"really?" Li Ruo looked at him seriously. "From knowing me to now, I am directing this. I was tortured by acupuncture and massage for more than half a month and was poisoned. I was obedient from beginning to end. You should have a deep hatred for me. Are you M?"

Yu don’t face "just hate you"
"You also helped me a lot. Let’s call it even." He paused. "Besides …"
"Say again?"
"When that thing is, is it false? Although I lied to do something, it’s nothing. I think it’s nothing if I don’t really hurt you. "
Li ruo stared at him without talking when he heard this sentence, which made his hair stand on end and turned to stare at him. "Why? What did I say wrong? "
"Ha, ha, ha" Li Ruo laughed intermittently because of chest pain, but it lasted for a long time before he recovered his strength and shook his head slightly. "Will you think that when you are afraid of hurting me, you have actually made a judgment on the truth of the matter?"
Yu chest a lag to hear him slowly say "whether you recognize it is true or not, but that thing … I am happy"
Lire stopped and looked at him quietly for a while, and his eyes suddenly became soft. His face did not change, but it seemed to slowly dye a warm smile.
Such eyes shrouded Yu seems to have been inexplicably manipulated and forgot whether it was true or not, and he should continue to pursue it.
Face to face is so quiet that it almost sounds like a hymn. Even the breathing rhythm of each other is gradually synchronized in the gaze.
So I heard the owner of those eyes say, "Yu, I lost you when I came back this time."
Yu’s spirit was attracted by his pale lips and his white teeth. It took a long time for the words to seep into his brain like water seeping into a sponge. Then he woke up and stopped slowly with his eyes wide open. "What did you say?"
"I like you like Qixing a long time ago, and I like you in my heart." Li Ruo suddenly moved his eyes slightly. "It’s a beautiful dream. If you think about you every day, you can sleep very well." He seemed to have smiled shyly and saw his eyes turn around again. It seemed that there was a soft and beautiful light floating in his eyes, and then it suddenly became silent, like the wind blowing softly in the lonely wilderness, and Li Ruo lay there whispering.
So he couldn’t help laughing, "What?"
"It’s so unreal that you are so kind to me." Li Re smiled, and her soft face seemed to glow instantly. The gorgeous light made his eyebrows jump and sparkle.
Yu also laughed. "Do I feel better now, too?"
Much better, but I don’t want to get up.
"Pillows are all your taste … let’s just do it here once!"
Yu leng immediately pushed him angrily, "Get up at once!"
Lire laughed at his specialty and blocked the building with him. Suddenly he came to the stranger and shouted angrily, "Yu, can you cook the meal before you forget yourself?" I haven’t eaten all day! Have you finished everything you have to do? Still reluctant to come? !”
When Li Ruo sat up, he laughed, "What should we finish?"
Nothing happened, but I don’t know why my uncle blushed involuntarily in front of him, and his uncle also looked at his eyes. They swept back and forth and ate a meal with trepidation. If a person was all smiles, it was very suspicious.
Stranger glance at him "chestnut if your family didn’t eat enough? You can eat so freely the first time you see me. You are the first one. "
"What? Everyone else is afraid of you? " He ate in his mouth and put a big clip of vegetables into the bowl, vaguely answering, "I want to eat more because of what Yu did."
Yu desktop kicked him hard. He didn’t prevent the rice from choking into the trachea. A mouthful of rice was sprayed directly on the opposite stranger’s face.
Yu was so scared that his face turned white that he quickly got up and helped Mo to pat his clothes. If Li Ruo coughed out of breath, he quickly pulled a tissue to wipe his face.
Mo reached out and touched his hand, took his paper towel and wiped it himself.
Li ruo apologized when he saw that he wouldn’t let him touch it, and so on. He looked at Yu Mo’s side in a hurry or was extremely nervous. He casually added, "Uncle, is that a burn?" This time, if Yu Gu doesn’t kick him, he can frequently signal to warn him with his eyes, and he can also look at the stranger with an invisible smile.
Stranger seemed to recognize Li Ruozhi faster than others. When he heard this question, he glanced at him and his mouth twitched a "yes".
"It must be a big accident to be so serious?"
The "big" stranger picked up the bowl and continued to eat. The tone gradually became low and Yu Xin was picked up again. This is a danger signal.
Li Re nodded his eyes as the scar on his face slipped to the neckline. After washing, he was given a long-sleeved shirt. It should be his "preparation", but he should have seen the undershirt. "It must be very beautiful before uncle," he said with a smile
Yu glanced at the stranger nervously and stared at him to stop talking.
Sure enough, the stranger stopped and looked at him with a shallow smile. "Then do you say that I am handsome or Xiao Yu is handsome?"
"Are you handsome or handsome?" Li Ruo doesn’t know how to look at most people. This nerve is really seriously evaluated. "You should have charmed many people before?"
"Li ruo!" Yu finally sat still and jumped up to pull his arm. "If you are full, go home!"
"I haven’t eaten anything yet …" Li Re clung to the table. "Ah, ah, don’t pull me. I haven’t finished eating …"
"I’m full" and "Xiaoyu’s guests haven’t finished eating yet. It’s rude of you. This is not our hospitality."
Yu hurriedly let go "yes"
"You slow down, I’ll go first." Then he stopped watching them turn around and go upstairs.
When he goes to Yu, he angrily sits back to his seat and eats stuffy.
Li ruo eats with relish as if nothing had happened. "Yu Zhen can’t see that you are so good at cooking."
"Hurry home after eating."
"What’s the matter? What, are you so nervous? I just praised my uncle for looking good. "
Yu felt that he was hopeless and looked at him. "Obviously the reason is not that you can understand."
"What’s your face? Can’t you understand it by explaining it to me? "