At this time, Liu Yue’s heart is still not white. "What a little hands and feet are really slow. Just now, they are flirting here. It seems that this is not the first time. Hey, I don’t know what that girl looks like. I want to see it clearly." Unconsciously, Liu Yue actually took Collins as his own child.

Collins waited for a moment, but he couldn’t wait until he wanted to see people scratching their heads. Liu Yue was so funny that he forgot that he had not been much better at the beginning. After a while, he listened to a silvery smile outside the window. Collins was so happy that he quickly poked his head out and looked around, but he was stunned.
"Good!" Suddenly, Collins was hanging upside down at the window, and the man almost bumped into him.
Liu Yue looked intently at it, but it was a girl in a tight red dress. She looked quite petite and felt a little smaller than ordinary girls, but her figure ratio was very good. She simply tied a ponytail with blonde hair, which looked a bit playful, although not stunning, but the youthful girlish atmosphere always made people enchanted.
I can see that this girl still has a little effort, but what makes Liu Yue a little strange is that most of the guests tonight are noble giants or representatives of major temples, and he doesn’t know anyone who wants to train his daughter into a thief, so this girl’s identity is somewhat interesting.
Collins was surprised at first and then rushed to take the girl into the room to meet the little lover. The two of them had their own whispers, and Liu Yue didn’t want to eavesdrop, but he didn’t want to leave like this because of the girl’s body. He felt a little familiar.
Liu Yue jumped out of the window and found a place that was not easy to be found, and sat down to sort out a thought.
First of all, what happened tonight can’t be an accident. Obviously, it’s the result of some forces’ behind-the-scenes manipulation. Rooney’s strength is not very strong after being enchanted, but the forces behind him are not underestimated. The earth is still a fantasy technology, but it is not incredible in a high-magic world like Flange. There are many ways to achieve this effect.
For example, sacrifice is the best and fastest methodology, and neither gods nor demons will express their dissatisfaction with this method. The only difference is that gods prefer devout believers, while demons have nothing to pay attention to. They don’t care whether you are willing or forced, and some of them are particularly evil. They will also ask believers to torture these sacrifices and aggravate their fear and pain. The purpose of doing this is to make their souls burn to the extreme. According to them, this will make their souls more delicious.
There is also why they do this or what benefits it has for them. On the surface, Rooney has been subordinate to Lovelli’s family for many years. They must be very passive. They believe that this incident will make a fuss about it early in the morning and it will be a big blow to Lovelli’s family.
Could it be Ling Lijie? Liu Yue thought of this "old friend" unexpectedly, but it seems to be too serious. Do they think that it is not easy to deal with the mage’s guild by knocking over Lovelli’s house in one fell swoop? Besides, summoning demons is not a common thing for wizards, but it is nothing new. Of course, a level like Rooney is not something that ordinary wizards can do.
However, Roger’s performance is too outstanding, that is, it is impossible for his father to end the battle so quickly. Even a child prodigy can’t be so miserable and humane. Although I haven’t figured out what is going on, Liu Yueke can be sure that Roger has some kind of power dormant in his body and it is very powerful, which can make Liu Yue feel a little palpitation.
All kinds of mysteries are entangled in Liu Yue’s mind. He must be alert to these things. Only people who can see the truth clearly can be born in this dangerous world and always be led by the nose. Sooner or later, something will happen.
Actually, it’s not that he hasn’t considered throwing everything away and taking Szelesi Ya and Jacques with him. People like him don’t have to be afraid of not being born anywhere. Wealth or power are all available to him. But for Collins, he finally has a part to give up. Although he hasn’t been together for a long time, he has already regarded Collins as his own student in his heart. Can the teacher ignore the students’ problems?
It wasn’t long before Collins, the girl, came to the courtyard and happened to go to Liu Yue’s side to listen to Collins. "You should go home quickly. I have to help my father clean up the mess after so many things happened tonight. My father will be angry if he doesn’t go back just now."
The girl seemed to be reluctant to jump into his arms and whisper to him for a while, only then did she step back and leave Collins where she had been watching the girl disappear.
"well, Collins, my dear student, when are you going to arrive?" Liu Yue coughed and laughed together. "I didn’t eavesdrop beforehand. You came to me by yourself."
Collins was shocked by Liu Yue and turned red again. I don’t know what to do there.
Liu Yue noticed a bruise on his neck and naturally knew that "young people are normal, but pay attention to their health." Then he left without letting him explain.
Collins blushed for a long time before he reacted and shouted at his back, "Why take care of yourself? I didn’t do anything?"
He naturally won’t know that he can’t see the angle at this time. Liu Yue’s gloomy face seems to indicate some bad things.
Chapter 26 temptation
The night when Liu Yue walked alone in the long street was doomed to be restless. All forces must make a new measure of the strength of Li Dian, and the position of weismann’s family is even more suspicious. It is conceivable that those "big shots" may not be able to sleep now.
In fact, Liu Yue tasted otherwise. He has never been a person who is good at intrigue. The only thing he can rely on in the face of complicated situations is his strong strength, but Roger’s performance today has sounded the alarm for him.
He is not familiar with Roger, but he is sure that when he first met him, he was definitely not as strong as he is now. If seeing Roger once was a genius, this time Roger could miraculously form a ten-year-old wonder. What is the concept?
You know, it’s only been less than a month. Can Li Dian master some unknown technology that can make people strong in a short time?
Liu Yue immediately denied his own speculation. After all, although Flange is a magical world, it is also subject to some rules. Strange people may not be rare thousands of years ago, but now it is different. If you casually create a chaos, of course, if Los Angeles hands it personally, there is nothing impossible. But what is the problem now?
"What person?" Liu yue suddenly stopped and said
"Applauded …" In the dark, there came a crisp moonlight, and a graceful figure appeared in front of Liu Yue.
"Are you …" Liu Yue looked at this unknown woman suspiciously. Those girls with high noses and deep eyes are different from the eastern ones. Her face is closer to the orientals, and her long blue hair and casual shawl add a little wildness to her. She is quite tall and half a head shorter than Liu Yue. Even the earth is extremely big and proud. With her pace, a belt made of ichthyosaur skin gently vibrates, and the waist is more slender and cold. The moonlight seems to be like a dream spirit. If it is not the six snake whips in her hand that really spoil the atmosphere, it should be a perfect encounter.
Yes, except for Britney Israel, the famous tyrant of Truth Gate, the martial arts master of Umberlee Church, I am afraid that no normal woman is willing to walk all day with this weapon. Of course, those Zall women in the dark area cannot be measured by normal people’s eyes.
"Good evening, Lucifer. I’m Britney Israel. The moonlight is so charming tonight. Can you take a walk with me?"
"It’s my honor to be invited by an attractive woman like you." Liu Yue bowed slightly and Britney took her arm. They were like a pair of friends reunited after a long separation and didn’t see any disharmony at all.
"Mr. Lucifer is not a native, is he?" Two people walk for a while Britney seems to inadvertently asked.
Liu Yue smiled and said, "Yes, my hometown is very far away from here."
The two chatted ramblingly for a while, and Britney realized that the other party was not as easy to deal with as she thought. After half a day, she got a lot of information, but this guy was always vague at the crucial moment. Fortunately, she still had a killer in her hand.