"What does this mean?" Jingxuan’s water-insoluble fantasy city has been found. He can help Yan Qingluo solve the problem!

"He won’t solve the problem for Miss Yan San." Chu Dai ‘an didn’t have so many concerns as Shen Menglu and told Jingxuan the truth bluntly, including Yan Qingtang, a water city, for the holidays.
JingXuan big scary a pair of fists grip tightly "sin is not his wife and children! How can he be so extreme in Water Fantasy City! " Luckily, he thought this water city was a good man before, but I didn’t expect him to be such a cold-blooded paranoid.
"If the temple wants to change back to the emperor or save Miss Yan San, you and I have to go back to Beijing as soon as possible." The security law of the Chu Dynasty gave Jingxuan an exact answer. At present, only when Yan Qingtang came to Fanzu as soon as possible can he help Yan Qingluo.
"Are we going to Yanmen?" Jingxuan soon guessed the answer.
"Yes, we’re going to Yan Gate to find Yan Qingtang." Chu Daian secretly touched the chest. It’s not too convenient for the token owner of Yan Gate to get in and out of the valley of sorrow.
"Okay, I understand. I’ll get ready. Let’s go when everything is ready!" Jingxuan didn’t do it again and insisted on sinking.
After Zhu Yinzhen and Yan Qingluo, he will tie Yan Qingtang even if it is tied! Jingxuan secretly determined.
When Shen Menglu came to Zhu Runyue’s residence palace with the Water Fantasy City, he sat staring blankly on the steps, while Zhu Runyue was sleeping as Jing Xuan said.
"I’m back, son." Shen Menglu called a captain. He hasn’t seen me for a few days. The whole person has lost a lot of weight and looks haggard.
"Empress!" It was not until Shen Menglu came up to her that he reacted and suddenly felt overwhelmed with excitement. "You … you came back? Are you all right? " Wei Wei took Shen Menglu’s hand and looked at her back and forth with great joy.
"Well, I’m fine when I’m back. Don’t worry." Shen Menglu simply appeased a sign that Wei Heng should be calm. Now is not the time to catch up with the past. "This is the owner of Shuigu, an imperial aquarium, who specially came to Runyue to solve the problem. She is sad and beautiful.
Wei Yu glanced at the frosty water fantasy city and quickly avoided his eyes. "Run Yue is resting inside. Go in and see her quickly!"
Shen Menglu nodded and turned to talk to Water Fantasy City. "Please go inside the Water Valley Master!"
Water city snorted and stepped into the threshold without saying a word.
Little Zhu Runyue is sleeping in a soft couch for a few days, and she is thin and emaciated. Zhu Runyue looks all the more sallow and emaciated. She is a noble princess, but she is as skinny as an African refugee.
Looking at Zhu Runyue’s deeply sunken face, Shen Menglu’s heart ached bitterly, and her nose turned red easily when she was sour. "Did Yan Runyue have a good breast-feeding these days?"
Shen Menglu’s beautiful eyes are tearful, which makes her feel sad. "The empress and the little princess have been sleeping most of the time these two days, and occasionally they eat something and always throw up."
Zhu Runyue’s condition is very bad these days. He is always asleep, but he can’t wake up. Sometimes he wakes up, and Zhu Runyue is also very painful. It is also very difficult to feed her. It’s hard to drink two mouthfuls and spit it out. He is too scared to feed again.
Several times when Zhu Runyue was asleep, it was as if she had no breath, which scared the captain. Later, the captain stayed with Zhu Runyue day and night. She went to visit her every other day to make sure she was okay, so that she could feel at ease.
Shen Menglu and Zhu Yinqi are under great psychological pressure these days. While worrying about their safety, she is also worried about Zhu Runyue’s situation. Zhu Runyue’s spirit is also facing collapse. She can’t imagine that Zhu Runyue will accidentally fall asleep before Shen Menglu comes back …
From time to time, this thought coiled in the captain’s mind, which made her sleepless. Today, the captain was also bored in his heart before he went to the door to get some air, but finally Shen Menglu came back safely!
However, when looking at Shen Menglu and Zhu Runyue, his face was sad and his heart was full of guilt. "I’m sorry that I didn’t take care of the little princess."
"It’s none of your business." Shen Menglu swallowed hard and choked. She knew that Wei Yi had tried her best to take care of Zhu Runyue like this. It was really her body and ghost.
