These five elements of qi are even better, but after practicing for several months, Yi Yu feels that she has made great progress, and her qi runs smoothly. Her absolute strength has made great progress these days. However, if she wants to practice these five elements of qi successfully, it will not take a hundred years. If she devotes herself to practicing for a long time, she will always practice one day. But now Taoism is in great trouble. If she is in danger at that time, she will die.

Fortunately, there is another way in "He Zazie", that is, to practice one kind of true qi according to one’s own destiny after the five elements of true qi are formed, and then to practice one by one after the five elements are transformed into two, and then to practice Yi Yu’s life belongs to gold one by one, and there is Geng Jin’s firm but gentle spirit and thunder-fighting determination. It is natural to practice Jin Qi first, and Jian Qin is the weapon of the Emperor’s Dao. The five elements belong to Polygonatum, and it is natural to practice Jin Qi first.
Fix true years is a year in an instant. Yi Yu finally feels that five elements of gold have cultivated Dacheng, but it is not a year or two if you continue to practice. Yi Yu’s strength has greatly increased. The five elements of gold control Geng Jin’s firm but gentle thunderbolt is definitely more powerful, and Jian Qin brings out the best in each other, but it is also mighty, less violent and more awe-inspiring. Now that the thunderbolt is successful, it can naturally be upgraded to the congenital Taiyi Thunder Method. This is also a thing that Qingcheng Mountain has done.
Practicing Qi, congenital Taiyi god thunder and thunderbolt shock light escape method are the three major achievement methods of Qingcheng School. Now, both of them can be mastered, but it is the thunderbolt shock light escape method that can’t be seen because of insufficient practice. If it is said that this thunderbolt shock light escape method is the true school of Qingcheng School, the five elements of water, wind and fire can escape quickly. If thunderbolt escapes thousands of miles, the five elements of qi can be transformed into gold gas, but it is not true. If it is practiced in one step, the five elements of water can be used to cast water.
So-called people who fix the truth should also pay attention to both external and external cultivation. They should have both a foundation for cultivation and a magic weapon. Without one, it is difficult to become a real master. This Taiyi Wuyan Luo is naturally a protective treasure. It will take some time to sacrifice more life-saving assets.
Yi Yu stretched himself but didn’t get up and lie in bed. This practice not only made him make great progress, but also seemed to think about the past quietly sometimes. Maybe he was too nervous in the past few years and never felt safe and kept practicing since he came here. Yi Yu was very upset at the thought that a murderer like the green robe bodhi old zu could kill himself as easily as an ant. Besides being immortal, it was a stunt. There was really nothing attractive here. Yi Yu didn’t even think about it. This is the most important thing. There is no security for a policeman, let alone medical insurance, social security, three insurances and one gold. Yi Yu remembers reading a name in the past and forgot to say that I am afraid that I will continue to kill people after killing people …
But in any case, it’s still a day, so you can’t just stay here in the Minjiang River and wait for death! What’s the point of living! With a complicated mood, Yi Yu once again left the Minjiang River abode of fairies and immortals. But this time, Yi Yu’s heart is still practical. At least he is not worse than that Emei three-English four-show. Be careful not to cause any big trouble to save his life. There should be no problem.
Great at this time, I don’t know that Li Qiongying and Qiu Zhixian are here, and Yi Yu doesn’t cling to this fate. Think about it carefully. It seems that after Zhu Hong and his wife’s things, his mind has put a lot of things to let nature take its course.
It’s not difficult for Yi Yu and Tang Wan to sail in a canoe. It’s not difficult to sail along the Minjiang River and travel all the way across the Three Gorges. It’s also comfortable to avoid this world, but some things can’t be avoided. As the saying goes, people can’t help themselves in the Jianghu.
Meet Zhu Wen again in the thirtieth time
I abandoned the boat and landed on this day. I don’t know where I am. Tang Wan also likes this comfortable and leisurely life. These days, the carriage Yi Yu looks like a good wife and looks at her demure face with Wan’er’s leg on her head. The blue and clean sky behind her is this comfortable and perfect afternoon, which was broken by two white swords.
