was born in Schroeder that he always subconsciously wanted to separate his peasant boy from him. In addition to practicing martial arts, he also worked hard to learn all kinds of etiquette and culture, and these efforts really made him change dramatically. In fact, if he wants to dress up and wear a gorgeous coat, no one will doubt that what he lacks now may be an opportunity.
Jacques will be his chance. He firmly believes that, just as he didn’t run away crying like other children after the murder, he will have an inexplicable premonition about something, especially when he decides the crossroads of fate. From the moment he sees Jacques, this feeling will completely drown him like a raging sea. He has not hesitated to send an invitation to Jacques until now, and his premonition is obviously as correct as ever.
Because of this, when Jacques decided to take part in this dangerous operation, he didn’t care about others’ stupid eyes and agreed without hesitation. Fortunately, Jacques’s previous performance won the recognition of his peers, and their small mercenary group didn’t disintegrate at the first moment.
Schroeder knows that Jacques may not be mature, but Black Wings is not a simple person. Schroeder smells some kind of danger, although it is lightly hidden, it inadvertently gives people a feeling as sharp as a blade.
A hidden guard with black wings beside him who can become a member of Sodoma’s floating society, and a teacher with a body and a leader, although Schroeder has a considerable deviation in the positioning of Jacques’ black wings, this does not affect him.
"If we don’t die here, we won’t lose anything. The Pope has already sent us an invitation, hasn’t he?" Schroeder privately said to others.
But deep down in his heart, he has another idea. "The problem that needs to be solved now is not whether to go or not, but what kind of identity to go to. Even if you can’t be a dragon slayer, you can be a friend of his students’ life and death. It’s better than just a mercenary colonel."
Chapter 10 Old friends ()
After everyone had a rest, the masked man said, "Do you have any objections to the docking action? If there is no problem, what do you think?"
Schroeder first agreed that the group of white people exchanged a glance and nodded, so they arranged it.
Masked men always carry bulging bags when they are on the island, and they take out many pieces of bags from it and assemble them skillfully. It won’t be long before a small siege crossbow is assembled with an unknown crystal crossbow, which looks very threatening.