Shen Menglu clung to the hand of Water Fantasy City. "Water Fantasy City, please! My daughter must solve the poison!"
When Shen Menglu said this, a pair of moving eyes were amazing. She grabbed the water city hand and was so strong that she seemed to embed her fingers in the palm of the water city.
Water Dream City cast a glance at the bony Zhu Runyue, and suddenly he felt a little pity for this poor thing. The situation is really bad. If you don’t drive away the poison, you will really sleep.
The Water Fantasy City was pinched by Shen Menglu. "How can I check for your daughter if you hold it like this?"
Shen Menglu smell speech quickly loosen and take two steps back to give way to water supply fantasy city.
Water Fantasy City raised my hand and touched Zhu Runyue’s pale face. There was once such a dying child waiting for him to lend a helping hand, but he refused it cruelly. As a result, he lost his favorite woman.
Now, Shen Menglu and Zhu Runyue, with a sad face, seem to reappear yesterday, causing a dull pain in the heart of Water Fantasy City. Did Zhu Yinzhen say that Water Fantasy City only after his negotiation was successful? That’s not the case. Even if Zhu Yinzhen didn’t show up, he would still save Zhu Runyue even without the negotiation.
In fact, Water Fantasy City was intended to quietly solve Zhu Runyue’s problem. It was Zhu Yinzhen’s sudden intrusion that turned his selfishness into a deal.
In the past, when Shen Menglu was in Wuling Castle, the Water Fantasy City disappeared for two days. No one knew where he went and what he did. In fact, he came to this clan palace to inquire about the real situation of Zhu Runyue and Natalia.
Shen Menglu told him that she promised to treat Zhu Runyue when he was in Water Dream City. However, he had selfishly wanted Zhu Runyue as an excuse to let Shen Menglu stay with him for a few more days.
Shen Menglu won’t know that the Water Fantasy City said that he was looking at her, but he really liked Shen Menglu. When he first saw a sad face holding Zhu Runyue Shen Menglu, his heart was moved. The same beauty as the extreme beauty made the Water Fantasy City frozen for many years and his heart was instantly melted.
There is no doubt that Water Dream City wants Shen Menglu, and there is no doubt that he wants to save Zhu Runyue. Although Bai Shen Menglu’s so-called minister is just an excuse, Water Dream City also claims that he decided to quietly save Zhu Runyue, a bad karma child, and then delay tactics to keep Shen Menglu with him as long as possible, even for a few days or even a few hours, which is enough to make him full of joy.
But in the end, hope falls! Before he came to Zhu Runyue to remove the poison, Zhu Yinzhen took back his mother, but what about that? Because of that long-lost throb, he will still save Zhu Runyue because she is Shen Menglu’s daughter.
Zhu Runyue can’t afford to sleep for two days, and it’s also the water fantasy city that secretly moved his hands and feet. Zhu Runyue’s body and ghost method are growing rapidly. Only by slowing down Zhu Runyue’s function can we stabilize the ghost method. Otherwise, I am afraid that Zhu Runyue would have died early.
It’s time to force the ghost method out, or Zhu Runyue will be hopeless!
"You all go out!" Shen Menglu and Wei Da were ordered to drive away the method, which should not be seen by outsiders.
Shen Menglu looked at Zhu Runyue anxiously. "I can stay and help."
"Don’t delay if Queen Shen doesn’t want your daughter to have an accident!" Water Fantasy City coldly replied that he doesn’t need help, and his greatest need is an absolute privacy and absolute independence!
Shen Menglu’s eyes were dark and he didn’t insist on holding the commandant without saying a word. He walked towards the door.
"Send someone to guard the door. I didn’t say that when I came in, people can’t disturb without authorization! Shen Huang, you too! It is not appropriate to interrupt the process of flooding, otherwise … I am not responsible for any mistakes! " When Shen Menglu stepped out of the threshold, Water Dream City was coldly charged again.
Shen Menglu’s back is tight. "Well, I know that no one will come to disturb you and help my daughter solve the problem. I’ll wait for your good news."
Shen Menglu said, and pulled the commandant, Da Da, out of the door and pushed the door.
"Empress, can she …?" Looking at the closed door of the temple, the captain asked anxiously about the water fantasy city, which made people feel very insecure!