The sword light didn’t pass by and landed on a mountain not far away. I don’t know the name of the mountain, but it’s probably not a good place. It’s sunny and sunny, and it’s also a cold breath, and dark clouds hang over the top of the mountain
Yi Yu’s spirit vibrated to see that the two swords were light, upright and neat, unlike the heterodox people who brought them to this evil wind rolling place. It was not a good idea to get up and throw 50 taels of silver at the car owner, so Yi Yu went straight to the mountain and walked on foot. In front of them, it was dark and I couldn’t see anything. I heard a fight inside, so the two of them had already fought with the owner here.
After a few more steps, I didn’t see anything dangerous. The black fog showed that the black cloud on the top of the mountain was a small platform of more than ten feet in Fiona Fang. A high platform was set up in the middle of the platform, and colorful flags danced around it as if it were a sacrifice. But there were several bodies lying around the incense table, all of which were terrible.
The two swords that just arrived are two beautiful young women who are driving their own flying swords, and a coquettish heterodox woman fighting swords. The heterodox woman is red-faced but beautiful, and her eyes are full of rage and murderous look. The lacrimal glands in her eyes make people feel more rare. A short skirt is similar to that of a dove. Is it also a witch who teaches naked?
Look at the witch, though fierce, and it’s not that the two women’s joint rivals are gradually falling off the wind and their eyes are rolling around. Presumably, they are thinking about getting out of it. It’s that the two women are exquisite people who look at her in a trance and know that they are going to escape. They have made great efforts to leave this witch’s life here.
At this time, the red witch rushed to attack a few times and then walked away. The two women were not in a hurry. One person took out one thing and didn’t know it was a magic weapon. A golden light flew directly to the witch vest and hit her until she landed. It was already dead.
It’s good for Yi Yu to see in his eyes that he is secretly frightened. It’s a magic weapon but it’s not easy to reveal that when people escape, he suddenly kills people. Yi Yu and Tang Wan didn’t want to stay for many days, so they felt a little chatting. They just wanted to have a fun, but they listened to the female saying, "Sister Ziling, this demon is doing it here. I think the nest is not far from here. Why don’t we go and see the broken cave …" The little girl said that she was a little embarrassed at the end, but she heard her mother say that it was the first time for her to do this
Listening to his sister, he said, "Where do you want to go? Qingluo Mountain should pass through here. It is better to wait for Qingyun and them to come together and break its abode of fairies and immortals. We are here together. Let’s be sisters a little faster. If we don’t invite them to go together, it will be bad if we don’t say that we have bad feelings in our hearts."
The younger sister also felt right to nod, but it was not long before she saw a huge vulture coming in the wind. Three people, two women and one man were all excellent talents. The man was handsome and handsome, and the woman was beautiful and beautiful. If you take a closer look at one of the stunning women, who is not Zhu Wen, the elder sister was greeted with a smile. "Two sisters, we saw that there was a demon here who practiced that sorcery and harmed people’s lives, so we had to get rid of it. This is the only way to go to Qingluo Mountain. We must know that you must find me when you come."
See so easy jade also don’t want to avoid the natural appearance, the five people at first glance see easy jade and Tang Wan is still the witch accomplice Zhu Wen nature is aware of easy jade is her heart turned over before easy jade molestation, she saved her life and let her remember, I don’t know if I face that sister recklessly, don’t ask a sword light to fly directly to see the sword light fly, easy jade is not afraid to see him leap up five colored smoke to meet the cold calyx flying sword, and then I solved her sharp fencing. Everyone is surprised and ready to meet them at first sight.
Seeing that my sisters actually attacked Zhu Wen, they quickly shouted to stop it. But at this time, it was already a trick. Yi Yu didn’t fight back after dissolving the flying sword. He smiled at Zhu Wen and said, "I met your friends in Qingcheng School. I was reckless and didn’t say hello, which made you misunderstand and forgive me."
When the five people heard Yi Yu’s self-declaration, Emei Qingcheng Mountain has been on good terms with each other for generations. Although there were some personal disputes, they didn’t argue any more. It turned out that these five people were Situping, Zhou Qingyun and the purple spirit and cold calyx sisters, and they went to Qingluo Mountain to level the Qingluo Mountain together with the right brother.
Yi Yu smiled and greeted Zhu Wen, but she was annoyed and ignored. From time to time, she secretly took a look at Yi Yu’s face. Tang Wan’s face changed. I didn’t know what she was thinking. Yi Yu ignored her indifference and repeatedly took somebody else’s hand and told some jokes to make her heart. Zhu Wen struggled, but if it was better than Yi Yu’s bullying, how could she have heard those jokes? Naturally, she wanted to laugh, but she tried to hold her smiling face and just didn’t laugh.
