When it seems like water, you can’t hold it, you can’t catch it, you can slip through your fingers and fly through the window lattice, and the night is gone forever.

Perhaps for a long time, everyone has developed the habit of deciding the direction in Yanglingtian, or infected by the inexplicable self-confidence of that handsome cheek. Talking about Yanglingtian and everyone acquiesced in the end
Although I don’t know what Yanglingtian is going to do, Simon is very happy
I don’t know that Yanglingtian, who has always been interested in money, suddenly became interested in marble and took out several precious materials from the bag in Tianlai Valley to let Master Simon play his talent-selling these precious materials is not the point.
The key point is that the marble from the sale is still in the charge of his master Simon, and his chest is bulging at once. When he walks, it becomes like a day away from the dynasty and Yanglingtian, and others go to the Taishi mansion together-his hands stand tall with round bellies, and his eyes are like a gap in the sky, and he looks around and looks at the faces of those who are playing with birds and jade, and the faces of the ladies are still full of disdain. Chapter 44 provokes Taiyi (middle)
Simon played his own talent wantonly, and the rare materials in the colorful bag were played by him with the greatest effect. The only thing that made Master Simon regret was that most of the materials in the bag of the protoss king were too rare, and almost heaven and man dared to take them today, so it was the worst material in the bag.
But that’s the worst thing in the bag. Maybe it’s nothing to Dayan Holy Land 10 thousand years ago, but now it’s hard to find a million dollars. Suddenly, Master Simon’s fame in major businesses is also rising.
His scenery is "rampant" and the whole Dayan Holy Land is boiling up at the same time.
First of all, the descendants of God gave up the blood pride announcement, and the reason why Tianhou inherited the brothers and sisters was actually because of a man who had just arrived in Dayan Holy Land-Yanglingtian.
Then the two families of ghosts and gods announced at the same time that the two families were about to seal the two domains of ghosts and gods and re-form the descendants of the two families before they reappeared.
And this was actually because Yanglingtian found the sacred objects of the two ethnic groups with the seal of the protoss king who disappeared ten thousand years ago.
Looking at the black and white clouds of the two ethnic groups gathering constantly, I really want the majestic crown to cover the two places, and finally slowly hang a thick curtain of dust, which will isolate the two ethnic groups from the outside world for an ancient miracle, and everyone guesses again.
However, due to the seal between the ghosts and gods, everything seems to have been finalized and there is no redundant speculation value. Therefore, everyone’s speculation has shifted to the person who caused this change-Yangling Tianshen.
SHEN WOO level fighters can rev ancient protoss king seal?
The vast majority of people in Dayan Holy Land scoff at this-the seal technique of the two families of gods and demons can be said that the universal seal and the Fuofuda technique all originated from the seal of the descendants of the gods 10,000 years ago. Today, people are afraid that Wu Da Di Zun is also expected to print and sigh. There may be a purple emperor who has eternal life in the whole ordinary human race-Xuanyuanhuang may have a way.
But if a SHEN WOO first-class fighter can open the seal, it is doubtful. Even if all the heads of Dayan holy people are broken, no one will believe it
Unless this is the Yanglingtian, you are a descendant of the King of God, and you have long known that there are rev methods or rev objects. Of course, this idea is ridiculous and disrespectful, and everyone has swallowed it.
Suddenly, people full of doubts speculated whether this Yanglingtian was connected with the two families of ghosts and gods.
Less than 20 years old, he didn’t accept the power repair, but he was already in the late stage of SHEN WOO’s first class. At the same time, he was able to open the seal of the protoss king. Some people with rich associations can’t help but think of an old saying-saying that the descendants of the gods and demons declined ten thousand years ago. At that time, the elders of the royal family of the two ethnic groups once made the two ethnic groups taboo-praying for the gods to exchange the essence of the aura to give birth to a pair of golden couple.
It is said that this pair of golden couple was born according to the aura of heaven, and all kinds of things need to be nurtured in the aura before arrival. When people are born, they are accompanied by all kinds of rosy clouds, and when they grow up, they are doomed to become gods and demons. It is said that when the kings of the two ethnic groups were born, they just passed ten thousand years.
But all this comes from speculation and can stop at speculation.
Every day, Yangling’s martial arts experience has been dug out one by one. Everything is real and natural, except that the cultivation speed is higher than that of ordinary people, and it is indifferent and slightly different from ordinary people. If it is true, how can the two ethnic groups experience the ups and downs of the world without protection by their future kings?
With thick doubts, all eyes of Dayan Holy Land are focused on Yanglingtian, a line of people and so on.
Of course, all the guesses and notes are attributed to the decline of Taiyi Sect in the big doors, but they don’t know too many secrets at all. They learn that they are still anxious to find the traces of Yanglingtian and others, and that Yanglingtian is also a known person who still walks the busy streets naturally and casually.
"It’s been three months since Lingtian. Have you finished your preparation?" Look at the expression of natural Yang Ling Tian Yang Zhuo dust finally unbearable worry gently said
"It’s ready." Yanglingtian smiled and stretched out his hand to help. The old man looked up at the sky. "After today, we can go back to our new home in Dayan Holy Land."
"New home?" Wei Bo, the first class, suddenly finished one leng and couldn’t understand what the other party said.
At the same time, Yanglingtian has helped Yang Zhuo’s dust to enter the three-storey building where the whole expensive rosewood was painted red.
It’s just a door. The scene is very different from the imagined scene
Although the whole building outside the door is three stories high, it is unique and carefully carved, and even the building materials show the prosperity of this building.
As a matter of common sense, the building should be crowded with people.
It’s a pity that the door situation surprised everyone. The lobby on the first floor was not as lively as expected. Several scribes looked like young people walking back and forth. There was a large stage with many decorated mahogany round-backed chairs, but there was no coffee table.
"How many men have come to the evening party?"
Only when they entered the door, the clear voice had turned to look. A slender and elegant young man in a blue gown had slowly walked over, holding his right hand on his chest and making a slight bow to the people with great courtesy.
"Yes," Yang Lingtian nodded and turned to look at the spacious hall. "I heard that this is your biggest event in ten years. How can there be no one now?"
"Hehe ~ ~ ~ I don’t know something about the public." Listening to Yang Lingtian’s "layman" words, the young voice is not as kind and soft as it was at first, but he still made a slight bow with great courtesy. "There is still a period when the party will come to the back of all the guests or rest in Yazhong on the second floor. However, it is only when the party is held that someone will come to the right place. I wonder if there are some public invitations?"
"Invitation letter?" Yanglingtian slightly one leng immediately eyebrows a wrinkly gently "you want to have an invitation letter to come here? Lesson I heard that it seems that this is not the case. Chapter 45 Provoking Taiyi ()