So there is a secret connection between bailimu and Fengyan? She naturally knew that thyme was dissatisfied with the marriage, but she didn’t expect it to be someone else.

If you really marry in the past, you will have a feeling and a meaning!
Then leaving poetry now is her future status quo.
Yun Wan shuddered at the thought of being almost crazy from poetry.
No, we must find a way to stop this marriage.
Yun Wan never recognizes herself as a kind-hearted person.
What she has to do is herself. If someone tries to stop her, she will definitely achieve her goal even if she kills.
However, she keenly felt that Thyme Mu and Feng Yan might have something to hide from everyone.
Phoenix, after all, but the queen mother brought back from the outside that thyme grazing is acquaintance. 383 Chapter 383 Really want to give him a slap (1)
The moon is dark and the stars are scattered and shining on this vast land.
There is a man in blue standing on the tower, and the cold wind blows over him and squints at a distance.
Long hair flying, red eyes, slightly haggard face, but still can’t hide the sadness revealed in the bone.
Straight nose, thin lips, tight lips, like hidden worries
The handsome and handsome young man raised his eyes and looked at the sky as bright as a well-proportioned tree, which was probably the case before the wind came.
A pair of cold eyes looked at the lights passing through the imperial city.
"Emperor Royal ….." The words revealed by lip light are not as cold and cheerless as the surface, but with a little weakness.
There was a flash of wind, and a man in black knelt before the man in blue.
Wearing this sleeve jacket, the long sleeves on the right arm are embroidered with Yunlian patterns, which are lifelike.
Snow velvet tiger skin around the waist, which is produced from a rare white tiger body, is more precious than precious stones.
Male face over joy urgent way "little Lord where have you been? If you don’t support me, it’s necessary to be more careful to prevent being countered by you. "
The man looks a little unreal in the moonlight, but his words are irrelevant. "I finally found her."
"What did the young master say?" Called heavy Li nan to this one leng.
The wind is getting stronger and stronger, messing up the scattered ink on his chest.
Male eyes suddenly murderous look vaguely "for three years …"
That face is too white and a little angry.
The man coughed gently and tried to suppress the sound, but the cough grew louder and louder.
See the man covered his chest with a fierce cough, and his face slowly became a little dizzy because of the violent ups and downs in his chest.
Heavy Li immediately worried before striding to hold him wobbly.
"It’s time to take medicine." Whispered softly and slid over the man’s ear with a sigh. "Don’t be too brave."
"The golden cicada does not move, and the cicada is often killed. I don’t know if this is the last night of peace in the imperial city …" The man raised his hand and gestured to hinder it.
The bell in the sleeve gives off a crisp sound and a faint scent of medicine, and the face is as expressionless as a white porcelain mask.
"Let’s go!"
Heavy Li didn’t say anything sigh wry smile to hold the man turned and disappeared into the night.