The Stuart peace purple bell cold calyx see Zhu Wen a face flushed she chuckled quarrelling sample funny and that week light cloud nature also can see that two people are ambiguous Yi Yu behind with a smile does not dispute anger Tang Wan frown worry pool cheated.
Not long after, everyone had reached the cliff cave where the candle was very bright and found the back hole. Only then did they see two 12-year-old female Taoist children talking. "It’s just that the wind and thunder are shaking outside. It must be an alien attack. Isn’t it Master’s accident?" There is a saying, "Master is really good at committing crimes. That evil method will always kill many people. Even though his disciples look at him, we can’t bear to lose him." ……
Just then, I suddenly saw Yi Yu and others coming in. One of them just asked what Ziling didn’t want to delay drinking any more. He asked, "Your master has been killed by us, and the world will perish together with your master." The two female Taoist children heard this and hurriedly knelt down and begged Rao Ziling to see that the two female Taoist children were beautiful, with clear eyes and extraordinary faces, and there was no need to kill them.
At this time, Zhou Qingyun scrambled to say, "Sister don’t worry, although I have business to do, it’s a pity that the texture of this pair of little sisters is so good that I can’t give up. It’s a pity that I can’t go to Qingluo Mountain with my school sister, but I can’t do anything important by following the horse’s tail and waving flags from the side. This two people will be taken by me and my school sister. If they are enemies, one of them will take care of them, but when I see Sister Qi Lingyun, there will be a way to settle down."
Ziling first heard the light cloud saying and suddenly touched a worry. As soon as his face changed, he promised to come and ordered to leave at once. When the two female Taoist priests heard it, they not only failed to pursue the crime of following the demon and killing creatures, but had the opportunity to vote in the authentic door. Naturally, they were happy to decide that they would no longer delay coming out of the hole, and the vultures went straight to Qingluo Mountain.
Now, with this god vulture, you can take Yi Yu’s own sword. This god vulture is really a big one, and it is more than enough for people to sit by Yi Yu’s side, but she ignores putting the female Taoist child on the other side among them. Yi Yu said with a smile, "Don’t be angry, Xiaowen. I know I shouldn’t throw you next time, but if I go to Huangshan to see your master, master Xia, let’s not return …" Yi Yu left a limit in half.
Zhu Wen looked at the teacher elder sister and Situping anxiously, but their ambiguous eyes were even more annoyed. "Yi Yu, you big bad wolf, don’t forget that you did something to me!" Zhu Wen’s face flushed when she molested Yi Yu.
Yi Yu immediately put on a face of injustice. "Sister Wen, I was wrong! Yi Yu won’t be compatible (touching your ass) when you don’t allow it … "Listen to Yi Yu’s tone of voice, Zhu Wen immediately shivered and finally blocked Yi Yu’s mouth when he said the embarrassing words. He looked at them strangely, and both of them had a quick laugh.
"Yi Yu! If you dare to talk nonsense again, I will … I will … "Zhu Wen spent a long time and didn’t come up with anything to scare Yi Yufa. Finally, I was discouraged and sat there and ignored him no longer. Yi Yu knew that Zhu Wen’s strong personality was not good if it passed, and she wouldn’t tease her again. Tang Wan was resting on her thigh. It was really leisurely.
Aside, Situ Ping looked at Yi Yu and flirted with Zhu Wen. There was also a noble and beautiful woman who waited on posts. It was very envious, but fortunately, he was also a sister. This kind of warm day is not far away. He looked back, but now the cold calyx looked at Yi Yu with anger. I couldn’t wait to eat Yi Yu. This kind of bullying woman and thief, Situ Ping cut off this wonderful fantasy.
The giant vulture naturally travels fast and straight to Qingluo Mountain and enters Huainan. Although it is far from western Sichuan, it is also possible to see the mountains rise and fall and correct the depression of the tassels. However, after years of snow, the mountains are majestic and the mountains are full of weather. The famous mountains in the Central Plains are different and have gone for a while, but everyone is new here and can’t find the magic palace of Qingluo Mountain. I don’t know if Li Qiongying, the Qi Lingyun, will meet and break the magic mountain together.